Definition Open gingival embrasure

Open gingival embrasures or "black triangles" can be an undesirable outcome of adult orthodontic treatment. An embrasure is the open space between the proximal surfaces of two adjacent teeth in the same arch, where they diverge facially or lingually, and incisally (occlusally) or cervically from the contact area They are named according to location From the facial aspect: Occlusal embrasure and cervical embrasure (which corresponds to the interproximal space and is usually larger than the occlusal embrasure) From incisal or occlusal aspect: Facial (labial / buccal) and lingual embrasure


Clinical feature ( normal vs Open gingival embrasure)

vs normal

the lingual embrasure is normally larger than the buccal embrasure in the posterior teeth When one side of the embrasure (tooth outline) has a certain contour. the other side will normally have a similar contour Relation between contact area and embrasure: y y As contact area becomes more cervically located. occlusal embrasure increases and cervical embrasure decreases in size As contact area becomes more buccally located. incisal (occlusal) embrasures increase inrelative size from anterior to posterior teeth From the facial or lingual aspect. the labial and lingual embrasures are nearly equal in size in the anterior teeth From the occlusal aspect.y y y Mechanism Risk factor o Age 20 o Treatment Embrasure space should be symmetrical ± for esthetics (in anteriors) and for the health of the periodontium ± this is an important consideration while planning restorations Physiologic purposes of proper embrasure form: Serves as a spillway for food during mastication Integral part of the self-cleansing process of the teeth Both are interrelated and complement each other in protection and stimulation of the periodontium Generalrulesregarding embrasures From the facial or lingual aspect. cervical embrasures decrease inrelative size from anterior to posterior teeth From the incisal aspect. lingual embrasure increases and buccal embrasure decreases in size .

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