Dealing With Players Marc Trestman – Former Offensive Coordinator - Oakland Raiders

1. The Coach is Accountable a. You are responsible for productivity at your position 2. Be Fair/Give Them Their Dignity a. Be fair & honest with your players – treat them with respect 3. Define Players Roles Clearly a. Always let players know where they stand and what their roles are on the team b. Communicate clearly with them on what they need to do in order to improve 4. Become an Expert a. Must have a thorough understanding of your player’s assignments, techniques & fundamentals b. Credibility with player is based on these areas – be sure to show your expertise through a variety of materials c. It’s okay to say “I don’t know” – but be sure to find out the answer for them 5. Set a High Standard of Performance in Every Area 6. Constantly Evaluate “Standard of Performance” 7. Your Demeanor is Huge a. Be excited, confident & enthusiastic (Jon Gruden) 8. Give Them Direction a. Players want direction – it’s our job to give it to them 9. You Get What You Demand a. Do not accept mediocrity 10.Trust Takes Time a. Players must be convinced that you have their best interests in mind 11.It’s Not About Being Liked a. You need to push athletes 12.Use Your Creativity (Think about it) a. Make hard work fun 13.Treat Each Player as an Individual a. Show them you care – know their families b. Call them to see how they are doing 14.Be Firm, Fair & Consistent with Players a. Never embarrass them – keep profanity down 15.Do Not be Intimidated by a Disrespectful Player a. Coach always keeps control 16.There is a Fine Line Between Discipline & Harassment a. No name calling 17.Do Not Allow the Locker Room to be a “Players Only” Sanctuary 18.Do Not Allow the Star Players to Run Their Own Agenda 19.Insist on Excellence & Hold Players to That Standard 20.Find a Way to Build Cohesiveness 21.Be Proactive and not Reactive with Players 22.Exhaust All Methods of Motivation with Your Players

a. Music, videos, guest speakers, etc 23.Be Ready to Adjust to a Player but do not Compromise What You Believe in as a Coach 24.Every Player Learns Differently a. Hear it b. See it c. Write it d. Walk it e. Run it f. Rep it 25.Monitor Injured Players Intelligently a. Be careful & smart b. Your #1 job is their safety 26.Preview Practice 27.Be Careful How You Socialize with Players 28.Avoid Making a Player a Whipping Boy 29.Do Not Discuss One Player with Another 30.Be Detailed in Grading of Players a. Don’t use personal feelings 31.Be Exact in Your Coaching 32.You Can’t Correct Every Mistake on the Field 33.Coach Every Player the Same 34.Coaches Must be Seen Around the Players 35.Be Patient with a Developing Player

Making Practices More Efficient Marc Trestman – Former Offensive Coordinator - Oakland Raiders

1. Expectations a. Every phase needs to be clearly defined i. Team ii. Units iii. Players 2. Must develop & remind each other to have “common respect” for player safety 3. Run to drills a. More accomplished b. High energy c. Start fast – practice fast – play fast 4. Practice tempo a. Walk through – thud – full contact b. Starts with huddle i. Get lined up quickly ii. Sets defense c. Explosive movement i. To ball ii. Off ball iii. Finish (huge) A. Sell it B. Habit C. Use video D. Ball must be secure E. D must cooperate (let QB throw ball, etc.) 5. No penalties a. Pre-snap penalties b. Use officials in practice c. Grade off of the tape – be critical d. Sanction them 6. Stay off of the ground a. Safety issue b. Keep your feet (keep moving) c. Don’t dive for balls or fumbles 7. Never pull a jersey (safety issue) a. Injury possibilities b. Can’t finish 8. Do not jump & bat down balls 9. DL should not bull rush 10.D players stay away from QB a. QB safety b. D coaches must sell this to their players 11.Defensive Backs a. Do not play through the body b. Bump & run must be a shadow technique (don’t jump receivers) c. Avoid collisions d. D periods are different 12.Cooperation blocks a. Screens

b. Sprint out passes c. WR on “check” motions

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