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Listof Figures

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Published by: Veera Krishna on Jan 18, 2012
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Figure: 1 APPLICATION LAYER HOST TABLE BAR CHART Figure: 2 APPLICATION LAYER HOST TABEL PIE VIEW Figure: 3 PROTOCOL DISTRUBUTION BAR VIEW Figure: 4 PROTOCOL DISTRUBUTION PIE VIEW Figure: 5 NETWORK LAYER HOST TABLE BAR VIEW Figure: 6 NETWORK LAYER HOST TABLE PIE VIEW Figure: 7 FRAME SIZE DISTRIBUTION BAR VIEW Figure: 8 FRAME SIZE DISTRUBUTION PIE VIEW Figure: 9 HOST MATRIX BAR VIEW Figure: 10 HOST MATRIX PIE VIEW Figure: 11 HOST TABLE BAR VIEW Figure: 12 HOST TABLE PIE VIEW Figure: 13 ICMP packet structure Figure: 14 ICMP header field Figure: 15 ICMP echo reply format Figure: 16 ICMP success full ping message Figure: 17 ICMP echo reply Figure: 18 ICMP echo request Figure: 19 ICMP echo request Figure: 20 ICMP echo request Figure: 21 ICMP destination unreachable

way connection termination Figure: 36 RRQ/WWRQ Packet Figure: 37 TFTP Read request packet Figure: 38 TFTP Write request packet format Figure: 39 DATA packet Figure: 40 TFTP DATA PACKET Figure: 41 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PACKET Figure: 42 TFTP ACK pocket Figure: 43 ERROR PACKET Figure: 44 TFTP ERROR PACKET screen shot .Figure: 22 ICMP destination host unreachable Figure: 23 ICMP destination host unreachable Figure: 24 ARP packet structure Figure: 25 ARP process Figure: 26 FTP model Figure: 27 Active transfer model Figure: 28 FTP passive transfer mode Figure: 29 FTP passive transfer mode Figure: 30 A Three-Way Handshake of the TCP initialization. Figure: 31 Three-way handshake SYN message in FTP Figure: 32 Three-way handshake SYN-ACK in FTP Figure: 33 Three-way handshake ACK message in FTP Figure: 34 A Four-Way of the TCP termination Figure: 35 Four.

Figure: 45 TCP window size adjustment Figure: 46 Three-way handshake SYN Figure: 47 Three-way handshake ACK message and WINDOW SIZING Figure: 48 Three-way handshake SYN-ACK Figure: 49 Communication between Router and PC in telnet Figure: 50 Communication between PC and Router in telnet Figure: 51 Characters typed in PC are transferred to router Figure: 52 Security vulnerability in telnet Figure: 53 Sniffed Password in telnet Figure: 54 SSH V2 -PUTTY Figure: 55 SSH packet capture Figure: 56 follow stream of TCP Figure: 57 SSH PORT FORWARDING Figure: 58 TELNET Figure: 59 Header format of HTTP Request Figure: 60 HTTP Request format Figure: 61 HTTP Response format Figure: 62 HTTP Response format Figure: 63 HTTPS over SSL Figure: 64 HTTPS over SSL Figure: 65 Architecture between manger and agent Figure: 66 SNMPv2cPDU format Figure: 67 Network structure of SNMP .

Figure: 68 SNMP Message Format Figure: 69 The General Format of the SNMP Figure: 70 SNMP Messages Figure: 71 SNMP V1 GET REQUEST FROM NMS TO AGENT Figure: 72 SNMP V1 GET RESPONSE AGENT TO NMS Figure: 73 SNMP V1 GET NEXT Figure: 75 10 SET REQ during the man Figure: 76 ADMIN give SET request to change the management device name Figure: 77 NMS initiate SET request to changed the system name via MIB Figure: 78 SNMP V1 TRAP Alert from AGENT to NMS Figure: 79 SNMP GRAPH Figure: 80 FCAPS Architecture .

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