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Are you tired of being short or not tall enough?
Have you always been plagued by the fact that you are shorter than your friends
or your coworkers. Are you tired of missing the opportunities that people taller
Lhan you recelve? Maybe you're self-
conscious about your height and are
afraid to try or do certain thing such as
sports, or try for the new position at
work. Have you had the same results
over, and over in the past, you were
turned down or someone taller was
chosen over you for something you
The world is cruel at times and life is difficult enough without the added stresses
that a person's height can bring. People who are not as tall as they would like to
be, or who have been called names or who have repeatedly tried to better their
own situations often have more difficulties through life than the people who are
Shorter people dream of being models, basketball players as well as other
professions just like people who are taller. This is devastating to a person who is
short and or not as tall as they would like to be in life if they have been turned
down over, and over again in life.
Height can actually affect the way a person lives their life.
Height is a major factor in persons self esteem and the
way they see themselves or the way they believe other
see them. People who are much shorter than many other
people may become depressed and insecure because they
are not as tall as they would like to be in life.

Too many people in life today suffer from this condition Page 3

this causes serious emotional damage and many people suffer with these feeling
there are many people who are shorter than they would like to be you are not
alone if you feel you are too short or you wish you were taller. Severe depression
and insecurities set in and surround a person when they are or become rejected
repeatedly. The long- term affects can be devastating and extremely hard to

How is height determined in a person’s life?
Height is hereditary usually a person height is
determined by the genes of the parents. If
the parents of a person are short then it only
makes sense LhaL Lhe parenLs' offsprlng wlll
also be shorter. However, this is not always
the case sometimes a person will be taller
than his or her parents are.
Other factors such as if a person is born with
deformity of some kind this will stunt the
growth of a person. Causing the person to
stop growing or to grow regularly or grow
abnormally. In addition, to these mentioned
above another factor is a person's diet if a
person does not receive the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the
diet this will also affect a person's growth and or ability to grow the body will stop
or grow slowly. A Doctor Smith explains all of this information on his website. Page 4

What, can be done about a person’s height?
Well a doctor named Darwin Smith who lives in California
struggled with these same issues through his life and decided
he would do something about the fact he wanted to be taller.
He researched and studied ways to grow naturally taller and
lncrease a human's helghL by Lwo Lo Lhree or more lnches in
simply a matter of weeks. Doctor Smith also wanted to help
others with the things he has learned.
Doctor Smith came from a family in Vietnam and both of his parents were less
than five foot and two inches tall, therefore, he too was considered short in his
adult life at five foot three (3`3") lnches Lall. uocLor SmlLh ls successful now and
has a happy life but this was not always the case for him and his life until he
actually added inches to his own height.
After many years of struggling through school and being, picked on and even to
his adult life Doctor Darwin Smith for a matter of years lost the woman he loved
from being too short. Because of the fact that she was not attracted to shorter
men these things and the fact that he too was not as tall as he wanted to be in life
all plagued him. This is when he began his study and research of human growth.
1herefore, he began Lo sLudy Lhe human growLh paLLerns and Lhe body's growLh
hormones. Furthermore, the reason why the body stops growing at a certain time
in life in addition, what exercises would help the human growth pattern and
stimulate the body to grow naturally. As well as how a person can stimulate the
growth plates and prolong the growth period.
Doctor Smith began to understand growing potential, how to prolong the human
growth, no matter what age a person may be, in life Doctor Smith researched
posLure and Lhe effecL LhaL Lhe posLure has on a human's growLh. uocLor SmlLh
also studied all the latest techniques in height increasing surgeries and the natural
alternatives. Page 5

uocLor SmlLhs' sLudles lnvolved welgh Lralnlng, and Lhe effecL lL has on Lhe
growth, as well as Hypnosis and Reflexology. Practically all fields of research and
sLudy LhaL perLalned Lo Lhe human body's growLh and or Lhe body's ablllLy Lo
grow taller were, examined in detail. All this was to help Doctor Smith to develop
his Growing Taller 4 Idiots Program.

Did he succeed? The answer is yes he did!
After he had actually added inches to his own
heights he met the woman of his dreams again
and she confirmed what he knew deep in his
heart that she was just not attracted to him
when he was shorter in the past. However now
she was and so they dated and eventually
married and Doctor Smith is living the life that
he wanted because he added a few inches to his height. Amazing what kind of a
difference only a few inches can make in the quality of a person's life.
Doctor Smith helps people today to add inches to
their height no matter how old or young they are
and this is done naturally. Doctor Smith program
outlines the steps people can use to add inches to
their height. The program also has videos and
information on how he himself used this program to
add inches to his own height. The most important
thing in the use of this program is the fact that this
is all done naturally. Natural growth supplements and all natural exercises as well
as other important facts people may use. Page 6

No one wants to use pills, drugs, painful injections, or painful costly surgeries
when the same results or even greater results can be gained naturally for the
same outcome. Medications much of the time results in side effects these can
sometimes be dangerous this program uses all natural methods and ingredients
for its results.

All Natural, verses Surgery what would you choose?
Surgeries are painful especially when it comes to the spine or increasing the
helghL or Lhe lengLh of a humans' splne Lo lncrease helghL. noL Lo menLlon, Lhe
cost, all the medication during, and after the surgery Doctor Smith Program
Growing Taller 4 Idiots uses all natural supplements and growth hormones as well
as natural exercises to stimulate the natural ability of the body to grow. If you had
to choose between a painful costly surgery, and an all- natural painless way of
increasing your height the all natural way makes the choice for your hands down.

What are the benefits of The Grow Taller 4 Idiots program?
One major benefit is the fact that the program is
so simple and easy to use and follow. The most
important fact is the end results gained that the
user will in fact add two to four inches to their
own height in a matter of a few weeks. This
program can also, be used more than once Doctor
Smith states that his patients can use this program
to grow taller at any time in their lives. Young or older individuals no matter what
age can grow in height.
Shorter individuals will gain a new self-confidence when they see the results for
themselves and their quality of life improves. They will begin to receive the things
from life that they have always wanted. Page 7

The promotions at a work, the attention, recognition from others, and coworkers,
friends will notice the differences in the individuals life.

How does the program work?
Doctor Smith begins by informing individuals on the human growth patterns and
how the body grows from the hormones produced by the body. In addition, to
this is how an individual can stimulate the body to grow at anytime or age.
The program can teach an individual how to add an inch to their height right now
by using an amazing technique discovered by the experts at NASA!
This program teaches individuals to use natural growth
hormones the program even teaches individuals how to
make the growth hormones. (HGH) increasing by 300%
a person can make the hormone at home, and it is much
less expensive than the other growth supplements
costing six-hundred dollars or more for a monLh's
The program users also receive nutritional recipes that
are essential for the growth of the body.
The program teaches individuals how and why the body stops growing and how
to stimulate the body into growing again.
The program teaches individuals a series of exercises that help the growth of the
human body.
The program teaches individuals about growth hormone treatments and the
effect they have on the body, and to understand the growing potential of the
body and to extend the growing periods at any age in a persona life. Page 8

The program also teaches individuals how to eliminate and even reverse postural
problems to assist the body in growing properly. Postural problems such as
Kyphosis (Hunch Back), Lordosis (Sway Back), Scoliosis, and Duck Feet that all take
preclous lnches from a persons' helghL and whaL can be done abouL Lhese
The program also teaches individuals how to prevent the spine from shrinking and
how to reverse this process.
The program tells of the only product available that increases your height all of
these things, and much, much more explained by Doctor Smith in the program.

Does the program really work?
?es, Lhls program really wlll add lnches Lo a person's helghL and Lhe program
works wlLhouL any form of surgery. 1hls program ls all naLural and uocLor SmlLh's
patients have sent him countless testimonies as well as letters of praise about his
program and the results that they have received from the use of the program.
Here are just a few of the letters and testimonies that Doctor Smith has received
from his patients that have tried his program and had proven results:
J.T. 25 years old from Minnesota states that she has tried many
products in the past with no results. However when she tried
Doctor Smiths program she did in fact grow an actual three (3)
inches in height and that she highly recommends his program to
others who wish to add inches to their own height.
M.J. 28 years old from Los Angeles stated that she was depressed
for years because of her height. Now she is four (4) inches taller
than her friends are and no longer depressed. She followed Doctor
SmlLh's program and ln Lwo monLhs, she gained four inches in
height. Page 9

N.N. 25 years old from Beijing went from being five foot seven
inches to five foot ten inches adding an amazing three (3) inches to
her height from using Doctor Smiths program.
A 27 years old from Manchester England says
he was not a short person however he always wanted to be
Laller. Pe used uocLor SmlLh's program, and he galned Lhree
(3) inches in his height and now he is taller than his best
friend is.
These are simply a few of the many testimonies from Doctors Smiths patients
who have used the Grow Taller 4 Idiots and all had successful results. There are
many more available for you to view and read on Doctor SmlLh's web site:

What the program really does!
This program will work for you just as it has
worked for countless other individuals. If you
suffer and struggle with these same issues
and have dealt with the same results through
your life as many others the program has
helped all of uocLor SmlLh's paLlents since the
development of the program.
In Addition:
This program uncovers the many myths about growth and development of the
human body. The program also explains some of the frauds that people who are
desperate to change their height can fall for as well as the consequences of the
frauds, and the myths about growth. Page 10

One such myth is that boys and girls stop growing at a certain age this statement
is totally, false the human body is capable of growing long past the believed age
when growth is suppose to end.
Most people do not realize that the spine is responsible for 35% of the height of
the human body and reversing or correcting spinal problems add two to three
lnches Lo a person's helghL. Lven exLreme curvaLures of Lhe splne LhaL may are
inherited are possible to correct. This program explains this in detail and teaches
the users how to correct or prevent these kinds of spinal problems.

What you will receive with the Grow Taller 4 Idiots program?
Information on how to naturally increase height no matter what age you are.
Information on how to make an all natural, growth supplement from ingredients
out of your own kitchen For much less than the other costly supplements on the
market today.
Information on why the body stops growing and how to begin
the growth process and prolong the growth sessions.
Information on growth hormone treatments and their effect on
the human body.
Information on growth exercises that increase height.
Information on the growing potential of the human body, and how to achieve or
extend the growth process.
lnformaLlon on Lhe problems of a person's posLure and Lhe effecLs posLure has on
the growth How to eliminate these and many other problems involving the spine
and the growth.
An informational video of height increasing exercises to increase growth. Page 11

Information on how to prevent your spine from shrinking and what to do to
prevent this from occurring.
Information on weight training and the effects it has on the human body.
Information on Hypnosis, and Reflexology insoles what they are and how they
pertain to the growth of the body.
Information on the latest advances in height increasing surgeries and the
alternatives to surgery.
Users receive all of this and much more when they purchase the program This is
valuable information that the Doctor shares with his patients In addition this
information has already been tested and proven to work and produce the desired
results As the Doctor himself has proven the results.
People who have tried Doctor Smiths program Now!
Are confident and have confidence in their own abilities.
Can go about the day without being depressed or fell their life is meaningless.
Can enjoy a social life and have fun with friends and coworkers.
Feel and are more attractive to the members of the opposite sex.
Can go for the job or the promotion that they desire be successful in whatever
they do and try.
Gain the respect and attention that avoided them in the past.
Can achieve the goals of things like sports, or modeling they never could before.
Can reach new heights and things on the top shelf at the supermarket and in real
No more depression, insecurities, no more short cracks or jokes. Page 12

Is there a guarantee that the program will work for me?
Yes of course there is Doctor Smiths Grow Taller 4 Idiots comes
with a sixty-day (60) 100% risk free guarantee.
If the product does not perform exactly as it should. Contact the
seller within sixty-days (60) for a full refund.
Therefore, anyone who wants to be taller in life, or anyone who struggles with the
same problems as described within this report can in fact do something about
their situation and grow taller.

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