Project plan a. Scope b. Risk Management c. Resources Required d. Size of project e. Team Structure f.

Project Scheduling

Title: Medical Store Management system.

Objective: Medical store management system is software that acts as to manage
all the records of the medicines and other concerned entities like debtors and creditors. It saves a lot of time, energy & money. Moreover it provides quick & efficient services. The main aim of the project is to create automated software which is purely used to serve complete Medical Inventory Management, Control Stocks, Expiry & Claims, Effective Purchase Management; it implies an Integrated Accounting

"PAPERLESS MEDICAL SHOP". Developing a MEDICAL STORE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM would benefit the chemist shop management. Since it is Software driven following well-organized approach the quality of services can be enhanced considerably. plan

sometime for the wrong reasons There is no chance of making unrealistic commitments as we are the students of BCA V sem and working for our project which equally important to each of the team member. RISK MANAGEMENT RISK Risk is a problem that could cause some loss or threatens the success of the project. Control Stocks. Since it is Software driven following well-organized approach the quality of services can be enhanced considerably. but which has not happened yet. Due to which our project is going smoothly. Effective Purchase Management. The risks should be managed by addressing some of these risk factors: y Inadequate planning and task identification The project should be planned properly how the task will be done and as well as distributed the task among teammates and assigning them the duties to be performed by them.Scope of work to be done: The main aim of the project is to create automated software which is purely used to serve complete Medical Inventory Management. . y Unrealistic commitments made. SHOP". y Unclear project ownership and decision making Project ownership is very clear as there is one project leader and is very cooperative. Expiry & Claims. She is very good at decision making. it implies an a Integrated Accounting STORE "PAPERLESS MEDICAL Developing MEDICAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM would benefit the chemist shop management. Hence there is no chance of risk in terms of any wrong reasons.

XP OR vista). 3. 2. 5.Three Button Mouse.  Microsoft Office (2000 OR 2003). 4. y Staff personality conflicts There are no such conflicts as all the team members are very cooperative and understand each other. Software Requirements 1.108 keys Keyboard. hence there is no chance of any unrealistic expectation from the side of customer.Processor: Pentium 100 MHz. They understand their responsibility and perform them up to their max. 6.HDD: 10 GB.y Managers or customers with unrealistic expectations There is no chance of such type of risk because we have studied the scenario of present system and preparing the software according to that.0. Everybody work together in a very healthy environment. RESOURCES REQUIRED Hardware Requirements 1. y Poor communication No such poor communication exists in our team. .Operating System: Microsoft Windows (2000.15¶¶ SVGA color Monitor. 2.RAM: 128 MB.Software:  Microsoft Visual Studio 6. As you can see from the above points we have stated that there is a very less possibility of risk in out project.

the latest time by which a task must be finished. He/she will performed all the task of a system designer. Each activity is represented as a bar in the calendar. y Ensured that quality systems are being followed by group. The Gantt chart in the figure is actually an enhanced version of standard Gantt charts. Gantt chart is also called a Timeline Chart. y Ensured that individual team member adheres to deadlines y Ensured periodic backups. y Ensured that the module completion deadlines are met. of necessary. y Managed time and resources within group. One way to view the slake time is that. . we can slide the white area over the gray area without forcing the start if next activity to be delayed. The Gantt chart for this system is shown in figure: TECHNICAL ARCHITECT/ DESIGNER:A member will be appointed as Technical Architect and Designer. starting from the date of the activity and ending at the ending date for that activity. The gray part shows the slake time that is. Some of them are as follows: y Functional analysis and system design. The start and end of each activity becomes milestone for the project. Gantt chart uses a calendar-oriented chart to represent the schedule. A Gantt chart can be developed for the entire project. The white part of the bar shows the length of time each task is estimate to take.GANTT CHART Gantt chart is a simple and effective scheduling technique.

. y Extract a deep understanding of the client¶s business model.y Implementation support. y Anticipated and solved problems. y Presentation of project plans to management. y Provide strategic insights and craft a unique solution ³vision´ that exceeds each client¶s expectation and goals. y Defined project scope. online goals and key performance indicators. y Proactively managed and negotiated team and client risks / conflicts. TASK TO BE DONE : y Being the main point of contact for client projects and lead internal teams. detailed project plans and manage on-time. y Developing detailed baseline project plans. y Construct and maintaine project budgets. y Facilitating technical/operational requirements and definition for technology initiatives. y Maintenance Support. on-budget deliverables.

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