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Cute Love Story

Cute Love Story

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Published by: Suhail Ahamed on Jan 18, 2012
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Love Story

Episode - I We are planning to go for a movie on Saturday. How many of you would be interested?" one Thursday end of the day, our class rep asked this. All of us raised our hands except Nethra. He said, "Okay, interested people, please bring 120 bucks tomorrow so we can book the tickets as fast as we can" All of us tapped our desks with joy. It had been two months since we joined college and we knew each other in the class by their names and our friendship' gang started to build up. There was lot of fun during class and off class hours. All of us started to go out for movies, restaurants, birthday parties etc, except her. Nethra used to be alone and aloof always. She used to sit in the last bench and never spoke with anyone. All the other students were scared to talk to her as she was grumpy and a cranky person. She had displayed her anger many a times with other students. She was good looking but I think she would look beautiful if she smiled because no one had ever seen her smiling. Her pet name was "Miss. Long Face". None of us in the class liked her but she used to do her assignments and record works promptly and had a good name among the lecturers. She was good at studies too and class topper while I used to rank from 4 to 7. One day as usual all the boys in the class were discussing about the girls in the college; when the topic went on her. One boy said, "I pity her husband he is gonna have tough time with this girl". Another boy said, "The person who makes her smile will be an extraordinarily talented person because she is such a bad tempered girl" One jumped up and said, "Is there anybody who is ready for a challenge?" Everyone asked "what will be the challenge and the bet?" He said, "1000 bugs" "What's the challenge?" everyone asked. He said, "The challenge is to befriend to Miss. Long face". Since the bet and challenge was attractive I was interested in trying it; so I took up the challenge. I thought of a plan to befriend her and as per my plan I did not attend the entire day's class the next Monday. On Tuesday when I went to class I asked my friends, "What were the assignments or records that were given yesterday?" They said, "The Chemistry record need to be completed till date and the deadline to submit for corrections is on Friday" I said, "Oh, just three days for Friday. Has anybody completed the record?" They said, "No, not yet. We have lot of experiments pending to be completed" I went to her and said, "Hi Nethra" She was writing something and when she heard me, she raised her head and looked at me sternly and asked, "What?" I asked, "Have you completed the chemistry record?" Sternly she said, "Yes" I said, "I did not attend the last chemistry class and I heard that we need to submit the record by this Friday. Nobody else in the class has completed it so it would be great if you could lend me your record. I'll return it tomorrow" With lots of hesitation she gave me the record and in a warning tone she said, "Handle it carefully and return it tomorrow without fail"

I took the record notebook from her and intentionally left it at home on the day I promised to return back in order to develop friendship. I was so impressed by the way she has maintained it. Her handwriting was beautiful and the highlighting & markings, presentation of the record was mind blowing. I liked her record and I liked her too, but she was a mystery. I was curious to find out the secret behind her callous nature. On Wednesday she asked me, "Where is my record?" "Your presentation skill is very impressive" I said. She asked, "Where is my record?" "I complimented about your record" I said She said, "I don't need your compliment, I need my record?" "I didn't complete it yet, shall I give it tomorrow?" I asked "I need it by tomorrow without fail" furiously she said and turned to leave my desk. "Can you remind me in the morning so I won't forget? Please and this is my number" saying this I wrote my number on a piece of paper and gave it to her as she was about to leave. She plucked the paper and walked off rapidly without saying anything. I knew this was the right way to get her number. On Thursday morning she called me early in the morning and said, "Nethra here, called you to remind about the record book" saying this she disconnected the call. As soon as I came to the class she asked, "My record book" I searched my bag and hit my head and said, "Oh I am sorry, it's not there in my bag, I forgot to bring it. Give me your address after the class I will bring it to your home" She said, "I know you'll do like this. Irresponsible fellow, that's why I hesitated to give it, Okay I will wait near the college entrance in the evening bring it to the college" I said, "It will be late and you have to wait for a long time. My home is far away and it is my fault so I will bring it to your home" Stubbornly she said the same thing again, "I will wait near the college entrance till you get it. Around what time will be here?" I said, "6. 30 pm" She said, "I'll wait in the library till you reach the college. Once you reach the college give me a call and then I'll come out" I said, "Okay, sounds good"

In the evening I found the box in the place where I placed it. How can I trust a stranger and send you in an auto rickshaw? Come with me or if you prefer the auto rickshaw. "Yeah Mom. I'll do it" The next day I went to her and said. "Oh you stay in a hostel. right. She didn't touch it at all. maybe that's the reason she is always sad. About 15 mins later she came out and was waiting near the entrance. She went to the auto rickshaw. "Thanks a bunch and I'm extremely sorry for the delay in returning the record as well as for making you wait for such a long time" She grabbed the record from me and started walking without saying anything. It was around 7. and straight" she didn't speak anything except this. "Hi" and placed the lunch box in her desk and said. "It is my fault and I'm responsible for your safety. please prepare my favorite Poori tomorrow for breakfast and pack it for her too mom. where are your parents? As soon as I stopped she got down and walked off without saying anything. I felt bad. no street lights too. maybe she didn't like poori that's why she didn't eat" I said. After 30 mins she said. its dark and the area is lonely.15. One day. I went home and told my Mom all that happened today. "I'm very sorry. you can go but I'll follow you till you reach your place to ensure you reach safely" and smiled. "Come I'll drop you home. I troubled my Mom and if I take it back home she'll feel bad too. "Why are you following me?" I said. I started my bike and went near her and said. "Stop" near a ladies hostel. "Poor girl. she must be feeling home sick and that's why is always sad. "Okay. Food is not good in some hostels and that could also add up to her sadness" I said. after sometime the auto rickshaw stopped she got down and asked. leave it" I didn't stop bringing food for her from my home. She said. My Mom said. She called me up at 6. it's my favorite so I got it for you too. I had a flat tyre and I had to get it fixed and that was the reason for the delay" saying this I handed over the record book and said.30 but was hiding near a tree and was waiting. paid him and came and sat on my bike. it's dark" She walked hastily towards an auto rickshaw coming towards us. I asked. "My mom prepared Poori today. She said. She hired the auto rickshaw and got into it. I went there and she saw me as if she's gonna smolder me to flames. "It's okay. "I think she didn't even open the box mom". I started the bike and she kept giving me instructions as "left. She said. I checked her date of birth with the class rep and found that she was a year and three months younger to me (I missed a year when I was studying 4th standard due . Mom. Have it during the break" I didn't wait for her response and went to my desk.30 but I didn't answer. which is your native. "It is okay.Episode – II In the evening I reached the college before 6. Every day I used to give her a box. I followed her. never mind. she didn't take it too. I didn't want to waste it so I took it home and put it in the microwave and had it and told my mom what happened.

"Hmm. The boy who placed the bet came and asked. her hostel food is sick. There was a good practice in our class and it is we used to collect 25 bucks from everyone in the class every month and celebrate our classmate's birthday. "How about you?" Her face turned pale and few tear droplets fell from her eyes on the table. At home during our dinner I told my mom about her. "It is okay" and started to write some record. I left the place in dismay. I failed the bet" I said. "I'm sorry. I went to her desk and said. "Yes. "Lets exchange our lunch today" before she could refuse I opened the box and started eating. but since she'll feel bad I said. I just took it because the challenge was interesting and not for money" I went to her desk. "How is it? She said. She was struggling to pretend as if she was not crying and without finishing her lunch she left the place. "How did you befriend her? Oh. I didn't mean to hurt you" She said. "my mom prepares tasty food. bring her home one day. At least she'll have one good meal a day" She said. "Invite her for your birthday" I said. I was very happy and asked her if she liked the food. I didn't stop bringing food for her even after this incident and as usual she did not take it. I asked. Though initially it was the challenge that made me talk to her but now there was an unusual feeling that made me cling on to her and fight for her friendship. I don't like gifts and I don't have to take anything from you. Check what she likes. please pack an extra box of lunch for her every day. Thanks" The next day during lunch break I asked her. I was very disappointed by her behavior. I grabbed her box and pushed my box to her and said. "Shall I join you for lunch?" She said. I'll include in the menu and prepare it frequently" . You know it was sick and I felt like saying yuck. About a fortnight passed and to my surprise. When she saw the gift she was surprised and was wondering if it was for her. "Happy birthday. "Arjun. before she could come I placed a gift on her desk. My dad said. anyway I'll invite her" My dad said. "Okay. "Hmmm tastes good henceforth we'll exchange our lunch. It was the activity that excited everyone. it was nice. "But she doesn't speak with anyone dad. This is my birthday gift for you" She didn't even open it but threw it on my desk and saying. I thought she was missing her parents and I felt bad that I reminded her of them. Being insulted in front of the class I felt ashamed and walked to my desk.to chicken pox) and her birthday is a week ahead. yet I couldn't hate her because I had a soft corner for her. I liked her but not her behavior. She said. okay" She didn't say anything but started to eat. "Very tasty" I continued. that's a good idea dad" Turning towards my mom I said. "Never mind about the bet. I love all the dishes she prepares and I asked. "Mom. returned her lunch box and said. "Okay" and we occupied a table. one day the box I gave her was empty. On her birthday. poor little girl she must be missing her parents" I said.

A week later I called her and said. "It is a small party for the five of us. bye" and hung the phone even before she could refuse or accept. assignments etc. I'm not going" and she left the place. "Arjun said there is a party but there is nobody else here" My mom said. As days passed on Nethra and I become friends and we used to have lunch together every day. She was shocked but continued to say. Looking at my dad. "We'll . I said. She never spoke anything else other than studies. She's studying in the 8th standard and I used to help her out in her studies. Please be ready" Episode – III I reached her hostel and saw her waiting near the hostel gate in a pink dress and she looked like a fairy. Adithi and My dad were sitting on the sofa watching TV. "Nethra when are you leaving to your native?" She said. "Welcome Nethra" and took her inside the house. "I'm gonna stay in the hostel" Perplexed I asked. "You are looking like an angel in this dress" she smiled and said. "I started.00 pm.15 pm and as soon as my mom saw her she hugged her and kissed her on her forehead and said. Nethra and my mom sat on the sofa as well and mom said. Okay. My sister Adithi was also my best friend. take care. there was nothing that I hid from them. "I'll prepare dinner by the time you keep playing carom with the kids. I asked her. Adithi said. She said. Anyway your birthday falls during the vacation. Be ready by 4. Everybody had planned something or the other for the vacation. I was the only person she would talk to among all the other students in the class. "Tomorrow is my birthday and we have a small party at our home and I'm inviting you for that. record works. "Okay". "Good idea mom we are four of us and looking at Nethra she said. invite her home" I said.My parents were my friends and I used to discuss everything with them. "Hello" to everyone and somewhat perplexed she asked. no excuse. I told my Mom about her vacation plans with utter displeasure. "It is a month's vacation and you were feeling home sick you can spend some time with your parents" Her face turned gloomy and said. "No. Our 1st semester got over and a month's winter vacation was announced. The next day before I started I called her and informed that I started. my mom said. "I'm not coming don't waste your time" I said. I'll come to pick you. "Thanks" We reached home around 5. sports. She said. "I'm Arjun's mother and you are looking pretty" I introduced my sister Adithi and my dad. "Maybe her parents are busy with their work or they must be abroad.

"Good day. After dinner Nethra and I started to her hostel. Nethra said. "You look beautiful when you smile" Dinner was ready and my mom called us to the dining table. I have some important business mails to respond and will be back in an hour" and left the hall. Adithi brought Nethra to my room and said this is Arjun's room. "Okay" We sat on a bench in the park and the scene there was beautiful. Before the dinner I cut the cake. It's lovely" I felt so happy and said. "I'm sorry I hurt you very badly that day" I said. Nethra stood up to help the child and before her the child's mother reached the child and took him and hugged him and pacified him. "All are blessed with good parents" She said. Along with the teddies she had a play station.00 Pm" I told. "Happy birthday" and gave me a pen as birthday gift. "Arjun. but it's okay. "Yeah. "Can I take it?" I said. You're blessed with good parents too" I said. "9. Nethra and Adithi become friends soon. "its 8. Her collection had teddies of all colors and sizes and she had arranged it neatly like a showroom display. "The boy is blessed. As we were watching a child who was running fell on the ground and started crying. playing. It was fun.00 and we still have an hour shall we sit in the park for some time?" She said. running. As soon as the teddy hit the floor a recorded voice said. Adithi took Nethra to her room to show her teddy bear collections. I went to my room and switched the system and as I was browsing. "No. Children swinging. I asked her. "I was hurt. There is a beautiful park on the way to her hostel. it's for you. She looked all around and fixed her eyes on the table where I had placed her refused birthday gift. We played around 3 to 4 sets and we (Dad & I) made them win most of the games. She said. "What is the in-time deadline in your hostel?" She said. "Why would parents hate their children? It is strange and I can't believe it" . toys and an amazing collection of photos that would be interesting to watch. Please open it and tell me if you like it" She opened the wrapper and took out a Peach colored teddy bear. there are parents who hate their children" I asked. making noise etc. she became so tensed that she nervously dropped it on the floor while taking it out of the wrapper. keep smiling" After hearing that smiling she hugged the teddy and said "Thank you. As they left the place my dad said. She really gets excited when she has to show her collection to someone who comes home. She went near the table and looking at me she asked.be a team and dad & Arjun the other team" Saying this she ran to her room to get the carom board. you need not ask me you can take it" She took it and said.

"It was and is a part of my daily life" I said. it was 90% and everyone but my parents congratulated me. lack of love and affection. "No idea" Hugging and caressing the teddy she said. They just send us money for our needs that's it.She said. She asked me. "My parents hated each other and kept on fighting all day long and due to misunderstanding they are living separately for the past 6 years. material. shopping malls. We called him secretly many a times and begged him to come and visit us. You know what. People give us a weird look and it's so awkward for loved ones to meet like that" I interrupted and as asked. money. "The hostel's visitor timings does not suit his work timing and so he asks us to come to a common place. "Arjun. "As people say daughters love their fathers and sons love their mothers. after they got estranged my mom is our guardian. When I wake up I find myself alone and cry sorely without a soul to console me" She asked me. extra marital affairs. I called my dad but he forgot it was my birthday and just enquired about my health and studies and disconnected the call. He didn't turn up even once till I joined the college. They call us or visit us very rarely" Her voice portrayed the pain and grief in her heart. "Why can't you meet him in the hostel?" She said. "What?" She said. "I didn't get you" She said. "It's the dark day in my life. My parents are too busy quarrelling with each other that they forget our birthdays. He addresses me as "Neethu" and sometimes in my dream I hear him call me. restaurants etc. "How do you know all these things?" She said. misunderstandings. "Why would they hate each other?" She said. . Mithra and I love our dad very much but my mom says dad is bad and we should not talk with him. My sister Mithra and I stay in the hostel. hatred etc" I asked. "Do you know why I behaved so badly on my birthday?" I shook my heads and said. "Meeting your dad in the bus stand. We hated him for that but still deep down my heart longs and yearns to see him even now. street corners. it includes children too" I asked. Do you know what the most shameful thing on earth is?" Not Knowing what to reply I asked. I haven't celebrated even a single birthday in my life. I regret being born on this earth. This year on my birthday. She continued. "When the parents hate each other they hate all that came out of that relationship. my dad does not know my 10th scores too. "Lot of reasons like ego.

Everything will be fine with her soon" My mom was also there. Shall I do what my dad does when I'm depressed?" She just looked at me without a clue. "It's alright dear. That's why when everyone in the class hesitated to talk to you. "Shall we call her Cuckoo?" I said. Thanks again for this lovely gift. "What name you like?" She said. don't feel bad. bye cuckoo" She patted cuckoo on her back and the recorded voice said. She smiled and said. "I feel so relaxed & light since I emptied myself of this burden that had controlled me for so long. It's alright Nethra. "Thanks a lot. I'll come and pick you" We reached her hostel. Later I regretted for my behavior but of no use. good choice. I kept on coming back even after you insulting me. But I think I spoiled your day with my stories" I said. pated her softly and said. You can come home anytime you want. It's time up. cheer up" as soon as I told this she leant on my shoulders and started to weep. "Poor girl. don't worry. what shall we christen her?" I asked. "It's alright. Thanks. My parents are good people individually but when they are together no one can be as bad as them. after seeing your parents I long for such parents. "I'm sorry. everything's gonna be fine soon. I continued. everything's gonna be fine soon. "oh lovely name. "You were always aloof and I knew there's something wrong with you.the value of a family. "I know it comforts and consoles. the need for love and people to share it. I took an oath I'll never tease or mock my fellow beings but to treat them with respect and dignity. the importance of understanding. Poor little girl she has so much of pain.I felt bad that's why I behaved badly with you. My heart was so heavy and I realized the mystery behind her sadness is her separated parents. On this birthday I learnt a few valuable lessons of life . on the way she said. waved her hands and cuckoo's hands together and said "bye Arjun" and left the place. Bye Nethra. listening to what I said and she said. Just buzz me. like hmmm I really don't know what to compare to this burden to. I am not as fortunate as you are" I felt very bad and said. Life will be good Nethra. Bye. I feel happy that you trusted me and let out your frustrations. love and affection of parents and most important lesson is not to tease people with abnormal nature and characteristics. "Good day keep smiling" she smiled. Some people are abnormal due to some medical condition or psychological factors. As soon as I reached home I went and hugged my dad and told what happened. As usual my dad wrapped his arms around my shoulder and said. (Her eyes dampened with tears but she pretended as if she was not crying and said)Arjun. You are truly blessed. Let's move" We started from the park. that's . I wrapped my arms around her shoulder. She walked lightly like a butterfly but I felt heavy like.

"Precious metal. We need to be patient and have an open mind to accept others with their flaws and imperfection as we have our own flaws" College reopened and we became close friends. . But after every misunderstanding we used to talk about it and took efforts to understand each other. It doesn't make any sense to me. One day there was a mangal sutra sentiment scene in a movie that we were watching. she is shivering" My Mom switched off the TV immediately and made her relax and she asked her to take rest. My Mom did not allow her to go to the hostel. I really can't figure out how people with love marriages break and people in arranged marriages stay together. Nethra stayed in Adithi's room and my Mom took care of her. A stratagem cannot be defined as both the marriages work out and breaks out too. Is yours a love marriage or an arranged marriage?" My Mom said. "Yes aunty. look at Nethra. Adithi. After this incident Nethra and my mom become very close. Nethra and I used to play video games.why she was sad. Okay. Moreover with these kinds of parents and family situation no one is there to think about it or put in efforts to organize one. Nethra asked my Mom pointing her mangal sutra. Marriage is a mirage to me" My Mom said. chess. Ours is an arranged marriage" She said. Though we're good friends she doesn't talk much and is always reserved. watching movies etc. She came to my house without my help. "I'll do it for you. "Aunty. Adithi screamed. what does this mean to you?" My mom thought for a while and said. beads and stones beautifully made and neatly arranged in a thread or a metal" My mom asked. hence she stayed with us that day. The doctors and psychology counselors say that it takes a minimum of three years for a couple to understand each other. she might feel bored in the hostel" The next three weeks she came daily to my home and I could feel the change and happiness in her. just concentrate on your studies alone leaving all these thoughts apart. I can't say anything more than this. "That's it" She said. I'll find a perfect groom for you. Don't worry okay. We spent the weekends together studying. Till the vacation is over bring her home daily. how can a metal bind two hearts? I wonder how people are clinging on to a relationship just by a thread. carom. "Let me see if you'll say the same thing when you have one. We had nice time together. You know we had misunderstandings and quarrels too. what does this mean to you?" She said. "I haven't thought about what it means to me at all. I would miss her if she doesn't turn up to class even for a single day. shuttle cork and watch movies. One day we were watching a movie with my Mom after lunch and there was a rape scene in the movie and the sound effects made the screaming of the girl a terrible one to listen. "Mom. playing. I'm not gonna get married at all. Nethra started to shiver and sweat a lot. "My parent's marriage is a love marriage.

heartlessly I yelled.Days went like this we progressed to the second year of the college. actually I was very angry with her and I don't know how I spoke all that. "Why should I live. "It's about Nethra" I said. Later. "Yes mom. Please come for review after two day" We went to her room she was awake and lying on the bed. I don't know if I love you or not. "Mom I'm really sorry. calm down. We went home. One evening I received a call from her mobile saying that she had fallen unconscious in the hostel room and is admitted in the hospital. I don't think of myself or anything else but I think of you and you alone all the time. Maybe because of anger" She said. My mom went near her and asked how she is feeling and if she wants something to drink or eat. she and my mother looked at me. I yelled at her asking "why you did this?" Sobbing and with anger she asked. a human being who is . what's it about?" She said. "Calm down Nethra. for me" Astonished. "No. This might her affect her intestines. "She has swallowed a heavy dosage of pills. "I wanna have a word with you" I said. She said. About an hour later the doctor called us and said that. Just leave me to starve and die" My mom said. she is like this because of some bad incidents that happened in the past. If this is love then I love you. Episode – IV Little later my mom came out and said. The hostel warden told me that her mobile had only my number in the contacts and that's why she called me and I was shocked to know that she had attempted suicide and her condition is critical. Sternly I continued. nobody wants me and for whom should I live?" Her response kindled my anger even more. If I say its love you. "For me you idiot. hence she needs to be under low fat and non-spicy diet for some time. "There is nothing to feel sorry about. "You have become a part of my life. I don't know if I'm seriously in love with you or not. my mom came to my room and said. I want you near me always. She was resting in Adithi's room and my mom gave her some food as per the physician's instructions. I knew you were in love with her and I also knew that you didn't realize its love. But she is being treated and is safe now. but one thing for sure is I cannot live without you" Saying this I left the room unable to face both of them. she is also a girl. She is not a bad choice to regret. finish the discharge formalities let's take her home. I got the details and went to the hospital with my Mother. Nethra requested us not to inform her parents as they would just come and rebuke her. This will add to her pain and in no way will give her relief or change the situation. As soon as she saw us tears flooded from her eyes and she turned her face from us. I become wild and raised my hands to slap her but I was shaken by my mom's voice as she called out "Arjun" controlling myself. Everything will be alright soon" I was very angry with her and hated her that moment as she didn't tell me what's troubling her.

"Life is like that. Do you know she hates men? She is friendly with you because you care for her. I do remember" Mom said. "What is it?" She said. it's shocking. "She attempted suicide because of vexation as her parents have applied for Divorce and her father is getting married to someone else after the divorce. This might frustrate you to the extent of giving up your relationship leading to divorce or separation. It's the bonding between the hearts & minds of two individuals that lasts forever. "Mom. "What's the reason to hate men in particular?" Mom said. I'll talk to dad about this if you are serious but before that I need to clarify certain things with you" I asked. "Yes. Make her trust you and love you. Love cures and pacifies. That's why she had decided to end her life" I asked. it's kind of a mental disorder. respected her as a human being ignoring her callous nature and grumpiness" I asked. "When you are depressed you won't be able to think and decide wisely. Now Arjun. "Mom anyway they are not together and the divorce is not going to change anything. I'm really concerned Arjun. "More than I know myself you know me better. She could have told me Mom. If she comes across such situations or thinks about it or if she sees something that reminds her of that she becomes nervous" I said. Death is not a solution" Mom said. This has affected her psychologically. "I don't know. It'll take time for her to develop confidence in you. How could life be so cruel on somebody who is helpless?" Mom said. If you really love her as much as you portray. She is very timid in nature and fears about life but she portrays herself as a bold and stern person. You will have to be patient till that. "Taking advantage of her family situation one of her relative had been sexually harassing her for some time since she was thirteen years old. . Love is not the relationship of two bodies. move around with friends and lead a normal life like other girls of her age but this incident makes her not to trust anyone and she thinks grumpiness and loneliness is a shield to protect her. tell me are you patient and matured enough to handle a wife like her?" I said. she is not mentally sound right now and may not give in to your urge for physical intimacy. An insecure thought of their lives and future had made her depressed and has been troubling her. you've got to give her some time. She wants to be happy. you tell me mom will I be able to handle this?" Mom said. "Do you remember one day when we were watching a movie she became nervous and started to shiver" I said. but my advice for you is to stay calm and make her feel comfortable with you.deeply in need of love that was denied by her heartless parents.

I just thought what if your attempt had succeeded. You should never discuss this with anyone especially Nethra and embarrass her at any point of time in your life" I said. "Better" I said. "Shall we go out for a drive and get some fresh air? . I want to be by her side always mom" Mom said. All that we discussed should be between you and me. technology has advanced to great extent in the medical field. I don't know if she will ever open up or mingle with anyone like she did with us and vice versa if others would be able to understand her pain and grief or not.She attempted suicide because she didn't like her parents' divorce and just imagine her mental agony if she has to sail in the same boat. "I have never come across such a worst and wild proposal ever in my life" After the discussion I was thinking about it and I felt pity for her. naughtily smiling she said. To fulfill your wish we can adopt children and if you want grandchildren in your genes. I don't wanna quit her for a silly reason mom" Mom said. "Please don't ever try to do like this again what so ever. I'm very sorry if it had hurt you in anyway" She didn't say anything but silence. Adithi and Nethra were playing chess. think and tell me. I wanna take her as my wife. When I know the chances are very less. I'll not discuss this with anyone" Mom said. I wanna heal her hurting and relive her from her pains. "Good. "We'll talk about it later. Are you gonna take her as your wife or are you gonna give up your love for the pleasure of physical relationship?" Mom paused for a moment and continued. "Hi Nethra. It's no fault of hers mom. The thought of losing you made me wild and that's why I behaved badly. "Mom. I appreciate your decision but time alone will reveal the zeal of your love. I went Adithi's room to see her. there is no need to think I have made up my mind. how do you think I'll accept to it?" I said. I know you're grieving and your heart is bleeding but death is not a solution for anything. "I swear. As a mother I wanna see my grandchildren. I didn't mean to hurt you but I meant what I said. "Mom. I should provide her a good life and replenish all the happiness and love that she lost all these years. I asked. Okay" saying this she walked to the door and before she could leave. Don't trouble her asking anything. "If you are going for the first choice I'll talk to dad and at the right time we will talk to her mother or father" I said. how are you feeling?" She said. I'll stand firm and stick on to it come what may. "Don't be hasty in deciding. I decided. It's easy to say but practically it's difficult. I wanna go for the first option. Take time. It's not a decision in haste. I pulled up a chair and sat next to Adithi and said. It's now I love her more. I know her heart is bruised.

"Let me check with mom and if your health cooperates we shall go this weekend" I checked with my mom and dad during dinner. that's what I wanted child" Just to divert the topic I said. her mother took up the responsibility of settling them. When my parents asked her mother. Don't stay out for a long time. Dad said. A swing was free and Adithi said. You're happy right. hostel and lot more. On seeing her sister both of them hugged each other and cried. "I wanna swing" and ran to the swing. We had lunch with Mithra. teachers. Nethra and I were sitting in a bench and she asked. "Okay. "Can you do me a favor please?" I asked. My parents were very keen on the wedding and later she accepted. "Yeah. "Okay do not buy Nethra a sundae but maybe a scoop if she can take it. Yelagiri" I said. studies. After MBA I took up my dad's business and Nethra joined a company. Before the . Nethra and I went to the nearby park and were watching the people around. Come back soon" Adithi. "Is Mithra's syllabus same as yours?" Adithi said. I'm very happy" Dad said. "Let me check with mom if I can take you out and if you can have ice creams" I asked my mom and she said. We completed our under graduation and went abroad for MBA and my dad helped her in getting an educational loan. On the way back Nethra said to my dad. She is very reserved and will never tell anyone what she feels" I said "Don't worry Mithra we'll take care" and we started back to Chennai. Our wedding was fixed. "Arjun is the only person Nethra has ever introduced as her friend till now and I'm very happy that she has someone to share. "I wanna see Mithra. Days passed on like this and I did not discuss with Nethra about my love for her and her opinion about me except for the hospital incident. "Adithi is also studying 9th standard now". I asked. she was not much interested in the wedding. Ebenezer School. during lunch Mithra said aloud to everyone. I tried to talk to her sometimes but she avoided talking about it. Everything was fine and I asked my parents to ask Nethra's mother for her hand in wedding. She was happy and I was happy too.Adithi said. As Nethra's parents are divorced. Nethra felt very ashamed and awkward. Thanks a lot. "What is it?" She said. let's go to ice cream parlor I need triple sundae. "Please don't say thanks a make me a stranger. "Thank you for organizing this trip uncle. please take care of her. Soon they became normal and were talking about their classes. can you take me to her? She is studying 9th standard in St. "Let us all go and visit Mithra this week end. Same CBSE syllabus" Overall the trip was good. the children playing etc. We didn't know what to do and how to react on seeing this. Adithi and Mithra moved to 12th standard. Anyway we were planning for a family outing. Her father remarried and had a son. let's combine it together" As planned we all started. What do you want Nethra?" I said. Looking at Adithi.

"You'll get over the aversion soon. Before she could enter the room Nethra held my mom's hand and said "Aunty. I think it's the more cruel than any cruelty ever existed in our society. "Thanks for saying that I'm important. I'll say Nethra and she'll quarrel and my life will become more miserable. I hated being a symbol of sympathy and shame among my friends and relatives. I called her and asked. "To be friends we don't need a marriage" I said. but" Episode – V I interrupted and said. "Very true. You'll have a tough time with me because I don't know what a family is. "Why do you say that? Don't you like me?" She said. "Are you happy with the wedding?" She said. Divorce is worse than "Sati (A practice in the olden days where a woman would be burnt alive along with her husband in his death funeral)" No man can live a peaceful life with a woman with an attitude like mine. All I wanted to know is if you like me or not? Give me a straight clear answer yes or no" She said. Be ready for the wedding and I'll take care of the rest" I was happy to know that she likes me and I said to myself. Everything will be fine soon" . Nethra and I. "There's nothing to be scared about. "It's not about like or dislike but it's because of me. no acceptance and we were not lovers but good friends. Adithi and Mithra went to Adithi's room to sleep. I'm scared" Mom said.wedding I wanted to ask Nethra if she was happy about the wedding because there was no love proposal. "Yes as a friend. We can be friends even after marriage" She said. I don't want any "But". Since I didn't have any pleasant memories during my childhood. Like daughter"" I said. I prefer to share a life of dissension with you than to share it with someone else" She said. All I know is arguments. tears. but still I have an aversion towards marriage" I said. "I have to make her love me too. It will lead to divorce and I will become the apt example for the saying "Like mother. pain and grief. I hate having children and I hate myself too. hmmm interesting task" The wedding took place as per our customs and practices and everything went on well. "I think you're ruining your life" I asked. attitude etc. "Nethra. All Our relatives left leaving 6 of us in the house which included Mom. Adithi. anyway my parents will get me married to another girl and she will become possessive and will ask me not to talk to you or meet you. what a wife and husband relationship is or how to build it. "Thanks. After dinner we all sat in the sofa and watched TV and were talking about the days happenings. dad. my behavior. Mithra. Dad asked us to go to our room and Mom accompanied us till the room. hatred. I can't listen to that and she'll ask who is important Nethra or I. You don't have to worry about the past and its negatives. I hate divorce. quarrel.

"You look perplexed and tired" In her delirium she said. It's a custom so I'm wearing it. elders are like that" She said. Since I'm obliged to her it's my duty to fulfill her just and reasonable desire to become a granny but I don't know if I can do it" I said. No troubles from my side. "You'll explore and discover its meaning soon" and she left the place. I always loved and longed to stay with her" I said. I'm tired too. "That's lovely. But I am desirous to be addressed as Granny and please grant me that wish soon. "This is for my beautiful wife". same course and Mithra is gonna stay with us from now on. for honeymoon" She asked. "Did you hear what Mom said just now? She wants to become granny soon" I said. woke up early in the morning and didn't have enough sleep last night. "My home is not new to you" She said. As she was opening it I said." Mom said. We were like the North Pole and the South Pole. She opened it and looking at the air tickets. Family planning is between the husband and wife. They are going to study in the same college. "This is the college admission cards for Adithi and Mithra. "It's my responsibility and handed over another cover to her saying. "Are we going to Mauritius?" I said. I'm not confused but I'm wondering how am I gonna manage in a new place" I said. I have few things to give you" Saying this I went to the cupboard and grabbed a bag to the cot. I haven't thought about it. "Aunty. I just told you my desire" saying this she kissed her on her forehead and asked. but it's your wish. "That's Okay. Nobody has ever loved and cared for me so much like her and I'm very grateful to her. "My role as your wife makes it a new place to me" I said. but she smiled and said. she is more than my mother to me. "I can't ignore it just like that. "No issues. I was sitting on one end of the cot and she stood at the other end. you can address me as you prefer. "Are we leaving tomorrow?" . I beckoned her to come near and as she came I said. and the broche from the tour operator for 10 day tour package she exclaimed. "What does the mangal sutra mean to you now" She said. I smiled and gave a cover to her.She asked. "The change is only in the role and not with anyone else" She asked. Okay I won't take much of your time. "Yes. She kept biting her nails and I understood that she was nervous. "Yeah. I don't want her to stay alone in the hostel and suffer in loneliness like you did" Tears welled from her eyes. "Thanks a lot. I said. I'm tired. Can I address you as Mom from now on?" My Mom said. "I don't know. "Sit" and she sat on the cot.

occasionally" She said..Okay" I took out the last one and gave it to her saying.30 PM" She said. My Mom woke me up in the morning with bed coffee and she said. 30 pm" She said. We called our family and informed them about our safe arrival. Happy married life" She smiled and took it from me and opened it.. "Why do you compare me with your dad?" . The climate was good and we had nice time. pack your things and be ready. thank you" ordered food and as we were waiting for the food she said. "Okay. She was nervous and restless and having so many things on hand and mind. The look and feel of the room was extraordinary. The beaches of Mauritius are some of the best I ever came across. pack your things and organize your trip" saying this she went to wake up Nethra. You either say yes or no because you're gonna stay with me. "Your wish" I said. We had breakfast and started off for sightseeing. "I wish I was that teddy" and left to the hall switching on the TV. "You're not like my dad" I asked. "Can I take a drink?" Shocking she looked at me and asked. As we were sitting in the restaurant for dinner. You're my wife and I should discuss everything with you" She said. hope you slept well. "Sweetheart. The flight is at 9. "Hmmm. Mauritius is one of the most spectacular islands of the world. I asked her.. to do as per my wish I need not ask you. "This is a small wedding gift for my dear friend Nethra. "Yes I do. room number and contact information. "9. "Alcohol. "Yes. White sands and blue waters make a striking contrast that was a treat for the eyes. The day went on good with fun and joy. do you take liquor?" I said.. the teddy slipped from her hand and fell on the floor just like she dropped Cuckoo. (Smiling she said)I appreciate your patience. It was a cute white teddy carrying a red velvet heart. good night. With widened eyes she picked it and hugged it and looked at me with fright. Sweet dreams" saying this I went near the door and before I could leave I said. We started off and reached Mauritius in the morning. "Hmmm Okay. Take rest. the hotel location. Good night. no drinking" I said. occupied the room booked for us. "Good morning. Smiling I said. Liquor. Slowly I slept off as I was tired too..I said.. "No. I'm gonna watch cricket. "Okay. What time is your flight?" I said.. I LOVE YOU". You should be comfortable and I don't prefer doing something that troubles you. Since it was booked for honeymoon the room was adorned with aromatic flowers. Nethra was enjoying the beauty of nature and as usual I loved her company. Now the recorded voice screamed "DARLING.

"I'm happy to know that you are feeling at ease and comfortable with me. There is nothing like ruling or leading the other it's just sharing life and heading together. "It was great. "But you are changing my character. It included our marriage too" She said. "Yeah. Please don't leave me for any reason." I said. "You love me so much? I don't know if I'm worth your love. "Bricks and walls make a house and it's the woman. she'll hold on for some time till Adithi and I support him. investments. I loved it" and gave her the pack saying this is my honeymoon gift for you. I don't talk much. I might fail a few times but I'll learn it from your mother. It will be fun watching these small plays at home and we learnt love and forgiveness from them. My love. She asked. You don't have to change anything for me. "What is it?" She said. Mauritius is awesome" I said. So I thought all men will be like him. I hate being alone" I said. She joined me on the couch to watch TV. his day is ruined. She will not accept it immediately. She'll not talk to him. You can talk and do whatever you wanted to do with me okay. but now I feel like saying all the untold that I had shut in my heart" I said. I love you and all you do" She asked. "I will try to change myself and live up to your expectations. "If dad missed a dinner that's it. if our decisions were right and wise they acknowledged it and accepted it. I have a request for you" I asked. will you make my house a home?" She said. My parents discuss every small thing right from the purchase of home appliances. I know it's fun to be in your home" I said. "Why not? Gifts are given to express love and that's what I did. "He is the first man in my life. "I'll try. "How was your day today?" She said. He'll walk after her and beg her pardon. I switched on the TV and sat on the couch fiddled the remote searching for a good channel to watch while she was having a wash. They take their own decisions on everything and it was Mithra and I who struggled between them" I said. "Don't speak such philosophical words" and we left to the room. Then she warns him and it's over. You are just perfect and I want you to be yourself always" She said. He doesn't discuss anything with my mom and similarly my mom gives him back the same. I suddenly remembered about that and I took it from my bag and sat on the sofa again. I thought this will be the right time to give this gift that's why I didn't give it yesterday" . our education and everything. "Yeah. "Does anybody give gifts for honeymoon?" I asked. You know the next day's menu is always discussed during dinner and mom made it a practice to have dinner together" The waiter served the dinner and after that I continued. the mother who makes it a home. At the right age they involved Adithi and me in the discussion and sought our views and opinions.She said. I asked. "I love you the way you are. "A husband and wife should be like best friends to each other.

"That's fine mom. her face turned red and said. "I liked it but it is transparent and seductive. Put it on only when you're comfortable and he'll take it as a sign. I went to the reception and made a call to my mom. can you leave me alone?" I said. "I wanna talk to Mom in privacy. "Yes. I'll go a walk" and left the room. "No mom. My advice for you is life is beautiful enjoy it and you'll start liking this life soon. Enjoy your honeymoon. I'm not fulfilling my responsibility as a wife" Mom said. "But" She said. he gave me a night dress as a honeymoon gift" Mom asked. He is your husband and has all rights to see you like that but only if you are willing and I promise you he won't trouble you or force you. "Please mom" reluctantly she connected the calls and told Nethra. "Hey Arjun. "What happened? Why are you crying? Did he force you?" She said. Nethra is on the other line" I said. put me on conference without her knowledge mom" Mom said. "You didn't like it" She said. "Mom. he is gem of a person and I'm feeling guilty I'm disappointing him. "That's not a good practice. "So how was your day today? How is Arjun behaving with you?" She started sobbing and my Mom asked. "It's nice but" I asked. should I do it?" I said. "Sweet heart listen. for a moment I thought I have raised an animal" She said. "It's bad. Take your time. "Thanks. okay" . she is my wife and I need to know if she is unhappy with me" My mom said. I feel shy and awkward to put it on" Mom said. "Okay. Call me later I'll talk to you" I said. "Oh my god" Episode – VI I asked. my call was on waiting. I know. "No. She attended my call and said.Smiling at my response she opened the pack. "You didn't like it?" She said. no issues" Mom asked. "Sorry dear that was an important call that's why I had put you on hold" She said.

. I'm feeling sleepy" saying this I lay on the couch and asked her.. "Can I sleep here or shall I check if another room is available" She said.. I want us to be compatible people first. The name sleeping beauty was very apt for her and I wondered if the princess in the sleeping beauty fairy tale would have been as beautiful as my Nethra. Good night" and we disconnected the call and I went to my room and knocked it. "Okay" and we walked towards the cot as two poles and laid ourselves on both the edges facing the walls.." Mom said. .. I'll sleep on the couch" I said. Why did you put her in wrong hands instead you could have given her to me.. "What Arjun. Good girl. She was sleeping like a baby. Anyway thank you lord for giving her to me. Take care.. Relationships are more fragile. I'm happy with her. The calling bell rang tringggggggggg. you handle her wisely" Mom said. Adithi and Mithra doing?" She said. I would have taken care of my angel. you can sleep on the cot. "Yes. "We all are doing fine. "That's good. couples should be capable of existing together in harmony. Am I right mom? She said.. So how are you. Take care of her" I asked. She said. what is your wife saying?" I said. "No. "Nothing. "Maybe we can take a forty winks on the couch but it is uncomfortable for an entire night's sleep so I suggest both of us sleep on the cot comfortably if you are comfy" She said.. Bye" I said. "People are more important than anything else Arjun. Good night" and disconnected her call and asked me. "I love you mom. Bye.. dad. In silence I asked God. "What did you mother-in-law say?" She said. Okay take care. "hmmm. Enjoy your honeymoon and come back home safely. "Okay. "Sure Mom. "Bye. I wish your patience will be paid soon" I said..She said. We dozed off soon and I woke up when the hot sun's rays hit my face and found her still sleeping but she was facing me and her legs slightly wrapped on me without her knowledge. "Thanks. we were just talking" I said. I called the room service and ordered for coffee and lay on the bed gently stroking her head as I didn't want to disturb her sleep. handle with care.. "Come in" While entering I asked. which is more important for a family.

"No. my safety is your responsibility. "You can take liquor if you want" I said. their thoughts make me angry" I felt bad at her response and I was able to feel the pain and agony in her tone. When you said the worst hostel food is good and you gave me your lunch so I can at least have one good meal a day. All I would say is forget the past. dear. "I don't want to listen to your past which will remind you of that and trouble you. I saw your brotherly affection. Sweet sound of her anklets woke me but I was pretending to sleep and I was observing her. Adithi's innocent chats and time spent with mom. Adithi. "I was very happy when little Mithra was born. I know you're innocent. "My world is very small. Usually when we were together I used to do a lot of talking and she speaks very little which is contradictory to our gender. Few years back 4 more people joined my world. During dinner she said. "Okay" The second day of our honeymoon went on like this with a little improvement of sleeping together facing each other without any hesitation. I was bountifully happy when your mother first kissed me on my forehead. She got her face near my face but took it back. "Good . Have a nice day" saying this he left the tray on the table and left the room. "It's because of my past dreadful experience which I haven't told you" I said. I said. Don't talk about them please. expressed herself. She ordered for coffee and was trying to wake me up. I understand it's very hard but still try not to ruin the present with the past" I felt happy that she spoke frankly and unusually. Your coffee and newspaper. "Not today. When you surprised me with a gift on my birthday I saw a true friend in you. Few moments later she came near to kiss my forehead but she didn't. When I feel like taking a drink I'll surely ask for your permission. I can never forgive them for ruining my childhood.I opened the door and the room service personnel said. It consists of Mithra and me. brother and friend but why is your heart refusing to accept me as your husband?" She said. Okay?" she smiled and said. mother. She woke up early the third day. she didn't refuse it. dad. I served coffee for both of us and woke her up with a kiss on her forehead. When you got food for me I found a motherly care. Yet I have few happy moments to mention" I interrupted and asked. I saw a fatherly concern in it. go on with your happy moments" She said. Similarly today I asked her. I was extremely happy when you said. "Good morning Sir. "Don't you have your mother and father in your world?" She sternly said. I started liking you from that moment onwards. "You have seen me as a father. "Leave off your shyness and kiss me dear" sheepishly smiling she said. We started off with the days outing plan. I opened my eyes and said. "Okay. She said. I don't feel like taking a drink now. Mithra and you are the finest moments in my life" I said. tell me some of the happiest moments in your life.

.. "Hide and seek" I laughed loudly and said.... What do we play?" She said. hundred. "It's boring.. we don't have chess board or carom here..morning" and handed me a cup of coffee. count till how many?" She said.. "Okay. ninety nine... forty one..... "Let's play an indoor game" I said... "Okay. seventy one... Though longing and yearning welled up in my heart. I'm done. under the cot. Okay who is gonna hide and who is gonna seek?" She said. I asked.. Seventy. The fourth day's outing went on like this and in the night she asked me. "Hide and seek interesting.... I know hide and seek where only eyes were tied but why hands?" She said.. balcony.. I was counting and at the same time thinking where is she gonna hide and I listed the places to check . "100" Hmmm funny I started counting. but anyway I have to take it out myself once you're hid" She said. Okay you start counting by the time I will hide and think on how to release your hands as well" I said. three. I enjoyed this waiting. I asked. I knew she started to love me but was reluctant to reveal it... Can we play something?" I said. I didn't think about it. "Oh. "When was then rule changed.. .......... Shall I Come?" No response from her….. No more place to hide in the room.. This day went on as usual with a little improvement of wrapping our hands and legs around each other.. two. "Nethra... We went for the third day's outing and she started to walk holding my hands and allowed me to wrap my hands on her shoulder. It was an interesting and exciting experience to make her bloom herself.. There was progression in our intimacy and we captured it in the photo snaps. bathroom that's it.the cupboards. "what if you take out the eye band with your hands before I hide and find out my hiding place?" I asked. "one. "Okay... forty. let me check if the billiards pool or any recreation centre is open in the hotel at this point of time" She said. "Oh yeah... "I'm gonna hide and you're gonna seek" saying this she tied my eyes and pulled my hands to my back and tied them together..

"Bad girl. Life is beautiful. She is always on my mind" . What's troubling you?" I didn't want to hide so I said. "Dad. the night dress was awesome. make others happy and spread the happiness wherever you go. Take this as a statement for life. All the best. Before I could think of what was happening. was it your selection? Hmmm anyway your idea was excellent and it worked out well. be happy. My dad identified these changes and one day he took me out to a restaurant and ordered for a beer for himself and asked if I wanted a beer. "Mom. even I love the way they raised Adithi and me. "Mom. I'll tell you some instances. bye" Both of us together said. "Maybe yes" he ordered one for me and said. I am glad that you are within the pass % in your studies but overall score is going down. you don't know the rules of the game. "I loved the hide and seek game. nice selection" she gave a surprised look and grabbed the receiver from me and said. My scores were going down and I was becoming dull and restless. scared and shy to take the initiative and from now on you can take it further. Everything is good when it is within limits" The waiter got the beer and as we were taking it he said. ????? Episode – VII She said. "Yeah. Have a happy honeymoon. when I was trying to find it out what is in between my hands I felt something rolling my head. I said.. I'm sorry I don't know the rule" She untied my hands and wrapped it around something. "hmmm. The more you control the more you are tempted and tried so let's taste it.. I liked it too" I called my mom and after usual enquires I said. I like the girl who is staying near our house. "mom. "Is it. I stroked her head and said.. "Arjun. was the game your idea?" on the other end she said. I got attracted to a girl near our house. I felt her untying my hands as she was saying. "Hold on I'm not yet done" I said... "I love the way your parents handle things" I said. "This is not the official age to taste beer but temptations start at this age. When I was studying 10th standard. "Turn on the speaker" I turned it on and she continued.. I just helped you people to start your family life as both of you were hesitating. enjoy it against the odds that come your way..Silence!!!!!. Take care. you should hide before the counting ends" I heard the sound of her anklets nearing me and her sweet perfume smell hit my nostrils. "Bye Mom" After the call she said. she was lying on my chest and her face was vivacious like a just blossomed rose. Thanks. Moreover beer has less alcohol content when compared to other liquors. we had a nice time" now I was shocked and grabbed the receiver from her and asked. Did you?" she murmured. thanks a lot. Relationships are fragile and need to be handled with care. "I'm glad to know that both of you had a nice time. Silence!!!!!!. I felt soft air brushing my ears and I heard her say "I LOVE YOU" Next morning we woke up late.

as a wife I think you need to know about my flaws than perfections" She said. stay calm and be comfortable. You'll become an animal and will lose respect for the other gender. she is doing her UG" He said. I want you to marry Mithra" . It's natural and common to have these kind of desires at this age but I advice you. "No. Proper sex education is needed now with raising AIDS and other STD diseases. She called me and said. it would be difficult for me to approach parents for her hand in marriage. No man is perfect and flawless. We flew back to India. She was admitted and there were few hours left for the operation. I'll talk to her parents" I felt relaxed and peaceful. I started concentrating on my studies and slowly I realized it's not love but infatuation that I had for that girl. They were able to guide Adithi and me in all walks of life and gave us the freedom to share and express our feelings. "Don't be scared. "Is she studying in your class?" I said. I'll get you an educational CD on that" and as said he did get me a CD and after that he asked me if it was useful and my comments on it too. I just wanna be frank and open with you and expect the same from you too. "No dear it is not gonna be like you think. "That's fine. My mother took care of her very well. "I wish I was born to them" I said. This feeling is new to me" I said. Nethra was very scared and she said. I'm happy and feel blessed to have you as my wife" saying this I kissed her and we started off with the "Hide & Seek game" and this term has become our code word from then on. This freedom and easiness offered by my parents had brought me till this level and I didn't go astray. After this we became good friends. Check with mom if you have doubts" whatever I said and however I consoled her she grew restless day after day. age is not a matter at all. you don't have to worry about all these things. Even if you are serious on this. "I'm very much afraid" I said. You are gonna come back safely with a son or a daughter and we are gonna live happily" She said. I think I'll not survive this operation" My throat was shut with pain and grief with the thought of losing my loved one. He said.He asked. get a good job and then if you still have the same feeling towards that girl. "That's a good sign of love as long as it is within the limit" I continued. then I wouldn't have got this lovely wife. scans and so on. don't watch it from any movie hall. All of us in the family were happy until we found out that the umbilical cord is around the baby's neck during a check up in 8th month of pregnancy. took her for regular checkups. I even told my dad about my interest to watch a porn movie when I was 17 yrs. Nethra said. About 6 months later Nethra gave me the good news that we are gonna have a baby and I felt so happy. "I'm scared. You will see them as mere objects than as human beings. Our honeymoon was lovely. "If I die. If your studies are going bad your future will be taken for a raid. The doctor said it's a risky procedure and the chances of survival are very less for the mother and the baby. "I appreciate that you asked me. "But if you're born to them. Nethra got scared. but I'm feeling possessive. Concentrate on your studies first. I said. But you should think one thing. "My dear tweety bird. "Okay. (As I was saying this I felt a sense of possessiveness in Nethra's face) I said. Life was going on peacefully and happily.

I want to live with you" Sobbing she continued. The life with you till now is what I have been longing and yearning for all the days of my life. children like you and me. I would be happy if I survive. Put your trust in God" saying this she kissed her forehead and stroked her gently. I trust God. Arjun. she is scared to death and I can't console her or give her confidence" Mom took her hands in hers and said. I had repugnance towards life until you came into my life. a husband like you who holds me in the palms of his hand and protects me like an apple of his eyes. I know my mom's kiss pacifies her and she was calm and said to me. I never thought love can be so good. please don't talk non sense. You taught me what love is. "Mom. to laugh. I never got what I wanted. "A woman would love to hear this from her husband. "Please be with me" . I will still be happy if ill fate takes me because I lived a life to my heart's content" As she was saying this. God bless you and thanks a lot for you gave me a life in heaven. You'll come back. I spoke to the doctors they said this hospital is equipped with the latest instruments and the best doctors in town. I wanna live with you in your love for infinite years. When I wanted to die I was saved and now when I wanna live I'm gonna die. You're the only one in my life" She said. "Nethra. "Whatever it is. to love and to live. After few years you're gonna give me another grandchild and I'm gonna raise them up. Adithi and Mithra are the same to me.Episode – Last I said. I want to live this life. Parents like your parents. You changed my seasons. As desired I'm gonna see my grandchild soon. what happiness is and what life is. "Nethra. Though I don't want to die. You don't have to be scared or worried. I love you. Don't worry about anything. Now I like this life and I don't want to die so early. you gave me reasons to smile. I don't wanna die but live Arjun. mom entered and I said.

She came in along with Adithi and Mithra and gave my little angel . Adithi and Mithra were present. "Where is mom?" I kissed her forehead and said. No one can ever give it again. She woke up and smiling she asked. it was such an emotion that I can't express in words but it can only be felt. I needed somebody to console me saying "She'll be safe" I had never felt like this before. I felt like she's saying "It's alright dad. I kissed my little angel and hugged her to my bosom and held her tightly. She shook her body and her little hand hit my chest. Don't worry I'll be with you" A couple of nurses brought the stretchers and took her to the operation theaters. she placed my little one in my hands and said "It's a girl" I was happy yet I was looking at her with lots of queries and expectation for news about Nethra but without saying anything she left the place. "It is my duty and responsibility to be with you in times of trouble and pain. I went near her and I wept with joy. I felt like she was consoling me. everything's gonna be fine soon. There is no match for the consolation.. few minutes passed and a nurse came out.I said. nobody had the guts or courage to talk to be me as I was so depressed and dejected. I was with her holding her hands till she became unconscious. Mom is gonna comeback alive" I felt a great consolation and it's an unrivaled solace too.. it is a girl and mom is busy with her granddaughter. The fear just vanished and I felt so. Though Mom. I felt happy and I blindly trusted that Nethra will come back. Sometime later the doctor patted my back and said she's safe and out of danger. Little later I heard the cry of my little one. comfort and confidence she gave me that moment. so good and happy. Wait I'll call her" saying this I ran to the verandah and called my mom. I wanted to cry aloud.

As I took my little one from Nethra. Arjun for this love you shower on me. "What does it mean to you?" She said. loving. Nethra took her. I love you. "It means love and life. "I'm very happy to see both of you out of danger" Nethra said. mischievous and naughty like Arjun. you have to raise her up. "Mom. As Nethra was took out her hand she said.to her and asked her to feed her. kissed her and fed her. Adithi and Mithra enquired about her health. Teach her the rich heritage and cultural values of our country. my heart says you can do anything for this Man. wise. caring. specially the values of a family. "Love gives meaning to everything even metals and stones" I held her in one bosom and my little angel on the other and asked. her hand got caught in Nethra's mangal sutra. I'm a slave to your love" . Teach us parenting as well" Mom said. patient. "Sure and she left the room" with Adithi and Mithra. She asked me to sit on the cot and she gave her to me. affectionate. My mom said.

. "She is my little princess" As I said this. lovely. "Yeah. my little girl gave a small smile for a micro second with her tiny lips as if she was hearing to our conversation. "POORNA" Smiling I said. mom's name because POORNA means complete and fullness. she'll be our little mom from now on" Holding both of my angels on either of my bosom is one of the loveliest moments in my life. You're not a slave but my queen" and looking at my little girl I said. but how will we address her" She said. "My mother's name. "Love you too. Your mother and our daughter make our lives complete and let's fondly call her as Cuckoo or tweety" I said.I kissed and said. "Great. I asked. so what shall we christen our angel?" Nethra said.

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