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CFI January 17 Marketing & Sales_Ushman

CFI January 17 Marketing & Sales_Ushman

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Published by: Founder Institute on Jan 18, 2012
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Marketing 101

Dan Ushman

I think I know what I’m talking about…
(but it might be all in my head)
2000’s-Started in advertising—Hostingcatalog.com and Dkads Network 2002-Moved to software and design—Inverseflow and HostSkin 2003-Moved to web hosting and IT services—midPhase (and its 5 brands) and SingleHop 2005-2007-Grew sales to from 0 to over 800+ paying customers PER DAY for midPhase via a variety of internet marketing efforts. 2006-Was awarded the prestigious CJU trophy for Marketing Innovation (for two-edged use of affiliate marketing 2006-Started SingleHop while overseeing midPhase marketing 2007-Sold midPhase and shifted to SingleHop full time 2010 and 2011- SingleHop listed at top of Inc 500 list, and #1 in IT services, #1 fastest growing in hosting, etc.

The Rough Agenda
What is marketing Uhm, OK. What does that mean? Quick thoughts before we get going You are marketing to humans The basic elements of marketing Some mixed marketing nuts Internet marketing Setting real and realistic goals Engagement Creating a Captivating Campaign Experiment No such thing as bad ideas Your Baby is Ugly

What is marketing?
Marketing is defined by the AMA as "an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.“

Okay… What the heck does that mean?
Simply put: Marketing is the process of defining and then articulating, with extreme brevity, the reasons for someone to do business with you over a competitor.

A few quick thoughts about marketing in general…
All advertising is, in one way or another, a form of marketing. However, not all marketing is advertising. Much of it has nothing to do with advertising, at least not in the traditional sense. Similarly, while often grouped together and confused, marketing is also not the same thing as sales.

Marketing to Humans
(And other intelligent apes)
You have less than 10 seconds to catch someone's attention, convey your message and get them to remember it. That’s on the high end. Your audience is constantly dealing with a huge number of distractions. That makes it easier to get lost than to get found. People will ALWAYS form an instant prejudice or preconceived notion about your brand. It will be based on your logos, colors, website, etc. In short: You will be judged by your cover. It’s human nature.

Marketing Elements
Often used as a cop out

Value building
Here are the reasons why you are cool

Why are you different than everyone else? This has to be abundantly clear.
Example from Hosting

What brands are you associated with?

A reason to act now? Yes, please.

Direct Response
How do I get you to act right now?

Mixed Marketing Nuts
Affiliate / Performance Driven PPC / SEM WOM / Referrals Traditional display / Banners Interruptions / Road Blocks / Interstitials E-mail RSS Incentivized Content Social

Print / Newspapers / Magazines Out-of-home / Billboards / Airports / Highway Signs Television / Commercials / Infomercials / Product Placement Radio (pretty much same formats as Television)

I’m sure I missed something.

Types of Internet Marketing
Affiliates Banners / traditional display


Road blocks / interruptions Incentivized offers / co-marketing E-mail lists Sales letters / long copy

Setting Real Goals
Decide what you want to accomplish Understand the channels customers will go through to buy it/sign up for it/do it Make sure you can track it What kind of purchase is it?
Is it a latent purchase? Look at engagement metrics Is it a direct response campaign? Look at conversion ratio

A Word About Engagement
Measure how much your users interact with your website Some ideas:
Page views per visitor Time spent on website Heat mapping-where do people click? Scroll mapping-what do people read?

Creating a Captivating Campaign
Tons of great examples Trick is really brevity – as short and sweet as possible Do not overload content or copy, less is more

Experiment, a lot.
Split testing is your friend Analytics and web stats can guide you The more visibility, the better Do not hesitate to end underperforming campaigns. Better to shoot first and bring something back from the dead than to take too long and waste precious dollars/impressions Do not be cheap about design, test out ideas Try to think like a user: Would you click on that? If the answer is ‘maybe’ then try something else.

(there is almost)

No Such Thing as a Bad Idea
Avoid entrepreneurial tunnel vision
Your ideas are not always the best Sometimes you will fail Don’t let that deter you from trying the next idea Many great ideas started off as bad ideas and evolved

One Last Thought: “Your Baby is Ugly!”
Quote by Tim Ash from SiteTuners What this means: - Just because you think it looks good doesn’t mean it does. - Your visitors will be the ultimate judges, not verbally, but through action. - If you think your website looks great, but its not converting, chances are your users disagree. - Strong aesthetics does not equate strong conversions. Not always, at least.

That’s All Folks


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