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ABSTRACT The objective of the research was to prove that there is perpetual motion in the movement of the marbles.

The roller coaster is a great example of conversion between potential energy (stored energy) and kinetic energy (energy of motion). This was called energy transformation which refers to energy conversions from one form to another Woods were used to form the base and stand of the roller coaster. Rubber tubing was used to make the track. 3 loops were made with the diameter 9cm, 10.5cm, and 10cm.The speed of the marbles while running in the track was recorded. After acquiring the needed information (time, velocity, radius of the loops, and the height of the stands), computation was done. It was concluded that the mass of the marble has effect on the energy possessed by it at rest and especially when it rolls. The greater the mass, the greater the energy it possesses. Due to the two forces, the moving object is in balance motion. The normal force and gravitational force acts on each other. This project is helpful in understanding the energy and velocity or speed of a moving object. It was recommended that the next researchers double the size of the loops. It was also recommended to use other round objects aside from marbles with different masses.