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Designs by Rhenn 2010 Chronicle

Designs by Rhenn 2010 Chronicle

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Published by Darcien Balog
A collection of our posts and progress from our ladyarcien.blogspot.com used for communicating with our Designs by Rhenn fans.
A collection of our posts and progress from our ladyarcien.blogspot.com used for communicating with our Designs by Rhenn fans.

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Published by: Darcien Balog on Jan 17, 2012
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Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


A journal of Designs by Rhenn's first year, 2010. It was an up and down year, but through it all God kept his hand on my business and myself.



New Blog Site Whoa Web page Getting to work on the website Busy, but slow going Sleeves Gearing up and Moving on The finish line is in sight I fought the Trojan and won! The dress is complete Golden Velvet Renaissance Gown is for sale New Web Site again New Name, same place rhennblog Loving the Tech and getting things done Dang! Well begun is half.... Sharing On my way arg Well The trim Going places Slowing down 11 11 11 12 12 12 13 13 13 14 14 14 15 15 15 15 16 16 16 16 16 17 17 17


Etsy updated New Measurement More up and ready for viewing Sew tired Sewing Expo! Slight change Yea! Trim Web site Found a cool product So close. Back home ARGH! The Elenora I is done! To Break or Not To Break... Placed a bid A quickie Two Knightly Cloaks -- reminiscent of the Templars (For Kids) Woke up going to Ft Hood, got home going to Ft Bliss Did some restructuring Blessed Gitten'er Done Marketing Pirate set done Projects done Chemise is done Renaissance Noble Woman's Chemise for sale by LadyDarcien on Etsy

17 17 18 18 18 18 19 19 19 20 20 20 21 21 21 21 22 22 23 23 24 24 25 25 25 26


Quillows for Kids (a 'magical' Quilt and Pillow in one) DOING IT! Whew! The dust is shed for WA Change of plans, change of route Should have noted Side note Yeah!... Oh wait. No Yeah. Completed partial project While I wait Down to hand work Starting Pickle's No faire... again Yeah! Pickle and Nibbs' main garb is done! Work this week James' has head protection Now just the feathers James and Nick will be clothed for faire Old idea, new workload Just a quickie Hubby off, days off Fashion on the Net Schedule is full... Moving ahead Costuming Supplies Product of my generation Hip-hip-Huzzah!!!

26 27 27 28 28 29 29 30 30 31 31 31 32 33 34 34 34 35 35 36 37 37 39 39 40 41


Woo-hoo! Next in line Before **whistling** Another one down! So found out Back in town Back in the Saddle Last touches Is it Procrastination or problem solving? Yippee-Skippy! Fresh New sewing today New Measuring Presentation (incomplete) Prototype Corset up for Sale Ahhhh, a good day Whoa! Kids.... Saturday, July 03, 2010 ok so change in plans. Despite Myself KIWI KILT WEARABLE ART WRAP SKIRTOOAK by mariansmale on Etsy Renaissance Noble Woman's Chemise Full Length by LadyDarcien two more hours Whew-ish Historical Reference Discount Silk Fabric - Dupioni Silk

42 43 43 43 43 44 45 46 46 46 47 47 47 48 48 49 49 50 50 51 51 51 53 53 55


A sneak peak What it looks like Giddy Sleeves and Forepart are done Digging in Yesterday, today A new page for the blog Not quite... Redo Stock How very deja-vu-y-- er or something like that Freezing in El Paso, TX Odd Zemanta Creative Commons Licencing I didn't blog! Under to hand Design update Up-cycling Writing Sigh Adding money? Heather from the Elven Series is here! **Grins** Bookkeeping caught up Handwork

55 56 57 57 58 58 59 59 61 61 63 63 64 64 65 66 66 67 68 68 69 70 70 71 72 72


Awww! Gift Certificates now available! Website Updates Vestment Disassembled UPillar I love it when a plan comes together... well on its way anyway Pickle's Birthday Celebration Smiling Vestments in the Mail Out for the Count I have dorky moments Dinner for Schmucks Still setting and couching Squee! Losing my slave-- er daughter-- today-- Doh! Sore fingers, happy heart Web Forms Inventory and Forepart Yesterday 12hour day Sewing Notes Special Blog THiking about Cow faced Oh good New Page on This here Blog If you know someone who has been dying for A Renaissance Noble Gown...

73 74 74 75 75 76 76 77 77 78 78 79 80 80 81 81 82 83 83 84 84 85 86 87 87 88


Working it A quick note, may be more later As Promised Bodice to Handwork Balog Bugler Blog: Our brief visit to the Greek Festival Close but no cigar Squee! Last Last step GOD IS GOOD! Andrea is Complete What I've been up to Only 4.5hours But Took All Day Accomplished but no product Squee! Squee! Squeeee! Took a long time to get the trim lined up right Dorothy Plan HEATHER SOLD!!! Yea GOD! Silver City, NM List of Treasuries

89 90 91 91 92 92 93 93 94 95 96 96 97 97 98 99 100 100

Yes, I am turning into citrus fruit (as Nibbs and Pickle asked me) 101 Back to work~ Broken Links A Store Energy levels Partlet complete Dorothy is done! Yippee-Yippee-Skippy!!! 102 102 103 104 105 105 106


Fabric cut Newletters and such First Ever Newest Smock! As promised Win a few, lose a few Recovering from a GREAT time at TRF Previously Loved Holidays are coming Etsy Down? One step Forward, two steps.... Sunday Whoa! Time off, time to renew Winter weather Recent Corset project done Organization

106 107 107 108 109 109 111 112 113 113 114 115 115 116 117 117


New Blog Site
Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Lady Darcien's site has moved to a new location and so has her blog. If you are keeping track of her progress and you've landed here then you are in the right place. Some news on the sewing front--I haven't. I have been trying to get our home in an organized state so the creative juices can flow more freely. The Gold dress is still in a state of near completion. There is some related-unrelated news. We, my family and I, could possibly be moving this coming summer (2010). Or we may not. We won't know until Jan/Feb/Mar time frame. This news will of course, affect my sewing quite a bit and is a big part as to why I have spent so much time getting my home organized. God Bless Lady Darcien Posted by Lady Darcien at 01:23PM (-08:00)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Wow. I spent a great deal of time getting this blog moving today--experimenting, trying all kinds of layouts and new ideas. It is still a work in progress, but I have learned so much. I learned of a Photoshop knock off called Gimp--pretty easy to understand; I added my adsense search engine; and there is still more to come.

Have a great day! Lady Darcien Posted by Lady Darcien at 11:23PM (-08:00)

Web page
Friday, December 11, 2009
You may have noticed the website is getting more and more complete. I am excited! I have added a calendar of events and availability of Lady Darcien based on outside influences. You can find this calendar on my About Us page. The calendar exists, but the page is still under construction. I added a small slide-show showcasing some of the renaissance garb I created last year as a beginning attempt and will get it better, more comprehensive slide show up on the Gallery web page soon. Hope to have sewing news up here after the first of the year. Merry Christmas! Lady Darcien

Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:25PM (-08:00)

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Getting to work on the website
Wednesday, January 06, 2010
I've spent several hours tonight getting the gallery up on the website. There are still several sets of garb to add to the gallery yet. The custom page will be up and coming soon. Ok tired and headed to bed after the Dog Whisperer is finished. Happy New Year! Lady Darcien .

Posted by Lady Darcien at 12:05AM (-08:00)

Busy, but slow going
Thursday, January 07, 2010
Whew! The admin side of a business can be so very time consuming, but it is necessary. I am attempting to get a color generator on the customization page of the site. I will be working on my sewing space tonight when I get home from the family activities I have to do tonight. Lady Darcien .

Posted by Lady Darcien at 04:07PM (-08:00)

Thursday, January 21, 2010
Woo-hoo to the sleeves! I found a picture of a set of oversleeves that I absolutely fell in love with. I completed them this week and have been thrilled and in awe of how nice the design is. I will be taking on the bodice repair and overskirt next. The over skirt will be changed from the original design, because this is a ready made dress and I want to leave the ability to easily change the hemline if need be. So off to the fabric store for a lining for the skirt and silk for the ties.

Ciao for now! Lady Darcien .

Posted by Lady Darcien at 11:33AM (-08:00)


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Gearing up and Moving on
Monday, February 01, 2010
I have a goal to have the golden velvet dress on the site ready for sale this week. I had to take the weekend off of production due to family activities. And soon i will have to halt production because we will be in preparation for moving. Prior to this event I hope to get either the Orange velvet dublet dress or the yellow and green bodice dress done. I will be fitting in an obligation to create a ren faire garb for a man. I like getting to sew for my friends as it affords me opportunities to try new things. As soon as the gold dress is complete I will add pics to the blog as well as have it for sale on the Ready-made page. Ciao for now, Lady Darcien .

Posted by Lady Darcien at 04:45PM (-08:00)

The finish line is in sight
Tuesday, February 02, 2010
The front stays have been purchased and will be encased tomorrow. I have been working on the tassels today. The tie ends may or may not be ready. I will look into that tomorrow too. Ciao for now, Lady Darcien Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:51PM (-08:00)

I fought the Trojan and won!
Saturday, February 06, 2010
Instead of sewing today, I had to spend several hours getting my computer back after a Trojan/hijacker attack. Thankfully I was able to do a system restore to get back to normal. And I only had to reinstall a couple of programs. After uploading this blog post, I will get back to finishing the skirt for the Golden Velvet. I will soon be able to put it up for sale and post pics of the dress.

Ciao for now, Lady Darcien Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:30PM (-08:00)

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


The dress is complete
Monday, February 08, 2010
The Golden Velvet dress is done! (I am rejoicing and thanking God!) In a few hours i will have the pictures posted and have the Etsy site and my website updated and the dress ready for sale.

Ciao for now, Lady Darcien Posted by Lady Darcien at 11:02AM (-08:00)

Golden Velvet Renaissance Gown is for sale
Monday, February 08, 2010
If you are interested in the GOLDEN VELVET DRESS you can view it in detail and purchase it through my Etsy store: RedPhoenix Designs. Ciao for now, Lady Darcien

Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:58PM (-08:00)

New Web Site again
Thursday, February 11, 2010
I've spent the day at the new website. As I decided that the Etsy.com store is the best choice as an outlet for selling my garb, I didn't need the intuit site. I have a google site now at the following link: RedPhoenix Designs by Lady Darcien. I will work on the measurement diagram for the website to ease the ability for my customers to get me the necessary numbers to make the best custom garb.

I will begin a new dress this weekend in a green and gold. In addition, I have a fabulous design in mind for a dear friend of mine's spouse. Getting excited again!

A chemise or two and a few cod pieces will be up soon on the Etsy store as well.

Ciao for now,


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Lady Darcien

Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:39PM (-08:00)

New Name, same place
Friday, February 12, 2010
I have changed the name of my business thanks to a suggestion from my dh. Instead of RedPhoenix Designs by Lady Darcien it is now Designs by Rhenn. Sometime I will explain that. In reality nothing has changed but the banners at the top of my web pages, ie. Etsy store, webpage . Have I done any sewing, nope. But I am on my way to do that right now. Ciao for now, Lady Darcien Posted by Lady Darcien at 01:42PM (-08:00)

Friday, February 12, 2010
Designs by Rhenn Words by Lady Darcien Posted by Lady Darcien at 03:52PM (-08:00)

Loving the Tech and getting things done
Sunday, February 14, 2010
I have figured out how to post to my blog from my igoogle home page AND I've received usage of a projector which will make my pattern drafting so much easier! Woo-hoo! And (yet another 'and') I am getting things done with the new green and gold dress. Ciao for Now! Lady Darcien Posted by Lady Darcien at 06:28PM (-08:00)

Sunday, February 14, 2010
I really am loving technology! Because of a bad back I find drafting my patterns hurts my back--alot! So, using a computer projector I can project my normal drafting onto a paper taped to the wall. Man I am loving this!
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:23PM (-08:00)

Well begun is half....
Sunday, February 14, 2010
Awesome! I got the bodice fabric, interlining and lining cut today. However, I didn't have enough drill for the whole bodice. So tomorrow it is to the fabric store for silk and drill. The silk is to create my own trim for the current project. Also, I will check the other Joann's fabrics to see if there is any red tag that I can get for a great deal because it is 50% off of red tag right now. I love great deals. Ciao for now! Lady Darcien Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:53PM (-08:00)

Monday, February 15, 2010
I am sharing the coolness of the inet with my kids Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:13AM (-08:00)

On my way
Monday, February 15, 2010
Headed to the fabric store with my Joann's coupons in hand! Wish me luck finding fabric for future projects and current project. Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:55AM (-08:00)

Monday, February 15, 2010
Can not ever seem to find great trim. On a brighter note: the sewing expo is the 25-27th of February. Posted by Lady Darcien at 03:19PM (-08:00)

Monday, February 15, 2010
I have settled for a trim. And I got a child's worth of a new fabric-- woo-hoo! Now I am waiting for the fabrics to wash and dry-- while that happens I am getting my inventories set in an easy to find manner. LOL WIsh me luck on that one! Ciao for now Darc Posted by Lady Darcien at 06:14PM (-08:00)


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

The trim
Monday, February 15, 2010
The trim for the bodice, front and back, was cut and the interlining cut as well. I am glad for how much was done today. Tomorrow, I will continue with the trim and finish the bodice. Excited! Ciao for now! Lady Darcien Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:48PM (-08:00)

Going places
Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Yesterday was somewhat productive; I was able to get most of the bodice done. Now I will get to work on the shoulder rolls-- if time allows today. Mostly because I spent the day so far trying to get my children's school work situated after losing control of out laptop. Ok gotta go so I can go to a meeting and get groceries. Ciao for now! Posted by Lady Darcien at 12:37PM (-08:00)

Slowing down
Thursday, February 18, 2010
Argh! I have been slowing down the sewing for the last few days and I am frustrated . The schedule keeps getting pushed back. Posted by Lady Darcien at 11:36AM (-08:00)

Etsy updated
Thursday, February 18, 2010
I updated my etsy store today. I posted pics of my personal garb to hopefully propagate custom orders. I am still working on a ready made that should be done by Sunday and posted to Etsy. Woo-hoo! Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:18PM (-08:00)

New Measurement
Thursday, February 18, 2010
I updated the measurement form and spreadsheet for the website and custom work. Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:52PM (-08:00)

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


More up and ready for viewing
Friday, February 19, 2010
Between last night and today, I've uploaded a boat load of examples of my work on my Etsy.com site. I added men's garb, capes, more noble women's garb, and I included a peasant / villager bodice and skirt. Woo-hoo! I've gotten so many more views already and more favorites. This makes me happy and I will continue to get my current garb completed so that it is up and ready for sale. Next week I will be getting a few ready made chemises ready for sale and perhaps an adult half-circle cape. Of course, if I have custom requests I will work on those instead.

Ciao for now! Darc Posted by Lady Darcien at 11:34AM (-08:00)

Sew tired
Friday, February 19, 2010
Headed to bed. Got holes ready for couching. Woo-hoo! Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:43PM (-08:00)

Sewing Expo!
Saturday, February 20, 2010
The Sewing and Stitchery Expo at the Puyallup, WA fair grounds begins this coming week: Feb 25-28th. I am looking so forward to the opportunity to see it again. Last year was the first time I'd ever been to one and I left wondering why I'd never been before. I purchased from the expo last year, a hole punch-- and I love it! I might get another, just to have a back up. In addition, I can see all the different sewing machines and embroidery machines-- and sign up for free drawings! So I will finish the gown I am working on this weekend; will get a chemise or two ready for sale; go to Skamania Lodge in Stevenson,, WA then return for a romp at the expo! Big week! Ciao for now Lady Darcien Posted by Lady Darcien at 11:03AM (-08:00)

Slight change
Sunday, February 21, 2010
THere may be a slight change in plans for the coming week. I have a couple of friends coming over, for whom i have promised repairs and a new forepart. So I may not get the skirt and sleeves done for the new project. Which will push them to the first part of next 18
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

week, leaving the chemise for the next weekend or beginning of next week. That is ok. It will work out. That being said, I am excited about going to Skamania for sewing reasons. Because about 30min away is a great outlet for wool! Yea, wool! Ciao for now. Friends coming soon. Mistress Rhenn Posted by Lady Darcien at 02:03PM (-08:00)

Yea! Trim
Sunday, February 21, 2010
I found (again) a wonderful site for finding trims: Calontir Trims at http://www.calontirtrim.com/catalog.htm . Worth the perusal. I am excited and can't wait to have a little cash to spend for the trims for upcoming projects. A side thought: for now I create ready made items for my size-- if the items don't sell I may be able to wear them as advertisement for others to see and then request. Ok Ciao again for now. Mistress Rhenn Posted by Lady Darcien at 03:28PM (-08:00)

Web site
Monday, February 22, 2010
I worked for a little while on my web site to get the garment definition pages updated with historical examples. Now I will be working on the skirt for the Green and Gold I am working on right now. Posted by Lady Darcien at 12:14PM (-08:00)

Found a cool product
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
I am excited, because a new small business, I have only so much available to me in the form of funding-- I am funding my business from our personal bank at first-- therefore as much as I can receive free I try to utilize. One of these is the TImesheets Lite, and another is Outright. The fist I use for keeping track of time spent working on projects so that I can give an accurate example or estimate on my time spent. I find that I have been in the habit of not giving myself enough time based on just "remembering" how long things take to produce. The second, I am using for keeping track of my finances. Huah! Ciao for now Mistress Rhenn

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Posted by Lady Darcien at 03:48PM (-08:00)

So close.
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Welp, the current project got so close to being done today. But I think I still have about 10-15hours of work left on it. And that won't be accomplishable until Sunday/ Monday of this coming week, Alas. I will be out of town for a couple of days. Huzaah! Mistress Rhenn Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:47PM (-08:00)

Back home
Saturday, February 27, 2010
We returned home from a retreat in Stevenson, WA at the Skamania Lodge-- 5star (It is such a cooooool place to be) yesterday. Then I went straight to work on the current project. It is my desire to have it done by tomorrow so that I can post it to my Etsy.com site. I may have friends coming over today, though. So we will see. Oh yeah, the Sewing and Stitchery Expo is going on too until tomorrow. Ok Off to work! Ciao for Now, Mistress Rhenn Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:15AM (-08:00)

Saturday, February 27, 2010
So I was so close to having the current project ready for pictures tomorrow and I discovered that the beads I thought I had (from one of last year's projects) didn't really exist. So I ran to Joann's-- but alas, Joann's is having a sale on beading right now and the ones I needed... gone. So tomorrow after church we will be near the other Joann's, or better yet the Hancock' where I'd purchased them to begin with, and will stop to get what I need. So, instead I am working on the little handwork items that are always so numerous at the end of project. Ciao for now, Mistress Rhenn Etsy store, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 06:54PM (-08:00)


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

The Elenora I is done!
Sunday, February 28, 2010
Yea! It is finished! The Elenora I is completed and I am thrilled! You can see it for sale at my Etsy.com shop Designs by Rhenn. This week I hope to work on a few chemises to have available for ready sale. Ok Sleep time. Ciao for now, Mistress Rhenn Etsy store, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:21PM (-08:00)

To Break or Not To Break...
Monday, March 01, 2010
That is the question that isn't a serious one. I will get some of the house chores cleaned up then get a chemise or two done and ready for sale. Ciao for Now Mistress Rhenn Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:02AM (-08:00)

Placed a bid
Monday, March 01, 2010
I was excited to see an Alchemy request for a landsknect garb! I have wanted to make a landsknecht garb forever-- I hope I win the bid, just to get the joy of fresh creation. Welp, goodnight and farewell. See you all tomorrow. ciao for now Mistress Rhenn Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:51PM (-08:00)

A quickie
Wednesday, March 03, 2010
God blessed me yesterday with a custom request for children's knightly cloaks. Woohoo!! I love it and am getting to work on them this morning and will be in an out of hear all day.

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Happy History! Mistress Rhenn Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:05AM (-08:00)

Two Knightly Cloaks -- reminiscent of the Templars (For Kids)
Thursday, March 04, 2010
I completed these two Knightly Cloaks for Children today-- packaged and mailed! Woohoo! I have posted custom option on my Etsy.com store-- Designs by Rhenn.

I was able to procure many bolt cores to wrap my fabrics around. I am hoping this is helpful for packing this month. (We start packing in about 10days or so.) So after getting more of sewing organized and culled, I hope to work on a few chemises to have available for ready sale. Headed to bed soon though. I kinda stressed myself a bit over the cloaks-I wanted them to be perfect. Better calmness next time.

Ok, ciao for now, Mistress Rhenn Etsy store, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:53PM (-08:00)

Woke up going to Ft Hood, got home going to Ft Bliss
Friday, March 05, 2010
Our plans have changed a wee bit since we woke this morning. We had been told we were going to Ft Hood, TX in May (though I would have left a month-and-a-half earlier) and now we are going Ft Bliss, TX a month earlier (I still leave at the same time). We are excited, though, the Ren Faire opportunities require more of a drive now. On the bright side of that, we are decently close to AZ Ren Faire.

Ok, as my middle son stated when he heard the news: time to start our cleaning montage.

Ok, ciao for now, Mistress Rhenn Etsy store, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:02AM (-08:00)


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Did some restructuring
Friday, March 05, 2010
Yesturday, after sending the two Children's Knightly Cloaks via USPS, I realized that I had totally not calculated shipping properly. So I spent some time last night figuring out the shipping. I also finally connected on how Etsy.com does their shipping page. Don't know why it took me so long, but there you go. I spent some time on here getting a color scheme I like (well better anyway). On a side note, the green and gold Elenora I dress was highlighted on Etsy.com 's main showcase today and the dress went from about 150 views to over 800. I was thrilled. No sales yet, but a few notes of appreciation for my work and that really brought me a spark of hope. I have to pack soon, so I am slowly working on my sewing things. Ciao for now, Mistress Rhenn Etsy store, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:15PM (-08:00)

Monday, March 08, 2010
I was so blessed today with positive comments left on my Etsy.com (LadyDarcien) store by a customer who purchased the two knighly cloaks for her boys. It made my heart sing and it brought a sense of relief to know that I had met expectations.

I also want to mention that I have begun a blog devoted to the construction of renaissance garments. I am not the end all know all of costuming for the Renaissance, so my blog is mostly how I solved "issues" when they come up. So sometimes my techniques are not "period"; yet sometimes, I find my solution was exactly how some back-in-the-day solved the same problem--that is particularly gratifying, I must say. At the moment I have a post about chemises. Not much there yet. But I will add a note about dress dummies this evening as well. (update: it is up now)


Ciao for now, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:17PM (-08:00)

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Gitten'er Done
Thursday, March 11, 2010
I began a chemise for ready sale yesterday, and hope to have it posted today. I am also going to experiment with a not-so-period (unless I find proof, of course) but completely functionable chemise-- one that can be used with under-partlets AND is sexy. I will also start to work on underpartlets-- branching into blackwork, I think, too

Ciao for now, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:52AM (-08:00)

Sunday, March 14, 2010
As much as I needed to be working on sewing, I didn't do a lick today. However, I wasn't completely unproductive-- I did get marketing done. Designs by Rhenn now has a Twitter account, a fan page on Facebook, and an ad the will run on Facebook until the end of the month. All of this was accomplished due to advice from Kim Komando and the some pretty savvy people from my church. Here's hoping and praying.

Tomorrow I will work on a friend's pro-bonum project... and another, too. I hope to finish the chemise by Wednesday to post to Etsy.com. I am packing and culling our household goods at the same time and the sun isn't shining often enough to my liking, all combine to drain my energy. (Thank God TX has so much more sun).

Ciao for now, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:28PM (-07:00)


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Pirate set done
Monday, March 15, 2010
Finished up a set of bloomers, a pirate's chemise, and a pirate/peasant overskirt. I will post the pics to Etsy (though it was a custom so the set pictured won't be for sale) and on here tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will finish a friend's forepart and matching sleeves. Then the following day I will finish a chemise for SALE. Woo-hoo!

Yesterday i got a segment concerning corsets up on the Mistress Rhenn's Costuming blog, I might get to fathingale tonight... or not, LOL!

Ciao for now,

webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:43PM (-07:00)

Projects done
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Yesterday I was able to complete the forepart for my friend and I got a skirt corrected (I had forgotten to shorten). Today, I will finish the chemise I started, and tomorrow I will do the sleeves for my friend to match her forepart.

Ciao for now, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:35AM (-07:00)

Chemise is done
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Woo-hoo! The chemise is in the wash right now and will be posted to Etsy.com with-in the next hour or so! On to the Quillows.

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Ciao for now, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 03:01PM (07:00)

Renaissance Noble Woman's Chemise for sale by LadyDarcien on Etsy
Thursday, March 18, 2010
The Chemise is up and ready for sale! This can be customized too! Renaissance Noble Woman's Chemise for sale by LadyDarcien on Etsy Ciao for now, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:01AM (-07:00)

Quillows for Kids (a 'magical' Quilt and Pillow in one)
Thursday, March 18, 2010
My eclectic side is showing and you can witness it on my Etsy.com store.

So, now I will work on the skirt repair, then tomorrow the sleeves for my friend.

Ciao for now, webpage


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:42PM (07:00)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
We are going to be on the road starting tomorrow. I will be out of the loop for a little while, though I will attempt to continue to blog as we move through the beautiful country of ours. On an awesome note! I was approached today to do a project! I hope the time will be allotted-- I need to sew and want to create! But of course the soonest I can begin a project will be next week.

Ciao for now, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 03:52PM (-07:00)

Whew! The dust is shed for WA
Thursday, April 01, 2010
Welp we did it! We finally, and I mean, finally, turned in our keys for the hosue-only 10hours after planned. We decided to take the first 2hours of the trip anyway and then stay at a hotel in Vancouver, WA. It just didn't feel right to stay at a hotel 5 min from our old home, LOL!

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Ok. Off for now!

Ciao for now, webpage Posted by Lady Darcien at 12:06AM (-07:00)

Change of plans, change of route
Friday, April 02, 2010
A passing comment by a local in Northern CA, had us check the weather. A storm is coming down the Cascade mountains, so we will travel through most of CA and then cut across to TX through AZ. This means we are not getting to CO for Easter. But we will maybe look for a house, then go back up to CO to visit family before Chappy has to sign into the unit.

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- DarcienBalog
Checking the system.
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April 02, 2010

- auntmary

April 07, 2010

It is always good to check the Weather. For us on a boat it is always about the weather.

Should have noted
Thursday, April 15, 2010
Wow! I just realized I hadn't posted a thing since we arrived in TX. Welp, we did head the long way through CA and then through AZ. While in AZ our fuel pump died, so we stayed a night or two in Parker, AZ while the car was fixed. We made TX by Monday the 5th and immediately found a great house! Everything we were looking for was found in the first house we had a chance to 28
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walk through-- one of which was a room I could dedicate to sewing alone. I am so very excited!

I have also begun to work on custom projects from my Etsy.com store. woo-hoo!!!! One of which is almost finished. We are planning on attending the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in TX this weekend.

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Side note
Thursday, April 15, 2010
I may not get to go to Renn Faire this weekend. We will tomorrow if Chappy can get the car fixed for us.

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Yeah!... Oh wait. No Yeah.
Friday, April 16, 2010
So we got the car fixed-- WOO-HOO!! But we are not going to faire because weather will be nasty this weekend there. But next weekend is supposed to be beautiful-therefore it looks like no faire until next week. So sewing it is.

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1. Re: Yeah!... Oh wait. No Yeah.

- Queenbest

April 16, 2010

You are going to Scarby? Stop in Dragon Wings and tell Debra (owner) that you know

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me, Adele and that you are sewing something for me. I love that woman! I have so many of her hats. have fun!
2. Re: Yeah!... Oh wait. No Yeah.

- LadyDarcien

April 16, 2010

Oh absolutely! I will certainly take a look at her hats too. Someday I will expand into the hat realm, but for now I stick to the pill boxes and flat caps.

Completed partial project
Friday, April 16, 2010
The partlet I began a couple days ago is now complete! I had had to disassemble to shorten the box pleats-- which is understandable. A box pleat can be difficult to maintain if you don't have time to iron them back in. With a shortened length, however, they are easier to maintain.

I am inspired to try my hand at embroidery/ blackwork now that I've had a chance to work with linen. In the past, linen has been so costly to me that I have preferred cotton. Linen is so highly praised though, that I think I want a chance to wear one myself. But then I may begin a "flemish gown" that I have in mind, instead. That is just to keep me busy until I receive a project material in the mail to create a pair of bodies.

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While I wait
Saturday, April 17, 2010
I have a project that I am waiting fabric for-so in the mean time, I think I may tackle the boys wardrobe for this new season. I may get them done before next weekend too.

I will see.

Oh yeah, as a side note, there are a some cloudy days in El Paso too. :D

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Down to hand work
Sunday, April 18, 2010
Welp, between yesterday afternoon and Now (7p) I have gotten James' garb down to handwork. His shirt, doublet, jerkin, and venetians are near done. The only things not done that will be done are the sleeves and flat cap. The flat cap will be made on Fri before we leave for the Scarborough Faire. The sleeves can wait a while; the rest of most of the faires we will be attending are in the fall. I will post pics and notes tonight or tomorrow of what is complete.

Tomorrow I will start Nick's. He will have a shirt, doublet, and canions. His flat cap and sleeves will most likely wait too. (Well, the hat will be done on Friday).

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Starting Pickle's
Tuesday, April 20, 2010
I did get most of James' completed, but there is still alittle handwork and I want to wait to get a nice picture before posting it. I will work on Nickolas' today though, so that i can work on handwork of the whole pile.

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No faire... again
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Due to misinformation with my husbands unit, he now has to be to work for the next 5 business days before going on his permissive TDY. So he can't leave town until then. Since Ren Faire is 11hours away, we can't go this weekend. So maybe next weekend? In the meantime I will finish the boys garb-- maybe even the sleeves now (we'll see). And a project for someone else. I might even get my flanders gown done too. Again, we'll see.
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Didn't get to sew yesterday either and am just now getting the time to do so now. So Pickle's garb and the last of James' slops, then I will post pics.

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Yeah! Pickle and Nibbs' main garb is done!
Friday, April 23, 2010
The boys' garb is close enough that, even though we are without their flat caps, sleeves, and capes, they could wear the garb to next weekends excursion to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. I hope to get good pics later this weekend, or next week, when I get their caps and sleeves done. The capes will come later this summer.

Here is the Pickle: Pickle's doublet chevron's were done by using the buttonhole/overlock stitch option on my sewing machine. The "V" of the top portion is was merely created by apply trim to separate the bottom portion from the top.

The ruff at his neck and wrist is edged using the same stitch used to create the chevrons.I simply need to add plackets to Pickle's doublet and canions. Nibbs sporting a doublet with studded collar, jerkin with pinked skirting tabs, and venetians/galligans. His ruff has a loose zig-zag stitch along the top edges at the neck and wrist. There are 17 fabric covered buttons down the front. I used my lingerie stitch attachment to make a fine 1/8" seem; then using my overlock/button hole stitch setting couched the strip. I then cut the strip into 17 segments to make the loops for the buttons.

Ok to other business items now.

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1. Re: Yeah! Pickle and Nibbs' main garb is done!

- Queenbest

April 23, 2010

Your kids are adorable and I love the garb on them! Do they mind wearing that type of clothing? I could never get my daughter to wear any Elizabethan garb-all she wanted to wear was "wench wear".
2. Re: Yeah! Pickle and Nibbs' main garb is done!

- LadyDarcien

April 23, 2010

Thank you! They are my experiments for men's clothing, LOL! They actually don't mind too much. They complain but experience has taught me that if we don't bring a costume they change their mind and get sad that we didn't bring it even though they said they didn't want it! LOL! Now they just asked that I don't make them paned slops this time. So they each got a different style. My daughter is a bit different. I have sewn for her since she was 4 years old-- someday I will post the one pic I have of her from the Bristol Renaissance Festival (1997). At about age 13 she put her foot down. Then suddenly, at age 16 she was willing to let me sew noble for her again. Of course she had criteria: no bum roll and she got to choose the design. Here is a pic of her in nobles: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c245/darcien1/2009/summer%202009/Ren%20faire/ 5175_1056599224692_1517204851_30133.jpg But last year (2009) she started noble then switched to peasant squire: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?op=2&view=global&subj=1670937158&pid=306456 03&id=1491004570 She often does my beadwork. now that she is turning 17, I may be losing my beader, LOL!

Work this week
Monday, April 26, 2010
Today's agenda involves making James' and Nick's flat caps/or bonnets. Then tomorrow through the end of the week I will work on a custom project. I am excited because maybe, just maybe, Scarborough fair can happen for us this weekend. John said he would wear his noble's garb so that he can advertise for me. (Thank you, my sweet boys, who want to see my business succeed.)

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James' has head protection
Monday, April 26, 2010
Yeah! James' flat cap is done.

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Now just the feathers
Monday, April 26, 2010
So Nick's is done now too and all I have to create is the feather accents for both and they will be ready for next weekend.

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James and Nick will be clothed for faire
Wednesday, April 28, 2010
I have completed the boys garb in time for this weekend's ren faire trip. The sleeves for both boys will be done by June (in time for CO Renaissance Festival) and the cape's will be done by September for the fall season all over TX.

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Old idea, new workload
Thursday, April 29, 2010
I have had an idea in the back of my head for a while, so over the last few days I've been researching website creations for it. I am going to have a lot of self generated work before me. But it may be a shot in the dark, I will have to keep it all in God's hands.

But! Tomorrow we leave for Scarborough! Woo-hoo!

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- Queenbest

April 30, 2010

Have fun at faire. Please stop and see Debra at Dragon Wings and tell her you are making something for me. I love her hats and I have over 20 of them! I'm terrible when it comes to hats...maybe you could give her an idea of what will go with my new bodice?
2. Re: Old idea, new workload

- LadyDarcien

April 30, 2010

Absolutely! Would you like me to bring her a yard of the green so she could use it to make you a matching hat?
3. Re: Old idea, new workload

- Queenbest
That would be wonderful! Thanks so much, Darcien
4. Re: Old idea, new workload

April 30, 2010

- LadyDarcien
No problem! Glad to do it.

April 30, 2010

Just a quickie
Sunday, May 02, 2010
Yesterday was our first day at Scarborough Faire. Had a great time. We are going back today, so I will make a more thorough report tomorrow. have a great day! Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:56AM (-07:00)
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Hubby off, days off
Wednesday, May 05, 2010
Whenever my dh has time off, it messes up my schedule. My days are his and while I generally like that, I really don't do as well with off the cuff.

That all being said, we went to Lincoln, NM and read up on Billy the Kid. It was a great day. We had hoped to go to White Sands, NM as well, but the day is getting away from us and I have work to do. So to the fabric store when I get home and the cutting of fabric after that.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 03:07PM (-07:00)

1. Re: Hubby off, days off

- AdeleBedard

May 07, 2010

Darcien, that for letting me know what is going on. I am leaving for vacation next Thursday and will be back on May 24th. I will not have access to a laptop so please don't think I'm ignoring you. I'm going to London to visit family and take in some sites. Hopefully the English spring weather will cooperate!
2. Re: Hubby off, days off

- LadyDarcien

May 07, 2010

I pray it Cooperates for you. England is beautiful, though, rain or shine. Have a great time!


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Fashion on the Net
Thursday, May 06, 2010
Well, ordered fabric from a new company (to me, not to the world) and had a little trouble. I think that it was a fluke though. Will know early next week as I placed a second order with them too. So a project I've wanted to get done has had to sit on the shelf until I receive this fabric. I am also waiting on fabrics to come from customers so that I can start those projects as well. So. I am in a limbo. I will attempt John-John's Ranger's garb this month, I suppose. He'll be happy.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:33PM (-07:00)

Schedule is full...
Saturday, May 08, 2010
Yea!!! Lots of work and happy. Just waiting on fabric to arrive-- maybe today? That would rock! I could get two done by tomorrow/Monday if that were the case.

A good friend just returned from a month long visit to Africa. We will see him for a time today, too. Lots and lots to do. :)

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1. Re: Schedule is full...

- AdeleBedard

May 10, 2010

Did you get the fabric yet? Are you pleased with the quality of linen? Thanks Adele
2. Re: Schedule is full...

- LadyDarcien

May 10, 2010

No, not yet. I am getting a little frustrated. I only hope the quality makes up for the anxious wait. In WA, I had several resources at hand, i.e. stays supply, wool, silk, etc. I had assumed that that was normal for most cities. Apparently not. So I am having to learn the ropes of internet shopping for fabric and supplies. The company I ordered your chemise fabric from was quick and trustworthy, but I didn't like the looseness of the weave of the linen.

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The navy looks like it should be a tighter weave, but it is a new company I am working with. Now that we are settled and my "shop" is up and going, I will get a stockpile of the staples, i.e. stays, linens, etc., to have on hand. I do appreciate your patience. This is not how I like to do business, and I am grateful for your understanding. I have you in my prayers that your trip will be a safe and joyful one for you. Warmest regards, Darcien
3. Re: Schedule is full...

- AdeleBedard

May 10, 2010

Thank you Darcien. I know all about shopping on the web, I haven't shopped for years in stores. I just hope I can get to England this Friday, no more ash! I'm staying at Hever Castle, childhood home of Anne Boylen. The best part of the trip is having the Master Gardener take us on a tour of the gardens at Hever; they are beautiful in May, rain or no rain. I can't wait.
4. Re: Schedule is full...

- LadyDarcien

May 10, 2010

Oh! That sounds wonderful! My husband and I took a week to ourselves back in 2001 to drive around England and Scotland-- I was in heaven. :D I hope you get fantastic Pics and maybe share some with me.
5. Re: Schedule is full...

- AdeleBedard

May 10, 2010

Of course. I will definetly get pictures of the Special dinner our group is having at Hever. There are 30 of us and we will all be in Tudor gowns for dinner that night. That dinner is going to be in the dinner hall of the castle with period correct food/entertainment. It will be fantastic, just the dinner hall alone is pretty cool but 30 women in Tudor gowns will make it seem sureal! The website for the Tour is http:\\tour.theanneboleynfiles.com. Check it, maybe you could go next year!!! Adele
6. Re: Schedule is full...

- LadyDarcien

May 10, 2010

oh, wow. That looks phenomenal. I may have to see if it can fit into the budget for next year.
7. Re: Schedule is full...

- AdeleBedard

May 11, 2010

Darcien, I am going to send you payment for the bodice before I go on the trip, that way I'll know you have it and I don't spend it.
8. Re: Schedule is full...

- LadyDarcien
That is fine if you like. Do you need me to post it on Etsy first?
9. Re: Schedule is full...

May 11, 2010

- AdeleBedard
No, I'm sending it FedEx, you should get it tomorrow. Adele

May 11, 2010


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10. Re: Schedule is full...

- LadyDarcien
Ok, sounds fine.

May 11, 2010

Moving ahead
Monday, May 10, 2010
Boy, I love when my dh goes back to work. I get so much more done. Worked a full 7 hours today. Still awaiting internet ordered supplies. But moving ahead.

Hope everyone is having a great spring!

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:51PM (-07:00)

1. Re: Moving ahead

- BearsandScrapsbyDoris

May 11, 2010

I love my hubby so much, but it's true - when he's at home, he leaves a mess in the kitchen (though, it was so sweet of him to make dinner) and I can only do half the work I usually do. On the other hand, baby daughter needs her papa as well, so, I don't mind the messy kitchen and the undone work... :-)
2. Re: Moving ahead

- LadyDarcien

May 11, 2010

LOL, yeah. It is with a mixed heart that I see him go back to work. I like his presence, I just need to get stuff done too! ;)

Costuming Supplies
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
I updated my FAVORITE COSTUMING SITES. I have added:

Fashion Fabrics/Denver Fabrics: These folks have great deals and offer coupons. The only down side is the time it takes to actually receive the product. I will let you know if the quality was/is worth the wait.

Fabrics Store : These folks stick to linen and cotton mostly. They have great deals, but the quality isn't what I had hoped for. However, they are reliable and quick with
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Vogue Fabrics : Awesome! I searched several sites for corset making supplies. Most cost in the same ball park, but Vogue Fabrics was the only one to offer a decent shipping. Most places, even in the US, were charging me $10-25 in shipping for $15 worth of product. Vogue had comparable prices AND charged a flat rate of $5.95. Which makes so much sense. I mean they are slim and can fit easily into a flat rate envelope. Way cool!

Ok back to work.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:53AM (-07:00)

1. Re: Costuming Supplies

- AdeleBedard

May 11, 2010

darcien, you should try www.fabricguru.com. Shipping is always $4.95 no matter how much you order. Their sales/clearance deals are really good and they have some of the best silk prices around. Give them a try. Adele
2. Re: Costuming Supplies

- LadyDarcien
Oh my Gosh! Thank you, Adele! This is a great resource. I love you. :D
3. Re: Costuming Supplies

May 11, 2010

- LadyDarcien
Thank you again, Adele. I just ordered samples.

May 11, 2010

Product of my generation
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
In many ways, I am very much a product of my generation. Some ways not. But in this case,very much so. I get frustrated when I want/need something and I have to wait on something else-- not so much money flow, I get that. But. When we lived in Germany for 3.5years I learned how very American I was and I am glad that I am. But now I live in a city not made with seamstress' in mind. The fabric and craft stores closed at 8pm. Not 9pm as I am accustomed to. And then I am still awaiting fabric in the mail. Argh. Patience is a virtue and God is making sure I learn it.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:09PM (-07:00)


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1. Re: Product of my generation

- AdeleBedard

May 12, 2010

I know how you feel. I'm still wanting on something that was mailed April 29th from CT. I could drive up there and get it and be back in 2 days. Mail delivery has become a real pain in the ass- we have gotten spoiled by email/twitter/facebook and whatever else is in "real time".
2. Re: Product of my generation

- LadyDarcien

May 12, 2010

That is frustrating-- knowing it so close, yet so far away. In this day and age, you'd think that delivery would be pretty much the same for all things. I mean eventually it all has to get to its destination, so why even put off putting it on the plane or truck just because someone didn't pay for the extra $5. It will eventually have to make that truck anyway.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
I ran to Hobby Lobby for some fusible interfacing (which automatically states I picked up even more fabric than I ran for) and then headed home. I checked the mail box as I came up the drive and noted the mail man had come. However the front porch was decidedly bare. I sighed and physched myself up for a phone call to the company in question to ask if the fabric had shipped, etc. A munchkin (I call him that only because he is my child-- in no way can he be mistaken for a munchkin) greeted me at the door and told me my fabric had come. Woo-hoo! Not only was there a package of fabric I have been waiting for over 10days, but the stays had come too! In less than 3 days! And there is much rejoicing! The linen, though, may have been worth the wait. It is a fine weave and little to no slub. And the cost was pretty good too. Ok to work now. Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 02:29PM (-07:00)

1. Re: Hip-hip-Huzzah!!!

- AdeleBedard

May 13, 2010

Darcien, will you post a picture of the jerkin/bodice before you mail it? I will be in the country until Saturday, so I will be able to view it before I leave. Thanks Adele
2. Re: Hip-hip-Huzzah!!!

May 13, 2010 41

- LadyDarcien
I was going to, but I also was thinking that I should hold onto it until you can ok it-- that way I can make changes if you see something you are not satisfied with.
3. Re: Hip-hip-Huzzah!!!

- AdeleBedard

May 13, 2010

Great. Was that fabric (green) easy to work with? The reason I chose it is because I have some elizabethan garb that is made of the most beautiful jacquard and that color was throughtout the fabric. The over skirt is navy and that green will really make that outfit "pop". Can't wait to see the pictures! Thanks Adele
4. Re: Hip-hip-Huzzah!!!

- LadyDarcien

May 13, 2010

I have enjoyed working with it-- especially with the interfacing. I hope to see the whole thing once you have some pics. While I have your ear-- I made the tabs 3"x3.5"-- this made for 15tabs along the waist. Is that sizing ok?
5. Re: Hip-hip-Huzzah!!!

- AdeleBedard

May 13, 2010

That sizing is great. But 15? I usually get 11 or 13 tabs per bodice, are they over lapping? I don't want them to over lap, so whatever works is fine. Thanks
6. Re: Hip-hip-Huzzah!!!

- AdeleBedard

May 13, 2010

If you want to talk real time you can email me at v-adeleb@microsoft.com. I think you will be able to get through.
7. Re: Hip-hip-Huzzah!!!

- LadyDarcien

May 13, 2010

The measurement along the peak and such is: 46.5. The waist measurement that I had to go with was 45". The extra accounts for the "V". Will quickly post a pick sans tabs.

Woo-hoo! Next in line
Thursday, May 13, 2010
I completed a project for a customer today and now I will work on another.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:19PM (07:00)


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Friday, May 14, 2010
Before I get myself settled into work, I thought I'd make a point to myself: I need to pic a 'cleaner' background for my posted pics, LOL!

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:58AM (-07:00)

Friday, May 14, 2010
Just waiting for stays to dry.... (almost done with the corset project I am working on).

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 04:39PM (07:00)

Another one down!
Saturday, May 15, 2010
Finished another custom order. I am getting ready to take pics-- have to iron the chemise first-- and contact the patron. Then I will post a pic of it here.

Just waiting on fabric so that I can begin sewing another custom. Until then, I will get the dress dummy measured and made while I wait.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:56AM (-07:00)

So found out
Thursday, May 20, 2010
I found out the day before yesterday that the company who had caused delays with my previous project hadn't even shipped the second order 10 days after the order was placed and charged to my account. The customer service ladies were nice enough, but I
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will NOT order from them again unless I am simply refilling stock on my shelves-- not when I have a pending project. On the other hand, Fabric Guru seems reliable (Shout out to Adele for sending me in their direction!).

So again I have two projects on hold awaiting fabrics.... **whistling**

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:00AM (-07:00)

Back in town
Monday, June 21, 2010
Welp, it is back to work and this a good thing. Four big projects lined up for the next 30 days or so.

It is hot here in El Paso, for the past week reaching over 100o . For me, not to much of a problem, but for others it is hot.

I did get the leather doublet completed and wow, did that cause me misery. But as with all works of art, it also brought me joy.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:34PM (07:00)

1. Re: Back in town

- AdeleBedard

June 22, 2010

Did you use "real" leather? I like the color combo, nice look. After Washington, Texas must seem like you moved to Hell! Take care, Adele
2. Re: Back in town

- LadyDarcien
LOL! No, WA was hell for me. I love the heat.

June 22, 2010


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Yes, I used leather. For the most part it was ok; the part that gave trouble was the slash and "piping" along the skirting, epilets, and up the front. Each epilet was between 35hours worth of effort.
3. Re: Back in town

- AdeleBedard

June 22, 2010

Please let me know when you get the corset. I will take the measurements tonight when I get home. Sorry, what is the link again? Please send link to Queenbest@comcast.net. Thanks
4. Re: Back in town

- LadyDarcien

June 22, 2010

Sure here it is: http://sites.google.com/site/ladydarcien/customization/women-s-measurement-page Fedex and USPS have not come yet today-- but I will let you know as soon as I get it. I will use your personal blog.
5. Re: Back in town

- AdeleBedard

June 23, 2010

I had to ditch the link to the personal blog, Microsoft makes us clean out our favorites every once in a while. had to keep some business links, like they expect me to work? Can you resend lind to v-adeleb@microsoft.com. Thanks

Back in the Saddle
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
It took me a little bit of settling down, but I was finally able to sit down and get a partlet knocked out- -well to hand work. So first thing tomorrow will be handwork then into the mail! Woo-hoo! Man though, I love box pleats but it takes forever to do, LOL!

I have, back in my hands, the leather doublet I finished at the beginning of the month, to add a zipper and some snaps, per customer request. So that will be the other project I work on tomorrow. AND due to high heat and chubby thighs I may try to make a pair of bloomers for wear under my summer dresses-- and it will also due for wear under ren faire garments. I know it isn't period, but then we aren't in a mini ice age either, LOL!

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:38PM (-07:00)

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Last touches
Thursday, June 24, 2010
Finished the partlet and now ironing it and packaging to put in the mail. Then onto the touch-up project of the leather doublet.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:21AM (-07:00)

Is it Procrastination or problem solving?
Thursday, June 24, 2010
I have learned, mostly within the last 7 years, a lot about myself. One of these things is applicable to my sewing adventures and that is this: when I am stymied by something I can't move past it. I will puzzle about it to the exclusion of most anything else.. I have gotten better about just moving to another project until the old one solves itself in my mind. But I have shied away from this until recent years because of the fear I may not get back to it.

Anyway all that to say this: I worked on bloomers instead of the leather doublet because I didn't like the idea of adding a zipper. A puzzle. So tonight I ran to the craft store to look at other options. The ready ideas weren't possible, ie jean buttons (wrong style). But God did help me to alight on something, and its period even! I will do a lacing strip instead. I felt so much better because I was concerned that by adding the zipper I would risk ruining the leather. So tomorrow I will start afresh and should be able to get it into the mail either tomorrow or the next day. I am glad God helps me-- I usually like the ideas when I listen to Him. :) Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:13PM (-07:00)

Friday, June 25, 2010
Heading to the pool for a few minutes because I got the leather doublet completed (in great time!). It will go into the mail later today. Then onto another project. Still waiting for two other project parts to show up in the mail so I can start those too.


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Ok, cool water calling.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 02:06PM (-07:00)

Saturday, June 26, 2010
Took the time to rearrange my sewing materials. I had them organized before, but it wasn't conducive to my specific usage. So now it is clean and fresh and ready for projects galore. First thing, must get son's patches sewn onto his scout uniform... er, after a mini nap, LOL!

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 04:14PM (-07:00)

New sewing today
Sunday, June 27, 2010
Not even going to think about sewing today. But I am going to work on getting a video produced to demonstrate how measurements I need should be taken. I will post it here and on my website once it is complete.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 12:19PM (-07:00)

New Measuring Presentation (incomplete)
Sunday, June 27, 2010
You may, or may not, have noticed that there is a new "page" at the top of this blog for "Measuring". It is a quick reference page. For a little more resource, you can still visit my website: Lady Darcien Measuring page.

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


The video and therefore the presentation are as of yet still unfinished, but they should be up and going early this week.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:11PM (-07:00)

Prototype Corset up for Sale
Tuesday, June 29, 2010
I thought the corset would be less expensive, more cost worthy for those on a tighter budget, but even after adjusting my wage/hr down it still ended up being almost as much as the silk shell corset. The difference only being in the cost of materials. There was as much handwork as my original style. I think that if I can utilize a glue stick and my machine more, I could bring the cost down to a more reasonable price. Also, if I use metal grommets instead of hand couching the 20 holes (about 2.5hrs just in the couching). I would like to have noble options for those who can't afford the more costly, but I also want to present a nice courtly appearance.

I will experiment again over the next couple of weeks. I have a chemise and corset to make as a custom request starting tomorrow-- which reminds me! I need to get linen and reeds ordered tonight.

I will also do a set of sleeves and forepart to compliment the golden dress-- but to be a set sold separately. After that, I may do either a ready-made man or ready-made girl or boy. Two customs were put off due to account for customers needs- -so I will have a little time to do these other ready made items. All of this after a custom that I promised a friend about a year ago (or during, depending on measurements and materials getting to me). Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 06:54PM (-07:00)

Ahhhh, a good day
Wednesday, June 30, 2010
I, gratefully, had a satisfying day. Had to take a couple of trips to the craft store (dingy from time to time) but the corset is coming out rather nicely. The fabric was supplied by my patron and is wonderful because it is striped. Which means the 48
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

channel lines are already there. Woo-hoo! So down to hand work tomorrow and then just to wait on the linen to come. (I bought extra because I am due for a new chemise; the one I've been using for Etsy pics is 13 years old. So I bought a "sheer" sheer weight 2.8oz/yd. I hope i like it.)

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:13PM (-07:00)

Whoa! Kids....
Thursday, July 01, 2010
So I had planned on today being a handwork day--all day if necessary. But, alas, my son had to go to work. I had thought to send my daughter to take him then she could do the grocery shopping too. However, she informed me that her wallet (id and drivers license) were in the car dad had taken to work. Which of course meant that I was the one who had to take my son to work and do the grocery shopping. That stole about 3-4 hours today. Ugh. So I did get a good chunk done when I got home. Tomorrow I just need to couch the grommets.

I got the measurement verification for my friend's dh-- so while i await the linen tomorrow and the rest of the weekend, I will be working on his once I have finished the corset.

Since I logged about 7hours today, I will take some time now to do some writing.


Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:04PM (-07:00)

Saturday, July 03, 2010
I didn't get in here last night before bed. I had to undo a part of the corset i was working on as the reeds didn't work like i wanted; so now , i must wait for the new ones to come in the mail. This is good, it was a learning experience and now i know that dye can not be stripped from reeds.

However, the linen did come in the mail. It has been washed, dried, cut and ironed.

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Today i will get it sewn together.-- woo-hoo!

And apparently we have a BBQ to go to tonight, but Mr. Nibbs (son number 2, child number 3) will be home from a week long camp. yea! The Pickle has missed his best friend (and he used me as the surrogate until his brother got home,argh, LOL).

Ok finishing business then on to sewing.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 06:48AM (-07:00)

ok so change in plans.
Saturday, July 03, 2010
ok so change in plans. Chappy came home and said," hurry! We can get a spot for the parade!" So we hurried down here and now Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:50AM (-07:00)

Despite Myself
Saturday, July 03, 2010
So despite my lethargic, pathetic mood today, I did finally get the chemise done. I have to say, I actually like it a lot! It is a full length, the first I've ever made actually. I normally make a thigh length chemise as it saves on materials (about 2 yards). I mean, no one is going to see under my gown so that seemed fine. But the look of a full chemise has a nice appeal. I did buy some extra linen, finer weight 2.8oz/yd) to make a new chemise, but it will only be thigh length. The next time I get linen I will see about getting extra to make a full length for myself, especially fro winter wear.

So I just need to add hook and eyes to the chemise when it comes out of the washer and wait on the reeds for the corset. I will turn my eyes to another custom work until the reeds arrive.

I hope you have a patriotic Independence Day 2010! Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:32PM (-07:00)


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Sunday, July 04, 2010
This is fantastically creative! From MariansMale on Etsy.com KIWI KILT WEARABLE ART WRAP SKIRTOOAK by mariansmale on Etsy

(Plus I am playing with the options on Google Chrome) Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 01:19PM (-07:00)

Renaissance Noble Woman's Chemise Full Length by LadyDarcien
Monday, July 05, 2010
Renaissance Noble Woman's Chemise Full Length by LadyDarcien This is the newest product at Designs by Rhenn on Etsy.com. So much of this garment is hand done or extra care has been taken in its construction. Each raw edge is finished with a 1/8" lingerie seam; each band is hand finished, keeping the raw edges trapped and seams invisible; each box pleated ruff is hand measured. Small hook and eyes make it easy to keep the garment on. The care in construction is felt the moment it slips over your head. Posted by Lady Darcien at 04:31PM (-07:00)

two more hours
Tuesday, July 06, 2010
I have to two more hours to log today-- working on getting trim and bead work on the forepart-- but I am taking a break. I am just a little blue today. Don't know why, I mean I can't trace it to any normally known source. I know I am impatient to get the trim and reeds and hair supply and essential oils in the mail, but I don't think that is it. Maybe just a blue day.

Any-who. The new forepart and sleeves will be sold as a matching set, but they are designed to compliment the Golden Velvet Noble gown I have at Etsy.com . I am keeping them separate because sometimes all a wardrobe needs is freshening, and just like those in the renaissance, the most cost effective way to do this was to change sleeves and forepart. On a personal note, Warehouse 13 is on SyFy tonight-- woo-hoo! (And I am watching

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


right now).

Ok Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 04:01PM (07:00)

1. Re: two more hours

- AdeleBedard

July 07, 2010

That is a wonderful gown. Did you design the sleeves yourself? I love them. You are one of the fastest workers I have seen in a long time but your work looks like you took a lot of time to do it. What a fabulous combination.
2. Re: two more hours

- LadyDarcien

July 07, 2010

Thank you, Adele. The sleeves were copied from a portrait cir.1575 (if I remember correctly). It is the only portrait I've seen with these sleeves. It is also one of the very few times I've seen cinched skirts. If you go to Designs by Rhenn Etsy site you can see the portrait I copied it from. This dress was one I had made earlier this year-- I am just now getting to making sleeves and forepart to compliment it. And it did take a long time. Mostly because of the handmade piping; there is a LOT of it, LOL! That is why this gown costs so much. The green and gold Italian gown I have on Etsy is quite a bit less, because it took a lot less time. And both have the same items attached, ie sleeves, bodice and skirt. I have been blessed with your support and patience. Thank you, Adele.
3. Re: two more hours

- AdeleBedard

July 07, 2010

Just one more question...how do you attach the stomacher? At Hever Castle they pinned it on with straight pins, very long and with a curl at the top so they are easy to remove. I've seen these pins at Pennsic, might be able to find on internet.
4. Re: two more hours

- LadyDarcien

July 07, 2010

There is no stomacher. This was one of the few designs where I used an idea rather than the actual. So the 'V' in the front is attached permanently, not a separate stomacher. I have seen them laced in and pinned in-- though never personally, only while surfing the net or ready my sewing books.
5. Re: two more hours

- LadyDarcien

July 07, 2010

How is your stomacher coming along? You know, Amazon Pickling and Drygoods might just have the pins. I know you can find something on line for them, but I think they still used printed catalogs: http://www.amazondrygoods.com/
6. Re: two more hours


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

- AdeleBedard

July 07, 2010

My stomacher is almost done, now onto the beading. I found a beautiful pattern from a 1590's sleeve and have used that. Wonderful flowers and vines. I'm putting beads in the centers of the flowers and beading the vines. I used silk thread to make the flowers, usually I use cotton but decided to go one step beyond the comfort zone! When its done I'll send you pics for your site
7. Re: two more hours

- LadyDarcien
Oh, I can't wait! Will it be done by August?
8. Re: two more hours

July 07, 2010

- AdeleBedard

July 07, 2010

I think so. I HOPE so. I made sleeves for the green doublet and have been trying out doublet designs using navy gimp. I don't want it to look too military but I do want a structured design. My daughter is studing for the bar so I have been babysitting her standard french poodle. It is very hard to sew with him around...he demands your attention!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010
Ok, got most of the forepart done. I just need to add tie ribbons to the sides and top of the forepart, so that it can be added to the wardrobe pieces. Tomorrow, until the mail comes anyway, I will be finishing the forepart then beginning the sleeves.

Awww, how cool! Warehouse 13 has the coolest steampunk top!

ok,back to the show.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 06:31PM (-07:00)

Historical Reference
Wednesday, July 07, 2010
Everything I do on a garb I try to find historical reference to back it up. Sometimes this is done backwards, ie I design first then find something to prove I was on the right track (this happens usually because I had seen something somewhere and it stuck in my brain, I just have to prove it). Other times I am inspired.

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


The Golden Velvet Gown I have on Etsy was a little of both. The 'V' isn't quit period, though it has a period feel. I had created the Ice Blue 'Wedding' gown and liked it enough that I did it in golden velvet too. But I had wanted to attach a pair of Spanish Sleeves. Then one day, thankfully before I had cut the sleeves, I was surfing for proof for a design when I can across this portrait. I fell in love with the sleeves and felt that they were perfect for the golden velvet, as the design would showcase the lining nicely. Something that is not seen often (I have never seen it else where personally) is the cinched overskrit on the golden portrait above. The golden gown is an example of design first, proof later.

For the Green and Gold Italian gown, I tried to copy the over all feel as close as I could to this design-- so this is an example of inspiration first.

Eleanora de'Medici Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:06AM (-07:00)


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Discount Silk Fabric - Dupioni Silk
Wednesday, July 07, 2010
Discount Silk Fabric - Dupioni Silk What a great place to look for silks! Fabric.com Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:14AM (-07:00)

A sneak peak
Wednesday, July 07, 2010
I just have a little handwork to do at the top, but here is the sneak peak of the forepart. I will get the handwork done today, and then may start the sleeves.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 12:55PM (-07:00)

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


What it looks like
Wednesday, July 07, 2010
So, I took a quick pick, with the golden skirt, of the new forepart.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 02:38PM (-07:00)

1. Re: What it looks like

- AdeleBedard

July 08, 2010

You need to put a pearl at every spot where the lines intersect, looks good and keeps the trim from moving too much, Nice job.
2. Re: What it looks like

- LadyDarcien
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

July 08, 2010

LOL, there are pearls and gold spherical beads at the junctions for just that reason.
3. Re: What it looks like

- AdeleBedard
I'm sorry, I didn't see that. My eyes must be going also!
4. Re: What it looks like

July 08, 2010

- LadyDarcien

July 08, 2010

LOL, No, the pic doesn't highlight it well. The gold spheres won't show well unless in the sunlight where the rays can catch the filigree. The pearls are freshwater pearls.
5. Re: What it looks like

- LadyDarcien

July 08, 2010

Though, if you want to see them, you can click the picture for a larger one then click it again to zoom in.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010
It was very gratifying to have Ashleigh comment the moment she came in that she really liked the forepart. That is really saying something as she doesn't like the colors normally and only wears noble garb to humor me. She wasn't as big a fan of the sleeves, but then I can't win them all, LOL!

My shampoo came in the mail today-- yeah. Now I will see if the product does what it says it will do. I have long hair and must be careful.

Ok, night for now.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:04PM (-07:00)

Sleeves and Forepart are done
Thursday, July 08, 2010
Yea, got em done! Here is the pic seen with the golden velvet: Yea! The trim came, though I confess I was hoping the reeds would be in first. But that does mean I can work on my friends wardrobe until the reeds come in. I also need to get a little girls wardrobe made-- I see a serious lack of young girl garb in my shop, LOL!

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 03:54PM (-07:00)

Digging in
Thursday, July 08, 2010
Digging in to the process of building a business on Etsy I was introduced to the f o l l o w i n g t w o s i t e s : http://craftopolis.comom/ and http://craftcult.com/ . These are the kind of tools that would cut down some of the time I spend on Etsy trying to see what has happened with my customers over the time since I last was in. This excites me! Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 04:42PM (-07:00)

Yesterday, today
Friday, July 09, 2010
Have been up since about 6:30a and have cleaned some of the floors and kitchen. Today, I will be working on the fantasy garb for my friends dh (the trim finally came in).

I felt a little nostalgic today: This was the first RennFaire garb I ever attempted and the beginning of my desire to better my skill and grow in my imagination. My next project, my daughter's 4year old garb, was 100% better. (Some day I will post it if I can find it again.) Ok off to start projects and maybe hunt for the pic. 58
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 06:40AM (-07:00)

A new page for the blog
Friday, July 09, 2010
I went ahead and built a calendar page for edification for those who wish to know if I can get to their project in a timely manner : Calendar of Events and a new countdown for the Texas Renaissance Festival .

New Season Countdown

Ciao for now,

Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:40AM (-07:00)

Not quite...
Friday, July 09, 2010
Not quite the right reeds and not quite a full 6hour day, but good. I got the wrong reeds so had order a new set. Now I have to wait until next week (argh). But I did get a great start on the under-doublet today, for my friend's dh. He wanted a Ezio (from Assassin's Creed video game). There are two doublets and a pair of venetians. I will have to ad-lib sleeves though.
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


But I also came to a finalized idea for a young girls garb-- as my Etsy store is missing an example of that. (I will use one of my sons as the dress dummy, LOL). So when I am done with Ezio and the reed corset, I will begin work on the girls garb. Unless I am commissioned for something new. Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:57PM (-07:00)

1. Re: Not quite...

- AdeleBedard

July 10, 2010

You can make the girls' garb for my friend's daughter! Yeah. I will start looking for fabric this weekend and get her measurements so you can start, cool. It's wonderful how these things work out!Talk soon.
2. Re: Not quite...

- LadyDarcien

July 10, 2010

Oh! I didn't know you were waiting for me. I would have given you the heads up with the emails yesterday, LOL! Of course I can certainly get started with your project-- so far all those who had said they wanted something from this summer have either not gotten back in contact with me (even after I've attempted several times to reach them) or


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

economy driven decisions. Long story short, I look forward to getting to work on the project. Here is the link for my measurements page-- the presentation demonstrates what I look for in measurements, if you want to take a look at that too-http://sites.google.com/site/ladydarcien/customization/women-s-measurement-page The pic I posted above is based on -- OMG I just realized it looks exactly like the pic you sent! Hahahahah!-- I was actually basing the design on the fabrics I have on hand. Oh good grief! I will have to design the one above differently!

Saturday, July 10, 2010
Ok, so since my brain, subconsciously, supplied a design a friend of mine had suggested for a project for her, I had re think. Here is the new concept.

The changes: There is a new sleeve and cap design. Instead of the puff 'ball' at the shoulder, I will do a roll and then the sleeve will have a slash/puff effect with the new silk introduced. I will also add the over parlet also made of the new butter gold silk. The same, the skirt. Didn't need to change that, LOL! The fabric and trim selections.

Ciao for now, Related articles by Zemanta • Projects " Creations " Crochet Belts (cutoutandkeep.net) Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:31AM (-07:00)

Sunday, July 11, 2010
Today is Sunday, which means no sew. That does mean I spend time getting 'business' done. I found a free inventory/ stock program yesterday, which should help keep my stock in order. That means, though, that today will be spent moving my
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


inventory/stock from my spreadsheet to this new program. I am employing Ashleigh to work on checking my stock this week.

Ok off to work! Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 11:57AM (-07:00)

1. Re: Stock

- Jestersmother

July 12, 2010

Hello Darcien, it me Kathryn. I was wondering how you learned so much about business. Did you study it in college? I own a dental lab but my husband does the business part of it and I want to know more. I was just wondering where you learned that part of your business besides being an amazing designer.
2. Re: Stock

- LadyDarcien

July 12, 2010

Hi Kathryn! I am so glad you stopped by. I love the inet-- almost too much, LOL. I will often start working on something then find something new to research-- I often have 7-1 tabs open at once, LOL! I save links to visit later, because sometimes it just gets overwhelming, if I try to do it all at once. I also have friends who will mention something in passing and I research it. I will try to get back later if you have other questions (I am in a school orientation at the moment.) Thanks again! Ciao for now
3. Re: Stock

- LadyDarcien
oops, 7-10 tabs, LOL
4. Re: Stock

July 12, 2010

- LadyDarcien

July 12, 2010

I have not yet attended college/university-- maybe when my last child is out of the house, 8 years from now-- :o If you are interested in the stock/inventory program, it is from http://www.nchsoftware.com/inventory/index.html.. I also use http://www.timesheetsmts.com/freesoftware.htmas a free timesheet keeper. It's pretty simple, but useful if you have only one employee. I actually liked another one better, but as I am still smaller than small business, I needed something free. (Unfortunately I can't find it right now, sorry).


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

How very deja-vu-y-- er or something like that
Sunday, July 11, 2010
Image via CrunchBase I was thinking the other day about how all my "cool" ideas could be saved for posterity. I mean how often have you, or you hear of someone, find in the remote corner of an attic a piece of paper, a letter with even the most mundane thoughts captured about daily life, major or minor events in someone's life. But when your thoughts are captured in cyber space, how could your descendants possibly find your thoughts in an attic corner. Then there it was. It popped up on my dashboard advertisement. One can actually get a bound book with your blog posts as the meat of the book! Dude! So I thought, that once a year, like right after the new year turns over, I will get my thoughts from the previous year bound.

I am giddy, LOL!

If you too are interested and you use Blogger (Google) you can find it here: Blog2Print .

Ciao for now, Related articles by Zemanta • Using Google Docs with Blogger (brighthub.com) • Google adds real-time stats to Blogger (slyvisions.com) Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:40PM (-07:00)

Freezing in El Paso, TX
Monday, July 12, 2010
Right now we are on break from our parent orientation at UTEP and I am freezing!!! To counter the heat outside, the powers that be always seem to think the temp in the building should be arctic. Ugh. I didn't bring a jacket, I am wearing sandals, and I still have damp hair, LOL. Ok getting ready to start again.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:34AM (-07:00)
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Monday, July 12, 2010
Or interesting. I was checking my analytics before we get underway and noticed that both on June 11 and July 11 the trips to my Etsy.com store double/triple-- reaching almost 100. Wonder what happens on the 11th that it would do such a thing. Yesterday was sunday but June 11 was a friday... Hmmmm. Curiouser and curiouser.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 11:27AM (-07:00)

1. Re: Odd

- AdeleBedard

July 12, 2010

I will tell you why. It is getting closer to Faire season in most eastern states and sometimes you just want a new little thing for your garb. You are the only one I have ever found that offers that!
2. Re: Odd

- LadyDarcien
Ahh, that is a good point.

July 12, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010
Image via Wikipedia Another toy for the inet. I was signing onto my blog looking to see if there was a way to improve the experience and I decided to check out the Blogger blog. On it was a gadget for Zemanta. This is a gadget that, when you are writing a blog post, will analyze the text and then make suggestions for other blogs, articles, and images that may pertain to your blog post. I thought I would try it out and see the value. As this is supposed to be a sewing blog, I will now write more about sewing trials and tribulations and see what happens.

I am doing a project pro bono because I promised a year ago, before I began my Etsy.com business for Designs by Rhenn. The design that was chosen by my friend was Ezio from Assassins Creed II . (wow it just gave me the option of linking to Assassins Creed on Wiki and the option for the pic). It is a fantasy garb that consists of two doublets and a I will make venetians and set of sleeves for it. The sleeves will be a match to the bottom doublet. The fabric used will be a charcoal gray with silver accents on the bottom, 64
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

a dove gray with red accents for the top doublet and the venetians will be made from the same as the bottom doublet.

I am trying to bring a little bit of Elizabethan touches to the garb so that he can use the venetians and the over doublet on faire days, if he do desires.

Interesting. I think it might work. I will try a 'normal' blog post tomorrow (or if anything else tickles my fancy tonight....OH!)

So I couldn't sleep last night, probably due to eating nothing but protein and too close to bed time. Therefore my mind was on high speed-- I had ideas skittering about my brain for garbs and final details for already thought of designs. I was in the sewing room roughing sketches for a jester garb for a woman and another for a man, a merchant class garb for a woman, and a black and gray nobles garb for a man. If you are interested, or know of someone who is, in seeing the design I have for the upcoming designs, you can email me at designs.by.rhenn@gmail.com or text/call 915) 996-1533. We can discuss making the new garb in the size you wish.

Oh! Another idea! I think i will create a page here as well as on my Designs by Rhenn website, where I can post the designs I have in mind as well as the drawings of past designs.... Hmmmm. I like it.

Ok off to consider.

Ciao for now, Related articles by Zemanta • Zemanta, easier / better blogging? (moonflowerdragon.blogspot.com) • Site Renovation and Advertising (rpgblog2.com) Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:11PM (-07:00)

Creative Commons Licencing
Monday, July 12, 2010
Image via Wikipedia

Something to keep in mind when you are putting your intellectual property out there on the world wide web: Creative Commons Licencing. This is a tool that you embed on your
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


blog or websites that tells those who visit that what is found is yours-- and it is legally binding. Choose a License this web link will take you to an easy to use website to create your creative licence for free! Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:43PM (-07:00)

I didn't blog!
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Image via Wikipedia Man i was wiped out yesterday-- still not sure what is causing me to be so lethargic but sometimes it just hits me. Ugh. I do think it may be diet related. So today I started with a bowl of oatmeal instead of a latte or bowl of Grapenuts. We'll see if I can maintain a day without my latte-

However, I did get a new design drawn up and put on our Designs by Us page (for a man). I also have a website. I keep it because I feel I should, but I don't know that it is used, LOL! It does have some informational sections: a measurements page, a glossary page, and a gallery.

Hoping, after grocery shopping, that I will get the first doublet finished (30min) and then the next doublet too.

Ciao for now, Related articles by Zemanta • Coffee Love: Latte Bowls (apartmenttherapy.com) Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:53AM (-07:00)

Under to hand
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Image via Wikipedia The under-doublet is down to hand work. This means hand sewing the lining down. I can only go so far as I am awaiting hook and eye strips from my friend (she has a store near her that has one side-one yd segments for $1. So for 1yd both sides it is only $2- -compared to the normal $5-6 for 1/2yd. Even with shipping to me, it is still a huge savings).

Now I will cut the the over doublet-- oh, crud!!! I just realized as I look at the close fitting under-doublet the venetians may be too much! Argh. I guess I will have to make 66
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

something between venetians and canions. Anywho, I will get the over-doublet (normally this would actually be a jerkin, but it will able to worn on its own, so it is a doublet) cut and tomorrow sewn down to handwork.

I am trying to get everything down to hand work that I can so that I can take it with me when I go on a retreat this weekend.

Ciao for now, Related articles by Zemanta

• A History of Clothing Fasteners (clothing-design.suite101.com) Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:59PM (-07:00)

Design update
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
I added two new design concepts to the Designs by Us page. To see the details please visit that page. Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:10PM (-07:00)

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Thursday, July 15, 2010
I stopped at Goodwill when I was dropping my dh off at work and I picked up three dresses. The first is a short wedding gown that I am hoping to change into a fairy queen gown. The other two dresses are slouchy and one is embroidered; I will combine them into one and make a fairy garb named "Heather" (or somesuch: Calluna vulgaris) as the colors are green and purple. This is my first attempt at upcycling and hope it produces desirable results. :)

I had actually been looking for watches to start a cache for steampunk designs, but not one watch! I will have to check other second hand stores.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:23AM (-07:00)

Friday, July 16, 2010
Image via Wikipedia For some reason i want to be writing today. I may just be procrastinating- but sometimes the creative juices flow for ren fair garb and other times for writing. Though, I do have to go to the laundr-o-mat today, our machine broke


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yesterday. Maybe I will do some writing then.

It gets hot here, over 100o on a regular basis, and that maybe why I can't bring myself to do much sewing in the evening... too sticky hot, LOL.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010
Image via Wikipedia Yesterday, I needed to express some creativity so I took about an hour or so and put the green second-hand dress on the dress dummy. I cut up two seams, removed all but two buttons and folded the neck line down to bring the cleavage into view. I then pinned ribbon and gauze to the garment to see what the new effects will be. The next thing I did was to place mock-up fabric (old bed sheet) along the waist cyncher area. The final touch in my mock-up state, I cut up the seams of the other, purple, dress and... ah, ah, ah! don't want to reveal too much! **wink** I can say this, though, it is the start of my up-cycle Elven Series. The title will be "Heather of the Fae Realm" from the Elven Series. I hope to get it up on Etsy soon. My second-hand adventures earlier this week led to another find that will kick off my Faerie Series. More on that when the time comes.

I do need to still cover the fantasy I am doing for a friend, but I am having trouble drumming up the gumption. I do think I will move my sewing time from noon on to 6a-11a (extra if I feel up to it). While I adore hot temperatures, my body I think is still getting accustomed to it and the afternoons get to hot for me. So a schedule shift should be helpful.

At the moment, I am in Cloudcroft, NM enjoying a nice retreat. I am sorely missing my retreat buddies from WA (Heather, Lynnette), but it is a nice location.

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1. Re: Sigh

- Anonymous

July 18, 2010

I miss you so much in so many ways. I miss seeing your work in person. It is so wonderful. I feel so lucky to have a dress made by you.-Lynnette
2. Re: Sigh

- LadyDarcien
We miss you guys too!

July 18, 2010

Adding money?
Sunday, July 18, 2010
I finally decided to monetize the blogs, purely as a "why not". Now that I am back in town I will work on the elven dress. Had to go across town to the less than satisfactory Joann's because the Hooby Lobby is closed on Sundays. I will have to trust that the ribbons that I could find will suffice.

Ok, I suppose it is off to work. oh yeah! I am building a 'construction' post on my Mistress Rhenn's Sewing Blog page that details the process by which I am transforming the upcycled items. It isn't posted yet as I wish to finish it first and make the post complete.

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Heather from the Elven Series is here!
Monday, July 19, 2010
The "Heather" dress from the Elven Series Modeled by Ashleigh I am so excited! The up-cycled fantasy costume, "Heather" from my Elven series, is done! It was about 6 hours worth of work and about $54 worth of materials-- lots and lots of ribbons, LOL! I have completed the notes on the reconstruction of the second hand dresses into a new and 70

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vibrant fantasy garb and posted it to my Mistress Rhenn's Sewing Blog .

If you wish to consider Heather as an option for your ren faire wardrobe, you can visit it at my Etsy.com store by Clicking this link: Heather. Ashleigh was gracious enough to model it for me as I took pictures.

As a personal note, I started my sewing day at 6:30a (30min later than i had planned, but it was a phenomenal change. I believe the change is a good choice and will continue with the new schedule. Which leads me to two more bits of news. Yesterday when I returned home from the retreat, I had a request for a custom corset-- won't happen until September, but it is a blessing none-the-less. But today! I received fabric from another of my repeat customers to make a girl's garb. Yea! I will make a chemise, farthingale, bodice (lightly boned), sleeves, underskirt, and over skirt. Lots of work, maybe two weeks worth or less if this new work schedule bears out. Squee!

Ok, off the swimming pool before doing household chores.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010
I am happy. The reeds came in the mail yesterday afternoon, so today was spent finishing the corset for a wonderful customer. It did take longer than I thought so the little girl stuff won't get started until tomorrow. Although, after so many mix-ups I will also be working on a bunch of alterations for the Bishops of our church. NOTE: I dislike alterations-- this was a gift to God, LOL! But the things will finally be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Wait. So I can start the girl's tomorrow morning after all. Cool!

Any-who, headed out the pool then chores. Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 12:39PM (-07:00)

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Bookkeeping caught up
Tuesday, July 20, 2010
I have been sitting on receipts for a little while and took the time tonight to get them inputted. Other things filed and messed around on Etsy Treasury. http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c46220d3f47 6d9118237328/school-shopping-startshere?index= 0

I am thinking I will get the fabric cut for the chemise and consider the farthingale for the little girl. I received the fabric yesterday for it from my customer. I love the color scheme, Peacock. Teal and rust. I will have to get hooping wire ordered soon.

Tomorrow afternoon I should receive the alterations that I need to accomplish too.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010
The handwork is next for the chemise, bumroll, and farthingale for the young girl. Tomorrow I will start the underskirt.

The beginning of my sewing day began with categorizing and calculating what I need to accomplish for the cleric vestments I agreed to alter. So tomorrow I will start the hemming and 'easy' stuff.

Ciao for now, 72
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Friday, July 23, 2010
I am so excited about this garb! I hope the little girl likes it! Forepart/ underskirt

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Gift Certificates now available!
Saturday, July 24, 2010
Thanks to a fantastic suggestion from a great customer, Designs by Rhenn now offers gift certificates. They are customized for the person you are gifting and with your name (if you so choose) as the giver. You can contact Designs by Rhenn directly via email or text/call us at 915.996.1533 and you can designate any amount you wish. For a nicely printed customized gift certificate. If you would like to offer a gift certificate via email you can use this link to order and print straight from Paypal:

I will get the clergy garments disassembled today, then to the fun stuff-- the overskirt for the little girl.

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Website Updates
Saturday, July 24, 2010
Image via Wikipedia I spent lots of time today getting my webpage updated. I started by adding the Gift Certificate through paypal option and ended up revamping the slideshows on the gallery page, which naturally led to reorganizing and digging up photos to accurately portray my portfolio. The only thing missing is the photos of Karen from last year and the Lady Bertha photos--I managed to lose the years 2002-07. Ugh.

Ciao for now, 74
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Vestment Disassembled
Sunday, July 25, 2010
Image via Wikipedia I took the time today to get the collars removed and pinned from the chasubles and the trim and necessary seams popped on the stohls. Tomorrow, it should be simple enough to reapply the collars and shorten the chasubles. If I don't take the time to start the overskirt for the little girl, I will do the overskirt the morning of Tuesday -which is also Pickle's Birthday. We will be doing some sort of activity in the late morning and most of the rest of the day. Wednesday, i will finish the stohls and get the vestments into the mail by Thursday. I will then work on the bodice Thursday, sleeves Friday for the little girl garb. I will then get it mailed on Monday. I will finish work on the fantasy for my friend during the week and get it into the mail nlt than Monday of the following week. On another frustrating note. The dog loves me so much he wanted to be as close to me as possible. He demonstrated this by tearing up my oldest Chemise. He apparently felt the same for Ashleigh because he destroyed her farthingale. Ah well. I needed a new chemise anyway and Ash may never dress noble again (she has me making a fantasy/steampunk wardrobe next).

An exciting note: I went to the second hand store today and found: • • • • • • pocket watch broach orange dress purple dress taupe dress Gray dress All to be used for up-cycling Elven Series. (Oops, pocket watch may be for ashleigh or other steampunk design.)

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Monday, July 26, 2010
My UPillar.com store To increase our viewing base we set up a store on UPillar over the weekend (along with building gift certificates-- this is what happens when I start a project on the inet and then end up in about 20 other locations, LOL) The items listed on our UPillar store are the things we have ready made for sale. These are all unique designs in a particular size. Several of the items can span two, maybe three, sizes. If you have a question, please contact us via email, designs.by.rhenn@gmail.com , or call/text

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I love it when a plan comes together... well on its way anyway
Monday, July 26, 2010
Image via Wikipedia I planned on getting four chasubles done and I will do the handwork tonight. I had also planned on getting the over-skirt down to handwork and it is ready for sedentary work now too. Yea! So I will try to get the other four ready for handwork tomorrow night too. Then that leaves the stohls handwork on Wednesday.

I just found out that we may not, or may, be going to on a retreat this weekend. I hope that we aren't going because I maybe able to get the child's wardrobe done this weekend then.

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Pickle's Birthday Celebration
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Image via Wikipedia The Pickle turned 10 today-- my last one to reach the double digits. We spent a good portion of the day at Wet and Wild water park. Then the boys and I ran around getting ice cream sundays and his desired birthday gifts. I did get 76
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some hand work done. Tomorrow will be a diligent day for me-- dedicated to the finishing of the vestments.

I spent a little time before we went to the water park getting the website set-up for selling. I copied the ready-made products to the 'catalog' pages of the website; I also got the Paypal buttons set up for this. I did this because I started a small ad campaign with Google AdWords. It will be a short one, one that won't cost too much in case I mess up; it'll run from today through August 1. We will see if it is any better a prospect than the ads on Facebook have been--maybe even sell the designs already made. I want them to be worn and loved. I hope, and pray, they find homes soon.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010
I like when the mail comes and supplies are in it. The hooping wire came today. I won't get to the littler girl's hoop skirt till Saturday- I will take it and the over skirt with me on another retreat this weekend.

Ok, back to work on the alterations. I have finally settled on a course of action and have settled into a bit of a groove. Praying that I get it all done by 3pm tomorrow so that I can get it mailed tomorrow afternoon.

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Vestments in the Mail
Friday, July 30, 2010
Image by alison scarpulla via Flickr The vestments went into the mail this evening. I didn't go on the retreat. So tomorrow, in between cleaning, I will be working on the little girl's garments. We have a guest coming for a couple of nights starting Sunday. I did work a little this evening on redesigning the gallery page on my website.

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kk falling asleep as I got up at 5:45a today.

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Out for the Count
Sunday, August 01, 2010
Image via Wikipedia I awoke this morning, got a few errands run, picked up my son, ate lunch, spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with severe headaches and vomiting. I didn't get much done. Tomorrow I will attempt to make up for lost time. We do have a guest coming, so we will have to see.

The Christmas in July sale is over, but we will be offering deals soon! So keep your eyes peeled.

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I have dorky moments
Sunday, August 01, 2010
Image via Wikipedia So I was attempting to set a re-bar in the ground, the kind that is used for temporary fencing you sometimes see on the side of the highway or around construction sites. I was wearing my thong sandals, my foot slipped and I probably should have gone to the hospital. But I really didn't feel like the hassle in dealing with that. So instead I instructed my dh to put a few drops of therapeutic grade lavender on the wound itself and on the bandage. He then wrapped it. It hurts, but I think it will be ok.

Hobbling around I helped get the household chores done to prepare for our guest. Chappy and I took a nap together and then our friend came. It was good to see him again. Right now Chappy and he are taking a walk to see some of the beautiful sites around us. I, of course, have had to sit it out.


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In a few minutes, I will work on the farthingale and overskirt handwork that I had hoped to finish yesterday.

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1. Re: I have dorky moments

- AdeleBedard

August 02, 2010

Darcien, If the re-bar was made of steel you need to get a shot so you don't get anything worse than bad cut! One of my friends got a cut from some work he was doing and ended up in the hospital for 3 months from the infection. At least have it looked at. Please be careful! Take care.

Dinner for Schmucks
Tuesday, August 03, 2010
Image by melolou via Flickr I could not stop laughing! It was funnier than anything I've seen lately. Ashleigh, Chappy, and our guest were almost literally rolling on the floor.

I logged about 10.5hrs yesterday working on the bodice and finishing handwork that I kept meaning to get to. There is a little more handwork on the overskirt, but I had finally gotten it to the point that I could do the bodice. I have hand work on the bodice today. If I get enough done, I will work on the sleeves today too. Otherwise that will be tomorrows project.

Ok off now to work.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 06:25AM (-07:00)

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Still setting and couching
Tuesday, August 03, 2010
Image via Wikipedia I ran out of grommets and needed floss so I have the bodice down to this last set of steps. I will be working on the sleeves tomorrow and hopefully finishing up all the little details that go into finishing the last of a project. Today was a normal 6hour day; I suspect that tomorrow will be a 10hour day. I will post a pic tomorrow-- after my customer has seen it.

Ok. Will try to get some writing done tonight.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Squee-squee-squee-squee-squee!!!! Woo-hoo- I am down to handwork on the little girl's gown. The sleeves are done-- the bodice, done-- the skirts, done -- the farthingale and chemise, done and done. Now I will be working through evening (well after a dip in the pool) on the handwork. I think I should be able to get it done tonight. Maybe tomorrow at the latest.

I then have a set of sleeves and another corset commissioned, in addition to the pro bono for my friend. And then, too, there are the ready made projects I have planned too.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:22PM (07:00)


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Losing my slave-- er daughter-- today-- Doh!
Thursday, August 05, 2010
I got the sleeves hand finished and attached to the bodice and 4 grommets couched. Ashleigh, ie the slave, was called this morning to work from 10a to close-- that is why I am losing her help. She is a great coucher. So she is getting done what she can do before I run her to work. I am working on getting the little things done on the rest, ie hook and eyes added, the final handwork on the overskirt to seal the last seams, etc.

Ok to work. (I will try to be a bit less matter of fact and concise in the future. Actually not sure most people want me to be more verbose, LOL!)

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 06:58AM (07:00)

Sore fingers, happy heart
Thursday, August 05, 2010
Image via Wikipedia I am thrilled to say: The LIttle Girl Garb (custom request) is done! I will get nicer pics (I hope) tomorrow first thing, box it up and figure out the shipping. I then have a set of sleeves and a corset to do. But before those two projects, I need to clean my sewing area. I don't take the time during the project to do this as the creative juices are flowing and can't be bothered with the mundane, LOL!

I love the actual act of couching a grommet, but boy does it make my fingers sore! I had over 20 grommets to couch, though Ashleigh did about 6 of them. A grommet takes from 10-15min to couch. That adds up, LOL!

I always line everything I make. This adds to the cost in material and time. More handwork goes into finishing a garment that has a lining. I could leave a skirt unlined, but
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there is always a concern in mind for when the wind whips up. Two things factor in. Firstly, the wind whips it open and the ugly seams show. Secondly, the lining helps to weigh the skirt down so that the whipping wind has a harder time getting you to flash your underskirt.

I usually like to line a set of sleeves with silk, for the same reason linings for suits and dresses now days have a slick fabric--it helps slide your arms in. I use silk instead of a 'silky' because it breaths and is light weight. The only time I don't use it is when I am specifically instructed not to.

Welp, going to go get ice cream from the freezer and do a little site maintnance while DH watches "Cheers" on the TV.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:20PM (-07:00)

Web Forms
Saturday, August 07, 2010
Image by Eric Bégin via Flickr Getting to blogs late today. I spent well over 12hours working with a new forms creator. I am so very happy! I have always wanted my customization forms and measurement forms to have graphics for demonstration purposes. And up until now, I hadn't found the one I liked. But this new company rocks! And it is free! Full access for up to 100 forms. Since I probably won't need that many, it may always be free for me. However, if I did ever find myself in need of more than 100, I would probably pay for it readily. The company is Jotform.

Not only can I add photos, I can add so much and it is drag and drop. While I can dabble in HTML, I don't like to because I have to look everything up. Jotform just made it so easy.

Ok, I am falling asleep at the wheel here. Night all

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Inventory and Forepart
Sunday, August 08, 2010
The new child forepart I am making for ready to sell. There will be a skirt, bodice, sleeves, and over-partlet. The sizing is just a few inches bigger than the child's wardrobe I just finished this past week. Tomorrow I will begin the sleeves for my customer. For sure it will be calculated, drafted and cut. I will probably sew it the next day-- depending on how long it takes. I may also work on the overskirt for the child's wardrobe-- we'll see. I did finally get the thread and ribbon in my inventory logged in. I still need to get more trims and the fancies logged too. Ok off to bed. Night everyone Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:35PM (-07:00)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Image by έŁέ¢τяøиί¢ έγέ via Flickr Whew-yesterday was draining and I didn't even have to pay attention, LOL! I went with Ashleigh to her orientation at UTEP; we had to be up and out and at the orientation by 7:30a. I, however, was up at 4:30a. Ugh. By the time I got home, I was wiped out. Went to the pool first, still not revived laid on my bed and answered emails, then fell asleep. LOL! Still can't wake up, but I must as I was supposed to work on the skirt yesterday for a customer. So today will most likely be a long day-- skirt and sleeve pair. 7 Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:21AM (07:00)

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12hour day
Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Image via Wikipedia I put in a 12hour day today-- can only bill for about half though. I am working on sleeves for a customer and had to redo until I felt it was close the pics we are using for reference. I manage to get one sleeve down to the addition of lining. The other will have to wait until tomorrow when I can make a 45min trip to Las Cruces, NM to hopefully find another 2yd of trim! Ugh. And, too, I am accustomed to using upholstery/decorative fabrics for my costuming endeavors, but I had to use apparel silk and it isn't as wide-coming only in 44" width instead of 54-60". What this means is that I had to make panels instead of using one continuous length, in order to get the length that is needed. Well I calculated that I wold need 4.5 panels. Only problem is that I can't have a half panel and still get the length I needed. So I have to back to store to get the right amount for the last panel. Ugh. But I believe, barring lack of supplies at the stores, that I will have them all completed by bed time tomorrow night.

I really love the fabrics and color choices she sent, a very classy appeal.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:34PM (-07:00)

1. Re: 12hour day

- AdeleBedard

August 12, 2010

Sorry for the choice of fabric, I'm trying to empty out my fabric stash! Remember you don't have to hem the skirt or put fasteners on. Don't forget a 3" band is needed. Can you call the store and ask them to send the trim? I will gladly pay for the shipping. I packed up Verity's gown and have sent it. Her mother has not told her a thing, wish I could be there when she opens it! You did a really great job, Dar!!:)

Sewing Notes Special Blog
Thursday, August 12, 2010
Image by Stuck in Customs via Flickr Have you ever needed to cut a straight line across the width of fabric and couldn't get the fabric to square-up? Then I would love to share with you the technique my mom showed me when making my wedding dress over 18 years ago.

You can see the construction notes on my Mistress Rhenn's Sewing Blog. 84
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:20PM (07:00)

THiking about
Friday, August 13, 2010
Thinking about trying my hand at black work. I found this design to start with. Not too intricate, but interesting.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:41PM (-07:00)

1. Re: THiking about

- AdeleBedard

August 16, 2010

Nice pattern. Where are you going to put it? I finally finished the green bodice will post pictures tonight. My husband said did I make it for "Medieval Road Work"? He is referring to the color, not the bodice itself. What a butthead! Did you get the payment for the sleeves and skirt? Another outfit done, only because of you. Next year will have to start earlier, thinking of joining the VARF as a Duchess, will need new garb! Have a good one, Adele

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


2. Re: THiking about

- LadyDarcien

August 16, 2010

I think around the collar of my chemise. Don't know that I will do it though-- LOL, maybe I should't make decisions while feeling unwell. LOL! I bet it looks great! I would love to see pics of it. I did get the payment, thank you. I had planned on mailing it Saturday, but I fell dreadfully ill (water coming out both ends) and have been down and out until this morning. Still not feeling well, but better enough to get your items in the mail. I will send the tracking code when I get back, too.
3. Re: THiking about

- AdeleBedard

August 17, 2010

Do you think you ate something bad again? How is the rest of your family doing? It could be the heat but I remember you saying you like it hot. Never got to take any pictures last night, husband is still uploading his pictures from the bike trip he took to Skyline Drive with his daughter. Both of them are so brown, you can only make out features on their faces when they simile!!
4. Re: THiking about

- LadyDarcien
LOL about your hubby and his daughter!

August 17, 2010

This time it is a virus. A friend of mine had the same thing about two weeks ago. What concerns me is that she had it for a week-- I am feeling better but still have to be near a bathroom. Argh, LOL!
5. Re: THiking about

- AdeleBedard

August 18, 2010

Take care of yourself. I had to delete my Facebook account because of a security issue with my home PC, bummer. Once it is fixed I will get back to my home page. Did you see Verity's pictures? She looked so happy! Nice job.

Cow faced
Thursday, August 19, 2010
Image by may the circle remain unbroken via Flickr I thought i ought to stop in and let everyone know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth-- mostly because there aren't any toilets, or gas stations with toilets, in space. I am still somewhat tethered to the bathroom and my bed. God was gracious and gave me energy enough over the past two days to get the corset done, but I awoke this morning feeling horrible again. I have one more day according to my friend's bout with this buggy thing. Chappy was going on about how it is salmonella poisoning. He is such a hypochondriac/germ-a-phobe. LOL, he 86
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

went to the store after I got home Sunday and as a joking/kinda-serious act, poured peroxide on the steering wheel so he wouldn't get what I had. **Shakes head laughing** He is such a funny fellow.

I will try to write, but I find that concentrating on the computer screen causes issues with my head, which in turn magnifies my stomach/intestinal issues. But I can't let a whole week go by useless.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:41AM (-07:00)

Oh good
Friday, August 20, 2010
Image via Wikipedia I woke up today not overheated and thought of food first. This is a great sign! The second thought was what sewing project I want to work on-- this is an even better sign. I actually will work on house chores that need to be done since I was out of commission for a week or so. Then if i still have energy I will work on the Orange Velvet child's gown and sleeves. So I thought i would celebrate (while thanking God) with a celebratory blog post that the bout of intestinal issues is on its way out the door! Woohoo!

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:02AM (-07:00)

New Page on This here Blog
Sunday, August 22, 2010
http://www.festiveattyre.com/research/lacin g/lacing.html I have had two page ideas ready to get ready for a little while now, and a comment by a great customer helped spur at least a portion of one along.

I have started spiral lacing over the last year and found that I truly do prefer it--all those proponents were right, LOL!
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


However, just as it was a unexplored concept for me, it may be an yet an unexplored concept for my customers. I have borrowed, temporarily, another's work. (It is linked and sited).

The link for my page, that will one day have more than just spiral lacing to it, is titled : Dressing a Woman or Girl. Someday, Dressing a Man or Boy will follow.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 03:20PM (-07:00)

If you know someone who has been dying for A Renaissance Noble Gown...
Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Two of the gowns in my Etsy store are currently on sale! These are a great deal! Golden Velvet Renaissance Gown SALE!!! $600 (normally $960) Renaissance Gown in Green and Gold

SALE!!! $475 (normally $700) They can either purchase through Our Etsy store or can contact me me via email: designs.by.rhenn@gmail.com or by text/phone 915.996.1533 . Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:24AM (-07:00)


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Working it
Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Image by chronowizard via Flickr Last night I worked on two projects. The first was the overskirt for the Elizabethan Orange Velvet gown for a child. All that is left for it is to attach the waistband. This step is all hand work and therefore the longest.

The second was to start production on a new product to offer on my sites. I won't go into more yet, as I have to make sure it is a viable option. But i am excited about the prospect. Once I have the ins and outs thought about I will post it here as well as for sale on Etsy.com and at my own Designs by Rhenn Website.

I also spent a little time researching personalized product/manufacturer tags to sew or iron on my products. (Thanks to a customer suggestion.) I think this is a doable option and as soon as I am able I will place an order for them. I also found a reasonably priced ribbon that can be customized. I want to get a spool or two of this to use on making my 'thank you' favors and for packaging. The company I found that I think i will use is Namemaker online. Speaking of packaging, I need to find a better solution for shipping. Another aspect to research.

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:40AM (-07:00)

A quick note, may be more later
Thursday, August 26, 2010
Image by Cj Roberts via Flickr I have been affected off and on with the affliction that wiped me out a couple of weeks ago. I mention this only as explanation for my lack of progress this week. I find myself falling asleep for a couple of hours a day and I still sleep for an entire night, and the toilet and I are still on close terms). (If I am still having these bouts next week, I will see the doc.)

I will see if I get through this afternoon and evening. I would like to post a pic of the two skirts together tonight. Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 01:14PM (07:00)

1. Re: A quick note, may be more later

- AdeleBedard

August 27, 2010

Darcien, That sounds an awful lot like Lymes Disease. The only way to be sure if you have it is to have a blood test. You really should do that. The longer it stays in your body the longer you will suffer long term side effects. I don't mean to scare you but the only thing that gets rid of it is long term antibitics. My friend thought she had the flu but the doctor found out it was Lymes after the blood test. She is still having problems 6 months later. Please have yourself checked out.
2. Re: A quick note, may be more later

- LadyDarcien

August 28, 2010

Ahh, Thanks for the heads up. I have taken note. I will let you know what the doc says next week.


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As Promised
Friday, August 27, 2010
Skirt and forepart without Farthingale I actually did get the skirt to "completion" last night, well I still need add the hook and eye, but the new product project afterward kept me on the comp until well after midnight. But here is the pic so far. Today is Bodice day. I just have to get to it,LOL!

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 01:23PM (-07:00)

Bodice to Handwork
Friday, August 27, 2010
Image via Wikipedia Ooooh! It is looking a lot like the drawing! The bodice for the "Andrea" little girl dress is down to handwork. I will spend time tomorrow setting grommets, inserting stays, hand sewing the final seams closed. I hope to get to the shoulder rolls and sleeves done tomorrow. I would like to take pics on Sunday and post to Etsy. I may have to push it to Monday, though, if I don't get enough done before the Greek Festival tomorrow--family heritage. Ashleigh works until afternoon so I can also work till the afternoon; we will wait, of course, so that she can join us. Mmmm, Greek Lamb Gyros here we come!

Doh! IT just occurred to me, that I have to push it to Monday because I have to make the outer partlet too. Hmm... Well, we will see. I will get a pic of the bodice up when I get the grommets and such done.

Ciao for now,

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Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:10PM (-07:00)

Balog Bugler Blog: Our brief visit to the Greek Festival
Saturday, August 28, 2010
A brief description of our visit to the Greek Festival. Balog Bugler Blog: Our brief visit to the Greek Festival I did get the shoulder rolls complete-- A lot of hand work on those, 6 hours worth. But the sleeves and partlet are simpler in design and should go quickly. I did not get the other handwork because of the time on the shoulder rolls ,LOL! Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:09PM (-07:00)

Close but no cigar
Sunday, August 29, 2010
Welp, still not ready, Ugh. But this is where it is at right now. The sleeves gave me honest to goodness trouble. I must have miscalculated or something. That being said, they are on the right track now. The hoop skirt is actually Ashleigh's one one, the dog tore it up. The middle hoop is the right circumference and I wanted to see if the skirt was going to lay right. I like it. The whole things looks great from behind too. So that is today's update and tomorrow I will get to work. I will try to work extra hours so to make up for the time the mistakes took. It may not be until Wednesday I get the gown uploaded to Etsy-because the grommets/lacing holes will take forever, LOL! Ok, gonna read for pleasure now. Night! Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:48PM (-07:00)

1. Re: Close but no cigar

- AdeleBedard

August 31, 2010

Darcien, what size did you make the girl's gown? I might have a customer. Faire was VERY hot but I made it through. This weekend should be much better, too bad it takes a hurricane (Earl) to make it so.


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Squee! Last Last step
Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Image via Wikipedia Setting the grommets (I worked the holes last night before bed), then three hours of couching... and she is done! The partlet looks adorable. It is fairly simple as the overskirt has so much trim and the sleeves, shoulder rolls, and forepart are busy fabrics. The partlet ties under the arms and closes in the front with an hook and eye. I did make a small change to the original plan. Originally I planned to make the partlet and its lining from the same silk. But then I decided that just in case whomever purchases the gown desires to have it usable in cooler weather as well, a partlet with decent weight to it might more desirable. So I lined it with the orange silk and did the outside in the same velvet as the rest of the garb. I will need to work out the pricing tomorrow so that I can post it to Etsy.

Today I was commissioned to make a full length chemise; I am just waiting for the measurements so that I can begin. I hope to get the measurements tomorrow so that I can get her done. Otherwise I may have to wait until Fri or Mon to get it done.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:05PM (-07:00)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010
The Lord blessed me today with a sale! The Italian Green and Gold that has been in my etsy store since Feb/Mar sold today for the sale price! Yea! YEA! YEEAAA! The couching will be on hold while I prepare the dress for shipping (double check to be sure all is in order, wrap and box, print packing slip and notes, etc.)

I hope the corset for repair comes today. I would like to get it completed tonight early tomorrow so that I can start the chemise ASAP. ( I will probably have Ashleigh couch the grommets tonight when she gets home. That and beading are the only sewing tasks she does for me and she does them very well. :D ) Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:55AM (-07:00)

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- AdeleBedard

September 01, 2010

Darcien, I am so happy for you, I loved that dress and wish I could have been able to wear it. But I am getting away from full court gowns and going towards loose/flanders gowns now. I finally found the pattern and as soon as my husband finds work, I will start the hunt for fabric! Great day for Designs by Rhenn!

- LadyDarcien
Thank you so much, Adele!

September 01, 2010

Andrea is Complete
Friday, September 03, 2010
I even got pictures! This gown includes a bodice, over skirt, underskirt/forepart with matching sleeves and an over partlet! I love this color-- I wish I could wear it lol! This rendition of the Andrea design is made for a child 10-12. It has double spiral lacing seams in bodice back and the overskirt has 3" built into the waist and hem to allow for growth. The bodice and sleeves are completely finished separately then attached. I do this so that when the sleeves are out grown the bodice cans till be used. So I only build in extra growing in the bodice and overskirt. A completely historically accurate concept from the Elizabethan times was: to change the look of a wardrobe all you had to do was change the sleeve and forepart. This concept works great for growing kids. Theoretically all one has to do is let out the hem on an overskirt and make/buy new forepart and sleeves or just the forepart and viola! A whole 'nother year or two out of a garb for a child. Boys are a little harder to do this with, but not impossible. Visit my Etsy store to see more pics of this design!

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 12:09AM (-07:00)


What I've been up to
Sunday, September 05, 2010
In honor of my Grandmother, who died 12 years ago, I am naming my newest design after her: Dorothy. I cut the fabric on Friday before going on a dinner date with my dear husband and several biker couples from our CVMA (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association) Biker's group. We had a blast! Then yesterday we spent a huge portion of the day with the same group with more riding involved, wine being tasted and a motorcycle maybe purchased (more details about that later next week **wink**).

Today, after church, I spent time getting some of the bookkeeping done for Designs by Rhenn-- then this! Viola! The forepart for the Dorothy design is done enough for me to start the over skirt. All that is left is to add to the forepart is the ribbons to tie onto my old forepart--an old Elizabethan trick. The process saves on time and resources by utilizing an older forepart in this manner. The fabric is an upholstery chenille-- a golden background and velvet teal 'club' diamond relief. The fabric has permanent sizing on the back, but I felt this was acceptable--even useful-- because, when looking at pics of noble garb (my own included sometimes) from ren faires, one often sees the hoop tiers impressed against the forepart. This detracts from the overall appeal in my opinion. The sizing stiffens the fabric reducing this effect quite a bit. I also backed this forepart with drill to be doubly sure the hooping wire doesn't come through. It appears to have been a success. (I pre-wash almost all my fabrics, including silks. I figure in the long run I will need to wash them and Murphy's law often has it rain whilst I am wearing them, LOL!)

In addition, I believe I will add Swarovski pearls to the teal band at the bottom. Maybe. We'll see.

For tonight, I will cut the chemise I was commissioned for and tomorrow I will assemble. Then after that is completed, I will begin the over skirt for the Dorothy design.

I am making the Dorothy design to my personal specifications as I would like to own it. But Before I wear it I will put it up for sale on Etsy. If it doesn't sell by the time we go to the Ren Faire here in TX (October), I will claim it as my own-- muahahahah... oh, er, did I laugh maniacally out loud? **snicker**

Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 06:53PM (-07:00)

Only 4.5hours But Took All Day
Monday, September 06, 2010
Image by philip1120 via Flickr I logged about 4.5hours today, but it took all day to get the chemise done. I worked on it on and off. It is nigh unto complete--just need the petite hook and eyes for closures, which i will purchase tomorrow, sew on , then mail. Then back to the overskirt.

Ok back to The Closer then Rizzoli and Isles.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 06:18PM (07:00)

1. Re: Only 4.5hours But Took All Day

- AdeleBedard

September 07, 2010

Darcien, I wore the olive garb on Monday. A little hot but not too bad. 75 pictures, count them, 75 pictures! I love that outfit! I had a friend take some pictures and as soon as I get them will send. What a beautiful and rich skirt, I can't tell you enough how perfect it is. Even the Queen made a point to stop by and tell me how good it looked! Great job!
2. Re: Only 4.5hours But Took All Day

- LadyDarcien

September 07, 2010

Awesome!!!! I can't wait to see the pics! I will search the net to see if anyone posted yet, though it is kinda early loL!

Accomplished but no product
Wednesday, September 08, 2010
My new V-Rod-- I will get better pics tomorrow I worked all day, but no sewing done. I took on the task of being a Cub Scout Wolf den leader, despite the fact that I don't have a wolf myself. So I spent the entire day working on a den meeting agenda. But alas! Alack! no one showed.


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HOWEVER! I did get my Harley Davidson 2004 V-ROD! woo-hoo!!!!! I may be sleeping in the garage tonight lol!

Tomorrow I will sew on my Dorothy overskirt.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:02PM (07:00)

Squee! Squee! Squeeee!
Thursday, September 09, 2010
My new bike and me! My husband and I went to two different parking lots so that I could practice starting stopping, shifting gears, etc. Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:34PM (07:00)

Took a long time to get the trim lined up right
Thursday, September 09, 2010
The Dorothy overskirt before the lining and waistband. I have it pinned/pleated so tht I can see if the trims are laying ok. I think they are, but will use fresh eyes tomorrow. There is a band of the teal trim that runs down the front and along the bottom. I will apply pearls every two inches down the front and around the bottom on the teal trim. I will do the same with the underskirt. There is a decision that i will have to make concerning the waist band. I have two options, I can do the Elizabethan thing and keep the skirt separate from the bodice (ie waistband) or I can do the more Henrician thing and attach the skirt to the bodice. I have never done the Henrician thing. Posted by Lady Darcien at 11:13PM (-07:00)

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Dorothy Plan
Friday, September 10, 2010
Two view of the gown because one highlights the partlet. I will need to find a girdle or make one. I have decided to attach the skirt to the bodice (wish me luck). I will need to spend from $30-50 for Swarovski glass pearls. In addition, I haven't decided if I want to line the partlet with blue or red. I have red, but I could maybe find the blue. Maybe stay with white. Flat cap-- I know that is somewhat unusual for Tudor style to have a flat cap, but I have come to like the sun blocking effect. The French hood or gabled hood would leave my eyes too exposed and then I frown all day, LOL! I wanted a very late Tudor gown, but I needed it to be versatile enough for Elizabethan. So the sleeves are where I made the most basic design I could. I didn't buy enough velvet (way back when) to make the fantastic sleeves for Tudor-- originally the fabric was purchased for an Elizabethan bodice and skirt combo Mary-- using the bodice design, skirt and partlet look Sleeve concept The sleeves Color

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 11:06AM (-07:00)


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Friday, September 10, 2010
The up-cycled "Heather" gown from our Elven Series sold today! It sold for the sale price of $75. YEA! Now I need to get another Elven Series up (I have two sets that I can make once I am done with a few of my personal things) Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 02:19PM (-07:00)

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Silver City, NM
Monday, September 13, 2010
Image via Wikipedia Today i took my first road trip on my bike (well ever with me in control) and we went to Silver City, NM. While there I found some freshwater pearls that were decently priced and not too "potatoey".

A married/mated pair. Soft curves on the right and manly muscle on the left We will stick closer to home tomorrow allowing me time to sew my dress. I did change one concept on the bodice: I added a row of red along each side of the teal trim in the middle. When I did the mock up like the pic, I felt that the design needed a little more weight. And that did just the trick. So I will apply tonight and then tomorrow I should be able to finish the bodice all the way to couching anyway. I am still trying to think on how to attach the heavy skirt to the bodice in the best manner. I have an idea but need to check the historical accuracy of the technique.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 04:42PM (-07:00)

List of Treasuries
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Image via Wikipedia Started back to work on the Dorothy (put over 700miles on my new motorcycle), but alas! Alack! discovered that someone had disposed of my freshly purchased freshwater pearls (I got a good deal, ugh!) in the waste receptacle. And the trash man has been. So I had to order new freshwater pearls and now have to wait to work on the major portion of the gown. That being said, I can work on my new smock/shirt and can do the sleeves whilst I wait. I will be getting John's material for his fantasy garb. We have fair in three weeks.

Designs by Rhenn has been highlighted in several Etsy Treasuries. These treasuries are great because it expands the exposure to peope who might not think to look our product-100
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

maybe trigger a memory about a friend of so-n-so who might be interested. Here a few of the more recent or my favorites: http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c8fbe7c248b6d913d5c7e0a/cosplay-with-me?index=0 http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c8a60302df56d9106c2092e/awesome-halloweencostumes?index= 1 http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c87660056b18eefb456ab1e/twisted-history-the-real-storyof-queen?index=2 http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c728ecbb9e98eef1743fa7e/between-summer-andautumn?index= 3

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:31PM (-07:00)

Yes, I am turning into citrus fruit (as Nibbs and Pickle asked me)
Thursday, September 16, 2010
Image via Wikipedia Due to a friend's prompting I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago to have a lab run for Lyme Disease. I got the results today and I have tested positive.

When it was first suggested I went online to see if what I have been suffering was truly related to the disease, and based on the write ups I believe that I have actually been suffering for quite a wile--maybe for most of my time in WA (one of the first things we did was go for a hike up to MT Rainier when we got to WA; then we spent alot of time hiking during our 3yrs in WA). If I am wrong, I could have contracted it in Jan (when I went camping with Nibbs for a wet weekend in WA) or July (when we went hiking in Cloudcroft, NM).

I am grateful that my friend followed her instincts and suggested I get tested. And I am grateful I didn't resist going to the doctor (like I always do).

Today, I will be correcting a mistake I made on a smock/chemise and dropping it back into the mail. If I have time, I will be constructing a new low neck smock/shirt for myself and to use as an example of my work on Etsy.com . If I like how it looks with the Dorothy I will keep it, if not then I will put on sale and construct a high neck smock (where the body of the garment lays flat and does not gather into the neck-- vs a chemise where the body of the garment gathers into the neck) instead.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:24AM (-07:00)

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Back to work~
Monday, September 20, 2010
Image by Beatriz AG via Flickr Yesterday, was a recovery day for me. We went on a 5hour motorcycle ride Friday and again on Saturday. So Sunday I got some yard work done (first time in a long time I've had energy to do that), then slept for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I did get pearls sewn onto the bodice last night and today I hope to get the bodice down to handwork. The antibiotics are helping quite a bit though I am still easily fatigued. But I am so grateful that the hip pain is relieved enough that I could take the dog for a walk without walking like a woman 30years older than me-- first time I've been able to do that. And my heart isn't race like it has been want to. My memory is still spotty, but I am thinking: just as the stress on my body is starting to ease, some of these other things will improve too. God is good.

Ok off to nap then work. Maybe more later.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:37AM (-07:00)

Broken Links
Monday, September 20, 2010
Due to photobucket account maintenance I moved photos that were attached to other posts, which resulted in broken links. So I redid the post about the Up-Cycled "Heather" garb that sold earlier this month on my Sewing How-to blog: Mistress Rhenn's Costuming Blog . I will be taking the time to fix all the broken links on Mistress Rhenn's costuming blog as I go.

As a side note, I do have two more Elven Up-Cycle Series to do up-- we'll have to keep our eyes peeled for their unveiling. I need to maybe think about a manly elven costume too.


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Just an FYI.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 11:23AM (-07:00)

A Store
Tuesday, September 21, 2010
There is a store here in El Paso (well, two) that I would label as my favorite. It is a hole-in the wall sorta place where only one or two people speak English, but they have a fabulous selection of trims that I would use for Ren Faire garb as well as wools for phenomenal prices. John bought his entire wardrobe worth of fabric to make his "Ezio" fantasy garb for about $60; these were a combo of wool, cotton and some other unknown fiber. Ezio's costume is two longtuxedo style doublets and a pair of pants. We bought 10 yrds of fabric. The wool was $3/yd, cotton was $3/yd, and the funky fabric was $6/yd. Ashleigh had to span two stores (the other favorite) to get hers and only spent about $75-- hers included leather! She also bought a little wool and cotton. The leather was $1.99/sqft so she spent $60 on leather. That is hopefully enough for bodice and pants.

IN ADDITION! When I first bought the teal trim I have used on my gown, I didn't have a set plan so therefore I didn't have enough for sleeves when I finalized the design. But today I found a perfect trim that I can use on the sleeves and add a touch to the bodice to tie it in nicely. I got plenty to use on a hat maybe too. And to top it off: it was only $0.89/yd. Normally, I think I would have paid anywhere from $3.50-$5/yd.

I love good buys!

I had James and Nick try on their garb from earlier this summer. It had been made new this year but I needed to be sure they still fit after a whole 3months worth of growing. And they did! Nick does need a new pair of trunk hosen and he chose pansied slops-- I was surprised! I thought he had the same aversion to the style as his older two brothers who
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


prefer venetians/galligans. So Nick will receive a new pair of pansied slops; both boys will get a new set of sleeves; and if I have time may produce new capes.

BTW, the lady in Green in the pic above is known at the WA Renaissance festival as "Lusty" one of Mary Queen of Scottland's closest friends, another Mary. In the pic she is wearing the gown and cape (and corset and chemise and farthingale) we made for the 2009 ren faire season. The sleeves and forepart were a new creation for this years season. She purchased her mask from someone else. If I find out who I will let you know.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 02:29PM (-07:00)

Energy levels
Thursday, September 23, 2010
Image via Wikipedia Right now my energy levels are not dependable. For example all the work i got accomplished yesterday was from 6-midnight-- I couldn't even begin to think about my Dorothy gown until 6pm. Ugh. I think it should be ok today though. Maybe I will go and get the silk for the partlet today-- if I don't change my mind and choose to use the velvet instead.

I did get quite a bit done yesterday though. The sleeves (need to hem the wrist, I just remembered) are attached and all the handwork, save for the lacing holes, are complete. I am not looking forward to the lacing holes-- I think it will something like 24 holes or more-- ugh! I do still need to apply the pearls and hem the skirt. The partlet and chemise/smock are still on the agenda. I have about 80 hours of work more to do before we leave for TRF. Not on the Dorothy (that is about 10 - 14hours), but about 30 each for Ashleigh and John and about 20 (allotted) for James and Nick. Whew! That is pulling 60hour weeks for the next two if I can get my energy lvl to comply.

ok off to make a latte then to the skirt.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 09:11AM (-07:00)


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Partlet complete
Friday, September 24, 2010
Image via Wikipedia I love how fast partlets go together! There is no trim as I am attempting to keep the gown closer to Tudor than Elizabethan (hard to do for me as you will see-- for personal taste that is. I can do it, but for a gown for ME I don't favor the Tudor). Ashleigh says that she thinks the fabric I have left over from the forepart will make a good hat. This is good because I had only enough velvet left for a hat or partlet and went with partlet. I will take the motorcycle to the fabric store today to get thread and may get grommets-- I haven't decided if I will work the holes with or without grommets. IT is faster (and costs less) to go without, but can come out less uniform.

I have decided I want a high neck chemise/smock instead of a low neckline. I have a short neck and have found I can hide it with the high neck collar that is opened creating the point of interest that detracts from my lack of beautiful swan-like neck. All that being said simply to say that I will work on my new chemise today too. I am debating the box pleat vs gathered ruff. The time is cut by a third if I do a gather since I make my own box pleat, 30-45 min/ ruff. The gathered ruff only takes about 20 min each. But I love the box pleat. We will see.

Ok off to work.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:42AM (-07:00)

Dorothy is done!
Sunday, September 26, 2010
Image by RobertPaul. via Flickr I will get the pics up tomorrow sometime, But the gown is done! I made an error trying a new product that resulted damage to my overskirt. All I had to do was to cover with some of the trim I bought the other day (thankfully I bought 10yards for no apparent reason, LOL!) It looks nice but is a departure from the original concept. I think I like it better and truly I had seriously considered doing it before I had to, anyway. Hmmm God's way of making sure I followed His idea? I think so.
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:52PM (07:00)

Monday, September 27, 2010
The DOROTHY is posted! Yea! Yea!! Yea!!!!

I posted it to Etsy, just in case someone else can/wants to wear it, LOL! But if it doesn't sell by Oct 7, 2010 I will remove it from the inventory and gladly wear it. I know it is a little garish but it is two my favorite color families and I do have pics to back up the color choice.

I do still need to find/make a girdle-- will keep my eyes peeled.

I will get pics of the smock (chemise) separately and post to Etsy as well.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 04:47PM (07:00)

Fabric cut
Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Image via Wikipedia I thought I'd post real quick as I don't know if I will have time later. John's garb is cut as of last night and ready for assembly today. I hope to get a good portion of the doublet and venetians done today. The jerkin I think should be able to be done tomorrow.


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Today is a full day though. James is going to be checked for Lyme's and then I have scouts tonight.

On a side note, had to buy a new printer today. I am satisfied though: it is wireless! Which means I can print as I am working from the sewing room cleeeeear across the house, LOL!

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 11:38AM (-07:00)

Newletters and such
Thursday, September 30, 2010
Image by midlander1231 via Flickr I am trying to get a coupon out to those who are on my newsletter mailing list. (If you wish to get on the newsletter/coupon mailing list please drop a subscription request to us. ) I hope to also have the October Newsletter out as well tomorrow. Gotta sew though too, LOL-- guess that's my cue.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 01:05PM (07:00)

First Ever
Thursday, September 30, 2010
Image by ZEDZAP..:) via Flickr I spent the day hunting for coupon makers and attempting a news letter from scratch. The newsletter was easy to create not so easy to send as an email. So I ended up hunting for an email newsletter program, found one and spent the rest of time getting the settings set and newsletter imported. The coupon was pretty easy to find! And now they have been sent!

If you are interested, I found two that I could use for free. Coupons are made with Oneminutecoupon and the free Newsletters are sent out with MailChimp.
Designs by Rhenn Chronicle


If you wish to subscribe you can drop us a line and we'll add you to the list!

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:17PM (07:00)

Newest Smock! As promised
Friday, October 01, 2010
After I spent the day de-cluttering, organizing, and cleaning my work area, I got the pics of our newest smock/chemise posted to Etsy! (I will have to post to the website sometime this weekend.) Unless I get to it tonight after the play (agreed to attend the play at UTEP with Ashleigh to fulfill her class requirements for her theater class).

Ok off to get ready to go to the play.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:44PM (-07:00)


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Win a few, lose a few
Thursday, October 07, 2010
Image via Wikipedia Energy levels wax and wane and therefore project completion follows suit. I was able to complete James' sleeves (very simple in keeping with his current garb) and Nick's pansied slops (his choice). They both look great! John's doublet and venetians are ready wear as well. I will get pics up after this weekend.

Ashleigh's is the only one I didn't get done due to loss of energy. I don't want to rush hers either as it is a new idea/concept and I want her completely satisfied.

Tomorrow morning it is motorcycle ride then get ready for the trip to TRF! Woo-hoo!!! (Texas Renaissance Festival). Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:05PM (-07:00)

1. Re: Win a few, lose a few

- AdeleBedard

October 08, 2010

Darcien, I know the energy level is a real problem with Lymes' Disease. My friend, Marie, is a real go getter and having this disease has really changed her habits. At first she fought it but when she calasped and was hospitalized for 2 weeks she finally began to rethink her life. It took a while but she has managed to come to terms with her energy levels. She still gets to do the things she wants too, but at a much slower pace. Hang in there, friend. Adele

Recovering from a GREAT time at TRF
Saturday, October 09, 2010
james, john, nick TRF 2010 TRF was great! I am glad we took the 11hour trip (one way) to see it. The site is magnificent! I love the 4 different wedding chapels--each with different themes. Ashleigh and I both agreed that the waterfountain chapel was our favorite. The setting for the joust was awesome! It had a bit a facade of the Roman Coliseum. Way cool! And the fireworks at the end ROCK! Ashleigh and James taking a rest at TRF '10 The cast is split into about 8 "courts" that seem to be related to the themed weekends. I loved the idea! And they had a Transylvanian Noble Court (decked out in traditional garb but made to represent various traditional Halloween spookies, ie Frankenstein, goulies, etc.). The German court was the big thing this weekend as it was Oktoberfest weekend. It 109

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was fun! And Chappy was THRILLED! He had IPA (beer) all weekend. This is a big thing because after moving to El Paso, we can't find microbrews that do IPA (an IPA is an Imperial Pale Ale which is a vary think hoppy beer). And to add insult to injury, there are no local beer supply stores so Chappy hasn't brewed his own. So, he was happy. And if we were stationed at Ft Hood instead of Ft Bliss we would be there every weekend. The faire is also broken down into various areas that represent a few kingdoms, ie Sherwood forest, The Greek Parthenon, Italy, Poland, etc Nick in his new Pansied slops, TRF '10 I wore my new gown on Saturday but that was a mistake as I was so tired and sore from sleeping in the car for 11 hours and I actually shed my gown by 3p-This is UNHEARD of. Chappy even turned to Ashleigh and asked if someone had replaced me at one of our pit stops with someone else. However, after a great nights rest at a hotel, and lighter gown (my normal red doublet without the surcoat), had a wonderful day on Sunday. I ran into some of the people I have met other fairs (fantastic!) and talked garb (my favorite thing). We saw the Wild and Thorny show with Iris and Rose (very bawdy, not family orientated), but only half of us got to see the German Rap show. John sporting his new under doublet, TRF '10 Posted by Lady Darcien at 04:46PM (-07:00)


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1. Re: Recovering from a GREAT time at TRF

- AdeleBedard

October 10, 2010

What a nice family. Did you have fun at TRF? I have never been to that faire but I want to go before I get too old to move around in a 16th century gown! 2 weeks left of MDRF and then I put away my garb for a while. Have fun at TRF, are you going again? Adele
2. Re: Recovering from a GREAT time at TRF

- LadyDarcien

October 11, 2010

Thank you Adele! We did have a great time. The first day was rough on me, but had a blast none-the-less and thoroughly enjoyed Sunday. Just two more weeks for you and MDRF for the year! That seems to have gone so fast. It can be bittersweet to see the end of a season. I hope your next two weeks rock!

Previously Loved
Tuesday, October 12, 2010
45% OFF! Now only $375 To borrow a coined phrase. We are offering some of our previously loved, ie used, wardrobes and wardrobe pieces on Etsy in our "Previously Loved" section. At this time the recently created, and only worn once, "Dorothy" is for sale at a discount of 45%. (This reduction is the 30% for gently used + 15% for the small defect in the front bottom as is disclosed in the details section for the gown.)

Why would I part with a gown that I was so excited about? Mostly because I do believe to be the best look on me, I need that deeper "V" in front. But it is a great gown and worth being worn by someone who will favor the shallower "V". As it was pointed out to me, the gown has a decided Germanic feel. This is a great way to describe it.

Soon I will have James' and Nick's garb from this year posted in the section as they were also very gently used and therefore should be a boon to someone.

I do have two custom requests that came in over the weekend, but I still hope to have a mid-month newsletter to put out. Not sure what I will include in it, but we will see.

I also will continue to work on a getting a kit up and for sale on Etsy and on our Website. For the kit, I am undecided as yet what garments I want to offer. Chemise/smocks and corsets are my most asked for items, but I think that offering a cape or over-partlet or forepart or cod piece might be a great way to start. The idea that I cut all the pieces to the 111

specified size in the decided on fabrics and supply all the trims , materials, and instructions needed for a design might make someone who is watching their budget a little more likely to purchase. By me cutting, it takes out some of the guess work and is more like a table lamp from IKEA: some assembly required, LOL! But only some.

Oh! I know what my newsletter will have in it! (You must wait and see! If you need to subscribe to our newsletter you can do so by following this link: subscribe.)

BTW! We are running a 20% sale on our Etsy site! Good through the 28th of October, 2010. And if you missed our coupon mailing (In the newsletter that went out the 1st of this month) then you can view both the newsletter and print the coupon here: Newsletters. The coupon can only be used on our Designs by Rhenn Website and is worth 25% off*!

*(Please see coupon for restrictions)

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 04:21PM (-07:00)

Holidays are coming
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
I was going to start by saying, "I haven't been neglecting..." But that would be an untruth! I have neglected my blog for the last week. But not the store. I finally got at least one kit up and running on Etsy. It is for the Andrea child's gown at the moment. I am still attempting to add three more options and hope to get to those after my current two requests.

I also added the boys capes from last year as well as their current garb to the "previously loved" items.

I have decided that we will close down the Etsy store from Nov 1 '10- Jan 3 '11. The store will be in "vacation mode". I will complete all my obligations during this time though. And the newsletter will still go out. Even though the store will closed, I will not be idle. I hope to come back with several more kits and perhaps ready made products ready for sale. And I will continue to BLOG!


Designs by Rhenn Chronicle

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 05:50PM (-07:00)

Etsy Down?
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Image via Wikipedia I think Etsy might be down or crashed today. I can not get to the site (keeps timing out) and other apps seem messed up too that rely on information from Etsy. Hmmmm.

Chemise done and will be in the mail in a bit-- (had to wait to get address confirmation) and then finish the corset today.

I did some writing last night, but it was two wasted hours as I had forgotten that I needed to address the situation differently. Oh well. That is the way it goes.

Two commissions to work on before the end of the year-- maybe more. The new one is a simple, but nice change.

I am looking into doing a different host for my regular site. The site I use now doesn't allow for enough of what I want in a business site. Granted, atm, I am too small to desire to pay for a site, so I will be limited anyway. But if I find one that I like as a limited site, when I do get big enough I would like to just upgrade from what i already like.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:37AM (-07:00)

One step Forward, two steps....
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Image by Darwin Bell via Flickr Today, I had a truncated day as I had to take two kids to the cardiologist. So when I returned home-- much later than planned-- I began sewing the stay channels on the current corset pattern. I began to lament the lack of "perfection"-actually, I lamented the width of the chalk lines that caused too much variation in widths of the channels. God blessed me with an idea! I felt it was so useful, I blogged on my sewing blog. You can visit Mistress Rhenn's Sewing Blog to read about it. What this meant was that I had to work out the new method-- adding time to production (won't bill for it of course as it isn't meant to be longer in the end)-- and I had to undo what I had already accomplished. I was ok with this though. I am very pleased at the uniformity of the final product. RIght now the corset is in the wash so I will be going to bed in a little bit- after I blog about the boys results. (Ok blog written.)
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I hope to actually finish the corset tomorrow-- NO APPOINTMENTS! LOL!

I received fabric in the mail for the next commission and will get it together on Thursday. I have to leave a little time Thursday and Friday to get the kids costumes for Halloween together. I had hoped to make a fairy costume for myself, but I will just fall back on tried and true. Yup you guessed it, my ren faire gown! LOL! I will get a red mask to wear with it this year though (as we may be crashing a party, LOL! Shhh don't say anything!)

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 10:22PM (07:00)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010
Image by Vainsang via Flickr I had a spill on my motorcycle on Sunday and have spent the last few days recovering. I wasn't seriously injured-- I was wearing all my protective gear except for my chaps (I always do). I was just bruised and scraped and have been super sore since.

I hope to get back to sewing today-- I will have to take drugs to do so though, LOL! (OTC, not prescription.)

I may not be offering custom work for a while, even after the first of the year (there is one project I have already committed to working on and plan on honoring that project). I applied to college and am just awaiting acceptance. If accepted, i will be attending the spring 2011 semester.


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Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 12:03PM (-07:00)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010
So this is what my blog looks like-- I had forgotten! LOL! I am currently working on a jacket that had been promised last month for construction this month. But beyond that I am trying to get my world back on track, which can be an impossible task during the Christmas Season sometimes.

I have been designing, in my mind, a line of home decor and biker wear. And Chappy has been considering, more seriously, an idea he had for his brewing. On that note, Chappy is a happy little bug in a rug again. He decided he could make a decent beer with what was available to us from the one and only beer making supply store (in Las Cruces). He made me sample the liquid that issued forth from his mash and while I hated it, it really was very very good! It will be a hit at our Christmas party. I also managed to finally bottle my Strawberry Basil Melomel (honey meade). It turned out great! (I almost never say my meades turn out great, so that is saying something!) I want to make another batch of meade-- maybe a methaglin this time-- but am a little hesitant as we don't know if we will be moving in June or not. Chappy says I should anyway, I mean, because we did move with the strawberry basil melomel in the carboy and it turned out just fine. We will see.

Ok. Gotta run a kid to dr.

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 08:53AM (-08:00)

Time off, time to renew
Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Image by zagor64 via Flickr Alas, alack, a lass, I lack. (From the musical "Once Upon a Mattress".)

So I had to make a hard decision over the holidays and since. As you know, I've had to deal with Lyme's disease and it keeps rearing its ugly head. In addition, one of my
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children was diagnosed with hypertension and perhaps issues with his kidneys. From October until now we've been seeing doctor after doctor for him, with more to see. Late last week, it was also determined that the same child has diabetes, and we spent part of the weekend in the hospital. Because of all of this I made the decision to stick to ready made items only in my Etsy store as i can not guarantee my time tables for custom work. The exception to this is chemises, smocks, partlets, and corsets. I also want to work on some projects for the store that are easier to keep up with, but the prep work for these is still time intensive and therefore will be a while in coming.

A positive note, and one i am thoroughly thanking God! The "Andrea" gown (Elizabethan gown for a girl) sold over the weekend! Woo-hoo!

Ciao for now, Related articles • What is Chronic Persistent Lyme Disease? (brighthub.com) • Few Docs Recognize "Chronic" Lyme Disease (nlm.nih.gov) • Lyme disease antibody - All Information (umm.edu) Posted by Lady Darcien at 02:21PM (-08:00)

Winter weather
Thursday, February 03, 2011
Image by tpeñalver - TPG via Flickr It never occurred to me that winter weather could negatively affect a seamstress, I obviously wasn't using my imagination. I had never considered that it would get cold enough for there to be rolling blackouts here in El Paso. So yesterday I was set back by about 2 hours on my grommet couching task on the corset I am working on. So I will be catching up on that today. Woo-hoo!

Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 07:06AM (-08:00)


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Recent Corset project done
Thursday, February 03, 2011
This corset is a pretty new concept for me, as I do not usually make corsets with straps. Not so different though when the corset is viewed as a more heavily boned bodice. Something new too, is I used a size D bra and filled with rice to get a 38" bust measurement. The idea being that I would get a better squish factor when testing the design. Is it perfect? No. But it is useful. Posted by Lady Darcien at 12:52PM (-08:00)

Friday, February 04, 2011
Image by Giorgio___ via Flickr I have a very organized mind and do not do well when there is chaos of environment. This seems to be more so since last summer and all that. So this afternoon and evening, I am taking the time to organize my ideas and materials- -and even clean up the space too. I now have dedicated folders for the upcycle faerie series and the ready-made renaissance ideas that have plans already. To further these plans I will also be adding fabric searches online and locally over the next couple of months. I would like to get a few renaissance wedding dresses up too.

So the hope is to keep up with the ideas now.

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Ciao for now, Posted by Lady Darcien at 06:51PM (08:00)


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