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Characters Mr. Jones French Monarch King Louis XVI. Snowball George Danton, one of the original starters of the French Revolution against the king and those who aided him. Napoleon Maximilien Robespierre, took control of the Committee of Public Safety from George Danton. Squealer represents the agents of the central government sent to explain measures and implement laws. Nine Dogs Republics army Old Major represents the unhappiness and discontent of French people. Moses represents Catholic Church. Clover represents the women patriots. Other Pigs represents the First and Second Estates. (nobles and clergy) Other Animals represents the Third Estate. (bourgeois class) Places Animal Farm France after the revolution. Foxwood Foxwood represents Prussia and Austria. Pinchfiled Pinchfiled represents Great Britain for supporting revolts in France. Willingdon all the farms are in the city of Willingdon, which is a metaphor for Europe. The Farmhouse home of Mr. Jones (Louis XVI). Taken up by Maximilien Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety as headquarters. Sugar Candy Mountain represented Heaven. Events Take over of Farm represents the many peasant revolts in France including: Storming of Bastille, seizing of chief citadels, resentment of manorial system, equal rights for women and the Bread revolt. Fear of attack from other farms represented the Great Fear in France, a fear of invasion from foreign troops. Execution of Animals represented the Reign of Terror. Anybody who was accused of being against the revolution or questioned Maximilien Robespierre was executed. The animals were executed for going against comarade Napoleon or helping Snowball. The Meeting every week the animals would assemble to vote on new laws but the pigs ended up making the resolutions. This represents the meetings Robespierre held where he gave speeches on what must be done to make the revolution successful. Battle of Cowshed / Windmill attack from Great Britain, Prussia, and Austria Party in the Farmhouse represents the fall of the First Coalition and the many peace treaties made between Great Britain, Prussia, Austria and France.