Nursing mnemonics

Apr 15, '07 by carrieprc This one really helped me in the cardiac system when you need to know when you hear a murmur like on Mitral regurgitation you hear it on systole. (H)ARD ASS MRS. MSD ARD = Atrial regurgitation diastole ASS = Atrial stenosis systole MRS = Mitral regurgitation systole MSD = Mitral stenosis diastole

It is about fetal accelerations and decelerations!!! Just remember VEAL CHOP

Variable Cord compression Early Head compression Accelerations OK Late Placental insufficiency
Heart sounds: S3= Heart fail-ure (3 syllables) S4=Hy-per-ten-sion (4 syllables) And the effects of anticholinergics: Can't see Can't pee Can't spit Can't defecate

Nine-point Postpartum Assessment... BUBBLEHER B- Breasts U- Uterus B- Bladder B- Bowel function L- Lochia E- Episiotomy H- Homan's sign E- Emotional Status R- Respiratory System

Diabetes Hot and Dry : sugar high cold and clammy need some candy .

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