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Plant a Tropical Garden on the Weekend Hydrangeas:Timeless Beauties, New Hotties Almost-Instant Water Features Turn Bouquets into Art Belgian Style

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A creative culinary couple and their landscape designer’s inventive way with annuals created a garden that leaves conservative Northeast tradition in the dust. and take in the beauty and curiosity of their designs.contents 72 M AY 2 0 0 6 58 Features 70 On the Cover A stone banco in a Montecito garden exemplifies Santa Barbara style (see page 58). B Y T O V A H M A R T I N When the sun is out and the wind is still. Santa Barbara and its suburb of Montecito offer an abundance of ideas and inspiration for gracious outdoor living and creative gardening. where designers are pushing far past the flowers-in-a-vase paradigm. 58 La Dolce Vita Nestled in a geographically blessed Mediterranean climate. Photo by Steve Gunther. three pioneers in this born-again art form. B Y D O N N A D O R I A N 72 Belgium Wow “Cutting-edge floral design” rings true in Belgium. This elegant approach to living with nature is inspirational wherever you are. B Y J E N N Y A N D R E W S 80 Short but Sweet 80 Cross over the Maine border into York and all bets are off. you’re one month on in the middle of May—R O B E R T F RO S T GARDEN DESIGN 5 . Geert Pattyn and Nico De Swert. Meet Daniel Ost.

Sage Advice. September/October. November/December) by World Publications.95 for one year. $39. FL 32789. Sitting in miniature. and additional mailing offices. FL. P. FL 32790. Retail sales discounts available. For subscription information. please enclose your current subscription label. 35 Décor This coastal getaway is a place for luxurious but casual outdoor living.contents Departments 12 Reader Letters 15 Dirt Left. all rights reserved. PA 17601. 40 Style Water features that are new in material and contemporary in design. Details. please call 800/5130848. Midcentury-modern garden goodies in Pound Ridge. GARDEN DESIGN. Lancaster. Phone: 717-481-2851. 112 Details A Mogul garden brings Moorish tradition to the Hamptons. contact Circulation Department.95 for 2 years. Dirt. Cottage Garden in Piasa. 6 M AY 2 0 0 6 What potent blood hath modest May—R A L P H WA L D O E M E R S O N .com. Canadian subscribers add $8.And more.S. and their use by others is strictly prohibited:The Golden Trowel Awards. P. Following are trademarks of GARDEN DESIGN and World Publications. Style. Growing. LLC. Illinois. EDITORIAL: Send correspondence to Editorial Department. For faster service. check out www. May.gardendesign. P. Box 8500. NUMBER 138 (ISSN 0733-4923).00 per year. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to GARDEN DESIGN. FL 32142-1145. foreign subscribers add $21. POSTAL INFORMATION GARDEN DESIGN.00 per year. we make portions of our subscriber list available to carefully screened companies that offer products and services we think may be of interest to you. June/July. 54 Abroad ExploringVancouver Island’s horticultural heaven. Box 8500. 20 40 35 45 89 26 26 Growing The magnificent and versatile hydrangea.A Native American meditation garden. 54 45 Entertaining Maximizing your garden for a party: Designer Dan Zelen offers guest-pleasing tabletop ideas. SUBSCRIPTIONS: U.and right-coast museums and their must-see landscapes. ©Copyright 2004. Periodicals postage paid at Winter Park.Tropicals in New Jersey. 50 Groundbreaker The inside track on Philippe Starck’s outdoor furniture. NewYork.O. is published 7 times per year (January/February.: $23.We welcome all editorial submissions. Occasionally.Attn: Garden Design Ad Management Module. 216 Greenfield Road. E-mail: gardendesign@worldpub. 89 Sage Advice You asked and Jack Ruttle answers.Versatile bamboo. Inc. Lancaster Premedia Palm Coast.April. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without consent of the copyright owner. ADVERTISING: Send advertising materials to RR Donnelley & Sons Company. but assume no responsibility for the loss or damage of unsolicited material. March.Winter Park. If you do not want to receive these offers.Winter Park. Box 421145. please advise us at 1-800-513-0848.O. For more..O.


Ruth Chivers. Winter Park.C H I E F Bill Marken Joanna Fortnam Michael Bessire A RT D I R E C TO R Eric Powell S T Y L E E D I TO R Donna Dorian M A N AG I N G E D I TO R Jenny Andrews P H OTO E D I TO R Jason Upright C O P Y E D I TO R Nancy Ogburn O N L I N E E D I TO R / W E B P RO D U C E R Brent Schmierbach S E N I O R A DV I S E R Ken Druse H O RT I C U LT U R A L C O N S U LTA N T Jack Ruttle C O N S U LT I N G E D I TO R S Charles Birnbaum. 773/281-0559 DETROIT: Focus Media & Marketing. 212/219-7413 FINANCIAL SERVICES AND LUXURY MANAGER: Eleanor Dixson-Hobbs. LucindaWeikel. Steven Thompson. AltaTingle. 407/571-4668 Katherine Haack C H I E F O P E R AT I N G O F F I C E R D I R E C TO R O F C O R P O R AT E S A L E S A DV E RT I S I N G C O N S U LTA N T C O R P O R AT E M A R K E T I N G D I R E C TO R C O R P O R AT E E V E N T M A R K E T I N G D I R E C TO R Bruce Miller Dean Psarakis S U B S C R I P T I O N D I R E C TO R . Dr. 407/571-4541 Suzanne Oberholtzer Krista-Lise Endahl A DV E RT I S I N G A RT I S T S John Digsby. 212/219-7413 TRAVEL MANAGER/SOUTHEAST: Rick Johnson. 214/824-9008 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA/NORTHWEST: Publicitas North America.2 WA L K E R R D. 212/219-7476 REGIONAL OFFICES MIDWEST: Maureen Grady.I N .Walker Leslie Brecken. 415/624-2400 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: MediaCentric Inc. 1 6 8 5 3 1 7 C A N A DA R E T U R N M A I L : 4 9 6 0 . Laura Peterson. O N TA R I O N 9 A 6 J 3 C U S TO M E R S E RV I C E : For subscription-related queries. Ivette Soler. Palm Coast. . C O N S U M E R M A R K E T I N G PeterWinn D I R E C TO R O F P RO D U C T I O N O P E R AT I O N S Lisa Earlywine Jay Evans Mike Stea D I R E C TO R O F N E W M E D I A T E C H N O L O G I E S D I R E C TO R O F N E T WO R K & C O M P U T E R O P E R AT I O N S C O N T RO L L E R CREDIT Nancy Coalter M A N AG E R Dinah Peterson Sheri Bass Dean Turcol D I R E C TO R O F H U M A N R E S O U R C E S C O M M U N I C AT I O N D I R E C TO R P U B L I C AT I O N AG R E E M E N T N O. C O N S U M E R M A R K E T I N G B U S I N E S S D I R E C TO R . David McMullin. Allan J. FL 32789 e-mail: gardendesign@worldpub. 415/435-4678 CANADA: Impact Media Group Inc. Christy Hobart. Marc Cathey. 011/52-5-395-5888 PRESIDENT Terry Snow Jo Rosler Russ Cherami Martin S. 407/461-4368 Laurie Sanders. Box 421145.E D I TO R . Deborah Madison. 407/571-4600 G R E E N G O O D S & P L A N T M AT E R I A L M A N AG E R Meshele Conley. 212/219-7400 WINE AND SPIRITS MANAGER/NORTHEAST: John Horan. 416/679-9600 MEXICO:Towmar. W I N D S O R . Michael MacCaskey. call: 800/513-0848. Denise Otis. Lucy Gastulum. C O N S U M E R M A R K E T I N G Leigh Bingham S I N G L E C O P Y S A L E S D I R E C TO R VickiWeston V I C E P R E S I D E N T. EmilyYoung. Monica Alberta. Box or fax: 407/628-7061. Adam Levine. 407/571-4916 Jason Champion. write: P. FL 32142-1145. For editorial or advertising correspondence.. DavidWinston E X E C U T I V E E D I TO R C R E AT I V E D I R E C TO R P U B L I S H E R Diane Turner. April Bliss. Diane Dorrans Saeks. 407/571-4883 A DV E RT I S I N G S A L E S Lisa Lawn. LindsayWarden R E S E A R C H D I R E C TO R Heather Idema A DV E RT I S I N G D E S I G N D I R E C TO R A DV E RT I S I N G S E RV I C E S / P RO D U C T I O N M A N AG E R D I R E C TO R O F C O R P O R AT E S A L E S N E W YO R K O F F I C E C O R P O R AT E A DV E RT I S I N G S A L E S Russ Cherami. Richard Hartlage. 212/219-4636 Advertising Sales. write: P. 313/670-0553 TEXAS/SOUTHWEST:Weikel Media LLC.O. Bedard. 321/806-9946 H O M E F U R N I S H I N G S & AC C E N T S M A N AG E R Jodi Bech. Amy Goldman. CarolynWare. James David..O. Dick Dunmire. / P RO J E C T M A N AG E R Sarah Kinbar. 407/571-4797 N AT I O N A L S A L E S M A N AG E R HIGH-DESIGN TRADE MARKETING M A R K E T I N G & E V E N T S M A N AG E R S A L E S A S S T. C O N S U M E R M A R K E T I N G DIRECTOR OF PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT.


E D I TO R . My daughAt entry of Moroccan ter-in-law.-Berkeley degree in art history. I spotted a great solution for a boring slab of concrete: Cover with an ipe deck in modular form ( And I thought pretty seriously about bringing home a garden gong that you hammer with a drumstick. live focus with garden styles from Japan to Baja to Morocco to Provence. including two viburnums I took home. the beautiful urns from Eye of the Day and the ribbony disguise for the Sundance Spa. had her eye on the ArmaModern garden.What would neighbors think? On my dream wish list: a garden teepee by Jesse Salcedo (jdsalcedo@earthlink. the garden was designed by Michele Swanson and built by Modern Landscaping. but real bottles hang on a tangle of real rebar—it is garden folk art that I never seem to get. urns and reproductions. A bottle tree is not a real tree.C H I E F A little madness in the spring is wholesome even for the king—E M I L Y DICKINSON C A RO L I N E KO P P ( 2 ) . the show revealed lots of inspirModern Landscaping. It’s great to see so many people passionate about what we deal with in every issue of Garden Design magazine. ing landscapes. It’s like a tank-sturdy Kalamazoo grill. I’d like to see an award for Best in Show baby stroller—all the latest models were on parade. At Annie’s Annuals.Wonderful green and blooming meadows by John Greenlee. Digging Dog Nursery’s booth offered an amazing array of perennials and flowering shrubs. If only editors were treated that way!—B I L L M A R K E N . What you learn from watching people react to plants. I saw for the first time blooming in cultivation the legendary giant coreopsis (Coreopsis gigantea) that grows wild on the islands off Southern California.What did our “focus group” visitors react to? The travertine paving squares. among many things. designer da chaise by Brown Jordan. I coveted the elegant. including my own. We are pleased to say that visitors to the show liked the Garden Design exhibit garden enough to vote it the People’s Choice award. Called Moroccan Modern.I N . builder Mike Hertzer of Beyond our garden. rubbing their hands on fine teak and treating garden designers like rock stars.diggingdog. exhibits and products at a gardening coming-together event like this is mind-stretching and mind-blowing. also a show visitor.You see what people really like.ecowoodscalifornia. Random observations: More small gardens than usual. loved the bottle tree. It was created to display ideas for comfortable and stylish outdoor and www.anniesannuals.You can see more about the Michele Swanson and show garden in one of our upcoming issues. VISITING THE SAN FRANCISCO FLOWER & GARDEN SHOW WITH ME and presumably bringing a sensitivity refined by a U. decorating and entertaining.C. exciting plants and further observations Crowd-pleasing antique on the gardening public’s behavior.from the editor People’s Choice MY DAUGHTER. More diversity. Happy to tell you that both nurseries sell their plants online: www.They’re spouting long Latin names.


com Correction On page 36 of the April issue the city of Fremont. CA According to landscape designer Art Luna. It referred to us as a “wholesale nursery. the trees.Thank you so much and keep up the great work!—Redelyn Guiting.” .Washington. Best Ohio Birch What species of birch did Michel Desvigne and Christine Dalnoky use in the garden on page 112 of the March issue? —Megan King. one is next to a bromeliad. Another option would be to use a native species like river birch. we’d like to correct a small error that crept into the article about us in your July/August 2005 issue.Would this gentleman have a plan or drawing for this sofa/deck? If so. which is in the agave family. a white-barked birch better-suited to the heat in the Midwest (specifically Zones 2 to 6 and sometimes even to 7). A good carpenter should be able to customize a similar setup for your space by using the photo for reference. B.We consulted our horticulture expert.You might have more success with B. when stressed by drought. or B. papyrifera.The problem with white birches in the Midwest is their susceptibility.mailbox On Deck We own an urban home in a historic section of downtown Indianapolis that’s very much like the home shown in the article “Urban Spaceman.—Jim Newman/Kathleen Houlihan. jacquemontii. that’s actually a furcraea.What doesn’t show is the simple rail and drawer system under the bench—like a single oversize dresser drawer—that was retrofitted as an “aha moment” afterthought. in the January/February issue.Thanks much for the chance to set this straight.There are two of these plants in the picture.”We are actually a retail nursery open to the general public. and the sofa fits with our backyard landscaping plans this year. www. which typically kills Retail Customers Welcome As the owners of Mesogeo Greenhouse on Bainbridge Island. I would like to obtain a copy for our home. who has narrowed it down to either Betula pendula from southern and eastern Europe or B. Burbank. IN According to landscape architect Rob Steiner.The deck is perfect.206-8559017. Mesogeo Greenhouse. etc. More “NameThat Plant” What plant is pictured in your March issue on page 76. though its bark is pinkish rather than white. We do apologize to the good people of Fremont for the extra “e.mesogeogarden. utilis var. the grasslike plant in the foreground? It looks like a variegated Dianella tasmanica in a more yellowish color. Central Ohio The designers were unavailable to answer your question by press time. I would love to know what kind of plant that is for future reference.—Terry Moyemont. mandschurica from China. to infestation by borers. nigra (especially ‘Heritage’). the design of the deck and bench (above) was simple enough to not require plans. Indianapolis.The article shows a back deck with a sofa/storage center and mentions KyleTracy as the carpenter.” by EmilyYoung. California. was misspelled as Freemont..



D. The de Young museum opened last fall. Stone.. PA U L G E T T Y GARDEN DESIGN 15 .While deright. breaking new museums to crechitect Walter Hood faced museum.C.A bird’s-eye view reveals a zigzag of ferns and a grove of eucalyptus almost slicing one building into three. ing the de Young museum in Golden Gate Historic.The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian opened in fall 2004.dirt MUSEUM GARDENS | PAT I O C L E M AT I S | MINI CHAIRS | N E PA L I V Y | A L C AT R A Z | N I K I I N AT L A N TA Bold new gardens in Washington. Landscape arIS IT A TREND FOR GROUNDcrop garden at D. C O U RT E S Y D E YO U N G M U S E U M ( 1 ) Museum Quality Museums do not just happen—J . try. D.C. A clipped hedge of white camellias is just the right connection. Around the National scape. saved from the old landaged landmark there. there’s the wanted to honor the origistartling new garden surroundnal garden and plants. century-old Canary Island palms Park. In San Francisco. Native plants like redwoods and sand-dune-like mounds of soil remind you of the park’s wild heritage. replaces the old rectangular Turtle Pool. plement the about-to-beand magnolias outwe are certainly in favor of it. the abstract ground shapes of the Garden of Enchantment resemble a Miró painting. underfoot at the museum’s front enmost of it very positive.. were replanted after almost five years Museum of the American Indian in Wash. and San Francisco match their museums for innovation and viewing pleasure a masterful blend of old and new. rebuilt to replace the earthquake-dam. Visitors can best see the nearly 5 acres of landscaping from the building’s 144-foot tower. D.. with the venerated JapaneseTea Garden next door. New artworks are showcased alongside old: and Herzog and de Meuron’s copper-clad Andy Goldsworthy’s meandering Drawn building has earned worldwide attention. a garden pays homage to the face of the building. Fitting in with neighbors—a familiar theme for homeowners—was also an storage and now break up the southern ington.Above ate innovative gardens to comseveral challenges.The new landscape.C. next page: plement the buildings and add signing a landscape to comTree ferns inside to the visitor experience? If so. and the permanent plantings have settled in nicely—the birch C O U RT E S Y N AT I O N A L M U S E U M O F T H E A M E R I C A N I N D I A N ( 1 ) . InWashington. From this height. contrasts admirably with the repositioned Dore vase.C. More of Golden Gate Park is also inside the museum—tree ferns and eucalyptus in the skylit courtyard. he also side the de Young. also merits praise and Above left: Native a close look.(Phoenix canariensis). iconic building. Old favorites are given relationship between Native Americans and a new twist:A circular Pool of Enchantment their natural environment.

A little prop best fits a little vine—R O B E R T HERRICK C O U RT E S Y D E YO U N G M U S E U M ( 1 ) . will keep low-rooted perennials in the flowering from spring same container and they will through late summer.They also like their roots to be kept And the multistemmed plants.flower the following spring. R AY M O N D E V I S O N ( 4 ) .These “patio clema.— clockwise from top left: R AY M O N D E V I S O N ing spaces.These are known as grandfather rocks. based on my expePatio Clematis™ Collection. lots of water and excellent room or enhance the view from a deck. Panache™. was launched at last and this rience. which aren't cool. Along the building are native grasses. you can forget all spring three new colors have those complex rules about been added to the group— pruning associated with oldBourbon™ is purple-bander clematis varieties. Angelique™ is in the Patio Clematis Colpalest lilac and Parisienne™ lection do well with the is mauve with reddish an“ponytail prune. Plantings of some 150 species represent traditional crops and the forests.ground level.” Before new thers. stems and new growth. meadows and wetlands of the Chesapeake Bay region. The landscape around the young/index. Patio Perfect 16 M AY 2 0 0 6 A little saint best fits a little shrine. pro. Plants ed with red. ing program to develop this Evison Patio Clematis Collection. protect the clematis’ roots. bald cypress and fallen trees left for visiting birds.asp.The designer hues fit growth appears.Virginia. see www. It took 10 years for the new lilac Angelique™ For more info on the Raymond Evison™ and Poulsen® breedand Hyde Hall™. can be planted Like other clematis. tis” as they’ve been dubbed. their gardens are in larger containers.3 or 4 feet tall.evisonclematis.What you won’t notice are plant labels—a no-no for House. During the growing season. the Raymond Evison to the flower display. but their flowers are large conies. Ethnobotanist Donna House conceived the garden in conjunction with landscape architects at EDAW in dwarf cultivars designed for growing houses and apartments. For details on the NMAI. the dwarf varieties in containers among flowering annuals. bushy new varieties of one of my fa.That’s easy to accomplish—just plant leggy like so many of the colorful annuals or even shalolder clematis. another section is devoted to native crops grown for food and medicine. Of special note are several dozen boulders placed around the property. drainage. grasp all the Sampling of the Patio with the trend to extend instems 12 inches above soil Clematis™ Collection. And.thinker. easyvisit www. new kind of clematis.—R U T H C H I V E R S AND BILL MARKEN plants For details on visiting the de Young museum and exhibitions.Versailles™.americanindian.need a companion plant or some other supvide columns of color to define an outdoor port to grow on. often to the size of patios or plants reach only shrinking. AS MORE PEOPLE CHOOSE TO LIVE IN TOWN.dirt trees’ bark is peeling off in hefty chunks and looks ready for canoe making. the clematis will still grow and vorite plants—clematis. symbolic of the relationship between nature and America’s native peoples. realistic touches include cattails. and cut off the tops. The focal point of the landscape is the pond near the front roughhewn sandstone building occupies much of the site’s 41/2 acres and gives the visitor a sense of how Native Americans lived with nature. Last year the fruit of my as well as add extra oomph see www.What can gardeners do to overcome and are produced freely on both last year’s the space crunch? Grow up. terior decor to outdoor livlevel.This means that even That was the impetus for me to develop if a severe winter kills top growth back to dwarf. a stickler for maintaining an authentic native spirit.


frost dates. including a Certified Organic line and heirlooms.This year it’s shrimp plant. that are the draw for an experimental palate. A sampling of noteworthy items includes ‘Black Magic’ bachelor button. But it's the tempting in St. soil.“Our aim is for the gardener using our seeds to say at the end of the season. Botanical skillfully arranged in sample containers and beds. Botanical Interests artfully includes plenty of information. and even a historical or culinary tidbit or two. in Broomfield.‘Teatime Red’ hibiscus.The rigorously tested. Visitors can shop from among 60 varieties of hummingbird favorites and tour the stock-plant greenhouse for a peek at what’s coming next season. such lush displays are an unfair tease. days to harvest or bloom.—L AU R I E G R A N O Cottage Garden. planting depth. 18 M AY 2 0 0 6 Convince me that you have a seed there. IL 62079.” unusual tender annuals that love the region’s steamy summers and balmy early autumns. destination nursery PrairieTropical THE MOST STYLISH GARDENS ALWAYS SEEM TO be exotic paradises thriving in coastal climates.‘What a terrific gardening year this was. Fret not. C H R I S K E L L E Y ( 2 ) . and proprietors the Kelleys will recommend several charming eateries nearby to satisfy a gardener’s more visceral hunger. email inform@botanicalinterests. if only for a few months. 10 basils and 23 peppers.To a Midwestern prairie gardener. Piasa. in small-town Piasa (pronounced PIE-a-saw). Jones and Seaborn say.A passion for the colorful personalities of tropicals gradually overtook Chris. outside and inside the beautifully designed seed packets.‘Thumbelina’ carrot. Cottage Garden is only a 45-minute northeasterly drive away. grown in the Midwest for its striking golden foliage. rex begonia vine (Cissus discolor) in front of Hosta ‘Golden Sculpture’. and fabulous Nicotiana mutabilis.cottgardens. Cottage Garden. seven varieties of gourds. is run by a selfprofessed plantaholic who feels your pain. light. ‘Candy Stripe’ cosmos. flatlanders.dirt growing TOP SEED More than 10 years ago Curtis Jones and Judy Seaborn came together in life and in business. Bill Kelley.Today she calls the nursery a “plant zoo” specializing in “tropicalismo on the prairie. hand-picked seeds are untreated with chemicals and represent more than 400 varieties. Chris Kelley and husband/business partner. I did a great job. 6967 Illinois Route 111. Louis. Now their family-owned company. Louis dreams of a backyard jungle can be fulfilled. The mom-and-pop operation still offers a hefty share of hardy perennials. tiny Caladium humboldtii. New last year was Jasminum officinale Fiona Sunrise™. and I am prepared to expect wonders—H E N R Y DAV I D T H O R E A U C Z A C H S TO VA L L ( 1 ) . opened a retail and mailorder perennial nursery in 1987. has become a source for top-quality flower. Call 618-729-4324 or see www. including hostas and many hard-to-find natives such as pale-yellow Baptisia x ‘Carolina Moonlight’. Each packet is like a ministory about the plant. vegetable and herb seeds. Look for Brugmansia‘Super Nova’ with its 16-inch-long white trumpet blooms. color and habit. Make a day of it by first visiting the inspirational Missouri Botanical Garden (www.botanicalinterests. Colorado.’”—E L L E N W E L L S Left to right: Cottage Garden nursery offers a choice selection of tropicals for or see www. Seeds are available from retail stores and independent Web sites. ‘Chater’s Double’ hollyhock. Illinois. because in a place not far from Justicia carnea ‘Radiant’. used to stifling summers and blood-stilling winters. on everything gardeners need to know and then some—water. fyi For more information.

epiphanies and philosophies as he realizes that the road to his idyllic garden is paved with Japanese beetles. the tomato does cost $64. In the end. weeds and misguided contractors. gardening more often resembles blood sport." So why do it? For Alexander it's a fascination with the cycle of life.95). relaxing hobby. "Gardening is often thought to be a genteel.. sometimes to the funny farm. the food! A litany of every possible gardening experience—from deer fencing to weed-filled topsoil to canning an overabundance of peaches to planting a meadow—this book will strike a chord (and hit a few nerves) with anyone who dreams of orderly rows of ripening veggies and eating a tomato fresh off the vine.. the triumph of optimism over experience. groundhogs.For me. He says. it's worth all the drama even if..books QUEST FOR EDEN As anyone who has ever gardened even briefly knows. when expenses are tallied and amortized.—Jenny Andrews . gentleman farmer William Alexander recounts with wry humor and dead-on insight his joys. it can be an epic journey. and the food. $22. Ah. woes. In The $64 Tomato (Algonquin Books.

the original chair was also made in a rubberized white for outdoor use.or porch-centric chairs in the miniatures lineup include the castiron Gartenstuhl designed in 1820 by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. 29 Ninth Ave. P E T E R L O E W E R ( 1 ) 20 M AY 2 0 0 6 A chair is a very difficult object to design. 212-463-5750. Frank Gehry and Philippe Starck. 557 Pacific Ave. In 1992 the museum.A skyscraper is almost easier—L U D W I G M I E S VA N D E R RO H E . patio. and the 1986 painted-steel Thinking Man’s Chair by Jasper Morrison. www. stackable plastic Panton Chair in 1960. Charles Eames. Clockwise from top left: Panton Chair set.. Indoor chair Lockheed Lounge designed by Marc Newson in 1986.. Germany. inWeil am Rhein. 11 W. Gala by Franco Albini.The little chairs range in price from about $100 to more than $600 each. the mini-Panton (sold in sets of five) and a full-sized model are reproduced by Vitra in an inexpensive polypropylene that works well on a patio. NY. including a palm-size version of the wicker Gala designed in 1950 by Franco Albini. CA. Still. Special licensing agreements are arranged with designers or designers’ estates. then costly to make and considered too precious for outdoor use. albeit much-scaled-down.. Vitra officials say. Small Package WHEN IT COMES TO ADDICTIONS. to ensure the minis are exact. NY. the petite Panton and other Vitra miniatures are valuable collectibles and should be displayed in a protected area. which includes seating by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Charles Rennie Mackintosh. from the past 180 years. New York.)Verner Panton designed the colorful. Other indoor-outdoor creations include the 1986 sinuous bent and welded steel Spine by Andre Dubreuil and the 1952 latticelike Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia.dirt fyi Chairs are available at Vitra. started producing handmade chairs that are one-sixth the size of famous originals housed in Vitra’s permanent collection. the painted-metal Midway Gardens Chair by Frank LloydWright in 1913. San Francisco. 212-708-9700. 53rd St. New York. today.MoMAstore. indoor and outdoor. replicas.—LAURIE GRANO C O U RT E S Y V I T R A D E S I G N M U S E U M ( 3 ) . and MoMA Design and Book Store. collecting Big Design. TheVitra Design Museum has added four new mini chairs. Garden-. to its ever-growing Miniatures Collection which now includes close to 100 tiny perfect copies of classic chairs. COLLECTING miniature chairs is a stylish vice—and a great way for space-strapped furniture junkies to live with history-making design. (Vitra’s mini-Diamond is the indoor chrome version.

Raulston.At the top of my list is the variegated Nepal ivy (Hedera nepalensis var. I called proprietor Fairman Jayne and learned that the nursery does stock this plant and that it’s hardy at their location in the North Carolina mountains.” agreed Fairman.C.“and a continuing salute to Raulston’s genius at collecting. Plants are easy to propagate using only single-node cuttings.Today this treasure spills over the stone wall in my side garden.sandymushherbs. One difficulty in writing about great plants is including a source. Its 5-inch lobed leaves have cream-colored veining and neat splatters of lime green. I was lucky to collect a wonderland of unique plants from those horticultural handouts. a black trash bag full of rooted cuttings was handed out to members of the nursery trade at conventions across the state. sinensis 'Marbled Dragon') I acquired in 1997.i love this plant NEPAL IVY One of the happiest times as a horticulturist or nursery person in North Carolina was the annual plant distribution engineered by the late J. but I’ve found it quite hardy in my Asheville garden (Zone 6b).While there is some leaf burn in really cold winters. founding director of a unique plant collection and arboretum in Raleigh now called the JC Raulston Arboretum in his honor. The ivy’s hardiness has been listed as Zone 8 (usually in British references). the vines recover in spring. where we often have windy winter nights around 0 degrees. Fortunately I live near Sandy Mush Herb Nursery (www. Mature plants can produce striking yellow or orange umbels of fruits.“It's a beauty. Each year in this salute to plants. com).”—P E T E R L O E W E R . For the arboretum the purpose was to broaden the selection of plants available for sale to keep the industry in high gear. Since the owners are longtime admirers of Raulston.

to at Alcatraz. designed small Victorian-style plots planted in soil brought over by barge. when the island was being transformed from a U.” says Carola Ashford.) After Alcatraz tional RecreationArea. ing rewarded. The neglected roses.” says Jayeson Vance. “These Agaves (above). and their resilience is beor so years shows the gardens to be an intriguing microcosm of how plants are introduced to an initially barren habitat.dirt restoration Paradise on Devil’s Island ALCATRAZ ISLAND. agaves. in meager soil amid tumbled ruins and wild overgrowth. calla lilies and fuchsias (among nearly 200 native and exotic varieties found so far) have proven to be as tough as the convicts who once tended them. exotics are thriving without a pink geraniums lot of intervention. Officers and their wives. at one time at least 2 acres of them. project manager of the Alcatraz Historic Gardens Project for the Garden Conservancy. and fueled by volunteers.The budget-strapped National Park Service took over the site in 1972.The gardens date to the late 1860s. guided a team of inmates in of the abandoned gardens is underway. further improving the island’s colorful casInformation accumulated over a hundred cading gardens. how humans and plants interact. plants maintained by inmates were on their own. Yes. A N D R E B A R A N O W S K I ( 1 ) . Plantings later increased when a gardening rehabilitation program was created for prisoners. 22 M AY 2 0 0 6 It looks like Alcatraz has got me licked—A L CAPONE L I N DA OYA M A B RYA N ( 2 ) .” (left) thrive among “This place is so harsh with all other tough plants the gray rock and concrete. Golden Gate National became a federal penitentiary in 1934. in attempts to make the bleak landscape more inviting. which at their peak offered neighboring San Franciscans dramatic views. there are gardens on The Rock. secretary to the warden and selfvancy. Alcatraz gardeners sought out plants from parts of the world with climates similar to that of California’s coast. ice plants. Perhaps one day the plantings will be as powerful a draw as the haunting prison buildings. let alone the once-vibrant gardens. few people noticed the gardens. chemical or and yellow sedums otherwise. and since then the skeleton staff has had its hands full preserving the crumbling buildings. see the gardens is to see the island’s softer side. once apparent only to those who knew where to look. the restoration is teaching just how hardy exotic ornamentals can be. park service ranger.parksconservancy. Led by the Golden Gate Na.When the prison closed in 1963.S. C O P Y R I G H T L E C H J A R E T KO ( 1 ) . (The fascinating history is covered in the 1996 book Gardens of Alcatraz by John Hart.nps. Russell and www.Beatty and Michael Boland. The hidden gardens of Alcatraz. restoration taught gardener. HOME OF THE INFAMOUS prison.die Reichel. “People always talk about using natives for sustainable gardens. Over the years. C O P Y R I G H T S A R A H C A R M O DY ( 1 ) . are being set free for all to enjoy. each day attracts thousands of visitors who are ferried across San Francisco Bay’s unforgiving waters to tour the creepy historic cellblock. In restored sections visitors linger and take care not to litter.Army fort into a military and national gardening trends.—L AU R I E G R A N O For information see www. FredParks Conservancy and The Garden Conser.

” says Kristin. they realized that its industrial look and soaring ceilings were a perfect match for their garden antiques shop. from faux bois.” says Kristin. 2000. self-taught artist and the only female member of the Nouveau Realisme movement. “We wanted to invigorate the vocabulary of garden antiques." Above: Nana on a Dolphin. Charlie.avantgardenltd. with Charlie.Avant Garden. Influenced by artists like Antonio Gaudi and Salvador Dali. but eventually sculpture became her primary medium.Welcome to the fanciful world of noted French artist Niki de Saint Phalle. Saint Phalle was unconventional as an artist and a woman—fashion model. two of the works by Niki de Saint Phalle on display. is often on buying trips to England. surreal figures. 1998. opened Avant Garden in 2003. eerie totems and zaftig dancing women. She was famous in the 1960s for her "shooting paintings. including 36 large pieces—some as long as 25 feet—as well as smaller works.“There is really a big difference between American and European industrial. their polymer forms covered with glittering mosaics of tile. Her work can be seen in public spaces worldwide. Every Thursday evening the garden will be open to the public and the sculptures lit for "Niki Nights." created by firing a gun at containers of paint. Germany and California. Coming from as far away as France. industrial street lanterns to stone-topped game tables and anthropomorphic lamps. zinc-topped tables. —J A But man does not create…he discovers—A N T O N I O GAUDI GARDEN DESIGN 23 .” says Kristin. glass and semiprecious stones. Because the warm-weather season is so short in the for AVANT GARDEN When Kristin and Charlie Allen saw the dilapidated gas station in the idyllic Westchester County town of Pound Ridge." both startling and joyful. France.Yves Klein and her husband. who is English by birth. set and costume designer.A European étagère. California. When they aren’t minding the shop or showing at top design and garden shows in the New York area. some of the figures are so large they had to be moved in sections.A few sculptures can even be entered and the mosaics continue on the interior walls. exibits NIKI IN ATLANTA To walk through the Atlanta Botanical Garden this spring is to enter a dreamscape peopled with oversize animals. "Niki in the Garden" will be on display through October. spare lines of midcentury modernism. sculpture and amoebic-shaped planters. she created monumental.“One of our most satisfying recent sales was a complete set of Woodard’s classic wire-mesh Sculptura line from the 1950s. who. and Guardian Lion. and their passion is evident in the shop filled with industrial containers.Avant Garden is also a perfect stage set for innovative pieces that bring the outdoors in. "Niki in the Garden" is one of the most extensive exhibitions of Saint Phalle's sculptures. the Stravinsky Fountain in Paris and Queen Califia's Magical Circle in Escondido. NewYork.—D O N N A D O R I A N For more information call 914-764-0010 or see www. Jean Tinguely. which included Christo.They are part of the new generation of antiques dealers drawn to the clean. including the Tarot Garden in Tuscany. whom ABG director Mary Pat Matheson calls "one of the most significant female artists of the 20th century. has extraordinary detail— even its rivet pieces are interesting. Gérard Deschamps. Belgium and Italy.

the cutting edge SPRING POTAGER BANCHET JAIGLA STARTED MAKING FLORAL DESIGNS 19 YEARS AGO. the length of the fava beans Celebrate spring this year by giving vegetables a place of honor in your bouquets.The grass and trees are my speech—G E O R G E T.. NewYork.NY. Cut the green tops off just-picked carrots and place one top between each group of tulips. then add the tulips to the bowl.The tulips are my speech. having won awards across the globe for a unique visual vocabulary underscored by the variety and quantity of flowers she regularly garners from growers in Asia.While bars are generally lined with liquor bottles.dirt RECIPE 30 pink parrot tulips 6 long green carrot tops 24 red-tinted fava beans one small bunch of red-leaf lettuce raffia wire 1 round glass bowl about 8 inches in diameter.Today she has an international reputation. WORKING OUT OF HER barn in Bedford. 24 M AY 2 0 0 6 The fountain is my speech. champagne and readyto-go floral arrangements will be offered. stretch an elastic band around the bowl and slip the beans under it. Banchet’s effusive orchid arrangements will be on display instead. Pour enough water into the bowl to reach the bottom of the tulip stems. where wine. to open early this summer in her enlarged flower shop in Manhattan’s edgy meatpacking Flowers and cocktails are an irresistable combination—and it happened at Flower Bar first. Bunch the tulips together in groups of five. using raffia to tie each group together.www. approaches the season. Here are instructions on how one floral designer. Banchet Jaigla. Her latest project is Flower Bar. Conceal the band by tying over it tightly with raffia wire. To wrap the bowl in fava beans. Bunch up the lettuce and place it at the top of the arrangement.212-989-1088.Africa and South America.—D D Banchet Flowers:809Washington St. D E L A C O RT E MICHAEL KRAUS .NewYork.


hydrangeas offer color and solid-citizen stability to borders and containers MORE THAN SUMMER DECORATION FOR SEASHORE COTTAGES OR SPACE-FILLERS ALONG FOUNDATIONS. pink. hydrangeas are versatile shrubs suitable for almost any garden in areas that experience some winter cold.Think of them as workhorses with a strong desire to please. Japan and North America. more acidic soil in the open ground promotes Exposure While most blue in Generale.The latest trends are dwarf. gold-foliaged and reblooming hydrangeas and ones with oversize flower clusters on sturdy stems. but rebloomers like Endless Summer™ flower on both new and old wood and can be grown in Zone 4. Heavenly Hydrangeas P H OTO G R A P H S B Y L E E A N N E W H I T E 26 M AY 2 0 0 6 To analyze the charms of flowers is like dissecting music—H E N R Y THEODORE TUCKERMAN . Zones Selections of arborescens and paniculata are hardy to Zone 4. —R AY RO G E R S Appeal Mostly easy to grow. their flower heads can be dried. Most of the familiar kinds hail from China. used almost like a perennial—dying back to the ground over winter and H. and those of quercifolia to Zone 5. gather in peak bloom and hang in an airy. Indonesia and South America. tains alkaline soil condiVirtually all of them tions. warm place. the Himalayas.growing Voluptuous or dainty. The flashier macrophylla and compact serrata types do best from Zone 6 and southward. MACROPHYLLA ‘GENresprouting in spring. ERALE VICOMTESSE The species involucrata DE VIBRAYE’ AND needs the milder tem‘BRUNETTE’ peratures of Zone 7 Container culture mainand warmer areas. while mopheads offer zaftig clusters of all-sterile flowers. allowing ‘Brunette’ to withstand the heat of bear red flowers. blue or lavender on mounded or treelike coarse-leaved plants.The rebloomers have revolutionized hydrangeas and made them available even for gardeners in colder climates. but others in this genus of around 100 species come from the Philippines. hydrangeas thrive in full sun (given ample water). while the Zone 9 summers. For longer enjoyment.Almost all bloom in white. hydrangeas can be abused and still reward the gardener with lush foliage and showy flowers. Lacecap types bear demure seed-producing flowers surrounded by sterile ones.

To 3 feet tall and twice as wide.H. Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the Deity to be a source of delight—J O H N RUSKIN GARDEN DESIGN 27 . sterile ones. airy lacecap clusters of pale blue to pink-mauve fertile flowers punctuated by a few showier. Hydrangea involucrata bears pleasingly fuzzy leaves.These offer an attractive backdrop for the open. INVOLUCRATA Although not obvious in this picture.

‘BRUNETTE’ 28 M AY 2 0 0 6 I will be the gladdest thing under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one!—E D N A S T. Soil Reasonably fertile. leading to red. [3] H. may reach 3 to 4 feet tall and wide. Hardier than many hydrangeas. New enough that its ultimate height isn’t well-documented. especially in areas with long. [4] H. promoting blue and purple flowers. V I N C E N T M I L L AY S U S A N A . Cut arborescens selections to the ground every other year or so to keep them neat. making it a good choice for containers. Care Remove dead wood from established plants of macrophylla. [2] H. Pruning is rarely needed to keep most quercifolias looking good. serrata and involucrata as spring growth begins. Regular applications of aluminum sulfate promotes bluer flowers. MACROPHYLLA ENDLESS SUMMER™ 1 3 2 4 Without question the hottest hydrangea in the trade. but don’t knock off flower buds at the ends of the shoots. it flowers freely and over a long season. Not as tall or vigorous as many of its kin.growing [1] H. Also known as ‘Peacock’. FAUSTIN TRAVOUILLON’ Somewhat smaller than loftier macrophylla types at about 4 feet tall. . aluminum is readily available. Blooms are dark pink in low-aluminum soils. well-drained. pink and lavender. Expect a mature plant to reach 10 feet high by 6 feet wide. to Zone 4.While they all tolerate a range of soil pH. whether aluminum is available in the soil (flowers in shades of blue and purple) or not (flowers red). moist soils with lots of organic matter make hydrangeas happy. acidity or alkalinity is an issue for macrophylla types. hot summers.‘Limelight’ goes one step beyond the others with its big clusters of lime-green flowers that age to white. Cutting back paniculata types hard in spring promotes larger flower clusters.Try them in east-facing locations in your garden and in the bright shade under high-pruned trees in a woodland setting.‘Endless Summer’ starts blooming early and keeps producing flowers (on new and old wood) throughout the season. MACROPHYLLA ‘MME. MACROPHYLLA they grow equally well in partial shade. In acidic soils. ROT H ( 1 ) Always richly colored. PANICULATA ‘LIMELIGHT’ Similar to the ‘Grandiflora’ (PeeGee) types. alkaline soils restrict access to aluminum. Unlike most macrophyllas.


where most of these photos were taken.hydrangea. For more information see www. 1 30 M AY 2 0 0 6 The very pink of perfection—O L I V E R GOLDSMITH . fyi Thanks to Wilkerson Mill Gardens in Palmetto.

[2] H.[1] H. sparkling like a star in our hands and melting like a snowflake—F R A N C I S BACON GARDEN DESIGN 31 . 2 We have only this moment. but this selection also features footlong. drooping heads of sterile flowers that look like stacked stars. the profusion of saturated rose-pink mopheads of ‘Maréchal Foch’ makes it a favorite as an indoor plant in cooler regions. pyramidal. MACROPHYLLA ‘MARÉCHAL FOCH’ Though less cold-hardy than many macrophyllas. Expect it to reach 8 feet tall and nearly as wide. QUERCIFOLIA ‘SNOWFLAKE’ Handsome oaklike foliage and attractively peeling silvery brown bark are reasons enough to plant any quercifolia.

lending visual strength to shrub borders and woodland plantings. Mass pink and blue types with similarly colored garden phlox (Phlox paniculata selections) and lilies for a visual confection of candy colors. [4] H. Vigorous plants mature at less than 4 feet high. dark pink sterile flowers. Quercifolias are the boldest and have the coarsest texture of the lot. 32 M AY 2 0 0 6 ’Tis my faith that every flower enjoys the air it breathes—W I L L I A M W O R D S W O RT H . especially on plants grown in partial shade. Macrophylla selections make imposing container plants—feature a pair in big lead-colored urns—and paniculata selections can be maintained as good-sized “trees” in large terra-cotta pots.growing [1] H. Blue selections look like sapphires against a gray wall or set alongside a slate patio. [2] H. grow this hydrangea more for its striking black stems. and the dark green leaves acquire red and purple shades in autumn. Spotted stems offer additional visual interest.The entire cluster becomes red in the absence of aluminum.Among the newer selections (introduced in 1986) and not as cold-hardy as some. Has an attractive upright plant habit. MACROPHYLLA ‘KARDINAL’ 1 3 2 4 In the presence of soil aluminum. Less cold-hardy than other macrophyllas. Under 5 feet tall. MACROPHYLLA ‘TOKYO DELIGHT’ d e s i g n i n g w i t h hy d r a n ge a s White-flowered selections create the illusion of snowballs in summer. White lacecaps gradually turn pink as the season progresses. darker new growth. MACROPHYLLA ‘GIMPEL’ Fully mature flower heads show a strong contrast of white fertile flowers and pink sterile ones. MACROPHYLLA ‘NIGRA’ Although the pink or pale blue flowers are of some interest. Can grow 3 feet tall and almost twice as wide. the intricate lacecap flowers bear small fertile mauve flowers contained within a circlet of large. [3] H. as seen here. About 3 feet tall. Remember hydrangeas in containers will need extra watering. Extra fertilizer and routine removal of older shoots encourages stronger.



P O RT E R ( 2 ) OceanView By the deep Sea.” saysWitt. than 76 miles. who produced the movies Insomnia. and Harris. motor up the California coast from their home in Brentwood and. combined with wild. aTV writer/producer. but Nature more—L O R D B Y RO N GARDEN DESIGN 35 . rugged plants.The couple’s stylishly understated weekend escape began as one house over 20 years T I M S T R E E T. makes this coastal retreat a California dream WHEN PAUL JUNGER WITT AND SUSAN HARRIS WANT TO GET AWAY. a film and TV producer. THEY SKIP THE AIRPORT HASsles and jet lag. and it never felt crowded. It feels much farther away from L. Luxurious. casual outdoor living.” Witt says.decor C R E AT I V E I D E A S I N E X T E R I O R D E C O R AT I N G The pergola extends toward the Pacific Ocean. offering multiple options for elegant but relaxed outdoor living.A. Three Kings and Dead Poets Society. are comfortably ensconced at their seaside retreat on Rincon Point just outside Carpinteria.Witt. Instead. and music in its roar I love not Man the less. “We've had 40 to 50 people over at one time. “We love to be here without the phone ringing. in just over an hour.

Afterward. the full view of the beach. they hired Santa Barbarabased Eric Nagelmann to design a “wild. too. windswept site. lavender and lan- tana. long walks. we needed more room. Right: A removten together. Then. so courtyard is filled with the garden is full of happy memohydrangeas and Impatiens ries of when the kids have all gotbalfourii. whose sitcom credits include Soap. Back then. grasses and sedges such as Ravenna grass and Carex pansa.decor ago. the couple bought the house next door. “We have a blended family. but they outdoor fireplace warms wanted privacy.The result is a dreamy oceanfront paradise worthy of a five-star resort. natural and unrestrained” garden to blend with the rugged. He removed a fence that once separated his clients’ beach house 36 M AY 2 0 0 6 Alone I walked on the ocean strand. playing charades and lingering over casual meals of salad and grilled Top:The shady entry fish. in the early ’90s. “With five children and two grandchildren. Nagelmann knit the two lots together and softened the architecture using lavish masses of hardy rugosa roses. says. “We wanted it to look like he hadn’t been here.”Witt says. F U N C T I O N : Witt and Harris visit their weekend getaway throughout the year to indulge their passions for reading. able canopy blocks the F O R M : “Paul and Susan wanted a sun’s glare in summer. a pearly shell was in my hand—H A N N A H FLAGG GOULD .” Nagelmann the patio in winter. razed it and built a guesthouse. westringia. like it just grew.” says Harris.” Harris says. Benson and The Golden Girls.

how lovely and joyful the course that he run!—I S A A C WAT T S GARDEN DESIGN 37 .T I M S T R E E T.P O RT E R ( 2 ) How fine has the day been! How bright was the sun.

Impatiens balfourii and nemesia clamber around clipped boxwood and potted junipers. He built a massive seawall out of basalt boulders.” between the two lots gets PLANTS: Harris asked for both sun and shade next pink and purple blooms. have to stand up to the Opposite:A small patio harsh elements. drying winds and corrosive salt spray made decorating with sturdy furniture and plants a must. the couple otherwise gave him free rein. and finished it with a wroughtiron gate based on an original at the Casa del Herrero estate in nearby Montecito. hydrangeas. but since she and Nagelmann were on the same page.” she says. now the guest quarters with a pergola shading a cozy fireplace and spacious Cantera stone patio.Along the beach. it just evolved. Carex glauca and . “The garden is kind of Right:A Weatherend glamorous without being bench sits on a carpet of too ‘done. S T Y L E : Exposure to the seashore’s extreme heat and cold. In the entry courtyard. “There’s a practicalwall—an ideal spot for ity to it because things watching the sun set.decor and wood deck from the neighboring property.There were never any drawings.’” Nagelmann zoysia atop the new seasays. bougainvillea and podranea spill over a pergola. which added 8 feet to the garden. to an Australian tea tree. while ‘Checkerboard’ fuchsia. “What’s so unusual about this garden is how unplanned it was.

A small patio tucked beneath an existing Australian tea tree recycles a wicker sofa and armchairs found in storage. and thorny ‘Mermaid’ roses discourage trespassers.”—E M I LY YO U N G For more information contact Eric Nagelmann: 805-966-3928. Side hedges of Melaleuca nesophila and Pittosporum crassifolium screen out neighbors. Whether old or new. “We had to wait two years for it to turn silver grass sprout from the sand.Witt and Harris relish winters at the beach almost more than summers. fax 805-963-2306 or e-mail nag@silcom.P O RT E R ( 2 ) . westringia buffers the deck. but it turned out reddish-brown.” B O N U S : Like the surfers who flock to catch Rincon Point’s spectacular swells. “We love being here when it’s cold in the afternoon and we can start a fire at dusk.” Witt says. “We had some wood furniture refinished. T I M S T R E E T. the surf is huge and the beach is empty. almost everything has taken on a weathered patina the owners adore. Santa Barbara Umbrella umbrellas and washable white terry-cloth slipcovers.”Witt says. “Days are shorter. and small Australian tea trees (Leptospermum laevigatum) hide the pergola supports. The deck featuresWeatherend teak chaises and tables. McGuire rattan seating and an antique Indian bed upholstered in fade-resistant Sunbrella fabric. but the light is golden. F U R N I S H I N G S : The pergola’s gossamer polyester canopy shelters a faux-stone dining table lit by a crystal chandelier.

888beckett. with water-garden nurseries and garden-ornament shops more present in the marketplace than ever BY DONNA DORIAN [1] S O F I E WAT E R F E AT U R E : Resistant to extreme temperature. In turn. movement. Call 800-928-3738 or see www. 3 2 [3] A S I A N FA L L S : Standing just over 4 feet tall. sun and corrosion and available in a range of colors. Here are a handful of manmade. From Unique Arts: $129 to $149. sound and tranquility into the garden. Nestle the piece in a garden or use it as the focal point on a terrace. Comes with a preassembled underwater pump and simply requires a standard electric source.studio041a. com. this fountain features a cascade of rippling water over beautiful.350. they are a great beauty and refreshment—F R A N C I S BACON . Includes UL-approved pump and submersible light. natural slate. water ushers meaning.Today. [2] S TA I N L E S S .com.S T E E L G L A Z I N G B A L L F O U N TA I N : Use this contemporary water sculpture to add tranquility indoors or out. cascading in falls. easy-to-install options in new materials from stainless steel to concrete that have begun to redefine the ancient repertoire. But how to successfully bring water into the garden has often been the question. craftsmen have begun to evolve a new vocabulary for the design of water features that addresses the innovative aspects of landscape design. 40 M AY 2 0 0 6 For fountains. starting at $1. basin. overflowing from fountains. Underwater lights optional. 1 Fountains ofa modern garden Life Contemporary water features for FLOWING ONTO STONE.uniquearts. just as the means by which it is introduced—be it fountain. GURGLING THROUGH RUNnels. From Studio Four Los Angeles: available in custom sizes. Call 888-BECKETT or see www.Available with recirculating pump. Call 818-343-1600 or see www. much of the expense and maintenance traditionally associated with water features have this handsome concrete fountain is ideal for any setting. halogen lighting and decorative rocks. pond or bog—adds a decorative element into the overall composition. From Beckett Corporation: $269.


$504. From Eye of the Day Garden Design Center: fountain: $2. this timeless design is perfect for the contemporary garden. pebble ball fountain and bowl kit. naturalistic effect.209. Portland gray. terra-cotta and creamy Bath.eyeofthedaygdc. this contemporary handmade fountain of polished black granite doubles as a contemporary water sculpture. Call 888-682-2987 or see www. whose fountains are within—S A M U E L TAY L O R C O L E R I D G E . handdrawn stoneware piece inspired by natural forms and ammonite hollow. Call 805-566-0778 or see Call 011 44 1208 831716 or see Installation kits available.stoneforest. $148. From Haddonstone: ball fountain. [5] A R C A D I A N B A L L F O U N TA I N : Made from a unique waterproof. this fountain is fitted with a hidden pump beneath a bed of stones at its base and over its inner light and easy to 5 6 4 7 [4] VA S O A C A M PA N A F O U N - TA I N : Converted from a terra-cotta pot designed by the renowned Italian craftsman Francesco Del Re. 42 M AY 2 0 0 6 I may not hope from outward forms to win the passion and the life. slate.755.ktceramics. From Katrina Trinick Ceramics: small. $343.500. Frostproof. Call 856-931-7011 or see www. $340 to $385. From Stone Forest: $1. [7] P O L I S H E D M I L L S TO N E F O U N TA I N : Inspired by the traditional millstone. [6] C E R A M I C WAT E R F E AT U R E : Water only enhances the subtle lines and color of this handcrafted.Available in Coade yellow. large. creating an unusual. frostproof cast-stone mix.haddonstone. pot without pump and liner: $2.

find balance D DOMILA A Division of Amexiport “New classics for the modern garden” The Equilibrio Chaise Lounge All-Weather Wicker www.domila.359.0085 .com 866.


. opened its doors in spring 2004. and tabletop wares—come in small packages. tion in his own shop. the pleasure not a slight pleasure—M I C H E L D E M O N TA I G N E GARDEN DESIGN 45 . terrace and pool decorated a tabletop for an environment all worked outdoor party as if he were together. top.A. Dan is known for his instant recognition of what’s hot and what’s not—and for having an eye for imbuing each of his floral arrangements with all the je ne sais quoi of a fashion statement. accessories. landscape designer Scott Shrader. Invited to decorate a table for an early-evening party outdoors.Then focusing designing a small seaside on the tabletop itself.entertaining Designer Dan Zelen creates an al fresco tabletop with ideas inspired by the fruits of the sea and the garden E N J OY T H E G R E AT O U T D O O R S Plein Air Dining P H OTO G R A P H S B Y S T E V E G U N T H E R “WHEN ENTERTAINING OUTDOORS. Dan worked with L. where a set of look-alike The art of dining well is no slight art. Designer Dan Zelen. bring the outdoors to the table.” says Dan Zelen. Zelen Home. to make sure that table. garden with plants and Dan looked for inspiraobjects from the sea. chairs. (At only 800 square feet.A.) Also working as a stylist and the creative director of the trendsetting garden décor shop Inner Gardens in L. who designed the outdoor space. the shop is where good things—furnishings. a multitasking designer whose Los Angeles-based shop.

and talk well but not too wisely—S O M E R S E T MAUGHAM . succulents. he placed the driftwood candelabra at the center of the table and then set white sand. every- thing became part of the scene— the Martini picks were each topped with a cultured Dan’s point was to make a table look like a seashore garden. coral shells and the sea urchin bowls directly on the table. Like a well-orchestrated still life. see www. For more information on Scott Shrader. So instead of engineering the usual flowers in a vase. 46 M AY 2 0 0 6 At a dinner party one should eat wisely but not too well. In a sense it was just like designing a room. as if the tabletop were the beach itself. call 323-658-6755.shraderdesign. and even the fruits matched the color scheme.—D O N N A D O R I A N For more information on Dan Zelen Home. sea urchin shell bowls and a candelabra he designed from mesquite wood sparked the idea of designing the table with an ocean motif. where a single piece of furniture—here a single accessory—sets the stage for every style decision that follows. starfish and shells interspersed between vintage dishes and stemware.entertaining An overview of the table displays an ocean-themed assortment of mesquite wood. succulents. sea shells.

hosta leaves as placemats—or visit your local nursery for ideas. But where is the man that can live without dining?—O W E N MEREDITH GARDEN DESIGN 47 . for example. accent the table with food that participates in the color scheme—here the grapes and the wine repeat the purple of succulents and sea urchin shells. The textures and colors of a purple succulent. Zelen scattered sandlike crushed white glass on the table and topped it with a starfish and a succulent. a starfish and a ceramic bowl designed to simulate a sea urchin shell reiterate the overall seaside concept. Incorporate flowers and foliage from the garden at for outdoor tabletops: Begin with a theme—here Dan drew on objects found along the seashore. After the meal is over. the tabletop is sprinkled with red strawberries on red linen napkins held down by a coral seashell in a coordination of color as well as theme. while strawberries pick up the colors of the cranberry glass bowls and napkins. Before the meal begins. plant what you can back into the garden (which means don’t remove their roots!). Decorated with the fruits of the garden and the sea. Clockwise from top left: An olive pierced by a Martini pick topped with a cultured pearl suggests an attention to detail that never goes unnoticed. To bring the memory of the beach to the table. use grapevines as runners.

com.113. $225. vintage stemware: various prices.zelenhome. Available from Target stores. $ $4. starfish and crushed white glass:Wasabi Green. Call 323-658-6756 or see www.janusetcie. linen napkins by Libeco Home: $20 each. Call 212-826-8900. 48 M AY 2 0 0 6 I am thankful for the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends—N A N C I E C A R M O DY . Mosaix Athena dining armchairs: $1. Nouvel Studio cranberry glass bowls: $14 each.tartontheweb. Call 800-24-JANUS or see www. Assorted succulents: Inner Gardens. Professionali Martini glasses: By Colle for Table Art. both available from Janus et Cie. sterling silver Martini picks with cultured-pearl tops: set of four. Call 213-629-0068.entertaining s o u rc e b o o k Yin Yang dining table by Kenneth Cobonpue: $3. Call 323-653-8278 or see www.innergardens. Large blue French ceramic chargers: $40 each. com. Dan Zelen’s sandblasted mesquite-wood candelabra: $325. all available at Zelen Home. Call 310-838-8378 or see www. Shells. all available at Barneys New York. ceramic sea urchin bowls: $40 to $120. set of 4.250 each. Placemats by Thomas O’Brien:Target.


You’ll have to search hard to find French restaurants in Milan. and perhaps more impressive. but without a roof ” IN THE PANTHEON OF CONTEMPORARY DESIGN. he has earned the Club Series and admiration of his hard-core Prince Aha Stool. I consider this to be an uncommon trait for Italians since they are fiercely protective of their cultural uniqueness. modern design peers. outdoor furniture. less-obvious door furniture with but perhaps more-coveted acthe plastic Bubble colades. despite a certain goofiness.Although he is bestknown for designer hotels. or simple things complicated—J E A N COCTEAU .groundbreaker I N N O VAT I V E M I N D S I N G A R D E N D E S I G N Philippe Starck:“I think of the outdoors just like the indoors. yet chairs designed by this particular Frenchman are common in the chic outdoor cafés near the Duomo. interestingly for people with gardens. Arguably the most influential designer of his era. he is one of a rare few to achieve international rock-star status. First. Starck has received myriad awards and has held exhibitions French designer in almost every major city Philippe Starck around the world. Radical designs for the outdoors. Philippe Starck has earned a unique place. his work encompasses an improbable spectrum that includes air-traffic-control towers.This admira- Plastic Fantastic tion is deserved because he embraces new technologies readily and is a forward thinker whose personal and social agenda is one of rebellion—the core value of modern design. Second. motorcycles. sneakers and. He’s also the revolutionized outrecipient of other. such as 50 M AY 2 0 0 6 Style can make complicated things seem simple. Olympic torches. a genre he helped invent. is that the Italians have embraced and supported him as if he were one of their own.


Felliniesque in humor. and he decided it might work just as well in outdoor furniture. In the years since. It is all 8823). Prior to WorldWar II. See also www. But in general Starck and his retailers avoid labeling his furniture “indoor” or “out.dwr. But gardening traditionalists. he said the idea came to him as he was kayaking to one of his oyster beds in the south of France. Inflated versions of traditional interior lounge chairs and sofas. whether their styles . a kind of plastic. 866-854mystery here. durable and cheap material. yet highly functional. the United States through What makes these Design Within Reach pieces successful?There is no kartellus.” Advances in durable plastics and new technologies have allowed him to apply his creative talents to a range of furniture that can be used outdoors. Bubble Club is the result. outdoor furniture has been treated as a serious matter. But his motivation was not so much the versatility of use between the interior and exterior as fyi Philippe Starck’s range the availability of of indoor and outdoor well-designed furnifurnishings are available in ture for the masses. ally. are quintessential Starck statements.The series is a blend of fantasy and function. the materials best able to endure the elements were limited to teak and coated cast iron. 800-944why have they been so 2233) and Kartell (www. from the polypropylene (read plastic) modern materials such as stainless steel. His boat was made using a No chair and Prince Aha stools in the 1990s to his recent polycarbonate Ghost Family of products.groundbreaker the 2000 Bubble Club series. about “play. aluminum and plastic resin have become available.”Traditionphilippe-starck. and (www. constrained by a limited palette of materials. they are made from polyethylene.When I asked Starck recently about the inspiration for these pieces. iconoclastic.

While such big. brings anAlice-in-Wonderland sensibility to this genre. DWR’s highly regarded online newsletter.—R O B F O R B E S Rob Forbes founded Design Within Reach in 1999. To be truly modern today. and adorable.This reversal results in what Starck would call “ He tweaks the appropriateness of tradition as he upends the notion of appropriate materials. designers and manufacturers must take into account issues of sustainability and recycling. and edits Design Notes. He can be reached at rforbes@dwr. French or EngAbove: Made of lish. many will end up in landfills. creating another surreal. Starck. He leaves that to us as well. . which usually translates into making the outside accessible and visible to those inside. if unintended. Starck’s Bubble Club group goes further. the old standards. Starck should play around with this concept a little more.” merging modernism with classicism. But then again. producing colorful. So even today. are most outdoor furniture is practical. bulky objects technically can be recycled. Ghost line. transporting the living room to the garden. Much modern architecture and design is associated with connecting the outdoors with the indoors. Starck’s otherwise admirable pieces are questionable. oversize pieces with lounge and living-room references. like —or attitude—for experithe rest of the mentation. Designers Starck’s Louis have not had much latitude Ghost stools. he is less interested in the “responsible” side of modernism. In a time of justifiable environmental consciousness. in contrast. where he works with all aspects of design. literally turning the inside out. colorful proudly derivative.are Japanese. have typically favored polycarbonate. There is one obvious and inevitable criticism that can fairly be leveled at this work. image.

Among many choice places to stay. At the park’s House on the boundary with Dallas Strait of Juan de Road. ding schemes in summer Sooke Harbour and fall. Come summer.abroad O N T H E ROA D W I T H G A R D E N D E S I G N MoreThan Butchart LAST FALL. Garry oaks preside over a panoply of species. reminded me how its temperate climate—and British gardening tradition—has contributed to an inspiring collection of horticultural riches. Created over a span of more than four decades by Prince and Princess Abkhazi. in the garden’s artistically planted rocky terrain. crabapples and horse chestnuts. are bedecked with hanging baskets trailing bright blooms—these are the postcard baskets that have come to symbolize the city.C.000 citywide. Look for magnolias and billowy. the glorious land- 54 M AY 2 0 0 6 Vancouver is lovely—A N T H O N Y M. at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. consider Abigail’s Hotel. a destination point for droves of tourists— highly pleased tourists.Visitors typically arrive en masse by ferry from Seattle or mainlandVancouver. Enchanting Abkhazi Garden is tucked away in a quiet Victoria neighborhood. Horticultural feasting peaks from late February to the end of May. Restaurant reveals grand vistas of the at Harbour House. the city of Victoria boasts an English ambiance and 19th-century architecture. For anyone interested in gardening. I should add. double pink Higan cherries. VICTORIA. the island is brimming with evocative landscapes that extend well beyond The Butchart Gardens. B.. where you’ll enjoy luxe lodgings and proximity to Beacon Hill Park. among some 1.WildTop left. a sojourn to Vancouver Island. Olympic Mountains and dazzling sunsets. a waterfront path Fuca. followed blooming azalea at by radiant Victorian bedAbkhazi Garden. HALL GREG ELIGH (1) SOOKE HARBOUR HOUSE (2) . clockwise: flowers blanket the park Garry oaks with in springtime. including 100-year-old rhododendrons.THE ISLAND’S JEWEL The capital of British Columbia. Victoria’s Inner Harbour lampposts. WHILE I WAS “RESEARCHING” A BOOK on great garden walks. which is also high garden season—but don’t let the crowds scare you off. as flowering cherries and plums brighten city streets. especially in midsum- mer.


The remarkable transformation of a limestone quarry began a century ago. Early admission for Arboretum Members is 8AM. offers dreamy rooms with views. Outside Sooke village. Markham House Bed & Breakfast gives over a wing of a Tudor-style home and a separate cottage to inviting accommodations. Nestled in the countryside near Sooke. For More Information visit www. Regular admission fees apply: $2. shop at the Marketplace and learn from well-known experts and authors. Sooke Harbour House. Garden Show Hours are 9AM to 4:30PM. has drawn over a million tourists. Buy unique plants. scape is now cared for by The Land Conservancy of Canada. Italian and English rose gardens surrounding regal Hatley Castle. the 55-acre landscape is famous for its Sunken Garden set off by a fountain and ponds.The trip traces the West Shore’s Old Island Highway and calls for a stopover at Hatley Park.Today. CA 91007 Abkhazi Garden. created over four decades. A journey fromVictoria west to Sooke is an exceptional outing. The ongoing entertainment. The Butchart Gardens. food and children’s nature crafts will create a fun-filled weekend for all to enjoy.50 – $7. Stroll through the voluptuous array of Japanese. when Jenny Butchart began creating her bit of garden. A tearoom in the property’s heritage home is a fine spot to re-energize with a snack.821.abroad La Garden Show MAY 6 & 7. 2006 An Entertaining Garden See the finest examples of entertaining gardens designed by the best designers in Southern California.3222 Thanking Our Sponsors for Their Support 301 North Baldwin Avenue Arcadia. an idyllic retreat perched on a bluff overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca. with a sprawling old rhododendron underplanted with fawn lilies (erythronium).org or call 626. one of NorthAmerica’s finest examples of an intact Edwardian estate. festive Christmas lighting creates a fanciful night garden. BEYOND THE CITY About 14 miles north of Victoria. with beds and borders brimming with seasonal color.arboretum.00 Arboretum members are always free. In December.The inn’s restaurant features fresh local ingredients flavored with delicacies such as the light .

If you are interested in visiting private garden sanctuaries reflecting Pacific Northwest style. Where to Stay: Abigail’s Hotel.hcp. Victorian Garden Tours.95) needles of grand firs. a natural formation akin to an earthwork. Hatley Park National Historic Site. Government House Call 888-2566888 or see www. The Butchart Gardens. Call 250-479-6162 or see www. they can put together a day with access to gardens designed by true colorists and avid plant collectors. Call 250-361-0600.bc. Horticulture Centre of the Pacific.bc. .$ Call 800-888-2535 or see Call 888-223-3779 or see www. Sooke Harbour House. Beacon Hill Park. Guests and the public are invited to daily tours of the organic gardens of edible plants. See www. What to See: Abkhazi Call 866-241-0674 or see www.ltgov.markhamhouse. Call 800-8899688 or see www. Call 866-6524422 or 250-652-5256 for recorded information.conservancy.March mist-shrouded-hillside setting encompasses another wonder: Meander to the water’s edge for a glimpse of sinuous Whiffen Spit. Call 250-3802797 or see www. —A L I C E J OY C E Alice Joyce is the author of the recently published Gardenwalks in the Pacific Northwest (The Globe Pequot Press. Call 250-598-8096 or see www. check withVictorian Garden And don’t overlookVancouver Island’s public garden displays. VA L E R I E M U R R AY ( 1 ) Ferry Information: BC Call 800-561-6565 or see www. Call 250356-5139 or see www. Victoria Clipper.bcferries.bc. especially Government House Gardens and the demonstration gardens of the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific. Markham House B&B.hatleypark.

A curtain of cape fuchsia (phygelius) drapes the gate leading to Penny Bianchi’s outdoor living area. where she entertains her friends under the arms of a live oak. 58 .

Located on one of the few east-west coastlines in the country and nestled below the SantaYnez Mountains. we offer places to visit and shop for Santa Barbara style. designing grand Spanish Colonial Revival estates and gardens. And if you get to the area. the beaches and hillsides face sun all day and temperatures remain mild year round. Join us as we share ideas from three gracious Montecito gardens—full of ideas for outdoor living and decorating wherever you live.The traditions of expert horticulture and exquisite outdoor design continue today. Its very special Mediterranean climate has nurtured a staggering assortment of plants and outdoor-living opportunities.The rich and glamorous followed in the 1920s. Nurserymen and fruit growers discovered the area in the late 19th century. BY DONNA DORIAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE GUNTHER SWEET IDEAS FOR GRACIOUS OUTDOOR LIVING FROM MONTECITO—A HAVEN OF HORTICULTURE IN THE HEART OF SANTA BARBARA 59 .LA DOLCE VITA THE SECRET OF SANTA BARBARA—AND ITS ELEGANT SUBURB MONTECITO—LIES IN ITS GEOGRAPHY.

A GARDEN FOR QUAIL AND CASUAL ENTERTAINING GROWN FROM THE GROUND UP TO ENCOURAGE A HABITAT FOR NATIVE WILDLIFE. willow leads to the guestSome years after the pond went in. Wildlife Federation When Oprah Winfrey moved in next door. (She reciprocated by handing Oprah fresh chicken eggs 60 . olive trees and thickets of vines. she began to observe firsthand what it would take to create a garden that would follow nature’s course. ducks. a longtime resident of Montecito house.While exploring a neighboring 45-acre nature preserve and working closely with her landscape advisers. back after it had been covered up so many years ago to make room for a the pond is at the center riding paddock. Penny’s first act in her own garden was to create a pond. Penny didn’t mind at all. upBackyard Wildlife Habitat. made their way into Penny’s yard.Today a list of wildlife almost too long to cite—blue gill and bass. Right: Punctuated came by and mentioned how nice it was that Penny had brought the pond by purple butterfly bush. Now nine Above: A gate made from full-grown pairs of mallards make their home in her garden. raccoons. skunks. Penny anchored it there after discovering that it takes at least 52 days for baby mallards to fly. a covey of wild quail. It was only then Penny realized that her first act in the of a certified National garden was to restore a native wetland. An interior designer with a penchant for creating the enchanted mise-en-scene. set by the initial commotion. flush with gates made from willow. making them prey to a great range of animals. PENNY BIANCHI’S Montecito garden. redtail and cooper’s hawks. great blue herons. deer. Penny formed the vision for her garden soon after she and her husband purchased their property nine years ago. In the midst of the pond is a duck cote. some 50 other species of birds and even a coyote— can be seen in and around the pond. holds all the resonance of a carefree cottage garden in the Provençal countryside. roses.

61 .

62 .

He said.through the fence on many mornings. the 22 chickens. Penny says. Penny Bianchi (holding dog.When Penny contacted the NationalWildlife Federation.‘You already have your place in Provence right here. 63 . Penny hosts parties under the branches of two live oaks. they certified the garden as a BackyardWildlife Habitat.As domesticated animals. blowers and mowers.Virginia creeper.) Because quail are ground-nesters. Penny planted low-growing shrubbery around the pond to provide them with cover. under the arbors and over the bridge that crosses a small stream running across the back of the yard.The long table is covered with a printed Provençal tablecloth and set alongside antique wrought-iron chairs. as well as all pesticides and herbicides. Penny and her husband usually wake to the call of their rooster. right) hosts her parties Provençal-style. who seems to think he owns the place. Succulents and lanterns decorate her table (top). Being partly responsible for the 11 chickens born this year (one of the hens hid her eggs behind a bag of alfalfa). Instead of grass or concrete. but he thought I didn’t need to do that. “A visitor once told me that he rents a house in Provence every summer. Penny covered much of the ground with pea gravel.’” “THE FARM TABLE SET FOR A PARTY SEEMS TO HAVE STEPPED OUT OF AN IMPRESSIONIST PAINTING” Left: Surrounded by oak trees and with a chandelier hanging in the treetops. which allows rainwater to seep directly into the soil without runoff. walking behind Penny through the garden. really) and covered the house with vines (morning glory. clematis and wisteria) to feed the birds and provide cover for small animals. he has certain claims.At the same time she banned all clippers. she planted roses to feed the deer (yes. a scene that seems to have stepped out of an Impressionist painting. Elsewhere. rooster and two dogs are all treated just as well as the wildlife.

THE SMALL EVERGREEN GARDEN SHOWN ON THESE PAGES summarizes a lifetime of experiences in the landscape. the bones of the garden—bay laurel. Avoiding perennials that change their face through the seasons. top left. it takes a restrained approach to the year-round possibilities of gardening in the Montecito area. Except for a rose garden set against the south stone wall of the house and the blooms that come and go on the apple tree. Because each herb is planted in a stone pot. ceanothus and hebe.While the herbs are changed out or moved from here to there. Right: An English lead cistern is stationed in the middle of the patio. Here the family basks in the Montecito climate surrounded by their elegant garden rooms.A GARDEN EASY AND FUNCTIONAL. the point of the garden is ease and function. box. clockwise:The herb garden. and apple and grapefruit trees—remain constant. Although the end result is a becoming classicism. ALMOST ALL CONTAINERS SOPHISTICATED AND TO THE POINT. such as hydrangea. Only lettuce and tomatoes are grown for the kitchen in spring and late summer. a handsome potager just outside the kitchen. relaxed seating on the patio. herb garden near the kitchen. there is hardly a flower in the place. Created by a retired garden designer very much at the top of her form. and even the pea-gravel ground cover is maintenance-free. relies almost solely on the shape and foliage of ornamental herbs and fruit trees. the garden focuses mainly on variegated foliage and the contrasts between leaf colors—all to the benefit of form. 64 . a birdbath stops the eye at the end of the shrub garden. rosemary. The main garden. Opposite. In between is an outdoor living area centered around an antique lead cistern and decorated with wicker furnishings. there is no digging in the ground. Adjacent to the potager is a second garden planted with easy-to-maintain shrubs. giving structure to the garden year round.

65 .

a gate opens to a stone-floored foyer and a stone wraparound seating area. one needs to climb up a ladder and shake the fruit down from the tree.” Barbara admits that the garden below the house was a major challenge from the first. to negotiate a safe path down the hill. Datura and wisteria perfume the air. beneath the wide branches of a native California oak. HILLSIDE OF OLIVES AND OUTDOOR ROOMS THE THREE GARDENS THAT SURROUND GREG AND BARBARA SIEMON’S HILLSIDE VILLA GIVE A virtuoso performance that explores the range and spirit of Montecito’s climate and all the major themes of the Mediterranean planting palette. Right:The antique Spanish gate exemplifies the detailing of the outdoor living areas. researching what would grow on a south-facing slope in Montecito confined Barbara to herbs. So inclusive is the space that the Siemons lived in the casita as their house neared completion. The garden began with Barbara poring over photos of gardens in Provence.There. In her desire for accuracy. rosemary and olive trees. a banco offers a view of a full house of outdoor rooms—a pergola-covered dining area. an ancient orchid cactus presides on a limestone bench. lounge and bedroom.Left: Built on a steep hillside. she even placed a ladder against an olive tree “partly because it looks so picturesque. rosemary and lavender. and a casita outfitted with kitchen. “but also because to harvest an olive. a swimming pool. olives and succulents. Meanwhile. She took her cues from French hillside terraces.And it was so steep that it took three or four people to hold onto her and her collaborator. given that the hillside was covered with nothing but the tough local natives—poison ivy and cactus. Just beyond. dry-stacked stone walls and pea-gravel paths—and particularly from the interplanting of lavender. leading her to import two dozen 100-year-old olive specimens. while a woodland garden (below) spreads on the hillside above. At the end of a long drive. If the 66 . the Siemon house looks down on a terraced garden planted in olive trees. landscape designer Heidie Baldwin.” she says.

67 .

Right: An orchid cactus grows beneath a pepper tree at the entrance to the house. 68 .Above:The Spanish-style banco is made comfortable by pillows and protected from the sun by the arms of a huge native oak.

which. provides another retreat. pepper trees and oaks formed the atmospheric mix of the old mission-style gardens of the area. too. At the top of the hillside. Above the house is another world. it brilliantly presents what nature intended. chocolate and peppermint scented geraniums.” explains Barbara. Barbara planted only what could thrive there on its own— isn’t actually original to the site. fulfills the sweet promise of Montecito. And a meditation garden. a woodland garden crisscrossed by a path whose end offers a breathtaking panorama of the canyons of the Santa Ynez Mountains beyond. “Olives.They are the grand strokes of this pleasure garden. an acute attention to detail and careful. she nestled an orchid house moved from an early-20th-century Montecito estate. “THE BANCO OFFERS A VIEW FROM THE OUTDOOR DINING AREA TO THE CASITA” 69 . abundant planting. with a pond punctuated by a weeping mulberry and an ancient Chinese soy mill converted into a quiet fountain. pittosporum. after much labor. ornamental grasses and iris. Wanting the garden to naturalize under the canopy of its established native oaks.

1212 Mission Canyon Road. santa barbara botanic garden Dedicated to STEVE GUNTHER (4) the biodiversity and conservation of native California plants.MUST-SEE GARDEN SPOTS AROUND eye o f t h e d ay French antique Anduze pottery and limestone william laman Well-edited lotusland The late Polish opera singer Madame Ganna Walska spent shop with an ever-changing mix of looks and products for interior and garden. www. 4620 Carpinteria Ave. ranging from the contemporary to the antique. Valley Road. unusual and endangered tropical and semitropical plants. 1496 E. theatrical presentation is counted among the most outstanding gardens in America.sbbg. 805-969-9990. 70 . handmade terra-cotta. www. English lead urns. 805-969-2840. this historic property with its meadow. gathered everywhere from Western Europe to Asia. www..williamlaman.lotusland. mission dam and aqueduct offers premier display gardens and changing exhibitions. Montecito. this Reservations required well in advance. 695 Ashley Road. Carpinteria. Montecito. 45 years designing this flamboyant botanical garden (above) 805-682-4726. Santa Barbara. 805566-0778. hand-carved stone statuary and American-made benches make this exquisite collection world class (above). Composed of rare.

805-684-6001. located among the shops and restaurants of Santa Barbara. Valley Road. 71 .casadelherraro. A one-of-a-kind nursery known for its jam-packed. state-of-the-art display gardens and design services. Carpinteria. 3700 Via Real. casa del herrero This Spanish Colonial Revival house and its array of distinct and fabulous gardens open a doorway into the glamorous world of old Montecito (below). Santa Barbara. Montecito.SANTA BARBARA seaside gardens This full-service nursery is the garden community’s gathering spot (below). turk hessellund Named for its original 805-969-5871. is now run by the knowledgeable Raymond Sodomka. this historic garden continues to have a strong influence on the private gardens in the area. Along with Lotusland. kaleidoscopic plant offerings ranging from leading-edge introductions to the tried and true.seaside-gardens. Tiled fountains and runnels guide the way through gardens influenced by the Spanish Moors. 805-565-5653. the 40-year-old institution of Turk Hessellund Nursery (above). 1387 E. 1255 Coast Village it offers spirited display gardens and a design service. Functioning as a virtual botanical library. the 16th-century Italian Renaissance and 19th-century England. www. Reservations are required. it offers a wide range of unusual plants. www.

and is familiar yet somehow startling. creating pieces that are both innovative and a fusion of classic styles. Geert Pattyn and Nico De Swert. there is no comparison to the passion for cut flowers in Europe. a celebration of fleeting beauty and the power of flowers to transform living spaces. a creative milieu where contemporary and traditional styles easily intertwine. who use the full wealth of nature to sculpt their visions.Three designers whose work exemplifies the best of Belgian floral art are Daniël Ost. They are part of everyday life.And Europeans take the craft of floral design very seriously—as a field of study it requires years of rigorous education and apprenticeship.The impetus for this is partly historical. Close-neighbor Holland has dominated the floral industry for over 400 years. partly cultural.Though bouquets are popular in the United States. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Belgium’s cutting-edge floral design. and Belgium has been renowned throughout Europe for its nurseries since the turn of the last century.BY JENNY ANDREWS wow AT THE HEART OF EUROPE SITS THE SMALL COUNTRY OF BELGIUM. combines European mass arrangements with oriental simplicity. 72 belgian . Even art history has had its influence— the floral still-life painting of the Dutch Masters in the 16th and 17th centuries set the tone for flower arranging for hundreds of years. a staple like bread and milk. every small town has its flower shop (or several). What has emerged is a style that shows a deep understanding of the innate qualities of even the simplest materials. These are not just flower arrangers but artists.

73 . Aspidistra punctata and Symphoricarpos albus. Below: Nico De Swert’s dainty tapestry of wax flower blossoms. Far left: Geert Pattyn’s sci-fi sculpted aspidistra leaves. Left: Daniël Ost’s stylish combination of Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Green Goddess’.Examples from three of Belgium’s top floral designers.

74 . Abrams. leaves. Rather than nature re-created.Nico De Swert NICO DE SWERT’S PRIMARY INSPIRATION IS COLOR. Photographs byWendall T. like the beehive hairdo of gloriosa lilies above. he considers himself a “floral sculptor” rather than an arranger. De Swert brings an artist’s eye to his work. monochromatic combinations through which he can better explore the sculptural qualities of his materials.Also an interior stylist. De Swert now works as a top stylist in NewYork. $40). he is keenly conscious of how an arrangement fits and even transforms a room.Webber from Nico De Swert: Living with Flowers (Harry N.” using berries. his arrangements are “nature recast. 2005. like any work of art.The traditional often takes a twist. In fact. Educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp and trained in the trenches of the European cutflower industry.Wanting to bring the European love affair with flowers to the States. stems and flowers like actors in a play— hydrangea blossoms in a vertical “painting” or grasses as wall sconces. YET HIS PREFERENCE is not riotous multihued explosions but sophisticated.

75 . below: Mambo® roses peek from an orb of southern magnolia leaves whose brown undersides complement the tawny blooms. top: Gloriosa lilies stacked in a glowing dome above a sleek vase.This page: A trio of wall vases with setaria grass adds a wild yet chic element to a contemporary setting.Far left. Far left.

top: A dress sculpture made from raffia and money plant (Lunaria annua). edged by bay laurel leaves (Laurus nobilis) strung together. below: A pattypan squash makes a handlike container for a still-green flower head of Sedum spectabile. 76 . Far right.This page: A flat bowl makes a mini pond for floating duckweed (Lemna minor). Far right.

he launched his own business on his family’s property in Geluwe. Pattyn knew from a young age that he would become a floral designer.After studying horticulture and floristry. Twice awarded the coveted title of Champion Florist in Flanders. elements in the overall design of the space rather than simply accessories to a room. 77 . Photographs by BartVan Leuven from Floral Interior Decoration (Stichting Kunstboek. frequently gives courses and demonstrations. Pattyn has represented Belgium in international competitions.stichtingkunstboek.Geert Pattyn GEERT PATTYN IS MORE THAN A MAKER OF BEAUTIFUL BOUQUETS. and is a regular contributor to the Belgian floral design magazine Fleur Créatif. 2003. even if temporary.There is an elegant minimalism in much of his work. house and conservatory serve as a sort of floral-design renovated outbuildings that now form his studio. Inspired by working on his parents’ farm. $73. but the apparent simplicity is deceptive—there is ingenuity in weaving steel grass into globes for lights or using a pattypan squash as a vase. accompanied by a garden where Pattyn gathers materials. www. HIS creations are integral. His designs range from a bounteous bouquet of cosmos fresh from his garden to a wedding-dinner display to abstract sculptures of twigs and branches.

Ost has been at the top of his field since the 1980s. without mentioning Daniël Ost. unusual containers and even startling settings. Indeed. Ost’s work is a dynamic study in contrasts— bountiful and thrifty. where he still lives and maintains a shop (a second shop is in Brussels). set a mood and spark emotion. contemporary and Old World. 2004).Daniël Ost IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO TALK ABOUT FLORAL ART. Ost’s work can also be seen in his other books Leafing Through Flowers (Callaway. His very personal blending of Western floral traditions and Eastern sensibilities is unique. flowers are not always the focus. utilizing unexpected materials. sometimes not appearing at all amid bark. Though he creates arrangements from the sumptuous to the highly stylized. Photographs by Robert Dewild from Remaining Flowers (Lannoo. Ost’s work is intended to provoke thought. PARTICULARLY IN BELGIUM. seaweed. 78 . Born in Sint-Niklaas.All parts and all stages of plant life are fair game. challenging conventional views of floral design. 2000) and Invitations (Lannoo. twigs. ephemeral and earthy.And the pieces are often a celebration of senescence as much as burgeoning new growth. celebrating new growth and decline. fruit and seedpods. moss. Ost’s creations go far beyond home décor. and his works often look like a cross between a Baroque Flemish painting and Japanese ikebana. Many pieces are more like installation art or performance art for plants. leaves. 2004).As much as a creation of art.

below: Individual blooms of hydrangea perched on a spirograph pattern of Xerophyllum tenax above elderberries. top:Whirling dervishes of cycad cones (Encephalartos laurentianus) and Larix decidua stems.Far left. 79 . Far left. This page: Maidenhair fern and rubus with a millinery look echo the elegant vase pattern.

shor t but sweet Summers in Maine are fleeting spectacles of color and spice—at least if you follow the “no-fear. garden designer Jacquelyn Nooney harnesses the power of monosweeps—like this sedum ‘Autumn Joy’. no-holds-barred” approach of a culinary couple and their inventive designer 80 .B Y TOVA H M A RT I N P H O T O G R A P H S B Y LY N N K A R L I N Left:Where colors are strong. Right:The same theory of blocks of color. rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ and boxwood combination at Stonewall Kitchen. form and texture being bounced back and forth plays out at the Stott/ King residence.

81 .

BOSTON PROPER MIGHT GIVE OUT BUTTONED-DOWN VIBES, BUT nearbyYork, in Maine, wants you to know that it is anything but conventional.The moment you nose north and glide over the Maine border, gardening goes distinctly unplugged. For Jonathan King, a longtime resident of Maine who knows the weather all too well, to garden or not was never negotiable. Playing in the soil was intrinsic to his psyche (“It’s one of the few things that keeps me completely focused”), even though the climate renders the growing season brief.Actually, the compressed time slot might be one reason why Jonathan, a psychology major, turned to jam making, a hobby he subsequently turned into the East Coast gourmet empire known as Stonewall Kitchen. Jon will tell you that the jam idea began because of his Yankee distaste for tossing anything that could possibly be squirreled away.At any rate, he devoted his postcollege days to working in greenhouses and moonlighting in restaurants. Similarly, his partner Jim Stott also had split affinities: He managed his own construction firm during daylight, then waited in a restaurant after dark. That’s where the two were when they began hauling their hand-labeled preserves from Jon and Jim’s extensive vegetable/herb garden in Hampton, New Hampshire, to a local farmer’s market.The rest is culinary history. Apparently, the two had a knack for making summer bloom eternal (if only for your taste buds), because their business mushroomed from the inception of the Stonewall Kitchen brand in 1991, eventually requiring bigger digs.The two now live close by their 55,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in York. Having always cultivated secondhand growing spaces, Jon longed to fashion a garden from scratch. So this time around they bought what was basically an oversize sandbox, 25 acres total. It was all potential with no prearranged footprints. That’s when Jacquelyn Nooney entered the picture. In the landscape biz since 1984 and with plenty of experience under her belt (she’s the principle of Jacquelyn Nooney Landscape, Inc.), she has dual strengths: strong structure and inventive/off-the-beaten-path plants, which includes a fabled sympathy for annuals. (Since customers are apt to jump immediately to images of wax begonias when they encounter that word, she uses the euphemism “seasonal plants.”) Between Jon’s tendency to be a stark raving collector (so far he has gone ape over 82

From top left clockwise: Everywhere the theme is contrast, like the lilysedum combo in the upper garden. In the pool area (next two pictures and lower left), pots limited to a trio of plants or a single specimen make a splash. Orange Lychnis chalcedonica, Salvia nemorosa and an ornamental grass keep the contrast high.

83 .

84 .

Simple. creating sweeping gestures. Farther afield is a restful shade garden and vegetable/herb and www. the greenhouse doesn’t attempt to feed that staggering appetite—Jacquelyn grows the annuals herself off-site. “The growing window in Maine might not be wide. cacti. et al. playing brave colors against masses of textural grasses” granite cobblestones. but it gels.stonewallkitchen. The cultivated segment is 3 acres and expanding. Strong structure keeps everything in line. see www. depending on the light. but the garden packs a succinct statement into a limited time frame. Keeping within the Yankee vernacular. Basically. the beds are edged neatly with Opposite:There was plenty of space on the greenhouse patio to stage a sizable focal point. leisurely pergola above the cross axis. Sure it’s jam-packed.” allowing her to give the more fluid beds a new “hairdo” every year. A yellow dahlia jutting from the bed behind shows how much tender plants like Maine summers. Meanwhile. and the paths are pebbled (Jon and Jim requested that the tread be comfortable to walk barefoot). the theme of the space and Jon’s latest whim. balance being everything.The majestic allée they create provides what Jacquelyn calls a “backbone of solid perennials.The result is haute horticultural coiffure. The growing window in Maine might not be wide. shouldering wisteria.A long. Each garden is intensive but serenely focused. Spaces are given roles.The beds along the pergola are prescribed to receive whatever Jon has fixated on that year. salvias.There are no jarring moments.jnlinc. to preserve the peace. A sparkling. 85 . Since the beds require thousands of “seasonal plants” every year. strong conifer with variegated ivy spilling down. accented with containers billowing with grasses. textures are similarly meticulously staged. and a greenhouse was added to accommodate Jon’s proclivity for flowers despite winter. coleus. inviting pool is off to the side. alliums and heirloom tomatoes: “We needed something to feed my fetishes”) and Jacquelyn’s design specifically created to welcome annual innovation. roses. straight vistas direct your gaze..The garden spaces lead one into the next. dahlias. playing brave colors against masses of textural grasses.daylilies. Further gardens have sprouted on the property. rustic stone trough. a gradual progression that changes mood and material. sedums. coleus or whatever is hot that year. but the garden packs a succinct statement into a limited time frame. the beds form a series of mirrored rectangular spaces cut by a strong central axis and an equally pronounced cross these “wild-card” areas are skirted by a series of nepeta-hemmed architectural beds each featuring a single statuesque hornbeam. Jacquelyn Nooney used a single. provides shade from the seaside sun and frames the central focal point—a planted. with all components in concert. Colors are carefully intermingled. there was ample opportunity for derring-do. but rather than a mixed container. For more information.

86 . strategic move. “The garden just rocks and rolls. needed to invest in a garden of such proportions. calendula and bachelor’s buttons.” says Jacquelyn—her final analysis. But ultimately.horticulture hq The raucous flower bed farther up the highway from the King/Stott home was a brilliant move on Stonewall Kitchen’s part.” she says. zany. papyrus waving above salvias. It was a smart. “We even made the number crunchers into believers. you can’t resist the botanical bait. Giants like castor bean and further islands of flowers serve as a treasure hunt. Jacquelyn’s signature style is to play the tension of tall and short plants off each other: lettuce and pansies below tulips. right) for the tables. pulling you into SK’s shop and café. partaking of the garden becomes an experience just as enjoyable and uplifting as savoring the culinary wares. the gardens serve as a pleasant café-side setting. Initially. the mission being to “create something that’s wild. she laid a simple structure with complicated components.” Basically. A hardworking space. What with the massive plants beside the road sign (“Nothing under 4 feet will do” is Jacquelyn Nooney’s decree). as well as supply cut flowers (Cosmos sulphureus. not everyone in the corporate campus agreed that Stonewall Kitchen Top left:When Jacquelyn turned her talents to the Stonewall Kitchen headquarters. the gardens became crucial to the ambiance and inextricably bound with the brand. She has two long strips to work with. ‘Bull’s Blood’ beet below brugmansia. wooly and dynamic where guests will stop to admire and touch the plants. “Packing it in to engage the public” is Jacquelyn’s goal at the flagship store. The garden defined the destination.

87 .


permanent arms that support the new foliage. from classical to cottage and from modern abstract to naturalistic. lamb’s ears. Popular smaller trees are the olive with its silvery leaves and yellow-flowered Acacia dealbata.TO G U I D E F O R G RO W I N G A N D O U T D O O R L I V I N G What plants can I use to create a Frenchstyle country garden? — CATHERINE TAKPER. France provides better planting models for most American gardens than England because the French climates are more like ours. Summers in parts of France are often dry and warm.They practically invented the sort of gardening that emphasizes bold tropical foliage and flowers (think cannas and bananas) melded into annual beds. but I think I know the style you are envisioning—casual but organized. follow the French lead of the shorter columnar junipers. Italian on the wall near your doorway. A garden in southern France almost always includes a shady paved spot for dining outdoors. sometimes even arid and broiling hot. There are some signasedge. rhododendron. many French homes both large and small. with its Mediterranean climate and frequent watering restrictions. such as with boxwood.Your mild climate is well-suited for this. Actually. would be columnar evergreens Provence.sage advice H O RT Q & A W I T H J A C K R U T T L E A H O W. scopuloacross southern France and grows freely in rum ‘Gray Gleam’ or ‘Skyrocket’. In pots and window boxes. but they are endearing features around but will eventually grow to 60 feet tall. yellow.A low hedge of planted as sentinels or in rows lavender along the drive or a walkway. holds many good planting ideas A balanced yet inforfor coastal California armal design of boxwood. are available that would be ture plants that play Boston ivy and columquite suitable in your area. Specimen boxwoods are often (Platanus x hispanica) are widely used in sheared into globes and other topiary France along drives and around patios. which the French call mimosa. Buxus sempervirens is native Juniperus chinensis ‘Spartan’ and J. For annual flower plantings. ENCINITAS. London plane trees dry alkaline soil. always interesting. recurring roles in the nar Italian cypress has Another French touch country gardens of a very French flair. For summer shade. French gardeners have a bold way with color. For a similar look you could substitute one For taller hedges. CA Q A French Dressing You see many garden styles around country homes in France. seemingly carefree. Numerous hybrids and cultivars the main branches pollarded—pruned back every winter to form short. with shapes. along roadsides and among scrub oaks. geranium. Grape vines trained on an over- J E R RY PAV I A Imagination rules the world— N A P O L E O N B O N A PA RT E GARDEN DESIGN 89 . orange and blue don’t scare them. And Provence. Pure red. geraniums are still beloved. plus a climbing rose trained to mark a property line or drive. might seem cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) fits the bill cliché. eas such as yours.

How can I tell if they are genuine antiques and also if they would be OK to use for gardening chores? — KYLIE ROVERTS. It’s unlikely that you’d see one in a shop or a flea market—and certainly not more than one at a time. tomatoes. and are priced from about $50 in flea markets to $100 and up in shops. But galvanized-metal watering cans of a design that originated more than a century ago in Europe continued to be made in large numbers into the 1950s. beans and peppers in summer. narrow spout originating at the base of the can. a little kitchen patch out back is an authentic French touch.They have an oval body and a long. make sure they also function. and a few (notably Haws of England. MI Watering cans that actually are more than 100 years old are very rare.They’re closer to 50 years old than 100. prune them hard annually so they never overwhelm the trellis and admit plenty of light in winter. whose products are available in the United States) are still made. fava beans and artichokes in winter and spring. and salad crops nearly year round.sage advice Above: The shade of a grapevine creates a place to sit or dine. Think about growing zucchini. Speaking of food. Opposite: Watering cans are hot collectibles. A S U S A N A . ROT H . ANN ARBOR. Q I’ve been tempted by antique watering cans I’ve seen in local shops and flea markets. head arbor are nice.Those “antique” galvanized cans made in Europe are what I mostly see for sale these days.

The rose (where the water comes out) should still be removable.) — DIANE RICHZER. SC Teddy Bear® magnolia.Old watering cans for that kind of money certainly should be usable in the garden. It needs to take full morning or a reproduction from India or Eastern Europe. A new can will soon develop the patina of age that you like and should have a long. not soldered in place. with big glossy leaves.haws. with minimal leaks. (We tried a camellia but it didn’t do well. Beyond holding water.You could prune it into a cone about 10 feet tall A J E R RY PAV I A .co. and should be able to deliver a gentle shower. Check one out before buying. Or get a brand-new one from Haws (www. useful life. should fit tightly. would be magnificent. it should show no rust inside or cracks in the seams. fuzzy brown undersides and large white flowers. Ask for a demonstration with water (or a no-questionsasked return policy) before you buy a high-priced can. The handle and neck brace should be solid. Q I would like a flowering evergreen tree to make into a topiary at the approach to our front door. MYRTLE BEACH.

which is more severe than on the ground. Q What should I know before starting a roof garden? — RICH BROUSSART. it’s much too heavy and doesn’t Below: Osmanthus frahold water well or ofgrans offers handsome fers poor drainage. In fact. evergreen foliage and Use a lightweight artiny flowers with a strong. deliciously scented flowers in winter and spring. sweet fragrance. Never use regular garden soil for a roof garden. you’ll probably want to get professional help before getting started on a project like this. which is too dark for many plants. It’s often quite windy in summer and very sunny and hot.This is a more compact cultivar of the southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora). NY Actually. consider Osmanthus fragrans (sweet olive). And the plants can be easily shaped. But if nearby buildings are tall. You could prune it into an evergreen cone or pyramid about 6 feet tall that would cover itself in very small. NEW YORK. consider the climate on a roof. the garden can be in shade all day. A ANDERA JONES .sage advice and 6 feet across the base. For something slightly smaller. or quickly switch from deep shade to intense sun. First. you need to know a lot since a roof is a very different environment from a garden at ground level.

Lattice can also provide some shade. it is essential that you get approval from your landlord or building co-op board and the local planning commission. you would need to hand-water at least once a day and in very hot weather. I also recommend hiring a qualified garden designer who specializes in roof gardens. twice a day. Above: For colorful rooftop planters. containers and plants. Finally.They will probably require that your roof be examined and certified by an engineer or architect. Once you get approval. Sun. which is why a drip system is crucial. if not earlier. Combine plants that need similar care.tificial soil often called a “soilless mix” in your containers. especially for a southern or western exposure. Also install automatic drip irrigation. lowmaintenance annuals like geraniums and nemesia are good bets. heat and wind will compound the water requirement. who will stipulate required changes to the surface of the roof and the weight limits for your structures. ANDREA JONES . By midsummer. Container plants need much more frequent watering than plants in the ground. especially if you have limited gardening experience.That schedule is nearly impossible to maintain every day all season. Plan on building some wooden or lattice screens on the windward side of your plants to keep them from developing a permanent lean.

Graeme Hardie of special finds. so they know just what they’re looking for. Bulk Buys: The first stop. so the weekend begins with a shopping trip to two local nurseries. Team Hort: Hartlage (blue shirt) and Hardie (in hat) have worked together for over 10 years. Pastels are used more in Hardie’s garden (to match the house trim). Picking out impatiens. Coleus topiarthe old Victorian type for ies. Morris County Farms in Denville. —J OA N N A F O RT N A M SHOPPING For this type of summer tropical display most plants are treated as disposable from year to year. all-dancing borders stuffed with summer annuals and tender exotics that really sock it to you for a late-season finale. NEW JERSEY. while Hartlage picks out saturated oranges and reds that will pop in the evergreen Mountsier garden. houseplants. neighbors Graeme Hardie and Silas Mountsier. THAT MEANS IT’S TIME TO UNLEASH the razzamatazz—all-singing. choiceVictorian bedding favorites and the odd rarity tucked in here and there for the oooh-factor. AND IN NUTLEY.The stage is set with plants recycled from the greenhouse. 94 M AY 2 0 0 6 The long. Hartlage and Richard Hartlage at picks out coleus—some Atlock Farm. cold Minnesota winters instilled in me a fascination for exotic far off places—P E T E R AGRE . in coleus at Atlock. a trove Rogers. trays of colorful annuals. Ray Somerset (right). to supervise the launch of a summerlong horticultural extravaganza in both gardens. is a hot spot for foliage houseplants (top right) and impatiens (below right). clockwise: Choosing day is Atlock Farm. Seattle-based landscape designer Richard Hartlage makes an annual pilgrimage to two clients in New Jersey.The big planting push happens over a long weekend in mid-May after danger of frost has passed. massing in borders (left).sage advice SPRING PLANTING Weekend Tropicals PLANTING SEASON HAS ARRIVED.A lime-green topiaries for pots (center dracaena for a dramatic right) and small plants of focal point. Boutique Finds: Second stop of the Left.

DOUGLAS GARDEN DESIGN 95 . is a change from a near frigid to a tropical attitude of mind—M A R J O R Y S. really.P H OTO G R A P H S B Y A N D R E B A R A N OW S K I All we need.

Sculpture that creates a focal point.G A R D E N D E S I G N A D V E R T I S I N G D I R E C T O R Y Order free advertiser information here These GAR DEN DE SIGN advertisers invite you to request additional information about their products and services. 02 03 26 04 05 OUTDOOR KITCHEN/BBQ 905 27 Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Designers and manufacturers of professional grade stainless steel gourmet grills and kitchens for outdoor living. Allison’s Garden Garden Art Work and Design Olivia Smith Designs Featuring fine art and outdoor sculptures. Evergrain Decking. 21 16 CONSERVATORIES/STRUCTURES 901 14 Trellis Structures Western red cedar and mahogany arbors. we just love trees. C O M . His unique work. Jensen Jarrah Our leisure furniture is meticulously designed for comfort.gardendesignmag. GARDEN TOOLS/MAINTENANCE/ 903 17 Neutron Mower Cordless electric mower. statuary and fountains from around the world. yet comfortable. Garden Splendor The Garden Splendor® collection includes more than 500 premium varieties of perennials. watercolor commissions. and stone. 24 Brown Jordan International Brown Jordan. G A R D E N D E S I G N M A G . steps… Kenneth Lynch & Sons An industry leader in providing site furnishings including statuary and fountains in cast stone. fax toll-free to 888-847-6035 or visit www. Osmocote The Original Slow Release Plant Food!™ Osmocote is The Smart Plant Food™ 07 08 29 19 09 30 20 10 11 12 31 32 22 13 23 96 W W W.Tap into these essential resources today—simply fill out and return the attached card to us. ornamental grasses. water features and curiosities. H. copper and bronze. Request our free catalog today. houses. hand-crafted in stone. mildew resistance. enhancing nature’s glory. Stone Forest Functional sculpture for the garden and bath. Roger DiTarando Roger Ditarando has been creating metal sculpture for over 30 years. Private label. Potter Distinctive home and garden accents with continual trend setting items that do not go unnoticed. which was founded on the principle of truly classic design. We don’t hate bugs. Gloster Furniture Classic and contemporary styled teak and woven furniture. adorns gardens. a series developed with the trustworthy attributes of easy care. and starts instantly – every time! 06 PLANT & GARDEN PRODUCTS 906 HOME FURNISHINGS 904 18 EMU Americas LLC Furniture that is designed to provide comfort and relaxation. Custom Corporate. Seibert & Rice The Finest handmade terra cotta planters and urns from Impruneta. custom built from premium Western Red Cedar. lead and bronze. Gary Price Studios Inc. exceptional outdoor lighting. superbly crafted for quality finish and is available in a comprehensive selection. Timberlane Woodcrafters The World’s finest shutters. patio plants. for indoor or outdoor use. and museums. presents original cutting edge designs. Frost proof Italian terra cotta. Laneventure America’s leading lone of wicker and rattan furniture offers furnishings for every room inside and outside of your home. produced to the highest standards. columns. Tuscan Imports Inc. Summer Classics A manufacturer of fine garden furnishings and fireside accessories. 25 DECKING/PAVERS/TILE 902 15 Redwood Stone Redwood Stone is a collection of architectural and garden ornaments. producing a deep grain. park benches and topiary. door surrounds. shrubs and vines available only at fine garden centers. from TAMKO is created through a compression molding process. weathervanes. porticos. clean. Italy. architectural cast stone and cast stone garden ornaments including ART ACCENTS/ANTIQUES 900 01 Eye of the Day The most complete inventory of classic pottery. uses no gas or oil. Veneman Collections Veneman has a strong history of transforming raw materials into unusually artful. pergolas and trellises of exceptional quality. exceptional color and compact habit. high quality and easy–to–maintain fine furniture. full color photographs and detailed descriptions. sundials. Haddonstone USA Cast stone. Proven Winners A better garden starts with a better plant – Proven Winners® Gardener’s Confidence™ Introducing the new vibrant Razzle Dazzle™ dwarf crape myrtles. OW Lee USA Made handcrafted casual Furniture with an unwavering commitment to quality and design. For faster service. and we’ll handle the rest for you. Campo De Fiori Uncommon home and garden – Naturally mossed terra cotta planters. Flora Bloom Garden Spirits Garden-Inspired art and stationary. hints and tips. inspired by traditional English stonemasonry. always reflective of nature. 33 28 Bayer Advanced We spent years developing a product that eliminates insects all year long. Hydrangeas Plus Choose from over 115 varieties of hydrangea plants online. enhancing the ambiance of your patio. so it’s quiet. from TAMKO Evergrain Decking. wedding designs.Teaching workshops available.The leading manufacturer/distributor of fine outdoor furniture furnishings.

Since 1649. Red stems all year. and operating • Find products and services for landscape design and gardening • Sign up for the latest news and web exclusive interviews through Garden Design’s Enewsletter 43 • Discover exciting design events in your city! 97 . devoted to improving people’s health through • Buy the Way Hot 100 plants of 2006 GardenDesign. You’ll love them! Available in 23 varieties John & Bob’s Corporation Concentrated. Benner’s Gardens Inc. chemicals. Monrovia Style… Setting trends and creating distinctive gardens one plant at a time. Fiskars has been committed to producing tools that exceed the highest quality standards. Cover Pools Thanks to Cover Pools automatic safety pool cover. Endless Summer Endless Summer hydrangea’s are here. Fiskars Brand Inc. 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 POOL/SPA/WATER FEATURE 907 42 Sundance Spas Inc. water. INTERACTIVE WayHot100. and guarantees that Fiskars Garden tools are the right choice for you. is the largest manufacturer of the most technologically advanced acrylic spas in the world. Virtually invisible deer fencing systems. Encore Azaleas Our Azaleas bloom in spring. it’s a perfect choice for gardeners that want to recapture classic memories. organic soil conditioner to attract zillions of beneficial soil microbes that fundamentally change and condition the soil at the molecular level.34 Monrovia Nursery Co. Lady in Red Hydrangea A new hydrangea with three seasons of color and easy care too! Spring blooms are pink/blue lacecaps and then fall brings reddish-purple foliage. Sundance Spas. or create new ones. Paradise Water Garden If it grows in water…we have it! Send for a 90 page free catalog and guide to Water Gardening. this pool has reduced the risk of drowning and saves up to 70% on heat. Inc. summer and fall.

checking that pots and borders are saturated. Specimens wait to leave the greenhouse. Dig for Victory: The hard work lasts all weekend. and all plants are fed biweekly with a 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer.sage advice From top left clockwise: Just out of storage. lower right) and cactus (left). Hartlage plants on 10-inch centers. Below: Even the smallest cactus has its place. just out of storage in the cellar. but the effort is rewarded by a summer of lowmaintenance color. Granular Osmocote fertilizer is added to pots at planting. lower left).Ti plants line a path. 98 M AY 2 0 0 6 The highest virtue found in the tropics is chastity. Many have a regular spot in the garden and are simply moved into place. and the plants fill out in about three weeks. temperance—C H R I S T I A N NEVELL BOVEE . Greenhouse Stars: Some hardto-find specimens spend winter in the greenhouse. when planting coleus. including a prickly pachypodium (above. Sleeping Beauties: Tender plants that go dormant include brugmansias and cannas (top left). RECYCLING AND PLANTING The chorus line of color and foliage includes some return appearances—from greenhouse specimens and dormant plants. that you pinch out the tips to encourage bushiness. and in the colder regions. At a Pinch: Hartlage recommends. Effort Rewarded: Planting the borders with standard 24-packs of impatiens or coleus takes a day or two. spaces out fluorescent Ti plants alongside a path. Follow-Up: Hartlage follows the planting team with the watering wand (above. Hardie (top right). these brugmansias and cannas soon spring to life. Hartlage watering containers.

Politics. rapidly develops into a shrublike plant that suits the tropical theme of the garden. just like the tropical forest. bought in the houseplant section. feeds itself from its own waste—P A U L C A RV E L GARDEN DESIGN 99 .Below:A small Begonia paulensis.

top and center). Hanging Around: More greenhouse specimens—staghorn ferns and spider plants—are co-opted into the summer display. quickly transforming a suburban garden into a lush oasis. Sources: Richard Hartlage. Hartlage takes a three-pronged approach to achieve this:Tropical plants (of course). as do many common houseplants. concentrate colorful annuals like impatiens in geometric blocks for a strong contrast with the fine-textured background. bromeliads and agaves are drawn from different habitats. Foliage Form: Taro. FINISHED EFFECTS The long. hanging on walls and from corners (far right. 100 M AY 2 0 0 6 Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal—E D W A R D J E R RY H A R P U R O. and shots of saturated color. W I L S O N . Morris County Farms. 732-356-3373. dracaena and bird’s nest fern. New Zealand flax. but they have the right exotic look. Spike It Up: Prickly or strapleaved plants are good focal points. Atlock Farm. 973-3664448. the occasional banana and caladiums—great foliage plants with strikingly large. elephant’s ears. hot.sage advice DESIGN TIPS Big impact is the raison d’etre of the tropical look. bold foliage and forms. Block Style: Rather than planting in a complicated cottage style. such as spider plant. 253-2840254. and these plants grow astonishingly fast. below). Foliage Power: Borders cleared of tulip foliage in May and freshly planted with coleus look like this in September —still going strong after most summer perennials have faded (far right. architectural leaves—make a great contrast in an otherwise suburban garden. humid New Jersey summers suit tropicals down to the ground.

I thought I would be Sheena of the Jungle as a little girl—P A M GRIER GARDEN DESIGN 101 . busy coleus and prickly pachypodium. Staghorn ferns (top) and spider plants (center) add finishing touches. Coleus (right) lends junglelike rhythm and pattern.Around the pond foliage contrasts abound—black colocasia.

with winding paths picked out in gravel and springy moss. makes a beautifully molded floorscape.aguafina. 102 M AY 2 0 0 6 Nature is a labyrinth in which the very haste you move with will make you lose your way—F R A N C I S BACON G E O R G E D Z A H R I S TO S ( 2 ) .—JF For further information on AguaFina Gardens & Imports. was reclaimed from a wild corner of the garden in fall 2005. suggests different directions in life. to create a comfortable walk. a dry riverbed and several symbolic stones. The sinuously curving paths were created largely on the ground.000 square feet. Others needed an individual touch— “feeling by foot” as White says.A circular labyrinth.The client walks in the gardens every day. The labyrinth/medicine wheel is laid out in sandstone reclaimed from the original garden. SPECIAL SPACE The atmosphere of the garden is reinforced by a subtle separation from the rest of the property. Flowing water represents ever-present. sloping turn on the path to suggest the obstacles encountered in life. SYMBOL IN STONE The standing stone is actually a piece of petrified wood. GROUND DETAILS Hand-selected glacial boulders provide informal steps to the top of the mound. It includes a meditation mound formed from an antique well capstone. it was placed at a tight. continuous change. reflects the owner’s interest in different spiritual beliefs. Chosen for its shape and stature. combined with a Native American medicine wheel. created by designer JeffreyWhite of Detroit-based AguaFina Gardens & Imports.The slope and a grouping of ‘Green Gem’ boxwoods offer solitude. call 248-7380500 or 888-738-0599 or see www. This garden near Detroit.sage advice A N ATO M Y L E S S O N Path to Enlightenment PATHWAYS THAT TWIST AND TURN REPRESENT life’s journey. laid on raised berms of soil. roughly including those of Native Americans. The space. following a route designed to represent the complex twists and turns of life’s journey.The firmly packed moss. a still pool allows reflection. some using the traditional stake and string to create a perfect radius.


artist. sculptures and more for both private and public spaces. giant timber bamboo (B. e-mail zolart@artnet. bambusoides)—to create steps. 104 M AY 2 0 0 6 The stiffest tree is most easily cracked.A. “I’m often asked to move into concrete urban areas. S H I R L E Y WAT T S ( 2 ) FEW MATERIALS USED IN THE DESIGN OF GARdens offer the dichotomous appeal of bamboo. aztectorum) buffets a Glassman fence to screen a midcentury modern home and landscape from a public walkway.” Glassman says.sage advice 1 2 LANDSCAPE SOLUTIONS Bamboo’s Yin and Yang 3 [1] A Glassman-built span—dubbed The Yellow Bridge—provides L. [2] A front gate made of black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra) draws the line at entering a Venice property. this ancient natural resource can punch up the Asian ambience in a landscape whether used as sculpture or in more utilitarian functions.”—J A S O N U P R I G H T . Geisha-girl delicate in form yet with a tensile strength greater than steel’s. [3] Live Mexican weeping bamboo (Otatea acuminata or call 310-305-1696. aVenice. has been applying ancient construction techniques using various bamboo varieties—including beechey bamboo (Bambusa beecheyana). bridges. yet invites with its airy design. rocker Perry Farrell with a direct path from his living room to a grove of black bamboo. To contact artist Stephen Glassman. handrails. “as a level of counterpoint or to dance with the flow of the design. California. golden bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea) and giant Japanese timber bamboo (P. oldhamii). fences. while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind—B R U C E LEE L A U R A H U L L ( 1 ) . many times his work is commissioned to contrast with the landscape.Though his pieces often coincide with an Asian-themed garden. shelters. Stephen Glassman.

. outdoor kitchen or living areas.Your entry should include the following: Your story: Send us a written account. Submissions must be typewritten on white 8 1⁄2. Label these prints with corresponding details. Include your inspiration. Include a list of key plants by common or Latin name. Open to all home gardeners and do-it-yourself designers as well as professional garden designers..ANNOUNCING GARDEN DESIGN’S 2OO6 G O L D E N T ROW E L AWA R D S To enter: For the Golden Trowel Awards (open to amateurs and professional landscape designers and contractors). trees. by June 1. (Hint: Copy and enlarge actual snapshots on a color copier. landscape contractors and landscape architects. Handwritten submissions or those sent via e-mail.. FL 32789 Name Address Phone Fax E-mail All materials become property of World Publications LLC. No dupes. but keep the plan simple to interpret. the planting. 460 N. walkways. please fill out the form below and return it.OOO GIFT CERTIFICATE to the amateur whose garden demonstrates the most creative use of plants. Photographers will not necessarily be credited upon publication and will not necessarily receive remuneration. Be as specific and creative as you 11-inch paper only. plant beds. Images for possible publication must be high-quality color 35-mm slides or larger transparencies only. furniture.Winter Park. hardscapes.We’ll accept anything from a professionally rendered drawing to a homegrown sketch. structures and other features. World Publications assumes you have rights to all provided images and have granted Garden Design magazine all rights to publish said images at the magazine’s discretion. the planning and what you started with. indicating major beds. Be as detailed as reasonably possible. 460 N. Orlando Ave. including overall scenes. FL 32789. structures.) Submissions on disk. or photograph the images with a digital camera and print them out on a color printer to allow more room for labeling.Also include slides of your garden and its features for publication in Garden Design magazine if you win. CD or email will not be viewed. Photography: Submit enough prints to explain the garden. Orlando Ave. Suite 200. By your entering this contest. etc. H O R T I C U LT U R A L C R A F T S M E N ® SINCE 1926 ENTRY FORM DEADLINE JUNE 1. the achievements and the setbacks of your garden. attention Golden Trowel. Winning gardens will be presented in an upcoming issue of Garden Design magazine. Suite 200. disk or CD will not be read.Winter Park. along with your completed entry. lawn. 2006 Please complete and mail with entry materials to Garden Design. 2006 to Garden Design. may be used in print and electronic formats in perpetuity and will not be returned. SPONSORED BY Monrovia will award a $1. Garden plan: Send us a drawing of the layout of your garden.

com Swanson’s Nursery Seattle.intlgardencenter. Inc. ONT PH: 905-849-6338 www. WA PH: 206-782-2543 www. GA • PH: 404-252-3411 www. Call Jason Pietras today at 888-259-6753 Ext. CA • PH: 760-753-5500 International Garden Center El Segundo. Winter Pleasant Pools & Patio Fort Pond Native Plants Montauk. OH • PH: 614-539-8100 Savannah Hardscapes Levy. SC • PH: 843-784-6060 www. GA • PH: 404-841-9661 Four Seasons Pottery Atlanta. CA • PH: 626-796-4355 www. NJ PH: 908-879-7747 www.P R E M I E R R E TA I L PA R T N E R D I R E C T O RY Barlow Flower Farm Sea Condurso’s Garden Center Campo de’ Fiori Sheffield.nativeplants. .com Call today to find out how to become a GARDEN DESIGN retailer and be included in this list of exclusive retailers. 1189 for The Bronze Frog Gallery Oakville. MI PH: 800-362-4874 www.gardens-austin.barlowflowerfarm. CO PH: 970-484-5022 Burkard Nurseries. Walks & Walls Grove City. GA • PH: 404-233-3400 Gardenology Encinitas.condursos.thegardenmarkets. CO PH: 303-507-4772 Southwest Gardener Phoenix. FL • PH: 407-599-9880 www.patioswalksandwalls.burkardnurseries. MA • PH: 617-354-5700 www.didriks.jmhg.treehousegardencollection. CA PH: 310-823-5956 Smith’s Acres Niantic. OR PH: 971-204-0052 www. MA • PH: 413-528-1857 Bath Garden Center Kimball & Bean Architectural and Garden Antiques Woodstock. Inc. The Treehouse Garden Collection Dunedin. CT • PH: 860-691-0528 www. NJ PH: 800-533-5112 Urban Garden and Home. The Garden Market Carpinteria. FL•PH: 727-734-7113 Mostardi Nursery Newtown Didriks Cambridge. IL • PH: 630-759-3500 www. CT PH: 860-693-2285 riverside-nursery@snet. Collins. CT PH: 860-567-3707 Grounded Garden Shop Gardens Austin.bathgardencenter. NJ • PH: 973-263-8814 www. CA • PH: 760-230-1563 Litchfield Horticultural Center Riverside Nursery & Garden Center Collinsville. CA • PH: 310-615-0353 www.daisyfieldsoregon. GA • PH: 404-262-2296 Organized The Green Fuse Denver. CA PH: 805-745-5505 Hursthouse. LLC Tucson.mostardi. PA PH: 610-356-8035 Lush Life Atlanta. MD • PH: 410-667-1390 www.urbangardenandhome. The GARDEN DESIGN Retail Program offers you magazines for resale in your store and exposure for your shop in every issue of GARDEN DESIGN and on the web-site for one low annual NJ • PH: 973-992-0598 Marina del Rey Garden Center Marina del Rey.4seasonspottery. NJ • PH: 732-449-9189 www. AZ PH: 602-279-9510 Boxwoods Gardens & Gifts Daisy Fields Lake Lovely Manors Garden Design Center Phoenix. IL PH: 815-444-9000 www. AZ PH: 520-326-8393 www. Inc. TX • PH: 512-451-5490 Pollen J & M Home & Garden The Dow Gardens DuBrow’s Livingston. NY • PH: 631-668-6452 Patios.kimballandbean.

C O M 107 .authenticprovence. THE CORNER POSTS ARE MADE OF CAST W W W.THE GREEN MARKET F I N E S T G A R D E N A N T I Q U E S Invented in the 17th Century by La Quintine.9995 www.805. PANELS IN SOLID OAK LATHS 561. G A R D E N D E S I G N M A G .


O. 6 3 9 3 W W W. 3 9 8 . c o m ARBORS TRELLISES TOWERS PERGOLAS CUSTOM WORK Handcrafted Copper Garden Furnishings P. N Y 1 2 5 0 2 • 5 1 8 . A N C R A M . C O M 109 . G A R D E N D E S I G N M A G . B OX 1 6 .THE GREEN MARKET SYCAMORE CREEK w w w. s y c a m o r e c r e e k .


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Reflected Glorydesigner Atlanta garden
Ryan Gainey drew on Moorish tradition for this formal walled courtyard, known as the Mogul garden, in the Hamptons.The high brick walls give some shelter from salt winds, and the brick path, foreground, bisects a canal— home to lotus, papyrus and fish.Yews are clipped into spires to resemble the Italian cypress more typical of such warm-climate gardens. Flanking the canal are neatly pruned ‘Meyer’ lemon trees in large pots. On the wall behind the fountain is a mirror, a glimpse of paradise.—J F From Seascape Gardening, by Anne Halpin, photographs by Roger Foley (Storey Publishing, May 2006, $35).


M AY 2 0 0 6

Paradise hath room for you and me and all—C H R I S T I N A