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Book 08abap

Book 08abap

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Published by: Thitu Cool on Jan 19, 2012
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In addition to its already rich features, there is full object support built in with ABAP objects.
The object support exists since releases 3.1 and with release 4.6 the object support has
ripened to its full extent.

The object definition examples that follow are based on release 4.6 and ABAP
objects. There has been limited object support ever since release 3.1. The object
support there has been sufficient for most applications and their most important
application use, the definition of workflows and message pipes. What has changed
in 4.6 is the way in which objects are defined and how they are stored in the


repository. As far as features are concerned, ABAP objects added the
polymorphism and remodelled the way inheritance is implemented, which was
previously know as supertype.
There are basically two ways to define object classes with ABAP objects. You can
define a class instream as part of standard ABAP code using the key words


CLASS and ENDCLASS. Alternatively you may define them with the object
builder, which will store the defined classes in the ABAP repository as library
modules, similar to the way function modules are implemented.

Instream Creation of An Object Class


Define an Object Class Library With the Object Builder


The SAP R/3 ABAP Objects Workbench

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