Beautiful Sunday

[D]Sunday morning up with the lark I think I^Òll take a walk in the park [G]Hey, hey [A]hey, it^Òs a beautiful [D]day I^Òve got someone waiting for me And when I see her I know that she^Òll say [G]Hey, hey [A]hey, it^Òs a beautiful [D]day {c: Chorus} [D]Hi, hi, hi, beautiful Sun[G]day This is my, my, [A]my beautiful [D]day When you said, said, said Said that you [E7]love me Oh, [G]my, my, [A]my it^Òs a beautiful day. Birds are singing, you^Òre by my side Let^Òs take a car and go for a ride Hey, hey, hey, it^Òs a beautiful day. We^Òll drive on and follow the sun Makin^Ò Sunday go on and on Hey, hey, hey it^Òs a beautiful day

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