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Pugs Atomz

Pugs Atomz

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Published by Whitney Lewis

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Whitney Lewis on Jan 17, 2012
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Pugs Atomz is an internationally known MC and self proclaimed ‘professional talker’ known for creating lyrically braggadocios and

socially conscious hip hop soul music with a touch of blues. His goal: to document himself, his friends and the like minded experiences and individuals he encounters through video, art and music. Atomz was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to a musically driven family. His father Vincent Price, a radio DJ, and his mother Marti Thompson, a painter, introduced Atomz to a colorful variety of music often inviting artists like Oscar Brown Jr., poets and visual artists into the household to provide a sense of culture. Inspired, Pugs recited his rst poem and earned his title as a ‘rapper’ from his peers in the 5th grade; already a man of the people. After his debut performance Atomz regularly wrote and immersed himself in music. He began to listen to and emulate his cousins’ artistic style, but did not have many hip hop mentors throughout high school until he came across Chi Rock Nation and Dem Dare (two big Hip Hop movements in Chicago). Determined, Atomz became his own leader improvising beats and experimenting with new instruments while recording songs on his fathers’ stereo. In the mid-90’s Atomz paved the path for current Chicago artists like Psalm One, Qwel, freestyle champ Sam I Am, pianist Kenny Keys, visual artist Statik and Hebru Brantley when he created a traveling group called the Nacrobats; a crew of over 100 artists including rising hip hop icon Mike Eagle known for throwing parties, free-style battles and gra ti art. The Nacrobats released several tapes on EnOhEs Music including Inverted Reality, We Equator and Network of Stars. The group also released a proper album on Birthwrite Records, Co-owned by Atomz, called Always. In 2000 Atomz dropped his rst solo album called Thanks for not rhyming under Galapagos 4 Records. The album created a loud buzz in the underground scene and fueled his emergence in the United States. Atomz has continued to release and produce solo albums including 24 Years Later on Birthwrite Records (2002), the gra ti fueled Playing with Matches on Audio 8 (2004), Conversations with a Chamelion on Gravel Records(2006) and Kinda Like A Rapper on Coalmine Music/Fatbeats (2010). His latest album The Decade dropped on BBE Records in 2010 and served as one of his best releases in the 2000's.

Atomz has participated in music festivals like the Chicago World Music Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Hip Hop Kemp Festival, Boogie Brain Festival, SXSW, Rock Steady Crew, and Scribble Jam and has been mentioned in publications like Rolling Stone, International Hip Hop Magazine, Rap Pages, Chicago Tribune and the Sun Times and has hosted parties and screenings for major companies including MySpace and Adidas. He has been featured on BET’s The Deal, MTV 2 Video Rotation and on taste making websites like Okay Player, Nah Right, 2dopeboyz, Hypebeast and XXL. Atomz has made important connections and accomplished his goal of documenting his collaborations with likeminded artists. He has worked with countless artists including the world renowned DJ Vadim, DJ Hitek, KRS One, Sadat X, Naledge (Kids in the Hall), Fokn Bois (Ghana), Fat Freddys Drop, Abstract rude, Kid Kenevil, DJ Kentaro, 6 Toys, Tall Black Guy, Rashid Hadee, Pimps of Joy Time, Cap D, Juice, Twista, DVA, Grant Parks, Add 2, Dj Gra tti, Astronote, Fluent, Maker and Binkis Recs. Between producing albums regularly and touring the world Atomz has remained cultured and active in the community. He co-founded CTA Radio on the legendary 88.5fm WHPK (the rst station to play rap in Chicago). He also spent 4 years hosting and editing a the Chicago based Barbershop Hip Hop tv show. Atomz edits his own videos as well as others’ using skills he developed as a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) studying painting and video. He has taught children in after school programs on subjects like rap, T-shirt design and mural painting and won an NAACP ACT-SO Award for painting. In addition, with a background in urban marketing, clothing and lifestyle, Atomz has designed exclusive clothing and hats for companies like Afro Wear, American Needle, and Brimlo. Atomz is currently part of a musical collaboration with DJ Vadim and Sabira Jade: The Electric. He met DJ Vadim in New York City in 2006 at the CMJ Conference. After two of Atomz’ songs were featured on Vadim’s You Can’t Lurn Imaginashun album in 2009 he was invited on a worldwide tour to promote the album with UK soulstress Sabira Jade, who previously worked with Vadim. The Electric released their debut 16-track album on OGS Records called Life Is Moving, which is full of energetic hip hop, soulful lyrical verses and killer electric beats. Atomz always stays true to his laid back style talking to the beat.


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