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1112 Stem Guide

1112 Stem Guide

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Published by: vasquez2012 on Jan 18, 2012
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For many years, policymakers have called on states
to adopt more academically rigorous common
math and science standards, which vary greatly. In
many cases, they are too numerous and too broad to
correctly defne what students need to know. More-

over, many current standards lack the clarity and
rigor of standards in other countries, which con-
tributes to the lack of U.S. student gains in interna-
tional testing.

As discussed in Chapter 5, a national, state-led
efort is underway to correct these concerns; there-
fore, this report does not discuss in great detail the
current problems surrounding standards. Never-
theless, because the new standards will take several
years to implement, interim steps are needed to
make certain that students are properly prepared
for postsecondary STEM study. Meanwhile, states
must forge ahead with the adoption of the more rig-
orous math and science standards and assessments
to ensure that progress is not delayed.

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