Reasons Why Christians Might Need Recovery

By Elvin S. Ezekiel, Sr. The term or concept of ―Recovery‖ is most often associated with alcohol, substance abuse or 12 Step Programs. For the majority of Christians, the thought that they might need ―recovery‖ is a notion not readily embraced. After all, ―I’m saved they say… and according to the scriptures, I’m a new creation in God‖.
Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

And, that statement is 100% accurate. When a person becomes a Christian, through the miracle of salvation they are made new in God through Christ. They are a new man, i.e., a new character of manhood, spiritual and moral, after the pattern of Christ. ―And so great is the change the grace of God makes in the soul, that, as it follows, old things are passed away—old thoughts, old principles, and old practices, are passed away; and all these things must become new”. Matthew Henry At the crux of this passage is the idea that old thoughts, old principles and old practices – no longer rule the life of the believer! However, if you struggle with thoughts and actions from your past, consider the following 10 reasons that recovery might be worth serious consideration. 1. You lie to yourself about your spiritual status and well-being; commonly referred to as Denial. 2. You do not allow God to be in-charge and manage your life; your issues often govern your behavior - (Rebellion) 3. You do not experience brokenness and contrition that lasts – (Pride) 4. You find it hard to make amends to people you have injured - (Conflict) 5. Your relationships are unproductive, 6. You have unrealistic expectations 7. You life is out of control and has become unmanageable 8. (You employ magical thinking with regard to problems and issues). 9. God is not your first priority 10. You often reproduce your own version of insanity in others calling it normal (Skewed perception of reality) Do the above resonate with you at any level? You’re not alone. For more information and resources on successful Christian living, visit my website,

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