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Experience Information Technology (11 Years experience) Total years experience: 11 Years December 2010 to March 2011 Colortone

Automotive Paint Los Angeles, CA Upgrading security camera system Assembling and adjusting new server (MS Server 2008 with terminal access) and 2 new computer stations. Reinstalling Windows on old computers, old computers upgrade Autobackup software installation with NAS storage server Customers color system stations software and hardware support (40 customers) March 2005 To November 2010 16X Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine Computer technician, technical support Computer services and diagnostics Software and hardware support and installation for home users and companies December 2002 To February 2005 Libra Line Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine Computer technician, technical support, system administrator Technical support Assembling and testing new computers Configuring and installing software Data backup and security E-mail and Internet security Administrating and hosting company's web site Server administration (MS Windows Server 2000, Server 2003, Freebsd 4.7) June 1999 to July 2001 Unimex, Ltd Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine Computer operator, computer technician Trouble-shooting all computer problems Languages Spoken : English, Russian, Ukranian Most recent wage: 50.00 USD per hour Education School: Government Engineer Academy, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine Major: Finances Degree: Master's Degree Graduation Date: July 2002 School: National Metallurgical Academy, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine Major: Finances and Economics Degree: Bachelor's Degree Graduation Date: July 2001 School: Multi-disciplinary lyceum #99, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine Major: Economics and English Degree: High School Graduation Date: June 1997

Accreditations and Certifications Preparing for CompTIA A+ sertification Desired commute: 50 miles