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2) United States Patent Greenberg et al. oy 0s) 0) wo en @ 3) (60) os) (32) 68) 36) VISUAL PROSTHESIS Inventors: Robert J. Greenberg, Los Angeles, CA (US); Kelly H. MeClure, Simi Valley CA (US); Arup Roy, Valeneia, CA (US) Assignce: Second Sight Medical Products, Ine, Sylmar, CA (US) Notice: Subject to any disclaimer, the term ofthis pateat is extended of adjusted under 35 Use 1S4Qb) by 206 days. This patent is subject to a terminal dis- claimer, Appl. No 11/874,600 Filed: 0% 18, 2007 Prioe Publication Data US 200810262568 A1 Related Us ct. 25, 20088 Application Data Provisional application No, 60/852,875, filed on Oct 19, 2006. Int Cl AGIN 1/372 cL (2006.01) eld of Clasifcation Search 607160; 607/55, 6236.63: (60715, 17, 53-57, 62, 00, References Cited ‘See pplication ile for complete sear history. US. PATENT DOCUMENTS 45748 daoy & deoeon 1986 ios 1188 Bllaa Bovkan Micbesca cori (10) Patent No.: US 8,000,000 B2 (45) Date of Patent: *Aug. 16, 2011 'Us008000000B2 455708 4 6198) Dyers SHongH A $1902 Geum, eal S2ISoMK A 61993 Norman etal SoSSuSS A 8199) Humayun ca 40098 BL 62002 Fekmiler Gas8ts7 Bl* 102002 Seating aves FSI8061 BL* 10010 Palmer or aousbo7asas AL* 42008 Single a6 200602477 Al 113000. Greenber el FOREIGN PATENT DOCUMENTS (OTHER PUBLICATIONS ‘Eugene De dan Retinal Tacks, American Joural of Ophthalmlogy * cited by examiner Primary Examiner —Can HL Assistant Examiner — Lather Behringer (14) Attorney, Agent, or Firm —Scott B, Dunbar Alessandro Steinil on ABSTRACT A visual prosthesis apparatusand a method forlimiting power Consumption in a visual prosthesis apparatus, ‘The visual prosthesis apparatus comprises a camera for capturing a Video image, a video processing unit associated with the ‘camera, the Video processing unit configured to convert the video image to stimulation pattems, and a retinal stimulation ‘sstem configured to sop stimulating neural tise in sub- jects eye based on the stimulation pattems when an eroris ‘etocted ina forward telemetry receives rom the video peo cessing tnt 12 Claims, 16 Drawing Sheets US 8,000,000 B2 Sheet 1 of 16 Aug. 16, 2011 U.S, Patent U.S. Patent Aug. 16,2011 Sheet 2 of 16 US 8,000,000 B2 FIG. 2