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10 Easy Ways to Understand Vmobile

10 Easy Ways to Understand Vmobile

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Published by AnneMark Singian

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Published by: AnneMark Singian on Jan 18, 2012
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1. What is Vmobile? -One sim that can load all network: Smart, Globe, Sun, TNT, TM, Red, Online games, PLDT landline, many more. 2. Who owns Vmobile: -Penta Capital 3. Who/what is Penta Capital? -Lending and financing organization for companies including ABS-CBN, KFC, Shell, MRT, San Mig Corp., 7 Eleven, Cebu Pacific, Alaska, and many more since 1957. 4. Is Vmobile legal? -YES. DTI, SEC, BIR, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas licenses and permits. Vmobile is affiliated with telco’s Globe, Smart, and Sun. Also, Vmobile is connected with Metrobank, BDO, BPI, & Union bank (soon UCPB as well). 5. Who are the Target clients? -CONSUMERS. EVERYONE who uses a cellphone. And according to statistics, we have 95 million cellphone users! 6. What are the products? -LOAD.

7. How can I join? -Be a TECHNOPRENEUR by paying 3988 Php for registration and kit. 8. What is inside the kit? -2 posters, 20 pricelist, 20 access cards, 20 loadxtreme guide, 20 technouser guide, 3 sim packs, 3 product guides, and your TECHNOPRENEUR CARD

(Return of Investment [ROI]. Red. Multiplied with 1% = 200php/day. 2 sr Pe o s t 3md Sc s i a r c. So if you have endorsed 5 people in a day to be a technoPRENEUR. but remember you have disposed 20 access cards. you as the endorser gets 500 pesos. Refer to the example in 9. (20 Access Cards) Ex: One TechnoUSER can consume 1000 pesos worth of load per day. you got your capital back) *What’s the Access Cards for? -This is to allow the consumer/client (we call them technoUSERS) to have the same 8-11 percent discount every time he loads himself or others. lifetime 8-11% discount.9. which means 90 lang ang nabawas sa load wallet mo. as his TechnoPRENEUR will have 1% of his total consumption. TM. . -So 1000 load used x 20 technousers = 20. Sun. -Low? Yes. -6000 php per month is not bad. friends) with 8-11% discount. May nagpalod 100 from you. family. How will I earn? -5 WAYS TO EARN- a. You use your own sim to load any network. b.000 pesos worth of load used by the 20 technoUSERS in a day. so naka earn ka ng 10 pesos. You. then you get 2. if you can endorse or register another TECHNOPRENEUR by paying the 3988 pesos fee. There is no limit to your number of endorsements. Ex. etc. but in your load wallet yung natira is 410. in fact you didn’t do anything!!! It was your technoUSER doing the job of loading! d. And of course. charged him 100 pesos. Smart. Loading (you load yourself. Access Card Override -It means: TechnoPRENEURS (that’s us) earn 1% for every load consumed by all Technousers. whatever network it is: Globe. Load wallet mo is 500. using one cellphone and his very own sim/number to load all networks. You loaded him with 100. These technousers can now start a loading business. So let’s say each one of them (technoUSERS) consumes 1000. Sell your 20 Access Cards for 250 = 5000 pesos.a. It means. So 1000 (Technouser consumption) x 1% = 10 pesos for the TechnoPRENEUR. TNT. 200php x 30 days in a month = 6000 pesos for you TechnoPRENEUR.5k. Direct Endorsement Fee -Everytime you have an endorsement (pls don’t use the word RECRUIT) you get 500php automatically.

(Called safety net para hindi malugi si Vmobile) . Pairing Bonus -Vmobile utilize a binary system of endorsement. so multiply it with 500php. it will just have to wait to be paired. Team A: 10 members Team B: 9 members -Number of Pairs: 9. you get 4. What I the Single pack and Tripack? And how do I monitor my income and downlines? -If you only get the single pack which is worth 3988 pesos. There is one unpaired member in Team A. you earn a pairing bonus of 500php. Team A and Team B -Everytime you create a pair between your Team A and Team B.e.500php. -Ex. you can only earn a maximum of 30k/DAY. 10.

www. The key to our success is teamwork! *E s r st h v a e nue o ae n q a Fa c is r o V o ll r n h es f mb TO GOD BE THE GLORY! .mylx.” b.ph This is where you can view the activity of your TechnoUSERS and the Access Card Override (the 1% of load going to you). Vmobile has graciously provided us with two online systems to monitor our organization’s activities.964 pesos. Plus. Please note that xtreme has no “e” before “x. Log on to: a. it’s benefits. your organization would look like this: *To monitor Downline and Earnings.biz  this is where you can view the genealogy and activities of your downline as well as how much you’ve earned.loadxtreme. you get 80 ACCESS CARDS that you can sell for 250 pesos and the safety net is 90k/DAY.-If you get the TRIPACK worth 11. *I hope that this has helped you understand the purpose of Vmobile. www. and the opportunity to help one another.

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