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Complete Guide to Film Scoring The Art and Business of Writing Music for Movies and TY Richard Davis Complete Guide to Film Seong br Rhona Davis ste by Jonathan Feist ‘BERKLEE PRESS Dave Hasek, Director Debbie Cova, Managing Este (ia Frank, Marten Manager Jonathan Feist, Senoe Wer Etor ‘ed Fran, Contturng Ector ‘Cover Design: Moor Moscontz Book Desi: Dancing Planet Mediators I58N 0634008363 ra Praise for Richord Dovis's Complete Guide to Film Scoring From his technical dacssions to hit fcinting interviews, Richard's book i one ofthe best resources on filmtleiion scoring | ave ever tea. I wish Td ead it twenty years ago It Should be mandatory reading for everyone inthe bsiness—new comers, veterans, students and movie bulls” “Mark Sno; Cano fr the X- Fes aud Mile Richard Davis book, Complete Guide wo Film Scoring, is very concise and thorough, I is exelent both as movie's introduction tothe subject anda reference for professionals" “Mark sham, Acar Award nominated fl compose? ‘and Grammy winning recoding art Mor A River Runs Through It “This book ges right down to busines. Clea, concise, compre hensive, and up-to-date this the ost wel writen bok onthe subject of fil scoring | highly recommend it to music tants, lovers off, or anyone who has an interest in im scoring” “Richard ton, Emmy winning Musical Director of Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain - TABLE OF CONTENTS Ponty: Interviews ts fcknowledgemente * Kner Bemstein 86 Invoducton 0 | Terence Blnehord a0 Pert 1: The Wistory of Fim Music 43 Ai deuser 28 (Chapter fly Fins and Misi Gif tdelnen ms The lent Movies as " ze (hpter 2 The Fst Teles . us The Beginning of synched He 8S an at haper he Stade sytem and Meche carte onc "7 The stuio Misi eportment a rk sho 2 hpter 4 Niel Stye-1998 to 1930 oe The olen ge of olvoos a” ! 38 ‘pte sel Ses 1988 t0 17 o Seid enon si Chapter 61975 te Teday 7 Der an a Part 11: Production, a Willem tos 32 (hpter7 The Filn-RatingProcese * Flan sivert 4 ‘Chapter # the Composer's Time Frome st | Mark Snow ue hpter 9 spotong a | chor Stone : Gopter 0 The Mas ator 8 sie water 80 hopes The Hose Team Archestrtors and Music Preporotion 111 fied Motes tk ‘oper 12 The Recording erin ond Mi a2 i Resources 35 Pe 1 The Mae — i binter opter 15 Ceating the Hane a Se Gorter a fecha Requrencns the Swe Mt W About the Author 378 hopter 15 Syncing the Musi to Pletare 185 Copter 6 Telensan us | Ghepteri7 ethnic on Pred woe a | chapter te animation 9 Chapter 19 Sons, Soundtrack, and Source Msi 189 1M Port 1¥: The Business of Fim Scoring 203 hopter 20 Woking the De | Agents, Rttomeys, on Contracts | Chopter 21 Publishing ond copyghts | epter 2 Rests, er Shw Me the one ‘hepter 25 Out inthe Res! Worle 2