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Final Destination 6 Trailer

Final Destination 6 Trailer

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Published by thorney33
Trailer for the upcoming fan-fic 'Final Destination 6: It Is Written' by thorney33
Trailer for the upcoming fan-fic 'Final Destination 6: It Is Written' by thorney33

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Published by: thorney33 on Jan 17, 2012
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"Final Destination 6: It Is Written" - THEATRICAL TRAILER By thorney33

TRAILER - FINAL DESTINATION 6: IT IS WRITTEN INT. STUDY - DARK An unidentifiable male sits at his desk, writing in a notepad and mumbling to himself. An odd glow is emanating from where he sits; despite the lamp not being switched on. MAN ...nightclub... FLASH - Inside a busy nightclub. An attractive barmaid, Sonja (Dania Ramirez) smiles as she serves drinks at the bar. MAN ...a girl...brunette... FLASH - Becky (Alison Brie) leads her boyfriend Andre (Seth Rogen) and their friends Tyler (Milo Ventimiglia) and Imogen (Rachel McAdams) into the nightclub, smiling. MAN ...a band...a stage... FLASH - Becky and her friends sit down, looking towards a large and old wooden stage where a rock band is preparing to play. The lead singer Ray (Wentworth Miller) winks at Andre. MAN (sweating, fast) ...something’s wrong...the stage... FLASH - Cracks begin to run over the stage, towards the lead singers feet as he begins to play. MAN ...death approaches. FLASH - The stage begins to split in two. One of the band members Mammoth (DJ Qualls) falls against the wall. His drumset slides down towards him, the sharp edge of the cymbal shining against the lights. FLASH - Sonja the barmaid places a tray of flaming shots on the table, and begins to run towards the exit. A shocked Tyler stumbles back and slips on a puddle of vodka. He slips to the floor, swinging his arms out, grabbing the tray of shots. They begin to fall towards his screaming face. FLASH - Andre is helping a bloody Ray off the stage when one of the large speakers begins to fall towards him.




FLASH - A crying Becky holds Andre’s body against her as the flames close in from either side. CUT TO - A shocked Becky jumps out of her seat. A screw rolls over from the stage area and rests against her foot. As she examines closely, small cracks are appearing on the stage. BECKY Oh my God... ANDRE Sit down, babe. Ray is about to rock this place to shit. BECKY We’ve got to get out of here. TYLER That has been my point of view for some time now. BECKY (screaming) We’re all going to die! CUT TO - The man snorts as he wakes up, and looks down in surprise at what is written on the notepad. We can now see he is Lincoln (Donald Glover). LINCOLN And so it begins. FLASH - A near-naked Sonja, in handcuffs, writhing around in fear as flames close in at her from all directions. FLASH - Imogen and Becky spin around frantically in a workstation at a construction site. All manner of heavy machinery is turning itself on, as if my magic. Becky screams as she trips and falls onto a large conveyer belt, and begins to move slowly towards a large buzz-saw. IMOGEN Becky! FLASH - Ray gives Andre the rude finger as he hops back into his car and drives away. RAY Fine! Fuck off! You’re dead to me! A few yards away, a gardener is chainsawing a tree in Ray’s front yard. The chain slowly is coming loose. (CONTINUED)



CUT TO - Andre and Imogen slowly walk towards the large crane in the construction site. IMOGEN Please don’t tell me he’s in there. ANDRE I’ll be right back. FLASH - Andre climbs the ladder. Sitting in the cabin is dwarfish Rocco (Martin Klebba). ANDRE Rocco...Rocco! Rocco looks over, but is interrupted by a large squealing sound. ANDRE No! FLASH - The crane begins to collapse, and falls down. Right underneath it, Imogen is frozen as it falls straight towards her. IMOGEN (screaming) Aah! CUT TO - Lincoln at his desk, putting down his pen and closing the notepad. LINCOLN It is written. "FINAL DESTINATION 6: IT IS WRITTEN " flashes on screen. END TRAILER.

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