TRAINING AT WIPRO: Wipro believe in individual growth and overall development.

Potential is recognized and opportunities for further learning are provided. Our training programs are on par with latest manufacturing practices and developments taking place in and around the world to empower you as a professional in the ever changing world of manufacturing practices. wipro not only groom your technical talents but also bring out the leader in you. Our Leadership Program gears you up to take on the challenge for successfully heading large and strong teams. The program is designed to identify the specific actions and attitudes that constitute the Wipro leader's qualities. It examines how each manager rates against these qualities, provide an understanding of how the required skills and competencies can be developed and plan what each individual can do to strengthen his or her leadership qualities. From our research at Wipro, we found that some managers have higher levels of employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity than others Such managers enjoy a greater bonding with their teams. Wipro has studied their best practices and created a framework called MYPP, which is an initiative launched to increase supervisory touch time and effectiveness with team members. It is a framework which defines the various touch points that the manager needs to engage with the team. It enables every manager to connect the team to a bigger picture, create an understanding of the organisation’s objectives and the team members’ role in the same, create fun at the workplace, work on the career aspirations of the team members, and conduct regular and periodic meetings that increase the productivity levels of the team.

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