The Weapons Of

Mass Creation
The Weapons of Mass Creation is a band known for composing psychedelic hip-hop music with roots in slam poetry and storytelling. They have created a musical tsunami blending genres like rock, folk, blues and indie into unique live shows that are often outrageous, horrific and filled with disillusionment. Their goal: encourage listeners to live with peace, love and awareness as they open their eyes, ears and heart to what is going on in the world. The Weapons of Mass Creation is comprised of four members: Pan Pantoja (pro artist and poet), Joe Atack aka ‘Nowhere Joe’ (guitar, vocals, actor, director and writer), Abel ‘the shit’ Press (percussionist, drum player, timpanist, instrumentalist and local Reno artist) and Aric Shapiro (bass, vocals and local Reno artist). The band began to develop in the summer of 2009 when Pan and Nowhere Joe were working together on a play. During breaks and free time the two jammed and experimented with the combination of instrumentals and poetry and by 2010 developed several songs and played their first show in front of 2000 people at The Knitting Factory in Reno, Nevada. After receiving a supportive and warm response from their new fans, The Weapons of Mass Creation met Abel Press and after one jam session the band was officially born.

“Our live show is really an experience; a tsunami of music” - Nowhere Joe

The Weapons of Mass Creation have continuted to create a buzz in Reno’s local scene performing at Seven Tea House at West Street Market, Studio on 4th, Tree House Lounge, The Underground, Java Jungle, The Sierra Tap House and regular appearances at Speak Your Mind Festivals. In 2010 they were nominated for an award at teh first Reno Hip Hop Awards and will soon make a debut appearance in Los Angeles at the Whiskey A Go Go. Their song “Arizona” is currently being played by a local Reno radio station called Bomb Shelter Radio. The Weapons of Mass Creation have collaborated with several different artists including The Hardways, While You were Sleeping, Trevor Crow, Haddonfield, Wash Machine, Spoken Views, Knowledge Lives Forever, Crush, Lyon and nearly 50 different emcees. Their ultimate goal is to tour and share their music with the world while putting on engaging live shows that incorporate other art forms like film, theatre, painting and sculpture.

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