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Ruby Marketing Group

Ruby Marketing Group

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Published by: Kanit Wongsuphasasawat on Jan 17, 2012
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Ruby Marketing Group

We are a diversified team which comprises members from all over the world with backgrounds in computer science, design, social network analysis and entrepreneurship. We are passionate to work with Snackr. We hope this presentation will help you to know more about our team members.

Our Members
(in brief)

Chuqing Lu
• • • • • •
M.S. MS&E (1st Year) B.S., Software Engineering

gin ntry of Ori Cou


Product manager intern at NEUSOFT, have experiences relating to how to interact with and understand customer. Has implemented an auction website in Microsoft Training Program Currently implementing her own web start-up Passionate about marketing new product

Lu Li
• • • • •
2nd year MS&E master student Bachelor degree in Computer Science Expertise in Machine Learning & AI – currently a TA for data-mining course in CS department Joining Foursquare in June

gin ntry of Ori Cou


Did marketing project for CruiseWise (a startup for online cruise booking) on Facebook–increased the Likes from 600 to 2000+ with $300 with CTR of 0.11% (10 times the average)

Alex Ang
• • • • •
Ms. in MS&E (1st Year) Successfully ran marketing and publicity campaigns in school

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Have experience working with companies in sponsorship and uptake of ideas Studied social networks and network effects in college & Wrote a senior honors thesis on entrepreneurship Currently taking a programming course (CS 106B)

Kanit Wongsuphasawat
• • • • • •
Ms. MS&E in Entrepreneurship + Human Computer Interaction (under Fulbright Scholarship)

rigin ountry of O C


Software Engineering Work Experience and won several innovation & Software Contest awards during undergrad (in CS). Helped Nutramedica Co,Ltd. to do internet marketing. Member of BASES and Stanford Design Initiative Passionate & look forward to work in the intersection between Technology, Design and Entrepreneurship See Kanit’s portfolio at http://www.stanford.edu/~kanitw

Tim Jausovec
• • • • •
B.S. in Symbolic Systems

gin ntry of Ori Cou


Focused on leveraging technology to create behavioral change Pioneered viral txting to get 50+ people to be grateful to each other on a daily basis (part Stanford’s Persuasive technology lab) Spent fall quarter in Moscow studying Skolkovo (Russia’s attempt to recreate Silicon Valley), i.e. how to motivate innovation in rigid ecosystems. Passionate about motivating people to do good things (e.g. CalmingTech, inducing gratefulness, reciprocity)a

Thank you for your Consideration We are looking forward to working with you.

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