LGDT3167ZM Dump Truck Engine Model Type Rated power Rated speed Main Technical Specification N.V.

W Payloading capacity G.V.W Axle loading capacity(F/R) 7950Kg 15000kg 23000kg 9000/16000kg STEYR WD615.62 Direct injection, turbo, water cooled 196kw 2200rpm

Shanghai Longji Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Add: Room 1311, Building C, Lane 58, No.1 East Xinjian Road, Minhang District, Shanghai City, China Post Code: 201100 E-mail: mailto:info@shlongji.com Tel: +86-21-541-71571 Fax: +86-21-541-71572

China Post Code: 201100 E-mail: mailto:info@shlongji.73 11. Ltd. turning diameter Grade ability Approach angle Departure angle Fuel consumption Ground clearance Dimensions Overall size(L×W×H) Wheel base Tread Transmission System HW15710 . No.1 13.18 5400mm 2300mm 800mm 4mm 8mm F type ZF8098.799.876.1.871.3. Lane 58.375.10..2.428.1.623.343. hydraulically operated with air assistance Service brake Parking brake Auxiliary brake Electric System Negative grounded System voltage 24V Dual circuit compressed air brake Spring energy operating on rear wheels Engine exhaust brake HF9 drum braken HC16 5.1 East Xinjian Road.hydraulic steering with power assistance Ratio Axle And Type Front axle Rear axle Ratio Tyre size Clutch Amd Brakes Single—plate dry coil-spring clutch.10 forward & 2 reverse Ratio Forward Reverse Dump Body Overall length Overall width Overall height Side plate thickness Under floor thickness Hoist Steering System 75km/h 16m 48% 19° 22° 30L/100km 298mm 7934×2500×3370mm 4600mm 2022/1830mm 14.4.913.2 Shanghai Longji Construction Machinery Co.2-26. Shanghai City. Traveling speed Min.com Tel: +86-21-541-71571 Fax: +86-21-541-71572 . Minhang District. Building C.7.Max.00-20 22. Add: Room 1311.

four point full-floating damper.1 East Xinjian Road. Shanghai City.Batteries Cab 24V/165Ah HW70 cab. China Post Code: 201100 E-mail: mailto:info@shlongji. Minhang District.com Tel: +86-21-541-71571 Fax: +86-21-541-71572 . Lane 58. Building C. No. Add: Room 1311.no sleeper Shanghai Longji Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. heating and ventilation system . hydraulically damped adjustable driver's seat and rigid adjustable co-driver's seat..

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