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Mark Sanders PO Box 983 Sparta, NC 28675 Cell: 336-200-4401 Email: ms15f53ee@westpost.

net OBJECTIVE: To secure and maintain a position that will utilize both my management and custo mer relations experience. One with potential growth, and provide a challenge. QUALIFICATIONS: Management experience People friendly- both customers and co-workers, supervisors Ability to prioritize and remain focused on the essence of an issue Excellent with customer support services Skilled at learning new concepts quickly while working well under pressure EXPERIENCE: 10/05-03/11 District Manager Movie Gallery/Hollywood Video Managing multi units. 15 to 20 stores making revenue of over a million dollars a year Ensuring stores are running at top performance in all areas Controlling Inventory Level's Ensuring that stores are always top grading their talent Taking care of all the stores needs Maintance etc 05/02-10/05 Store Manager Movie Gallery Sparta, NC Managing Associates to do the job to the best of their ability. Taking care of the customer's needs on a one on one basis Maintained inventory and cost controls, cash control Employee and customer relations Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly accounting, inventory control 10/01-03/02 Sales Associate Wal-Mart Elkin, NC Employee and customer relations. Checking customers out at the register Maintaining the look of the store, by straightening and stocking Placement and marketing of product. Training other cashier's 09/93-06/01 Infantry/Truck Driver US Army Fort Hood, TX. Driving soldiers out in the field and delivering supplies. Working as a team to accomplish certain task Leading teammates as Sergeant in my company Working hard every day to protect this great country of ours Education: Alleghany High School, Sparta, NC Wilkes Community College, Wilkesboro, NC 1 year business course. References: Rodney Mabry Mount Airy, NC (336) 648-6354

Aldo Salas Miami, FL (772) 621-0372 Aron Pierce Raleigh, NC (910) 416-9480