NoBody Really

NoBody Really is a Reno, Nevada Hip Hop group with an old school lyrical vibe who takes a humble approach towards music. Inspired by artists like J Dilla, Pete Rock, and Talib Kweli, NoBody Really creates socially conscious music with one major goal: bring back relevance to hip hop and good music. Nobody Really is made up to two MCs, Tsuyoshi “Yosh” Curtis and Tony (Locus) Walker and their producer J Bird. The group originated in Reno, Nevada two years ago when longtime collaborators J Bird and Yosh connected with Walker and began to develop a mutual respect and understanding of music. The trio has developed a solid writing process based on positive collaboration an openmindedness with J Bird making beats and instrumentals and Locus and Yosh expanding on each other’s verses.

NoBody Really has collaborated with Hip Hop icons like Pharoahe Monch, Sage Francis, Aesop Rock, Pigeon John and Blueprint and opened for Mos Def at the Fort Greene Festival in New York City (2011). Staying true to their humble, community driven style, NoBody Really has continuously collaborated with local artists like Whitney Myer, The Mark Sexton Band, Sol Jibe, ElectroSonics, Promise (Duckdown Records), Nick (Ras) Furlong (Patriot Records), Knowledge, Washday, Wordplay, Je Bernat, Blueberry Love Machine, Kate Kotter, Michelle Pappas, Tree Woods and Status-Flo. NoBody Really has released a seven track self-titled EP and plans to create a full length album, get signed and tour the world to spread good, socially conscious music.

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