On January 13, 2012, the Board determined to lift the suspension of the Respondent s license effective January 13, 2012 and that the following conditions must be met within 30 days: 1. Licensee may not use any outside promoters in any aspect of its business.

2. Licensee shall undertake security training for security personnel and managers AND alcohol awareness training for all employees. New employees will be trained within 30 days of their hire, and refresher courses will be offered annually to all employees. The owner shall receive both security and alcohol awareness training. 3. Licensee shall submit within 30 days, an updated Security Plan that meets the Board s satisfaction to include the following items: a. How the establishment will handle assaults, fights or verbal altercations that occur on or near the premises; b. The establishment s process for notifying MPD; c. A detailed description of the establishment s newly installed camera security system, regarding operability, coverage and location of cameras. This includes a requirement that video footage be recorded for 30 days and is made available within 48 hours to law enforcement and ABRA investigators. d. Outside security procedures e. Patron ejection protocol f. No patrons under the age of 21 g. Procedures for preserving a known crime scene h. Creation and maintenance of a security log. 4. Within 30 days an ABRA investigator will conduct a walk-through of the Respondent s security camera system and his/her assessment and evaluation of the system will be reviewed and approved by the Board. 5. The Respondent will return in 45 days for a Summary Suspension Status Hearing to demonstrate progress or completion of the items enumerated above. 6. The Board will forward Investigative Report #12-251-0001 to OAG for further enforcement action.

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