1. Universal tooth numbering system was first described by a. Parreidt in 1882 b. Palmer in 1895 c. Owen in 1901 d.

von Ebner in 1935 2. Not true of maxillary Central incisor a. Mesioincisal angle is sharp b. Distoincisal angle is rounded c. Develops from 3 lobes d. Lingual fossa is ‘M’ shaped 3. In permanent Maxillary canine a. Distal slope is shorter than mesial slope b. Cusp tip placed to the distal c. Cusp tip placed to the lingual d. Labiolingual dimension more than mesiodistal dimension 4. Largest cusp in maxillary 1st molar a. Mesio buccal cusp b. Disto buccal cusp c. Mesio lingual cusp d. Dist lingual cusp 5. Tooth which commonly shows morphological variation a. Maxillary central incisors b. Mandibular central incisors c. Maxillary lateral incisors d. Mandibular lateral incisors

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