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Subject of Telephone Policy, under the Rules of Business 1973, has been allocated to the Cabinet Division (RA Wing). In view of advancement in Telecom Sector, the Cabinet Division has been considering/revising the policy remaining within the financial implications involved thereof in consultation with Finance Division. Salient features of this policy as it stands today are as under:1) Office Telephone Ministries/Divisions/Attached Departments and Sub-ordinate Departments (O.M No.3/10/2006/STC-RA-III dated 5th January, 2007 refers) i) ii) This facility is required to be availed from NTC or after obtaining NOC from PTCL. Principal Accounting Officer (PAO) in the Ministries/Divisions/Attached Departments can sanction this facility for their officers in BS 17 and above subject to observance of prescribed ceiling. Administrative Secretaries are also empowered to sanction telephone for miscellaneous purposes like library, reception, dispensary etc with the ceiling of Rs.1500/- per month. Proposals for allowing Telephone in office to officers/officials in B.S 16 and below shall be considered/decided by the Committee on telephones comprising the additional Secretaries of the Cabinet and the Finance Divisions. For installation of 2nd telephone line in the offices of entitled officers, a separate reference shall be made to the Cabinet Division. Such requests containing approval of the concerned PAO shall also be considered by the Committee on need basis. Principal Accounting Officer is empowered to condone the excess expenditure beyond the prescribed office ceilings, the powers shall remain vested in Administrative Secretaries as per existing instructions. While considering such condonation requests, following procedure shall be adopted: a) The officer concerned should submit complete case along with full justification and monthly bill for consideration of the concerned Principal Accounting Officer (PAO). PAO after going through justification will decide the case. 1







As per latest instructions the connections installed (Local/STD) can be converted into International Subscriber Dialing (ISD) through NTC. Telephone Ceiling of the officers in Ministries/Divisions and Attached

Departments applicable from 11th May, 2009 is as under:-

DESIGNATION Secretary (BPS-22) and equivalent Additional Secretary (BPS21) and equivalent Joint Secretary (BPS-20) and equivalent Deputy Secretary (BPS-19) and equivalent Section Officer (BPS-17/18) and equivalent BPS-16 & Below (Non entitled)

OFFICE (Rs.) No Limit No Limit No Limit 7421/- + (Line Rent) 6211/-+ (Line Rent) 3000/- (On need basis)

RESIDENCE (Rs.) No Limit 4620/- + (Line Rent) 3696/- + (Line Rent) 2000/- + (Line Rent) 1200/-+ (Line Rent) On case to case basis upto a maximum of Rs.1,000/-.










Ministers/MOSs/Advisors/Members of NSC etc. for their office and residential telephones. Cabinet Division letters refers. 2) Residential Telephone Ministries/Divisions only i) All regular officers of BS-17 & above working in Ministries/Divisions are entitled for telephone at their residence on government expense. Such connection will be provided by NTC through dealing section of the Ministries/Divisions. In case of non-availability of NTC line the NTC will provide WWL connection. NTC in case of inability of providing both types of connections (NTC landline + WLL) will provide NOC for availing such facility through PTCL or some other companies. Private connection already installed will be taken on private to public account on written requests. 2 No.2/9/2007/RA-III dated Ist October, 2007

ii) iii) iv)



In un-avoidable circumstances, where a telephone connection is installed in the name of owner of hired/rented house, then photocopy of the letter issued for hiring of same house would be attached with the monthly bill for payment/re-imbursement within the admissible ceiling. Requests of Officers/Officials in BP-16 and below are considered by the Cabinet Division and where required the committee on telephone will be consulted. As per latest instructions the connections can be converted into International Subscriber Dialing (ISD). The requests for condonation of excess expenditure on residential telephones will not be entertained. In this regard, the powers already delegated to concerned Principal Accounting Officer(s) to condone the excess expenditure beyond the prescribed residential ceilings have been withdrawn. Any excess amount beyond the monthly expenditure limit would be borne by the Officer himself and settled every month in consultation with the concerned dealing Section of the Ministry/Division/Department etc. Entitled Officer(s) will be responsible for paying the disconnection charges if such situation arises due to non-payment of excess amount.


viii) ix)


Residential Telephone Attached and Sub-ordinate Departments. All regular officers in BP-19 and below working in Attached and

Subordinate Departments are not entitled for residential telephone. The Committee on telephone will consider their cases on case to case basis. 4) Extent of the Federal Government Telephone Policy The Bodies/Corporations approved etc. Telephone All Policy is applicable to all


Departments/Autonomous Autonomous

Bodies/Semi-Autonomous Bodies/Semi-Autonomous

Bodies/Corporations will strictly follow the policy as all such bodies were established with the public revenues and later on granted financial autonomy under the Act/Ordinance for efficient performance. However, Sanctioning Authority in the Autonomous Bodies/Semi-Autonomous Bodies/Corporations etc. for office and residential telephone including fax connections is Chairman/Head of Corporation concerned. 3


Clarification Regarding Telephone Policy Issued on Ist June, 2007

Sr. # 1

Queries Whether residential telephone is only restricted to all Section Officers (BPS17/18) or also allowed to all other excadre posts (BPS-17/18/19) such as Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Research Officers and other deputationists etc. working in the Ministries/Divisions? Section Officers re-employed on contract basis who are mostly Deputy Secretaries will be provided with the facility of residential telephone on Public Account or otherwise.? As per terms and conditions of these Section Officers, all matters not specified in the contract, the Rules/Regulations applicable to Federal Civil Servants shall apply. i) Whether separately notified office and residential telephone ceilings will be observed or instead of these separate ceilings, their aggregate expenditure should not increase the combined office and residential expenditure limits? ii) Whether 15% CED on office and residential telephone bills is included or will be added separately in recently notified official ceilings? iii) All entitled Officers will be provided with STD residential telephone or they are allowed only for reimbursement of their actual bill within the prescribed ceilings?

Clarifications All ex-cadre / deputationist officers (BPS17/18/19) who are on the strength and being paid by the Ministries/Divisions are entitled to avail the residential telephone facility under the Policy instructions.

Provision of residential telephone facility to all contract employees including Section Officers will be governed by their terms and conditions of the contract prescribed by the Establishment/Finance Division.

Separate expenditure ceilings for office and residential telephones issued vide O.M No. 3/10/2006-STC-RA-III dated 5th January, 2007 on the subject Monthly expenditure ceilings for office and residential telephones borne on public account will be observed. 15% CED on office and residential telephone bills is inclusive in the prescribed ceilings. No additional amount @ 15% CED is permissible in both limits. If an Officer desires to have a new official residential telephone then the concerned Ministry/Division will approach NTC for the purpose as per notified instructions. And re-imbursement of the actual monthly bill is also allowed where a private connections taken from private to public account as explained in the policy guidelines. Monthly expenditure ceiling of Rs. 2,000/notified vide this Divisions letter No. 3/8/STC-GC-2005 dated 3rd February, 2006 is applicable to official telephone

iv) After fixation of a ceiling of Rs. 1500/- per month for common used connections, Whether the already fixed ceiling of Rs. 2000/- per month for Non4

STD telephone connection installed in R&I Section of each Ministry/Division will remain the same or the revised ceiling of Rs. 1500/- per month with STD connection will be applicable? i) Private Secretaries (BPS-17/18) attached with the Ministers/MOSs/Federal Secretaries/Additional Secretaries will be provided a residential telephone with the previous residential telephone ceilings of Rs. 1848/- + line rent or with the revised ceiling of Rs. 1200/- + line rent?

connection installed in R&I Section of each Ministry/Division etc.


Expenditure ceilings fixed for office and residential telephones vide O.M No. 3/10/2006/STC-RA-III dated 5th January, 2007 on the subject Monthly expenditure ceilings for office and residential telephones borne on public account are applicable to all categories of officers including Private Secretaries attached with ii) Whether the Private Secretaries the Ministers/MOSs /Federal (BPS-17) working with the Additional Secretaries/Additional Secretaries etc. Secretaries (BPS-21), Draftsman-II/II (BPS21) and Senior Consultant (BPS-21) etc. All Private Secretaries (BPS-17/18) other than the Federal working in Ministries, Divisions and Ministers/MOSs/Federal Secretaries/Special attached with Additional Secretaries (BPSSecretaries in Ministries/Divisions are 21) /Draftsman (BPS-21) and Senior entitled to a residential telephone or non- Consultants etc. are authorized to avail the entitled? All Private Secretaries are not official residential telephone facility as per allowed to have an office telephone, how revised ceilings. their residential entitlement will be worked out as it involved extra expenditure? i) All officers (BPS-17/18/19) (including All officers who are drawing salaries from Section officers posted by the concerned Ministry/Division and Establishment Division) working in temporarily working (not on deputation Attached Departments of Federal basis) in the Attached/Sub-ordinate Government can be extended the Departments are authorized to avail the facility of residential telephone or residential telephone facility. otherwise when they are not drawing their salaries from the Attached Departments? ii) All regular officers (BPS-19) of Attached/Sub-ordinate Departments already provided with the residential telephone would continue to avail the same or it will be withdrawn? All regular officers of BPS-19 working in Attached/Sub-ordinate Departments who were provided with residential telephone in the past under some policy instructions/NOC would continue to avail this facility. However, all fresh cases where residential telephone was not provided or the post is newly created shall require prior NOC from the Cabinet Division.

iii) Private Secretaries/SO (Council)/SO All those posts where Cabinet Division had (General/ SO (Record) who were approved residential telephone facility do provided with residential telephone in not require fresh approval. Attached Departments in consultation with the Cabinet Division would 5

continue to avail this facility within the prescribed ceilings or otherwise?


Installation of Fax There is no specific entitlement of fax facility. It can be allowed by

Cabinet Division in consultation with Finance Division as per prescribed ceiling to the following:-

DESIGNATION Federal Minister Minister of State Secretary & Equivalent Additional Secretary & Equivalent Joint Secretary & Equivalent Deputy Secretary & Equivalent Section Officers/PS and Equivalent

PER MONTH ENTITLEMENT OFFICE RESIDENCE No Limit Rs.5,000/No Limit Rs.3000/No Limit Rs.2,000/Rs.10,000 (Domestic) Nil Rs.15,000/- (ISD) Rs.8,000/Nil Rs.6000/Rs.5,000/Nil Nil

Condonation of expenditure in excess of the above limit will be condoned by the Principal Accounting Officer (PAO) in rare cases. 7) MOBILE PHONE FACILITY As per Mobile Phone Policy, following dignitaries/officers who are working in the Ministries/Divisions on regular basis are entitled to avail the mobile phone facility on public account: a) Members of the Federal Cabinet, Advisors to the Prime Minister, Dignitaries holding status of Federal Minister, Minister of State and the Officers in BS-21 and above (including Senior Joint Secretaries) are entitled for Mobile Phone facility. Ceiling of above categories is given as under:-

SR. NO. 1. 2.

DESIGNATION Federal Minister Minister of State 6

PER MONTH CEILING Rs. 7000/Rs. 7000/-

3. 4. 5. 6.

Secretary Additional Secretary Senior Joint Secretary Heads of Attached Departments/Autonomous Bodies (BS-21)

Rs. 6000/Rs. 4000/Rs. 4000/Rs. 4000/-


Procedural Requirements for Mobile telephone connection (No.5/2/2004-GC dated 11th April, 2005 refers) i. The provision of mobile/cellular phone connections to the Additional Secretaries/Senior Joint Secretaries (BPS-21) and above are entitled subject to the following conditions :ii. The type of connection (pre-paid/post-paid etc). and the choice of mobile/cellular company may be decided by the Ministries/Divisions themselves in accordance with the principles of financial propriety. A proper record of bills of all the officers be maintained for audit purposes. iii. The expenditure on the cost of mobile sets, activation/connection charges, security deposit and national/international roaming charges etc. may be met from with-in the approved budget of the Ministries/Divisions with the approval of the Principal Accounting Officers. iv. In case of theft or loss of mobile set(s) etc. the concerned officer(s) will be required to pay all the charges i.e. mobile set cost, security deposit for new connection, activation charges or any other charges etc. Replacement will be done by the Ministry/Division concerned only after the above costs have been deposited by the officer(s) concerned. v. The repairing charges, in case of damage to mobile set will be recovered from the officer(s) concerned. vi. The maximum purchase price of mobile set is fixed at Rs. 5,500/- per entitled officer for each Ministry/Division. vii. The mobile set(s) provided to the entitled officer(s), would be surrendered along with the connection to the respective Ministry/Division on transfer or retirement of the officer/s. viii. The mobile telephone connection/s would be transferable only to the entitled officers in the Ministries/Divisions. ix) Any excess expenditure beyond the prescribed ceiling will be borne by the officer(s) himself and settled every month.


Revision of Policy on use of Mobile Phone Facility (BS 17 to 20 Officers) (O.M No.2/26/2005-RA-IV dated 11th May, 2009 refers) In the light of revised mobile phone policy, all officers in BS-20 and below

working in the Ministries/Divisions on regular basis are entitled to avail mobile phone facility on public account. The revised mobile phone policy shall be applicable from 11th May, 2009 subject to the following conditions:i) Designation Office Phone Ceiling on Landline Number (Per month) No limit Mobile Phone Ceiling (Per month) Revised Office Phone Ceiling on Landline Number (Per month) No limit

Joint Secretaries (BS-20) or equivalent in the Ministries / Divisions and Director Generals in the M/o Foreign Affairs Deputy Secretaries (BS19) or equivalent in the Ministries/Divisions and Directors in the M/o Foreign Affairs Section Officers (BS-17-18) or equivalent in the Ministries/ Divisions and Assistant Directors/ Deputy Directors in the M/o Foreign Affairs


Rs.8221/- + (Line Rent)


Rs.7421 + (Line Rent).

Rs.6711/- + (Line Rent)


Rs.6211/-+ (Line Rent)


All entitled officers of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Ministries posted in Pakistan Missions abroad are authorized 25% of combined ceiling (office and residential telephone) for use of mobile phone. Facility of Roaming Mobile telephone has been extended to Secretaries, Additional Secretaries, Heads of Attached Departments and autonomous Organizations who are in or equivalent to BS-21 and BS-22. Excess expenditure beyond ceiling on roaming mobile phone upto 25% will be condoned by the concerned Principal Accounting Officer (PAO). The excess 8



expenditure upto 50% will be condoned by the Cabinet Secretary on the recommendations of the concerned PAO. Cases for condonation excess expenditure beyond 50% will be submitted to the Prime Minister with full justification. Instructions issued vide this Divisions O.M No.2/8/2003-GC dated 17th March, 2007 shall stand modified. v) vi) Only postpaid billing would be admissible for use of mobile telephone. The facility allowed to the Officers in BS-20 and below will also be subject to the condition that the officers will arrange the equipment (Mobile Phone Set) at their own. The officers will be allowed to have connection of any mobile company. Other guidelines as contained in Cabinet Divisions letter No. F.5/2/2004-GC dated 11th April, 2005 (copy enclosed) will be followed. In continuation of Cabinet Divisions D.O. letter No.F 5/2/2004-GC dated 11th April, 2005, following instructions issued vide letter No. 2/8/2003-GC dated 17th March, 2007, are given as under :i. The mobile sets which do not function properly after a period of three years of continuous use can be replaced on the written request of concerned officer(s). Further disposal, sale, purchase of components etc. of these mobile sets shall be dealt with as per electronic machinery and equipments in the Ministries/Divisions/Departments etc. ii. The distinction between official and private calls has been done away with as long as the officer/user remains within the permissible ceiling allowed to him/her by the Federal Government. 10) Clarification Regarding Revised Mobile Phone Facility (BS-17 to 20 officers) (No.2/26/2005-RA-IV dated 11th June, 2009 refers)

vii) viii)

Clarification regarding Revision on Use of Mobile Phone Facility are given as under :-

Sl.No. Queries 1 Whether connection, activation and security deposit charges may be met from with-in the approved budget of the Ministry/Division or by the officer concerned.

Clarifications The expenditure on activation/connection charges, security deposit may be met from with-in the approved budget of the Ministries/Divisions with the approval of the Principal Accounting Officer/s. However, it is advised in the national interest that Ministries/Divisions may make proper

Whether officers of Attached Departments/Sub-ordinates Offices of the Federal Government are entitled to avail this facility or other wise.

Whether there will be a separate head for the mobile or adjusted against the allocations for landline telephone. Whether officers working in BPS17/18 on regular basis who have not been provided/entitled separate office telephone (landline) facility are also covered under the revised mobile phone facility or other-wise.

arrangements to waive-off the security deposits by the mobile phone companies who would be happy to extend the facility in lieu of business. All regular officers working in the Ministries/ Divisions (BS-17 to 20) are entitled to avail this facility on public account as per prescribed ceiling. Officers of Attached Departments/Sub-ordinates Offices are not entitled to avail this facility. As per existing financial rules and practice in vogue All regular officers working in the Ministries/ Divisions (BS-17 to 20) are entitled to avail this facility on public account as per prescribed ceiling. Officers appointed on current charge basis or selection grade are not entitled for this facility. Similarly, officers appointed on contract basis will avail the facilities in accordance with terms and conditions issued by the Finance and Establishment Divisions. All regular officers in BS-17 to 20 posted in President Secretariats, Prime Ministers Secretariat, National Assembly/Senate Secretariat, Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat etc. are entitled to avail the said facility. This facility will not be applicable to the officers posted in Autonomous Bodies Attached Departments and Sub-ordinance offices. Special permission/NOCs already issued by the Cabinet Division would continue. However, other regular officers will observe ceiling as per their entitlement.

Whether officers like Consultant, Deputy Consultant, Assistant Consultant, posted in National Reconstruction Bureau (NRB) are entitled to avail this facility or other wise.




It may be clarified whether officers who have in the past obtained special permission/NOCs by the Cabinet Division for use of mobile phones with a special ceiling would continue to avail said facility or otherwise. The facility of post paid billing line is quite cumbersome and would create lot of administrative difficulties for the Ministries/Divisions and cellular companies. In order to get optimum benefits from this facility it is proposed to monetized the facility of mobile phone and attach it with the pay of officer or pre-paid cards be provided to the officer in order to avoid extra expenditure on processing the post paid bills. Whether ceiling fixed for different 10

The facility of post paid billing was approved by the competent authority in accordance with the Principal of Financial Propriety, to maintain a proper record of bills and to avoid audit objections.

Ceiling fixed @ Rs. 500/-, Rs. 800/- and Rs.

categories is inclusive of all taxes and 1000/- per month is inclusive of line rent line rent or otherwise. and all other taxes. Excess expenditure, if any would be paid by the officer himself and settled every month.



In the light of Internet Policy issued vide Cabinet Divisions O. M No. 03/11/2007/STC-RA-III dated 2nd June, 2007, the case for fixation of a new ceiling for DSL connection through LAN established in the Ministries/Divisions etc. was considered in consultation with the Finance Division, E-Government Directorate and NTC. It was decided that:


Each Ministry/Division/Department may propose a separate DSL connection ceiling based on overall anticipated expenditure for the whole month. The proposed ceiling may be sent on the prescribed proforma with the approval of concerned PAO. Keeping in view the requirements, Cabinet Division will examine each case and fix a separate ceiling for the respective Ministry/Division/Department. Unless a separate ceiling is not fixed by the Cabinet Division, AGPR will continue to accept the monthly bill(s) of every Ministry/Division/Department.

ii) iii)





1. MINISTRY/DIVITION/DEPARTMENT__________________________________ I) II) Total No. of Officers:_________________________________________________ Type of Required DSL package:_________________________________________

III) Average expenditure of last six (6) months Rs.:_____________________________ IV) Proposed ceiling for DSL connection used through LAN:_____________________ (Recommended by the concerned PAO)


I) Type of DSL package recommended )(by DG, EGD): _______________________ II) Ceiling recommended:________________________________________________ III) Remarks (if any):____________________________________________________

Signatures along with Name/Designation 3. FIANNCE DIVISION The above package and proposed ceiling (Agreed/Not agreed) Views (if Any) __________________________________________________

(Additional Secretary (Exp) Finance Division 4. CABINET DIVISION

i) Approved ceiling_____________________________________________________ ii) Approved DSL connection package______________________________________

(Additional Secretary (EC&R) Cabinet Division 12


Internet Connection at the Residence of the Ministers, Ministers of State etc. As per Cabinet Divisions letter No. 2/26/2005-GC dated 22nd June, 2006, the

Prime Minister has been pleased to allow the Internet facility through DSL connection at the residences of Ministers/MOSs/Advisors/Special Assistants to the PM and all Federal Government employees in BPS 20 to 22 and equivalent working in the Ministries/Divisions. The facility shall be subject to the following conditions :i) ii) iii) The DSL connection shall be provided within the existing ceiling of residential telephone connections. The service shall be awarded only from the National Telecommunication Corporation without adding new telephone/connection for the purpose. The above category of the dignitaries may not be provided with official computers except Members of the Cabinet by the respective Ministries/Divisions. Already provided residential DSL/Internet connection, if any, to above category would be surrendered with immediate effect.


Note: This supersedes all relevant policies already issued from time to time including this Division letter No. 3/9/2006 dated 31st May, 2006 pertaining to fixation of DSL/Internet connection ceiling In the light of OM issued vide No.03/11/2007/STC-RA-III dated 31st May, 2007 under subject Creation of E-Enabled Environment Provision of Internet Connection at the Residence of the Ministers, Ministers of State, etc. following additional instructions were issued: i) If NTCs network is not available in a residential area then it will issue NOC to concerned Ministry/ Division for obtaining DSL connection from any private Internet Service Provider. NTC will also mention a specific duration after which the subscriber will again approach NTC for DSL connection. The policy approved by the Prime Minister will be strictly followed in case of Attached/Sub-Ordinate Departments etc. Extension of DSL connection through Local Area Network (LAN) has been tasked to Electronic Government Directorate (EGD) under the Ministry of Information Technology. All Ministries/ Divisions/ Departments may, therefore, approach EGD for provision of Internet facility in the offices of their officers as per policy.

ii) iii)



In the light of Cabinet Divisions letter No.2/9/2007-RA-III dated Ist October, 2007, the monthly charges of Rs 1000/- and Rs 2000/- 128 for kbps on high speed internet connectivity with usage limit of 1.5 Gbs and 3 Gbs will be allowed within the residential telephone ceilings of the officers in BS-20 and BS-21 respectively. Officers in BPS-22 and Ministers/Ministers of State, etc. who enjoy no limit facility will also have the facility of using 3 GBs limit.


Provision of Broadband DSL Service at the Residences of Officers of BPS-17 -19 (O.M No.2/26/2005-RA-IV dated 6th August, 2008 refers)

With the approval of the Prime Minister the Internet facility through DSL connection was further extended at the residences of officers of BS-17-19 working in the Ministries/Divisions. The facility shall be subject to observance of the following conditions: i) All the entitled officers (BS-17-19) have an option to avail either of the package as under:a. 1 GB download at 128/256 Kbps @ Rs.650 per month. b. 1.5 GB download at 128/256 Kbps @ Rs.800 per month. c. Additional usage over above limit @ Rs.40 per month 100 MB. ii) The DSL connection shall be provided within the existing ceiling of residential telephone connections. Any extra amount if limits are crossed, be borne by the officers from their own resources. The service shall be awarded only from the National Telecommunication Corporation without adding new telephone/connection for the purpose. The expenditure involved/incurred shall be borne by the respective Ministries/Divisions from their sanctioned budget.

iii) iv)


Miscellaneous Information / Clarification i. Official residential telephone facility is also allowed of an entitled post to non-entitled officer performing duties on current charge basis. The ceiling of residential telephone during current charge period would be observed equivalent to that of higher post.(O.M No. 3/9/STC/2006-GC dated 31st May, 2006 refers) . Provision of residential phone connection to an officer at a place other than present place of posting is against basic spirit of the facility. As per policy, such facility shall not be extended in future to any officer(s) at a place other than his present duty station in all Ministries/Divisions /Attached Departments. (F.No. 3/8/STC-GC 2005 dated 3rd Feb, 2006 refers). 14



As per Policy, officers proceeding on LPR are not allowed to retain the official residential telephone. The facility is disconnected from the day of commencement of LPR. However, in special situation relaxation is recommended for retention of residential telephone for four months by the widow of a deceased entitled officer (O.M No. 3/9/STC/2006-GC dated 31st May, 2006 refers). As per policy if an official who has been deputed for training, irrespective of the length of training, he is supposed to be on duty and therefore, eligible to an official telephone at his residence, Cetris Paribus. Entitled officers proceeding on leave not exceeding 4 months are allowed to retain residential telephone at government expense and on payment of monthly rent and other expenses if the leave exceeds 4 months (O.M No. 1/1/81/Gen.Coord dated 25th January, 1981 refers). Officers/officials (BS-14-16) (Assistant/Superintendents etc) who are performing duties on current charge basis in their own pay scale against the posts of Assistant Directors/Section Officers etc. BS-17 are not entitled for residential telephone policy. Telephone Committee clarified that only regular officers of BS-17 and above working in the Ministries/Divisions are entitled for residential telephone on official account (O.M No. 3/13/2008 dated 7th Nov, 2008 refers). Instructions for conversion of residential telephone provided on Government expense from public to private account are as under:Principal Accounting Officer i.e. Secretary or Additional Secretary Incharge, will exercise Prowers to allow the conversion of government residential phones (Non-STD or STD only) from public to private Account. On receipt of any written request from the government servant or from the widow of a deceased servant who while in service were availing an official telephone facility at residence, it should be examined in the Ministry/Division concerned, keeping in view the following guidelines:a. Officers proceeding on retirement either on completion of 25 years service or on superannuation, may be permitted this conversion, provided they have no private telephone installed at their residence. b. Armed Forces Officers re-employed in civil shall be allowed this facility, provided they have not availed it from the armed forces on retirement. c. Officers employed on contract shall not be entitled to this conversion facility. 15





d. Government Servants on their posting/transfer from one city (station) to another and from one Ministry/Division to another or from one office to another, will not be allowed this conversion facility, as this is a regular feature during service career. e. Conversion charges and shifting charges, if any, to be claimed by the Telephone Department will be paid by the beneficiary requesting such conversion.

Cases referred under para-I above will be considered on their merits by the concerned Ministries/Divisions and Cabinet Division will exercise its control in deciding the cases not covered under the above categories. The above instructions do not apply to autonomous organizations who have their own set of rules. (O.M No. 1/1/81-GC dated 23rd December, 1990 refers).


i) ii)

Errors and Omissions are accepted. Please contact the following inquiry/information/clarifications.




(MANZOOR AHMED) Section Officer (RA-IV) Cabinet Division Tele: 9208709