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I am a great parent

I am a great parent

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Published by: ocean1234 on Jan 17, 2012
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I question my dreams consciously I recognize dreams when I have them I remember all dreams completely I remember all of my dreams

always I remember what I dream I rule my dreams I test reality frequently I use imagination in my dreams
I WAKE WHEN I WANT My dreams are clear My dreams are limitless My dreams are pleasant

I am aware of the un-ordinary I am aware when I begin to dream I am aware when I dream I am in control while I dream I am invincible when dreaming I am omnipotent in dreams I am safe in my dreams I am strong in my dreams I am the hero in my dreams I am the most powerful in my dreams I am what I want to be in my dreams

I ask myself if I am in a dream
I can awake when I want to I can do anything I want in my dreams I can dream when I want to I can stop my dreams I choose when to end my dreams I control my dreams I control the length of my dreams I improve dream recollection daily I know everything in my dreams I know when I dream

My dreams are vivid
My dreams satisfy me

My lucid dreams are great

I am a wonderful parent
I have great intuition I lead by example

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