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] — TE PT. SPEKTRA PROSEDUR PENGUJIAN TEKNIK WRITTEN PRACTICE DOCUMENT NUMBER MEGAH SEMESTA REV DATE SHEET ‘SMS-605-P-007 0 Gakaber 71,2070 TORI APPROVAL AND AUTHORIZATION land implemented to identify the| control that shall be applied by| members of staff in the department lwhen carrying out their duties ‘This procedure have been generated]Depariment Authorization Date: —Hh.2 |Signed: Dedy Suherman whe This confirms that this procedure has|Corporate Authorization (Company Director) Date: system within the company which] lensure that this document is handled in a controlled manner in accordance| with applicable Codes and |Standards, been approved for official issue and that members of staff shall complete| 201 the tasks assigned in accordance! __I —~ +— lo |with the mechanisms defined herein |Signed: Awang Darmawan |The procedure forms part of a formallProcedure Authorization Date me 20/0) 10 Approved PROCEDURE REVISION Rev. | _ Date Section Outline of Changed ‘Authorization 0 _| 2rOe2070 FiStISsue STATEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY permission of the relevant Company Directors. Iris procedure is for controlled circulation unless stamped "Uncontrolled Copy". The documents or extracts} lirom documents must ner be passed or copied to other companies, agents or persons without the} ‘ENE -GOS-P-007 Rev. 0 Wilten Practice Migas Approved PT.SPEKTRA MEGAH SEMESTA Procedure No :SMS-601-P-001 [Revision 1 WRITTEN PRACTICE FOR QUALIFICATION | [Date & CERTIFICATION OF NDE PERSONNEL [Page No. + Page 1 of 17 October 18, 2010 Revision No. Date Description Approved by Reviewed by | Prepared by October 18, 2010 Second Issue BN PT.Spektra Megah Semesta ee eee wy fy ) Revision 1 WRITTEN PRACTICE FOR QUALIFICATION & | Date + October 18, 2010 CERTIFICATION OF NDE PERSONNEL Page No. 2of21 Daftar Isi _ Table of Content i ee “Uraian- _| Definisi — Definisi 6 | Tanggung Jawab dan Tingkat | Kualifikast ae [7 | Description ‘7.4 | Persyaratan Pendidikan, | Training dan Pengalaman 72 __, Program Pelatihan _ “| Ujian Qualifikasi - | Ujian General Level I dan Level TI (Tertulis) and Level II (Written) | 7.3.2. | Ujian Spesifik Examination 7.3.2 | Specific Examination Level I | 11 | Level T dan Level IT (Tertulis) _ and Level 11(Written) | 7.3.3 | Ujian Praktek Level I dan Level Practical Examination LevelI = 11 and Lt big | Pemutusan Hubungan Kerja | Termination of Employment [dengan PT. Spektra Megah | with PT. Spektra Megah | i: | Semesta. | Semesta. 1 it [Pembaruan 11__| Reinstatement _ clean [12 | Interupsi Pelaksanaan Interrupted Service 38]