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US Army Medical Course MD0723-100 - Food Deterioration

US Army Medical Course MD0723-100 - Food Deterioration


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Published by: Georges on Nov 11, 2008
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a. Inspector Action. You, the 91R20, will examine the product for abnormal
odor, abnormal flavor, and abnormal color.

b. Cause of Condition. This condition is caused by oxidation of unsaturated
fats. Fish products with 6 percent fat or less will normally not be affected by oxidative

c. Rusting (Color Change). Rusting will also indicate oxidative rancidity.
Rusting will cause a light yellow to brown discoloration.

d. Characteristics of an Advanced Stage (Flavor/Odor Change). A sharp,
biting, acrid (burning) flavor and odor indicates an advanced stage of oxidative rancidity.
Odor and flavor vary with the stage of the reaction. A complete discussion of oxidative
rancidity may be found in paragraph 1-14a.

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