Turtle and Swans

Moch. Iman as Turtle (T) Defika Adike as Swan 1 (S1) Rini Rizqi H. as Swan 2 (S2) Lasmawati as People 1 (P1) Qeval Afya as People 2 (P2) N : Once upon a time, there is a turtle which lives in a great lake with a lot of other creatures. He does have many friends. His best friends are a twin swan. They like to talk each other about their interesting story. : Hey guys, I have an interesting story. Do you want to hear it? : Yeah! Of course. Tell us the your story


S2 & T S1

: Okay. Here we go. Once upon a time, there are a turtle and twin swans. Then, one of the swans says, ‘Once upon a time, there are a turtle and twin…..’ : (interrupting) Hey! Are you mad? It’s the same with us! : (angry) Hey, don’t you dare interrupting me! If you have a better story to tell, then tell us now! : (calm down) Okay, I’ll tell the story. Once upon a time, there is a boy who is sitting under a tree. He is waiting for a rabbit. When the rabbit is coming, it bumps into the tree and the boys quickly pick it up. Then, the tiger comes to the boy and says, (produces a tiger’s voice) ‘Put it down! That’s mine. I’ve waited here for two days,’ THE END. That’s it. Is it interesting?

T S1 T

S1 & S2: (confused) I think………. It is not interesting. It’s lame T S2 S1 N T : (angry) Okay! I’ll bring you some more interesting stories tomorrow. : Really? Okay, I’ll wait for your story. : Okay, let’s go home. Good bye turtle! See you tomorrow. : The next day, the turtle tells the story like what he had promised. Then, one year later, there is no rain and the lake begins to dry up. : (Run to S1) Oh no! Oh no! We got a big problem! (exhausted, breathing heavily)

right? : No. what must we do? : Now we must find another lake. : Now. it’s true. : Okay. let’s go. if you’re not. : (Angrily) Shut up your mouth! I’m not a foolish like you..T) Hey look! Look! There is something up there! : What’s the matter? What are you looking at? : Look! Look! Those are……….e : How about me? You can fly. : (walk around) Think. I say the truth : Oh. : (Run to S2) Sister! Sister! The lake begins to dry up. : (pointing S1 & S2) Hey you! Hurry up! I need water. they fly to the sky. If we can’t find it.S1 T S1 S2 S1 S2 S1 T N S1 T S2 T N T S1 S2 T N : What’s up turtle? What’s the problem? : Look! Look! (Pointing) The lake begins to dry up. the citizens see the swans are flying and carrying a turtle with a stick. : A few seconds later. They go through the city. : They agree with the turtle’s plan. : (talking to P1.S2. I will die. : (surprised) What?! Are you lying? it’s joke. we must find an idea. I don’t know what will happen to you next. man… So. but I can’t! : (S1 & S2 are thinking) They are thinking together to find idea.. what is that? P2 P1 P2 .(amazed). Come on my brain think some idea! : Hey what are you doing? Turtle : Don’t you look? I try to find out how…… Oh! I have an idea! How about if both of you carry me with a stick? I have good hands to hold. When they are flying. Think.. To find another lake! : (talk to turtle)But you must always hold the stick. pointing to S1. Think.

. Why the air around here does is so cool? (The turtle looks around him) Oh no! Aaaa. a train comes through and he shouts. P1 P2 P1 P2 P1 P2 P1 N T S1 S2 N : The turtle falls onto the railway. I Don’t need the stupid turtle : The turtle hears what the people have said just now. Don’t. He was torn into two pieces and become the turtle soup by the people.P1 P2 : Oh. I want them : Don’t worry I just shoot the wings. He forgot to what he had promised. T P1 P2 N : (Shouting) Oh no! I’m not lucky today. I’ll care them : How about the turtle? Do want you make the turtle your pet? : No. : Yea. : Hey look the turtle is down! : How poor the turtle. I think that there are two amazing swans and one turtle.. how about the turtle : Like I care. he will die! : As fast as the train moves to crash the turtle. that ugly turtle I don’t turtle like that : I’ll bring the gun I‘ll shoot them down : Please keep the swans alive. I see! There are two little birds with a stupid shell. our friend is so stupid. and he becomes angry. THE END . : Really? I don’t think so. Suddenly. And the twin swans find a new place to live safely. and live happily ever after. Good bye! : Hey! Are you okay? Huh. I see. : I want that swan.. : (shouting angrily) Hey you! Stupid people! Do you know I’m the cleverest here? (released from stick) Hmm.

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