5 Week and 3 Week Pre-Collegiate Programs for High School Students
• Air Conditioned, Suites Hotel Lodging • Instruction In English • Earn College Credits • Kaplan SAT Preparation • French Immersion • Dine-A-Round Dining • London Weekend • The Sights and Sounds of Paris



















Students from 43 US States and 18 Foreign Countries

“Summer Study combined the perfect amount of in-classroom learning with exciting cultural excursions. It was truly a remarkable experience…the best summer ever!” Kerrigan O’Malley, Annandale, VA

SIP) dy In Paris (S Summer Stu NEW YORK OFFICE: SUMMER STUDY PROGRAMS 900 WALT WHITMAN ROAD MELVILLE. most excitin chitectur near through its ar e of the lovelie d and on breathes and Our to be positione ld. Paris is a TOTA classe ed da dy In . new pendence. All ot e offered at all pr e of ge courses ar r 5 and 3 week h.. ory of Europe today means wor The whole hist study in Paris of the modern Commitment s. Inc. ost prestigiou s of history all in a superv e of the m . MS Executive Director SUMMER STUDY IN PARIS ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Julian Fowler. ARE INCLUDED ways al Paris ils).FROM SUMMER STUDY PROGRAMS. and Vers cluded in the program fee neyland P res of France ntry. at the same environm s. Person unique opport and culture of By sharing IP experience! d in the charm a part of the SS into the academic world.. We thank l capita ten raise greatest cultura u apply. g.summerstudy. Comes the Summer Study Advantage! etropolis gians: is a dynamic m Dear Pre-Colle ld. Three week aris. Please fe you for your in A summer at T s many ques l. BA Director of International Programs Diane Strumlauf. students find the concep xiety often motivation an Paris offers a ob the gl s the an dy In ONNE reduce Summer Stu om all parts of an year will at The SORB new friends fr with r to your freshm n program your summer e-matriculatio ence built prio id ening.com Experience Paris in August 6 redit): July 5 redit & Non-C July 25 ge C redit): July 5 5 weeks (Colle 3 weeks (Non-C IONS TWO SESS 2011! Bill Cooperman. mos Bonjour! Programs. im orld.com INTERNET ADDRESS: www. an en sy days. Pre-Collegiate CNN News.. st. 10th. chment cou ssion.. BA Director of Student Enrollment David Wolk. Founded us the w s of its vario bine an universities in and classroom niversity helps us to com ory. Visits to shows.. BS Director of Student Activities Jordan Zucker. in 1253 mersed The SORB buildings.. ATC Director of Personnel and Staffing Mike Sirowitz. Ba Night” recreatio ms. its avenues. Fu orks. To e edge and its bridge past. The 5 week progra Latin Q assets of k the fabulous EDITS in our vast cultural in n with the eek and 3 wee COLLEGE CR ucatio her 5 w levels for outstanding ed French is ograms. The se er g non-classroo with college en throughout your college care d associated ete with excitin e “sights an compl le for success s focus on th athletics and L EXPERIENCE prove invaluab ily excursion s. in the halls U m and hallow European hist uarter. and mor sounds” of Pa es add diversity to our bu stille Day Firew nal activiti excursions. culturally and the most exci es one of not necessar g yet socially id ngin are offered the of Paris prov emically challe or 12th grade time. aits you. café y time. Q growth. 11th eting 9t d. l to offer a “Tot g tremely proud ion and received nationa P) is ex nal settin where fash y In Paris (SSI in an internatio around NE. Paris Summer Study nture aw tals in the wor A Parisian adve t romantic capi e. its centurie ONNE is on York Times. NY 11747 (631) 424-1000 WORLDWIDE (800) 666-2556 NATIONWIDE E-MAIL: info@summerstudy. The Un ms imaginab program enri er program se recreationting classroo y to attend eith . BS. and the city ent that is acad h. BS. rope’s Our EXCLUSI permits all st e-week progra the heart of Eu rmation) and lable in our fiv mplete info l experience in aris and look forn is also avai co g educationa ip to Londo in P day tr . movies. A knowledg French langua urses in both ou tional site ght in Englis as non-credit co rses (non-credit) are tau es our educa at all levels sity provid iver le. Summer Stud acclaim on om The SORBON friendships fr Experience” at ademics. time ” college life in al unity to “taste France. Dis y treasu avel is in nce the man Chateau Cou of weekend tr perie VE CONCEPT udents to ex m. students compl summertime atmosphere an SSIP creates an ent. as well as being on th e to excellence al the center of th glamour abound. BA Director of Guidance Jack Kelley. “Paris by in both progra remember. E is an outstand rest in Summer Study In An optional 3 te el free to call us he SORBONN tions. riences you will for ns outside of all activity deta ailles are expe (see pages 6-7 end excursio . A pr curity and conf ! life less threat m activities trance. study skill d high school ualifie a relaxed managem ally exciting. Crea cial happenings ings include da pages 4-5 for your non-stud cultural and so to fill n-filled even dless sea of e (see ris. nights. g ac and inde es stimulatin d lf-confidence that encourag lopment of se USA Today an the deve e world. Studying abroad of to having yo ward Au revoir.. Enrichment tively plann Summer Stu nce clubs. be immerse ing are all liv ion t of university d community gradual transit e. BA Director of Programs and Operations 3 . and d famous th s an in The New ised setting..

Linens and towel service too! WOW! For the best possible roommate matching. the most important science and technology museum in Europe.. Eight to nine thousand students. The University’s location allows Paris to be used as the primary text as classes are routinely scheduled to meet in the city’s incomparable museums and cultural sites.. An immense health club you may join individually is also one block away for our fitness “nuts. microwave oven. careful review is made of roommate surveys completed by each student in the spring. The location is unparalleled for student life and allows all students to feel the “beat and pulse” of real Parisian life. Innovations at LA SORBONNE aim to adapt education given at the University to the demands of the 21st century. pans. private bathroom/shower.. Thousands of students from all over the world can be seen on any day browsing through the countless bookstores. Japanese. attend the University each year. Italian. From its historic monuments to high styled fashion. This allows us complete control of our students. AIR CONDITIONED LODGING An orientation meeting in Paris at the start of the program will familiarize everyone with the University and with life in Paris. Continental breakfast (petit dejeuner. FRIENDS TO KEEP FOREVER! SPORTS Organized sports and recreational activities are part of our planning and add still another dimension to student life in Paris. Except French Language Classes LA SORBONNE On the fashionable Left Bank of Paris and in the heart of the bustling Latin Quarter. housing the artist’s personal collection. Enrichment courses are taught by multilingual Summer Study teaching staff with creative planning and stimulating curricula (see pages 10-11 for all course offerings). and the Cité des Sciences. TV.” STUDENT LIFE AND FIRST CLASS. after all we are in Europe) and dinner are served daily. The small faculty-student ratio is comparable to the finest United States colleges. Students taking our 5 week French language course for college credit will receive an official transcript issued by the Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne. just down the street from the University.S U M M E R S T U D Y I N P A R I S UNIVERSITY LIFE AT THE SORBONNE A Unique Summer Program with Paris as Our Classroom Instruction In English. Small cafes and restaurants for outdoor “people watching” surround us and make lunch a true Parisian experience. The University Of Paris-Sorbonne Paris IV offers the widest range of subjects. dishes and silverware. Whether you are a swimmer. Musée d’ Orsay built in a former railway station and containing one of the most significant collections of impressionist paintings in the world. everywhere we go. It is an electrifying city that breathes like no other. telephone and a small kitchen with a refrigerator. or American style cuisine. languages and social sciences of all Paris universities and is one of the most prestigious research universities in the world. friends from around the world. The scents of crepes. one of the largest and most impressive museums in the world and home of Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa. lies the heart and soul of LA SORBONNE. Each group of 3–4 students share a 2 room suite with individual beds. Laundry facilities are nearby.from long walks to riding the Metro. Professors and instructors take a lively interest in their students and maintain office hours for individual discussions. Characteristic of the liberal arts philosophy at its best.Paris is like no other city in the world! CULTURAL EXCURSIONS We will bring you to some of Paris’ most famed museums: the Louvre.. Languages from all over the world resonate in the halls and outside the buildings of the University as students walk to class. representing almost 130 nationalities. the Musée Marmottan and Musée de Cluny. Our Summer Study In Paris staff live with our students and are there at all times to help. The University’s great location near Notre Dame is bordered by the fabulous Boulevards St. soccer. friends to laugh with.. Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne is an indication of its spirit.” Here you will have plenty of time to socialize with your new friends. Michel and St.. croissants and baguettes fill the air.from small cafes to gourmet restaurants. all our Summer Study In Paris participants are housed in one residence.” Centre Georges Pompidou housing the largest collection of modern art in the world and visited by eight million people a year (the most frequented museum in the world). basketball or tennis player. choices of French. The faculty is international and distinguished. friends from different ways of life and different cultures. entrusting teaching faculty with the mission of introducing foreign students (regardless of their age or nationality) to French language and the main aspects of French civilization. a short metro ride away from La Sorbonne. Chinese. Germain shopping districts.. All-Suites A/C Hotel 4 .. classes are small (10-20 students) with a flexible curriculum and an emphasis on active classroom discussion.. The full name of the university itself. freezer. and others like the Musée Rodin. Artists and booksellers line the banks of the River Seine. An exclusive SSIP feature! The hotel is a great place to meet other students and just “hang out. friends from different backgrounds. wireless internet. For maximum security. pots. Our unique Dine-A-Round dinner plan offers our students daily THE SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF PARIS The excitement of Paris touches everything we do. the facilities and equipment are all nearby. Roommate assignments are then made by similarity of responses. the Musée Picasso. an air conditioned. All-Suites Hotel..from local theaters to glittering dance clubs. antiquity shops and restaurants in the maze of small streets comprising the Latin Quarter.

shopping districts and more. “People Watch“ at a cafe along the fashionable Boulevard St. I loved Paris and the amount of freedom we were given to explore on our own. Pass the famous Moulin Rouge. the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and the streets alive with artists in Montmartres. Ride to the very top of the Eiffel Tower for a breathtaking aerial view of Paris. to be immersed in the language and culture of France is not comparable to classroom instruction only. where the “rich and famous” shop. Culture and Adventure SIGHTSEEING AND RECREATIONAL OUTINGS We will visit some of the most glamorous and exciting areas of Paris. the Paris Catacombs and numerous underground shopping centers. Stroll through the bustling Place de la Concorde lined with gold tipped statues. Syracuse. schedule permitting. SSIP is for you! GETTING AROUND PARIS One can see much by walking around the concentrated areas of Paris. No address is more than a short Metro or bus ride away. shop and chat with Parisians firsthand. symbolic of Napoleon’s achievements. Take a moonlit cruise down the shimmering Seine River. Bastille Day festivities and fireworks. All Summer Study In Paris students will receive a Metro pass for the summer. Browse in Galleries Lafayette and Printemps. a trip to the famed Opera House. smell bread baking in a French boulangerie (bakery). an evening in the eclectic Latin Quarter whose crowded streets are filled with students from around the world. burial ground of American singer JIM MORRISON (from the 60’s rock group The Doors). our Farewell Party and more! FRENCH IMMERSION There is no better place in the world than Paris to study French. at Paris’ luxurious theaters. Stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens accompanied by music. Many of the outings were a lot of fun and I felt as if I was treated as a mature person. The City of Lights Will Light Up Your Heart “ I loved the excursions we took. mini-golf and boating in the nearby Bois de Boulogne. Ride the Metro and mingle with the Parisians who take it daily. Attend a European soccer tournament or another international sporting event. the Open Air Markets. Enjoy movies (in English or French). Napoleon’s Tomb. Stroll down the fashionable Champs-Elysées. For students interested in French immersion. Of course. Germain. dine. browse in outdoor markets. To mingle. Catch “French fever” at local dance clubs.. Enjoy biking. but further distances are covered by the acclaimed Metro system. Paris has one of the finest and safest public transportation systems in the world. one of the oldest streets in Paris.PARIS AS OUR CAMPUS! A Summer of Excitement. there will be plenty of time for personal exploration too. Enjoy the amusement park rides in the Jardin des Tuileries. Dine at the Hard Rock Café.” Ross Mendoza. I felt like we got the true essence of Paris. Trocadero. Take in a concert or a show. Get an insider’s view. PARISIAN NIGHTLIFE Paris offers a dynamic setting with unlimited opportunities for evening activities. French immersion at SSIP means…offering superior French courses for college credits taught by the esteemed Sorbonne faculty and enrichment classes taught by experienced Summer Study teachers…offering “speak French only” outings organized daily to all sightseeing excursions…offering all bilingual staff… and offering students desirous of total French immersion the opportunity to share rooms and meals with each other. Visit Cimetiére Du Pére-Lachaise. NY 5 . walk through little known streets of the city. the Bloomingdales of Paris. The SA’s were knowledgeable about the area and passionate about their jobs.. Enjoy a guided “Paris by Night” motorcoach tour and see this fabulous city aglow with lights. Gape at the impressive Garnier Opera House and explore the charming qualities of La Marais (the Jewish Quarter) and Rue Mouffetard. to the imposing Arc De Triomphe. Cheer on your favorite cyclists at the finish line of the Tour de France.

More recently famed as the location chosen for the signing of the peace treaty ending World War II. Chambord is the most impressive chateau of the Loire Valley. The excursions are: EXCITEMENT! Chateau Chambord Tour: 1 PALACE OF VERSAILLES VERSAILLES. Chenonceau was also built in the early 16th century. Over 2000 deer antlers are displayed in the trophy room.. has always been and continues to be the center of “the hunt. Versailles is truly a wondrous spectacle. A visit to two of the three described castles brings us back to a fascinating period in history: a period of battles and romance. see if you can find your friends! It is a palace of a dream come true! Chateau Chenonceau Tour: Perhaps one of the finest chateaus in France. Its history has been woven by women and. as such.” You will still see a pack of 70 hounds used during the hunts. FABUL OUS SI GHTS. View Cherveny.S U M M E R S T U D Y I N P A R I S Visit 3 of France’s Greatest Treasures T he “flavor of France” continues as Summer Study provides three unique opportunities for students to take full advantage of their visit to France. 2 CHATEAU COUNTRY AND THE LOIRE VALLEY: Built during the 25 year period of 1518 1543.. this chateau possesses much feminine charm. It is truly the castle from a fairytale. The breathtaking formal gardens behind the Palace were designed with canals. refinement and cruelty. Try it yourself.. this remarkable site was spared the wrath of the French Revolution and remains in its original beauty for us to appreciate today. it is impossible to remain indifferent to the beauty of the imposing chateaus.. Often rising above a village. FABUL OUS EXCUR SI ONS. No trip to France is complete without an excursion to the beautiful French countryside. and Louis XVI lived. a reflection of eternity and the most glorious architectural feats of the French Renaissance. 800 cornices and 25 staircases. Chambord has 440 rooms. Passing through quaint towns.inclu ded in 6 . With large towers and numerous smaller pinnacles. groves and floral patterns. the palace is enjoyed by millions of visitors each year. FAB UL OUS SUM M ER ! Travel excursions on three weekends . Let us begin. Cheverny (1634). Louis XIV installed his court and seat of government at the Palace. see its magnificent castle and beautiful grounds. famous for the castles of the aristocracy. These day excursions complement the more local Paris experiences offered regularly during the program. Chateau Cheverny Tour: Situated in Sologne. vast sunflower fields and farmland. of plots and stirring adventures. we enter the fabulous Loire Valley. It’s most famous staircase is its picturesque marble double spiral staircase (designed by Leonardo Da Vinci). complete with the famous Hall of Mirrors and the apartments where the Royal families of King Louis XV. Fortunately. The beautiful fountain pools are adorned with marble and bronze statues. Marie Antoinette. Its gardens are some of the most picturesque in the valley. FRANCE: The Palace and Gardens of Versailles are among the most prestigious European monuments and are certainly the finest and most complete achievement of 17th century French art. We will tour this magnificent architectural feat. 365 chimneys. where members of the royal family could use this staircase at the same time and not pass each other.

See the Eiffel Tower. Visit Discoveryland. see the meandering Siene River divide this splendid city into the famous Left and Right Banks. An UNLIMITED RIDE PASS is included for all SSIP students. the exciting intergalactic adventure. 2 meals/day. Ride Disney’s newest Space Mountain attraction. Videopolis and Orbitron where you’ll pilot your own spacecraft through galactic interference. tours. Farmington CT 7 . Trocadero and more! What an exciting and memorable experience! LONDON WEEKEND (Optional offering available only in the 5 week program): 3 DISNEYLAND PARIS: With relaxation. Shop at Harrod’s. La Parade Disney. Summer Study was truly the best summer ever!” Michelle Regius. where the future is happening today! Enjoy Star Tours. I have learned so much about myself… but the most memorable part was definitely the people. Bring a sweater as the air chills quickly above the bustling streets. DISNEYLAND PARIS only a 40 minute train ride from Paris. Cross the English Channel by high speed train to exciting London. round trip chunnel ride to London. Don’t miss Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty’s Castle with a French chateau influence). Visit Trafalgar Square. Big Ben. Napoleon’s Tomb. the gateway city to Europe.CULTURE! BALLOON RIDE ADVENTURE: Take a thrilling HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE high above Paris. Riders are catapulted through a canon and turned upside down in midspace. From this towering vantage point. Ride Big Thunder Mountain. stroll through Regent Street and people watch at Picadilly Circus (the “Times Square” of London). It’s all there with Summer Study! Supplemental cost: $795 (includes first class hotel. activities/ admissions as described) “Over the past n Both 5 week and 3 week Programs! weeks. La Cabane des Robinson (Swiss Family Robinson). all transfers. the Louvre. Tour Westminster Abbey. Notre Dame. We’ll return exhausted to Paris after one of your best days ever! Spend 3 days/2 nights exploring England’s royal city. we head to Europe’s largest amusement park. LeVisionarium. the Houses of Parliament and see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. the Tower of London and see the fabulous Crown Jewels. fun and excitement as our theme for this excursion.

Enrollment is on a rolling admissions basis and space is LIMITED! Apply Now!! Summer Study In Paris is open to all qualified high school students who are completing 9th.” Miguel Soto. These can be obtained from your guidance counselor. then forwarded to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at The Sorbonne. respectively. Corresponding envelopes are enclosed for your convenience. TO START THE ENROLLMENT PROCESS: 1. Parental advise and input from your guidance counselor/college advisor is recommended. Foreign students may be required to submit a recent TOEFL exam of English proficiency. 11th or 12th grade. Completed applications will initially be evaluated by our Summer Study Admissions Committee. paper(s). Mail a $95 non-refundable application fee along with your completed Application for Admission form on page 19.S U M M E R S T U D Y I N P A R I S ADMISSIONS INFORMATION SUMMER STUDY IN PARIS AT THE SORBONNE as of the date of their application. and the degree of difficulty inherent in each course. Transcripts will be available from The Cours de Civilization de la Sorbonne. Make sure to sign your name granting your guidance counselor permission to mail/ fax your current transcript to us (Fax # 631-424-0567). NOTE: Do not wait for your completed Recommendation Form and transcripts to apply. Madrid. NP-not passed. The guidance counselor/college advisor/teacher recommendation form will help support your application. 10th. All applicants will be required to submit a current academic transcript with past grades and PSAT/SAT scores. 8 . Additionally. and all applications will be reviewed on a “rolling admissions” basis. Enrichment classes are graded P-passed. 2. depending upon the classes chosen. the subject matter. Acceptance into the Summer Study program does not guarantee acceptance into The Sorbonne as a freshman. our resident educators and advisors will assist you with course adjustments if necessary. whether it be for a four year commitment or a summer program. we will send you a personalized letter verifying your successful completion of a summer College Level program at The Sorbonne and a Certificate Of Academic Achievement. Other diagnostic grades may be requested of those applicants who have not taken their PSAT/SAT exams “The cultural experience of enjoying a city like Paris with new friends from all over the world is one not to be missed. the extent of your interest. and presentation(s) also weigh in a student’s final grade. In-class participation. GRADING AND TRANSFER OF CREDITS College level and enrichment classes are held five times a week for a one to two hour period. For your permanent high school record. A description of course offerings for this summer is found on pages 10-11. We strongly suggest you give adequate thought to the types of courses. It’s Time To Give Yourself The Credit You Deserve! CLASSES. Give your guidance counselor/college advisor/teacher your supporting recommendation form and envelope and request that they promptly complete and forward it to us along with your current school transcript. Examinations are only one measure of a student’s performance. SPAIN CURRICULUM CHOICES The appropriate course selections are an important part of any academic program. The Application for Admission and the Recommendation Forms are on pages 19 and 21. ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED.

I love everything about this place.. Summer Study in Paris was an incredible experience where I made unforgettable friendships. toured the most beautiful city. “ This program changed YOUR CHOICES ARE: CURRICULUM I (Meets 2 periods per day): 2 Single Period Enrichment Classes OR 1 Double Period Enrichment Class (i. and learned both inside and outside of our classroom. Kaplan SAT Prep or Intensive French Language) Pages 10-11 Fully Describe All College Credit Courses and All Enrichment Classes. YOUR CHOICES ARE: CURRICULUM I (Meets 2 periods per day): 2 Single Period Enrichment Classes OR Intensive French Language (double period) CURRICULUM II (Meets 3 periods per day): 1 Single Period Enrichment Class + Intensive French Language (double period) OR 3 Single Period Enrichment Classes French Immersion: For students desiring our FRENCH IMMERSION program (described on page 5). Each student may also take one enrichment class or the Kaplan SAT preparation course (Math and Verbal). Glen Cove. or 1 double-period Intensive French Language Course and an enrichment class. College classes are taught by the distinguished Sorbonne teaching faculty. All levels of French.” Nicole Cygielman. Students may choose to take 2 or 3 enrichment classes. The Choice Is Yours! 5 WEEK COLLEGE CREDIT PROGRAM Summer Study students will take a 3 credit college level course in French. CURRICULUM II (Meets 3 periods per day): 1 Single Period Enrichment Class + Kaplan Math & Verbal SAT Prep OR 1 Single Period Enrichment Class + Intensive French Language (double period) OR 3 Single Period Enrichment Classes PARIS IS A GRAND PERFORMANCE! my life. see pages 10-11. we strongly suggest doubling up on French language when selecting your classes. are offered. 5 WEEK ENRICHMENT PROGRAM Summer Study students will take 2 enrichment classes taught by Summer Study teachers. Many exciting class offerings and all levels of French are offered (see pages 10-11).. I will look back on this summer and smile and laugh. The people I’ve met will forever remain my friends and I know I will never forget this beautiful city. Everyone will take a short examination (no preparation required) at the start of the program to ensure the proper placement in the appropriate level of college French. Thank you for the freedom and for amazing excursions. 3 WEEK ENRICHMENT PROGRAM Enrichment classes are exclusive to our students and are taught by Summer Study instructors.e. 1 double-period Intensive French Language Course. from beginner to advanced.5 Weeks or 3 Weeks. NY 9 .

Kaplan’s SAT preparation courses WORK! Summer Study students enrolled in the SAT preparation course will be automatically upgraded to Kaplan’s College Prep Advantage at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Students will receive. your photo memories will last a lifetime. This score report is then used to help create a personalized study plan for each student to maximize his/her study time. create slideshows and photo collages. Do it this summer! Kaplan’s College Prep Advantage.” Karina Dreyfus. Students will study the language. to help organize and plan your college application process. lighting. • PREPARATION for SAT SUBJECT TESTS (SAT II) and ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) exams with Kaplan’s ONLINE study guides. Discussions include the similarities and differences of various European cultures and the contributions they have made to modern day film. Kaplan instructors teach a comprehensive understanding of the math. Students engage in discussion and composition based on magazine articles. • ACCESS to all of the above throughout your ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL career.. regularly $1. Ballet. Kaplan SAT training combines classroom instruction. Kaplan generates a personalized score report of each student’s strengths and weaknesses. A full set of Kaplan SAT preparation books and flashcards for on-the-go studying are included in the course tuition. • A PERSONAL TEST ADVISOR to help map out your schedule of attack to attend the best possible college/university. Class work is supplemented with homework assignments. Minor supplemental costs for printing. Working in small groups. With Paris as a magnificent backdrop and faces in your program from around the world. NOTE: This class is for the best of our applicants who have completed at least 3 years of high school French. which immerses students in the content and strategies needed to score higher on the SAT. Class assignments are designed to explore Paris as well as discover an essential visual medium. aesthetics. the class will explore film criticism and the impact film has on our society. and teachers are available for extra help on a regular basis throughout the course. Please see paragraph above. supplemental practice materials and simulated fulllength practice exams. writing. Major monuments. the students learn to master elementary conversational and written communication. NOTE: This class is for students who have taken 1 or 2 years of high school French. realistic testing experiences. and practice basic linguistic structures and tenses. The course uses a proprietary problem-solving approach. “I will treasure the SSIP group photo. Offered Exclusively To Summer Study Program Participants… Paris Through Digital Photography Learn how to shoot better pictures in the country where photography was invented. Emphasis is on both reading and writing as well as comprehension of spoken French. Conscientious daily homework and active participation in class are expected from every student. Elementary French: (3 credits) This course is intended to help students acquire the basic elements of spoken and written French. 3 full-length exams provide invaluable practice of the learned test-taking techniques as well as helping students overcome test anxiety. Good pronunciation is stressed to establish a firm foundation for further study of language.. • A COLLEGE ADMISSIONS COURSE & PLANNER. adjust coloration. students can make the most of their time -. structure and design. Nicaragua 10 . Once students have learned some of the basics. the staff really cared about the well being of the students. and verbal skills tested on the SAT. past and future tenses through a functional approach organized around communicative goals. • UNLIMITED access to Kaplan’s complete SAT and ACT prep courses. thanks! Loved the Tour de France. With Kaplan's SmartPoints™ system. and Euro Disney.S U M M E R S T U D Y I N P A R I S COURSE OFFERINGS Enrichment Class Offerings for Both the The Sorbonne College Credit French Courses FRENCH LANGUAGE Beginning French: (3 credits) Through different activities. After a diagnostic practice test. KAPLAN SAT PREPARATION O N CA PUS COURSE M For nearly 70 years. Summertime is the “hassle-free” time to prepare fully for the SAT’s.. back up your images. pivotal points of urban history and domestic architecture in Paris will be studied on site and in class. This course follows the city’s development from Roman times to the present while teaching the general vocabulary of architecture. Architecture Paris offers some of the best known architecture in the world. Learn how to download photos to your computer. cropping.000 if taken in your home city (5-week programs only) Film Studies This course serves an an introduction and analysis of both American and European film. Low Intermediate French: (3 credits) This course involves an active review of complex sentence structure and all verb tenses in order to improve written and oral skills. NOTE: This advanced class is for students who have completed 2 or more years of high school French. High Intermediate/Advanced French: (3 credits) This course is a continuation of Low Intermediate French. Explore digital camera use and functions. Cultural outings provide a direct experience within this French environment. Fragonard Perfumerie. and flash. structure and history of the cinema.and scores.. Kaplan's unique combination of the highest quality study materials. and dynamic teachers and tutors is unrivaled. Administered under actual testing conditions. Students must bring a digital camera with the necessary connection cables. in the classroom or online (take the courses as often as you like). Applywise. NOTE: This class is for students who have not taken French. Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions has helped students get a higher score on their SATs and gain admission to the colleges of their choice. e-mail and print photos. Great options for excursions.3 to 4 years! Supplemental Cost: $695 Both Math and Verbal SAT Preparation. and have fun while doing it! Students will practice their learned skills while exploring the picturesque city. Students will learn to express themselves in everyday life situations in the present. Discussions include elementary concepts of urban planning. loved the afternoon classes.

It doesn’t get better than this. writing. Rembrandt. Also. ecological destruction. Increase your awareness of this exciting industry. vocabulary and grammar exercises devoted to French language and culture. students work with dialogues. speaking proficiency. Each class session concentrates on specific graphic elements such as form. visits of chosen sites. NATO. This course is designed to improve listening comprehension. Monet. Topics include ‘Textiles. and the areas of Paris where the industry thrives today. The course explores. Intermediate and Advanced levels of French are all available as an intensive double-period French class for those seeking a French Immersion experience. IMF. Intercultural Communications This course examines how culturally conditioned behavior affects relations between groups. as well as non-verbal communication. all students will complete a college essay for evaluation and critique by the instructor. and writing ability through constant practice. gender issues. the city itself is a work of art! This class will provide you with a broad overview of the major periods in art history (Renaissance. etc. Please see paragraph above. understanding and speaking. Impressionist and Modern) and the influence that French artists had on those periods. Contemporary Global Issues This class exposes students to a broad range of contemporary issues: wars and regional conflicts. Fashion…The Trendsetters Explore the latest trends of the fashion industry through this informal approach to fashion and design. NOTE: This advanced class is for students who have completed 2 or more years of high school French. NOTE: This class is for the best of our applicants who have completed at least three years of high school French. Drawing in Paris This class offers the opportunity for students of all abilities to develop their drawing skills while exploring this beautiful city. nuclear and conventional weapons proliferation.. space and the body. Speaking French from day one. Finally. ‘Dress and Identity’ and ‘Designers and Clients’. Introduction to International Business This course introduces students to current issues in international business by focusing on economics. and has a great “hands-on” approach to writing. line. More advanced students are encouraged to develop their own styles and to review drawing concepts. political and organizational issues raised by the operations of multinational corporations. After all. Art History Paris is home to the greatest museums the world has to offer.Five and Three Week Programs. The History of Paris Take a deeper look at the city you are visiting. monumental buildings or particular urban districts focus on historical artifacts of the city’s transformations and of its link to earlier ages. We will concentrate on painting and sculpture and will visit the city’s great museums for guided tours and self exploration. NOTE: This class is for students who have taken no French. In addition. through open discussions and lecture. Skills and techniques will be practiced both in the classroom and on-site. what it takes to be successful in the global marketplace. Picasso and others! French Language Beginning French: An introduction to French with an emphasis on acquiring a basic level of proficiency in the language and understanding of the culture of France and the Francophone world. exhibitions. Students examine in depth strategies and techniques used by accomplished writers to create total effects for their readers. Visits are made to museums. Baroque. you will work on establishing a distinct style. 11 . an introduction to literary analysis of French stories and poems. Rodin. cultural. composition. It will also examine the nature of national diplomacy and international institutions (UN. through class discussion. providing the beginner with the basic tools needed for personal expression.. Michelangelo. It introduces techniques of ethnological research and observation and encourages students to examine issues such as identity formation. Darien. value and perspective. CT *NOTE: Elementary. You’ll explore the creative styles of known authors. Come home with a familiarity of the works of Da Vinci. students are introduced to the major traditions of the world and their worldviews. through exercises on vocabulary and pronunciation. through analysis of cultural readings. a class where your mind has to wander! Inspired by entertaining and constructive writing exercises. Delacroix. FRENCH IMMERSION “ I was given a chance to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. unique characters and sensible plot. reading comprehension. while meeting friends from across the globe and having a blast in the city of Paris. This course offers a cultural history of Paris by considering distinctive periods of the city’s development. Low Intermediate French*: Students will review grammar points learned in Beginning and Elementary French and practice the four skills: reading. Elementary French*: Students will review grammar points learned in Beginning French and study more complex grammatical structures. which can be bought locally in Paris. You will compare and contrast the different styles and designers that achieve fashion status in France. NOTE: This class is designed for students who have taken 1-2 years of high school French. playwrights and poets. etc. Dress and Value’. This class is workshop-style. You will discover how Paris has become one of the world’s greatest cultural centers. Creative and College Essay Writing Finally. NOTE: Students are responsible for materials.) used in the effort to resolve these issues.” William Plunkett. While lectures present a selected. It examines multinational company’s motivations for international expansion and choices of entering foreign markets. chronological overview of the city’s history. regionalism and integration. perception of time. High Intermediate/Advanced French*: This course is a continuation of Low Intermediate French. North-South disputes.

The instruction is in English. “ The best decision I ever made was to come to Summer Study in Paris. The instruction is in English. Kilauea HI experience this program” 12 . The atmosphere is French. The educational philosophy is American. The students are International. Everyone should Lennon Lord. The students are International.THE 1 PRE-COLLEGIATE CHOICE FOR STUDY ABROAD! # The educational philosophy is American. The atmosphere is French.

TX EXPERIENCE OUR EXCLUSIVE DINE-A-ROUND DINNER PLAN! 13 . for me the best summer ever. It was.Triumph from an experience.. “We will all miss this program.. that builds lifelong memories. by far. Laredo. Thanks to all the staff for sharing this wonderful summer with us. You shared your time and love with us and we appreciate it and will miss you a lot.” Lilian Martinez.

Demarest NJ .THE CITY OF LIGHTS “I came to the program a little nervous and a lot curious…I left with confidence and knowledge…and best of all..Tour de France The Excitement of a Summer In Paris! PARIS.. Best Summer Ever!” 14 Joshua Tycko. an experience I will never forget.

Summer Study was by far the best experience I’ve ever had...• RELIVE ITS HISTORY... Macon GA Tour de France 15 ... • ALL IN ONE SUMMER! “Visiting Paris on a family vacation versus being a part of Summer Study in Paris are two totally different experiences.” Pearce Groover. • EXPERIENCE ITS CULTURE. • TAKE GREAT CLASSES.

I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I met people from different religions. I feel like I’ve jumped into a storybook because of everything I’ve seen and done.” Maricela Cardinas.OO-LA-LA! 16 “Summer Study was a great experience. It’s amazing how diverse it is. CA . ethnic backgrounds and beliefs. San Jose.

Applications for a new passport or renewal applications can be obtained at your local post office. We suggest you visit/call the French Embassy or Consulate in your country to obtain the accurate information and/or forms. The purchase/rental of an international cell phone is recommended. jeans are as popular in Paris as anywhere and are perfectly acceptable for sightseeing.S. Some Helpful Information On Life In & Around France Foreign Currency The unit of currency in France is the Euro. informal dining and nightlife activities. Unlike wall outlets in the United States. Bring an extra pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses in your carry-on luggage. outlets in France take plugs with two round prongs. you will also need a converter. SC Clothing/Miscellaneous Pack light.S. Unless the appliance is dual-voltage permitting usage on 220 volts. These small gifts do not count as part of your exemption. citizens visiting France. Customs: You may bring home $800 worth of foreign goods duty free.6 Euro to the dollar. If you have a health problem that requires a prescription drug. which accept plugs with two flat prongs. with a limit of one package per day per addressee. A complete clothing list will be sent in the spring.. Calling Home & Cell Phone Info Approximate daytime rates. citizens will need a valid passport that expires after the last day of your program. To use U. The bills and coins are in various denominations. Further information on how to call the United States (and other parts of the world) from France and a recommended international cell phone rental company will be sent to you in the spring. Rates are less at night and on weekends. Gifts valued at less than $50 may be mailed to the United States duty free. I learned about the culture. 17 . made electric appliances abroad. Foreign students are responsible for securing their own passports and for any required Visas to enter France. the exchange rate was approximately 0.S. Columbia. to the United States are 7 Euros per minute.Paris…the cultural. the United States runs on 110 volts.S. Climate…lots of sun! (unlike England) The following are the average daily maximum and minimum summer temperatures for Paris. At the time of our brochure printing. Since summertime is the peak travel period abroad and passport offices experience extremely heavy demand.” Sarah Slogsvol. per minute. fashion and gastronomical capital of the world…the capital of all capitals… POTPOURRI.. pack enough to last the duration of the program. the language. we strongly recommend you apply immediately for your passport (which could take 6-8 weeks). and best of all I learned a lot about myself. Customs and Duties Returning Home/U.FACTS ON FRANCE Electricity/Converters The electrical current in Paris is 220 volts. you will need an adaptor plug. July 76F 25C August 75F 24C 58F 14C 58F 14C “The 5 weeks I spent in Paris were the best 5 weeks of my life. No Visa is required for U. Most reputable stores will handle the mailing for you. Travel Documents U.

Summer Study personnel will be at the airport to greet all arriving students arranged through Creative Travel. Traveling as a group also allows Summer Study staff to properly coordinate and meet all arriving students. Enrollment is not guaranteed until the tuition deposit is received. student ID card.S. Not Included: Transportation to/from Paris and your home city. Payments by foreign students must be made by one of the following two methods: 1. 2. Withdrawals between April 1 and April 30 are entitled to a refund of all payments. Metro pass. residence hotel lodging. For International Students: Creative Travel must also issue the tickets of students flying to Paris from countries other then the U.S. personal spending money and laundry. mandatory insurance costs ($85). Summer Study group picture. Program Tuition: $7. regardless of reason. The $1000 deposit. They will coordinate the arrival of foreign students into Paris with the flight arriving from the United States. less $500. Students: Creative Travel Int’l and Summer Study staff will coordinate all flight arrangements into JFK airport and meet all New York metropolitan area students as well as those students connecting in New York from other U. Application Fee: $95 (non-refundable) must accompany your Application for Admission.Payment by Check: The check must be payable to Summer Study Programs in U. citizens) visiting France must secure any required tourist visas from the embassy or consulate in their country. Arrive USA August 6 Includes orientation. Withdrawals between May 1 and May 31 are entitled to a refund of all payments. Full payment is due upon enrollment for students who apply after May 1. classes and wrap-up. No refunds will be made. classes and wrap-up. All reservations. Arrive Paris July 6 Depart Paris August 6. Program Tuition: $5. Footnote: Past students and staff have found traveling together was a great way to quickly make new friends. less $2000. is refundable if the participant withdraws for any reason prior to March 1. Room/Common Area Damage & Lost Key Deposit: $200 USD (refundable) Summer Study In Paris requires that all residence hotel rooms be decorated and used with care. After notification of acceptance into the program. All airline tickets must be charged on a major credit card at the time of ticketing. lunches. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST purchasing optional “Cancel For Any Reason” program tuition insurance. Arrive USA July 25 Includes orientation. Summer Study at The Sorbonne Five-Week College Credit Program 2011 Program Dates: Depart USA July 5. planned evening activities. classes and wrap-up. Checks should be made payable to Summer Study Programs and ear-marked with the student’s name. ROUND TRIP AIR TO/FROM PARIS General Information: Our travel affiliate. Arrive Paris July 6 Depart Paris August 6. medical expenses. 18 . At a later date. admission fees).S. less $3000. Payment Schedule and Refund Policy: A $95 non-refundable application fee must accompany the completed Application GENERAL INFORMATION for Admission.S. recreational and athletic activities as per brochure (pages 4-5). 2 meals per day. NY 11747 Further Credit To: Summer Study Programs Account #: 300-1-203532 Reference: Name of Student Note: A $75 international enrollment fee will be billed to all international students outside of North America to cover international courier fees and airport assistance upon arrival/departure in Paris. textbook and/or instructional materials. enrichment classes. The balance of the tuition and all refundable and optional fees are due by May 1. We cannot guarantee enrollment if final payment is not received by May 1. Wall and/or furniture damage is chargeable to room occupants. Blocked space for our group will permit SSIP students to be seated together. Arrive USA August 6 Includes orientation.495 USD Three-Week Enrichment Program 2011 Program Dates: Depart USA July 5. bank. has secured the lowest possible round-trip group rate for our flights between JFK and Paris.Payment by Telex (Wire Transfer): The telex should include the following: Telex: Chase Manhattan Bank: ABA #021000021 Swift #: CHASUS33 Credit: JP Morgan Chase Bank 115 Broad Hollow Rd.. all cultural sightseeing. Program Tuition: $7. A room key/damage deposit is mandatory. CREATIVE TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL.S U M M E R S T U D Y I N P A R I S For U. Transfers: All students will be met upon arrival in Paris. A full refund of all tuition payments will be made for students who do not meet the eligibility requirements for acceptance.S.S. ticketing and boarding passes must be handled by Creative Travel for all SSIP students. Summer Study will personally meet and check in all students from the New York area. All students leaving from New York and ticketed through Creative Travel International will receive an email and/or written confirmation of their flight itinerary prior to the start of our program. FOREIGN STUDENTS PAYMENT & INFORMATION Foreign students (not U. unless frequent flyer mileage is being used for a ticket on our same exact flights. cities. The cost of the motorcoach transportation will be included on your program invoice. Withdrawals between March 1 and March 31 are entitled to a refund of all payments. as is common area damage created by SSIP students in our residence or other public facilities. we recommend APPLYING EARLY. a $1000 tuition deposit must be forwarded within two weeks to secure enrollment. Creative Travel will also coordinate returning flights for all students returning to or connecting through New York and for foreign students flying to other destinations. an additional deposit will be required. Supplemental cost: $45 USD each way. for withdrawals after June 1 or for students dismissed from the program for disciplinary reasons. 2 meals per day in Paris. A deluxe air-conditioned motorcoach will transfer all students and baggage to our summer residence and back again for return flights. which will be made available upon acceptance. funds drawn on a U. ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED.995 USD Included: Tuition for all The Sorbonne credit bearing courses. Arrive Paris July 6 Depart Paris July 25. All tickets for foreign students will be sent well before departure.995 USD Five-Week Enrichment Program 2011 Program Dates: Depart USA July 5. less $1000. 3 weekend excursions (deluxe motorcoach and Metro. Melville. We thank you in advance for cooperating with the described travel requirements. therefore.

travel expenses. 2011) * Date of departure from the US with next day arrival in Paris STUDENT PROFILE: Student’s Name: Last: Home Address: Street: City: Place of Birth: Parent(s) Home Phone: ( E-mail Addresses: Mother’s Full Name: Father’s Full Name: ) State: Male Female Zip: Date of Birth: Student Phone: ( ) Parent(s): Mrs. Summer Study reserves the right to dismiss students. Summer Study Programs. without refund. Melville. 5-week programs only) London Weekend ($795. rules and refund policy and agree to same. Please send your brochure to: Name/Address/Phone: Name/Address/Phone: Summer Study Programs. We recommend you APPLY EARLY! Do not wait for your transcript or recommendation form. Date Signature of Parent or Guardian permission to participate in all planned weekend travel excursions and to TRANSCRIPT RELEASE: I (Student’s Name) grant permission to my high school/ guidance counselor to mail or fax my current school transcript/test scores to Summer Study In Paris at THE SORBONNE to complete my Application for Admission. Date Date Signature of Student Signature of Parent or Guardian APPLICATION INFORMATION: A $95 non-refundable application fee. 2010 and are subject to adjustment should there be any revision of such costs prior to the start of the program.July 25. I/we have read the brochure and understand the costs. lodging and dining costs as of September 1. The tuition and program fees described herein are based on costs of operation. Dr. regularly $1000 if taken in your home city. 19 .: First: Present Grade: Student: Ms. but not limited to a nightly curfew and no use of any drug (unless prescription) or alcohol. 2011) Three-Week Enrichment Program (July 5* . Ph. tuition fees.August 6. Applications received without the $95 application fee cannot be processed. who are unable to abide by all program rules. Ph. reserves the right to limit enrollment or cancel any class offered in the Summer Study In Paris program due to overwhelming or insufficient enrollment. How Did You Learn About Summer Study In Paris? What Did You Do Last Summer? Name of Camp/Tour/Program (if any) TRAVEL/ACTIVITY PERMISSION: I hereby give (Student’s Name) take part in all other activities as scheduled by the directors of Summer Study In Paris at THE SORBONNE. As the parent or guardian. Person Responsible for invoice (if different from above): Name: Address: Street: Secondary/High School Name: School Address: Street: Name of Guidance Counselor/College Advisor: City: State: School Phone: ( ) Zip: Country City: State: Zip: Country CURRICULUM CHOICE & COURSE SELECTION WILL BE MADE IN THE SPRING: REQUESTED OPTIONS: Cut along dotted line Air Transportation Transfers ($45 each way) Kaplan SAT Prep course ($695. Date Date Signature of Student Signature of Parent or Guardian REMINDER: ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED and applications are reviewed on a “rolling admissions” basis. I understand the Summer Study program and have discussed with my son/daughter that he/she will be required to follow all established rules including. only in 5 week program) Note: Selected Options Can Be Changed Before May 1st. Inc.: ( Bus. which can be sent/faxed later. payment schedule.: ( ) ) Country: Nationality: Age as of July 2011: Years: Mo. PLEASE MAIL APPLICATION AND $95 FEE TO: Summer Study In Paris at The Sorbonne 900 Walt Whitman Road. 2011) Five-Week Enrichment Program (July 5* . payable to Summer Study Programs. exchange rates. NY 11747 (631) 424-1000 Worldwide • (800) 666-2556 Nationwide • Fax (631) 424-0567 The following friends/relatives might like information about the Summer Study In Paris program. must accompany this completed application. Dr. It will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pay for any additional airfare incurred if their son/daughter is dismissed from the program. Mr.S U M M E R S T U D Y I N P A R I S APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION Summer Study at The Sorbonne CHECK ONE: Five-Week College Credit Program (July 5* . Cell Cell Bus. is granted permission to use the names and photographs of program participants in publicity materials and to act in loco parentis for the above applicant during the period of the program. Inc.August 6.

. . . . Tallahassee. I didn't expect what I came to find. . grew up and became an independent adult. . . CA “I enjoyed my 5 weeks in Paris very much. . Their unique personalities and ability to relate to the students made the excursions more fun and the classes more interesting. This trip has taught me how to be more responsible and mature. . NY “The students and staff were helpful. . North Woodmere. Tokyo. . . I wish I could have stayed longer. incredible memories and experiences that will stick with me forever. . . . . . . . . . from doing my own laundry to getting to class. TN “A once in a lifetime experience!” Brooke Gottlieb.” Brittany Beyer.3719 Seattle . . Denver. . . Chatham. . . . . GUATEMALA “This summer was filled with tons of exciting activities and memorable Parisian experiences that surpass the usual tourist activities. . . all we had to do was sign up and the rest was taken care of. . . . JAPAN “I loved the whole trip. .5080 Tel Aviv . . . was liberating. . I loved every second!” Ali Dulman.3942 Houston . . . giving me more insight than I ever could have imagined. .4146 Detroit . . VA “I wish I could turn back time to do it all over again!” Caleb OʼNiell. I really learned about myself. . . . . I am extremely grateful to Summer Study Programs for giving me this unique experience. New York. San Juan. CT “I met some amazing people and had so much fun!” Aya El Adem. . . . . . . . . North Woodmere. . . NM “Wonderful people! Helpful staff! Amazing sites! Fantastic time! Best Summer Ever!” Gianna Strand.210 Los Angeles . . . .5711 Mexico City . by far. . . . NY “Best Summer Ever!! Thanks to an amazing city. 3 weeks was just long enough and I am only more excited to return for 5 weeks next year! Thank you so much. Arlington. We truly got to know the city of Paris.. . . . . I didnʼt think it would be possible to see the entire city in just 3 weeks. . . . . from around the world! Distance To Paris (miles): Atlanta . Torrance. NY “I had a really exciting and educational experience in Paris this summer. .4219 Cincinnati . . . FL “At first. . . . Guatemala City. . CA “You will meet the most amazing people!” Alisa Zezetko.2065 Tokyo . NY “This program has definitely opened my eyes to the French language and culture. . . . In just the first few days. .” William Castagna. . . Knoxville. . . . . Marietta. I was pushed out of my comfort zone. . . I hadn't thought that I could see so much of Paris in just three weeks!” Rebecca Clementi. . . . . .” Raymond Steele. . but mostly thanks to a great group of friends that I will never forget!” Marianne Abbott. . . After the three weeks were over. .” Amanda Friedman. and chill. . . NJ “When I first arrived in Paris with the program. . . . . I loved walking through the beautiful streets and just sightseeing. . . had fun experiences and felt like an actual college student. cool. . . .3600 Philadelphia . . Nashville . . I felt like I grew up instantly and learned so much about myself. . . . . The fun doesnʼt stop!” Nathan Malchow.” Alexandra Fillip. . . . . but I could have never imagined what I was going to leave with: life long friends. . I got to meet people from all over the world and visit amazing places in France. I made amazing friends from all over the country and the world.3490 New York . . Gwynedd Valley. . The fact that we were able to go hang with my friends and explore the city on our own at short periods of the day. . . . . . . . . . . . NY 20 . But SSIP proved me wrong!! I spent 3 amazing. . . This really was the best summer of my life!” Sara Zeltsman. Rye. . . What made it so great was that everything was planned out in advance. friends I made and classes I attended. PR “I believe that the amazing Staff Advisors greatly contributed to the success of my summer. Whether I was teaching myself to do laundry or learning to use the metro. . .” Rachel Rockford. . .slightly farther “My trip to Paris was an amazing experience. . . I knew that I would be in Paris and that my time there would be exciting. Madison. . .” Amaris Appiah. . . . . . . I can't think of a better way to explore Paris and meet students from different places and backgrounds!” Allison Mast. The staff was incredible and made the transition to the program easy. . . The SA's were always there when we needed them and they were always a big help. WI “Stay 5 weeks if you can. .5024 Kuwait . . . .. LEBANON “This summer was one of the best experiences of my life. PA “This was.4386 Boston . . I was so happy and relieved that all the other students on the program were nice.” Olivia Seitz. .5800 Miami . . . .” Kaoru Inoue.” Paul Delk. . . Roslyn Heights. . . I felt like I had been living in Paris for a year. I learned how to be more independent. . . . . this program gets two thumbs up in my book. The amount of freedom was just enough to make me feel independent yet always safe. . . . . . . Nyack. . . . . hilarious and great to be around. . The experience was great and I came back home with beautiful memories and lots of new friends. TN “This was the best summer of my life. Through the exciting activities. . . . . Santa Ana. GA “The time flew by. . . . I will certainly be recommending this program to my family and friends. fun-filled weeks in the most awesome city in the world. .2740 London . . .” Lianis Martinez. NY “Summer Study gave me an amazing opportunity to see sights and a city that I always wanted to see my whole life. . be it with my academics or my personal goals. . But it all seemed just fine because I was surrounded by friends! There is no other city on earth I would rather have done it in. . . I made a lot of friends and I miss them all! We became like a family after 5 weeks. . I made great friends. . Jounieh. . . . . . Santa Fe. . . . CO “I truly had the best summer experience of my life. . . . . . My classes helped me to understand the culture and history of Paris. . . There was never a boring moment and I really got to experience the city like a real Parisian. .3440 Chicago . Rye Brook. . NY “This summer was amazing and such a worthy experience. Weston. .” Evelyn Flashner. . . . . . The SAs were always very knowledgeable and helpful.6132 Bora Bora . . . the most fun I've had while attending a summer program!” Lucas Colbert-Carreiro.“ S U M M E R S T U D Y I N P A R I S WHAT STUDENTS SAY. . . . .4579 Montreal . I'm glad I got to spend the summer with such a fun group of people. .

with parental consent. If your PSAT/SAT grades are available. Cut along dotted line Date: __________________ Applicant’s Signature: ____________________________________________________ PART B: TO THE GUIDANCE COUNSELOR. PRINCIPAL OR TEACHER: This student. Please urge your school contact to mail the completed form. 2. The purpose of the program is to challenge the student academically and to ease his or her future adjustment to college life. We would appreciate your evaluation of this student’s readiness to participate successfully in a pre-college environment at The Sorbonne. a pre-college enrichment program.S U M M E R S T U D Y I N P A R I S RECOMMENDATION FORM / / Guidance Counselor College Advisor PART A: TO THE APPLICANT: All Recommendation Information is Personal and Confidential Teacher Please complete the following and then give this form to your guidance counselor. properly stamped to avoid delays in processing. Complete the back of this recommendation form. COLLEGE ADVISOR. both in and out of class. headmaster or teacher. together with an up-to-date transcript. I learned a lot. I waive my right to inspect this letter of recommendation. is applying for admission to SUMMER STUDY IN PARIS at THE SORBONNE. GA 21 . For additional information about this program and/or a copy of our informative brochure. and thought it was really cool how they used the whole city of Paris as our classroom!” Wayne Smolen. should be provided to the appropriate person. NY 11747 Fax 631-424-0567 place to be with people your own age. please have your guidance counselor forward them as well. please call our office at (631) 424-1000 Worldwide or (800)666-2556 Nationwide. please include the most recent standardized tests (example: California Achievement Test) with the transcript. principal. 3. exploring everything together. Mail this recommendation and transcript showing PSAT/SAT scores (envelope provided). Marietta. Please mail/fax to: Summer Study In Paris at The Sorbonne 900 Walt Whitman Road Melville. Attach an official school transcript including the most recent report card. Name of Applicant:____________________________________________________ Present Grade: __________________________________ Address: Street: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _State: ____________________________Zip: __________________________________ ) ) Parent(s) Home Phone: (________________________________________ Student Phone: ( ________________________________________ School Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: Street: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________________ State: ____________________________ Zip: __________________________________ Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. to our office immediately. “Paris is such a great INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Note: This evaluation will be reviewed exclusively by the Summer Study Admissions Committee and will be discarded after completion of the acceptance process. The enclosed envelope. If the applicant does not have PSAT/SAT scores available as of the date of application to this program. college advisor.

She really enjoyed every minute of the program and also learned a lot in her classes. Colombia 22 4.. The main factors contributing to the respect accorded the applicant seem to be: Superiority in studies Leadership in activities Accomplishment in activities and interests Interest in and concern for others Success in athletics General character 5. Regards. Relationship to student: 2. I am planning to send my youngest daughter next summer so she also has the same opportunity. character and personality as compared to other students in his/her grade: EXCELLENT (TOP 10%) OUTSTANDING (TOP 2-3%) NO BASIS FOR JUDGEMENT LETTER FROM PARENT: Hello Mr. Preparer’s name: Title: Signature: School Phone: ( Date: PLEASE PRINT ) Paris.. Once again. Please rate this student’s intellectual ability. Has this student been involved in any disciplinary action in your school? Yes No 6. Barranquilla. achievement.the most Exciting City in the World! . Cooperman: First of all I am writing to thank you for the wonderful time my daughter Sylvana had in Paris. Cecilia de Gomez. Additional comments: 7. I have known this student for BELOW AVERAGE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT SELF-DISCIPLINE CREATIVE ABILITY THOROUGHNESS MOTIVATION EMOTIONAL MATURITY EASE IN SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS LEADERSHIP SELF-CONFIDENCE SENSE OF HUMOR CONCERN FOR OTHERS RESPECT ACCORDED BY FACULTY POTENTIAL TO SUCCEED AVERAGE GOOD College Advisor / Teacher year(s). The courses she took were exactly what she expected and all the daily excursions and weekend trips she enjoyed very much. Overall recommendation: I recommend this candidate without reservation as an excellent prospect for the program I recommend this candidate strongly I recommend this candidate with reservation I recommend this candidate I feel this candidate is unsuited for the program at this time 8.S U M M E R S T U D Y I N P A R I S RECOMMENDATION / Guidance Counselor 1. Congratulations!! Your summer program is excellent and very educational.

Our staff is available 24 hours a day and will supervise our students to all day.. Excursions through the breathtaking snow-capped Rocky Mountains make for exciting weekends in Colorado. please call for our exciting brochures (800) 666-2556. The Penn State program.S U M M E R S T U D Y I N P A R I S SSIP. A Maintaining a close student/staff ratio. Our supervisory philosophy is to create a program with many types of activities to keep our students busy during most of their “free time. As part of the “family life” collegiate experience. the Executive Director of the Summer Study In Paris program. Q Do I insurance? and/or Program need Baggage Tuition A While not mandatory. was recently featured in the New York Times.the Answer to a great Summer! PARENT’S CORNER. The excursions were unbelievably exciting. lunch. The Academic Edge The Cultural Edge The Personal Edge “I had an incredible summer. VT). The programs range from 2 weeks to 6 1⁄2 weeks in length and offer a wide variety of courses. Baggage is limited to one suitcase and one overnight weekender bag. All students must be covered by medical insurance prior to attendance. each student is required to respect the rights of others. gifts. motivated. Q Is financial aid available? A Partial tuition scholarships are available for a limited number of students who are academically qualified but financially unable. transportation and obtain medications as prescribed. attest to the past expertise brought to this academic program. safety. including weekend visits to 7 other colleges. England and France. Montebello NY 23 . The program tuition includes almost everything (see page 18).. night. a pattern that pre-empts most potential problems before they begin. All of our staff are fluently bilingual (English/French). he brings an added dimension of excellence to the entire summer. Personal and business (if applicable) tax returns for the current and past year must be submitted. Q&A Q How much spending money is necessary? A We suggest that each student bring about $100 per week in travelers cheques for personal items (souvenirs. Q A Q What medical care is provided for an ill student? A The health andAsafety of allStudystudents is our our primary concern. for the supervision. Summer staff member will escort any ill student to an English speaking physician. Do the Administrators of Summer Study In Paris also offer pre-college programs in the United States? Yes! Summer Study Programs also offers exciting programs an Penn State University (University Park. CO). At our age its tough to accomplish fun and learning together. PA) The University of Vermont (Burlington. What responsibilities and obligations does my son/daughter have to the program? Q Aall classes. all weekend travel arrangements and staffing will be personally managed by Bill Cooperman. SSIP staff will arrange for any medical appointments.are there to care trained. and weekend activities and travel excursions planned by SSIP. With over thirty years of experience in domestic and international student travel programs. In the unlikely event that unforeseen circumstances force a student’s withdrawal from the program. or the action in the “BIG MOUNTAINS” of CU-B. To catch the “spirit” of a “BIG TEN” campus at PSU or the “BIG GREEN” appeal of UVM. and experienced staff A complete clothing list will be sent in the spring. it is suggested that students protect themselves against loss/theft of baggage or personal belongings. insurance to protect your tuition payment is offered at an additional cost (optional). Immersed in the Green Mountains of Vermont and Lake Champlain.. from the United States. All high school students can earn college credits on any of our fabulous campuses. Your Summer in Paris includes. The UVM experience is unmatched anywhere else. Recent television interviews on CNN News and the Almanac of Travel Talk Show.. etc.” Constructive use of non-academic time is the key to our success. Medical expenses during the program are the responsibility of the student and his/her parents. and behave in a manner befitting collegiate life. weekend excursions and recreational activities.). toiletries. Summer Study In Paris cannot be responsible for lost/stolen/damaged items. A job well-done!” Blake Fleisher. and well being for all of our students seven days a week. A medical form will be sent in the spring requesting a medical history and health insurance policy numbers.. When off campus. Q What are the supervisory roles of Summer Q son/daughter bring?baggage should What clothing and Study staff? my our highly A Casual summertime apparel is all that is necessary. Laundry facilities are available near the residence.. All campuses house spectacular sports and recreational facilities so advantageous to our afternoon activities. maintain reasonable cleanliness in the residence. meals expected to have regular (including All students are attendance at and scheduled activities our three travel excursions). valuable and informative. and the University of Colorado (Boulder.

.A Summer of Treasures.com • E-mail: precollegeprograms@summerstudy. Melville.. NY 11747 (631) 424-1000 Worldwide • (800) 666-2556 Nationwide Internet Address: http://www.summerstudy.com . That Will Last A Lifetime. Summer Study In Paris at The Sorbonne New York Office: 900 Walt Whitman Road.

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