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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): QUB.TCTU.015.01 Effective Date: 07 February 2008

Procedure for Preparation of Citrate Buffer

Compiled By: Liz Fleming Signature: _____________________ Reviewed By: Ken Arthur Signature: _____________________ Approved By: Kate Williamson Signature: _____________________

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1. Introduction This SOP documents the procedures to be followed for preparing citrate buffer for use in immunocytochemistry, (Antibody retrieval by microwave treatment).

2. Responsibility It will be the responsibility of all suitably qualified persons to adhere to this SOP. Suitably qualified persons include: Biomedical Scientists (all grades) Clinical Scientists Academics and/or students working with the approval of Biomedical Scientist staff Academics and/or students working under the direction of Biomedical Scientist or Clinical Scientist staff It will be the responsibility of Biomedical Scientists and Clinical Scientists to ensure that Academics and/or students working with their approval or under their direction, are familiar with this SOP and all health & safety considerations. It is the responsibility of the worker to ensure that they comply with all safety considerations, including good laboratory practice and any requirements recorded on the COSHH assessment.

3. Health and Safety An assessment of hazards posed by chemicals used in this procedure must be made and recorded. (A COSHH assessment (See Antigen Retrieval) is on file within the CTU)

4. Procedure - To make up Citrate Buffer X10 STOCK Solution Make up the following: TRISODIUM CITRATE 21gm DISTILLED WATER 1000ml Dissolve the Trisodium Citrate in distilled water pH to 6.3 ( this will take approx 15ml - 20ml N HCl) FOR USE Dilute 1/10 in distilled water (50ml stock + 450ml distilled water) pH to 6.0 with N HCl

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