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Vinod Deshpande

y Expectations of Public y Indirect Benefit to business y Discourages Govt. regulation y Business has Power & Resources y Interdependent y Image y Problems can be opportunity y Prevention is better than cure

y Business is the main task y Additional cost y Additional burden leads to uncompetitevenes in y y y y

international trade Making business much more powerful Business lacks social skills Lack of accountability Lack of agreement on social issues

y Means of achieving objectives y Primacy of planning y Pervasiveness of planning y Efficiency of plans

y Objectives y Strategies y Policies y Procedures y Rules y Programs y Budgets

Steps in planning
y Being aware of opportunities y Establishing objectives y Premising y Alternative course of action y Evaluating Alternatives y Selecting course y Formulating derivative plan y Numbering & budgeting

The planning period

y Long range & short-range y Commitment