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Secret Six

Secret Six

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Published by: Dolphin Sma on Jan 17, 2012
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As a copywriter or marketer here‟s a tremendous opportunity you can offer to
your clients.

Turn your interviews into promotional tools. The banter of an interview is
excellent for holding attention -- again, making for an excellent sales tool.

I‟m sometimes hired to interview others in order to create their own self-
promotional pieces.

What they get is…

An interview that gives away content but is crafted so that the listener wants to
know more.

As an example,

I just did this for a multi-faith minister. We did two interviews in an hour -- In this
case the first interview was richer but there were a few great points that came
out in the second interview as well.

With careful editing, she now has an excellent pass-around product.

Here's what she got for hiring me:

Two 30 minute interviews

Provocative, revealing and informative content

Editing to get the most from those interviews

It provided her with the best sales tool possible!

With intriguing content for an audio CD, people can listen to it in the car…or
while they‟re on the go. It increases the chances that it‟ll get listened to, as well

as shared with friends and family.

The interview is provocative, revealing and informative

It‟s on an audio CD

Increased exposure from being passed around

In fact if you'd like to have me interview you and help you create your own
potent self-promotion tool, email me at


or call toll-free 866-486-4884.


No matter your goals with interviewing, you can accomplish them in a relatively
short period of time…if you ingrain these techniques.

Doing just one Intimate Interview a week will make a world of difference in your

business…and it‟s fun!

You Won't Master This Overnight

In these pages you'll find interview techniques and the secret strategies I‟ve
used for years to extract potent emotional and useful information. But like any
technique, studying and ingraining are essential.

But like any new skill, study and practice are essential. Your goal is to ingrain
these techniques, so they become natural and fluid.

Then you‟ll be able to turn your full attention to the conversation you are
having… which is the key to a brilliant Intimate Interview.

You see, interviewing is not a passive form of listening. It‟s active participation.
It‟s a tool.

It‟s being tuned in to what people are “not” saying.

You will gain access to the real issues, desires and motivations of your clients,
your target market, or even your friends and family.

Forget about running down a list of questions. That doesn‟t work if you want to
get to the deeper objections, perceptions and hot buttons.

It begins with you….

The next time you react emotionally to something (like getting angry) ask

yourself “Why am I reacting in this way?” You‟ll realize that the minor

annoyances are usually masking a deeper issue. Dig for the answers.

For example, are you annoyed with your spouse because they spilled coffee, or
is it because you feel that they expect you to clean it up? Is there resentment or
a feeling of being unappreciated?

Perhaps that‟s the real issue at hand, not the spot of coffee on the kitchen floor.
Take a few moments to figure out what‟s really at the root of your annoyance.

With that realization….

Other people are approaching their own issues from their own perspectives.
Interviewing requires being tuned in to this.


Here‟s a great preliminary exercise:

The next time someone is “venting” to you, refrain from offering advice. Instead,

focus on being empathetic, a good listener.

Give the individual‟s message your full attention…

Provide the time and space to merely express themselves

Direct your attention so that they feel understood

Feel what‟s going on for them…not you

During an interview it‟s your job to get them to the place where they trust you,
and perhaps dump something on you that is pure marketing gold!

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