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Austin American Statesman 08/1996

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Holy horology! Talking Clock Needs Fixing

BYLINE: JANE S. GREIG DATE: 08-05-1996 PUBLICATION: The Austin American-Statesman

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*** Q: As we all were, I was mortified after the news of the Olympic Centennial Park bombing. On radio station Majic 95.5, updates were delivered by a newscaster who was obviously as surprised as we were, and was gentle, but professional, in his delivery. Who delivered the hourly reports? I did not recognize his name as one of the regular DJs. Will he be on the air again? I really liked his voice and style. -- D.N. A: That was the voice of news intern Ben Bryant on both 95.5 and sister station MIX 94.7. This 19-year-old journalism major at the University of Texas had written copy but never broadcast before that evening. Stan Main, director of operations at the station, said in light of the positive response to Bryant, he is ``interested in looking at his talents.'' Write to the voice you appreciated in care of Majic 95.5, 4301 Westbank Drive, Austin 78746 or electronically. ***
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Jane S. Greig answers questions Fridays through Tuesdays. Write to her at P.O. Box 670, Austin 78767; call 445-3697; e-mail; or fax 445-3968.

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