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September 9, 2011

Hon. ___________________ Brgy. Captain Kaparangan Balanga City, Bataan

Good day Sir!

Balanga Extreme Scene will have a skate session at the Kaparangan Covered Court at September 10, 2011 from 1pm onwards, joined by the skaters all over Bataan. Were requesting for the covered court to be used as our venue for that day. We need your permission for this event to be happened. This event was already been done at Balanga and Samal, we are aiming for the teen agers to join us rather than using drugs and other vices. We are willing them to teach on how to ride and do a trick. I hope this letter serves as a peaceful agreement not only between the people of Brgy. Kaparangan but in Orani. We want to them to know that our sport is not only for fame, we earn respect by doing our best. Thank you so much and again good day sir. We are hoping for your positive responses on this letter. Thank you and good day Sir.

Margene Rian Macob

Balanga Extreme Scene- Skate Representative