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NURSING CARE PLAN ASSESSMENT Subjective: Objective: y Vital Signs taken as follows: Temperature: 37.

8 oC Pulse rate: 70 beats/min Respiratory rate: 20 breaths/min DIAGNOSIS y Activity intolerance related to excessive loss of blood. y Decrease in hemoglobin secondary to post menopausal bleed. PLANNING GOAL: After 6 hours of nursing intervention the patient will: y Report a decrease in blood loss. After months of nursing interventions, the patient: y Is free form weakness and risk for complications has been prevented. INTERVENTION Independent: y Assess vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, and respirations. Dependent: y Evaluate client s medication regimen. RATIONALE EVALUATION Client will be free of signs of active bleeding or excessive blood loss. Client will be able to perform activities of daily living without difficulty such as bathing, cooking and the like.

y To determine if intravascular health deficit exists.

y Use of medications predispose client to bleeding. y To promote blood clotting, when indicated, such as foods rich in Vit. K such as dark green leafy vegetables.

Collaborative y Dietary measures