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Art and Craft Display Agreement

7th Annual North Carolina Wine Festival
Saturday June 09, 2007 Tanglewood Park

Display Includes: 10ft x 10ft display area

6 general admission tickets
1 parking pass
Listing on

Spaces assigned by station

Please bring & display a valid NC tax ID number
No food, wine, beer, soft drinks or water may be sold from your display
Craft vendors may use your own tents and tables under these conditions. If
larger than 10ft x 10ft you may purchase 2 spaces.

Company Name: ___________________________________________

Contact Person:___________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________

City: _______________________State: ________Zip:_____________

Telephone: ________________________Fax #: __________________

Tax ID #___________________________________________________

7th Annual Wine Festival $495 # of spaces reserved_______

Total Investment: _______________________

Payment due within 30 days of reservation.

Authorized Signature:____________________________________________________________

Authorized Person’s Title: ___________________________________________Date: ________

Security will be on duty Friday night, however, you are responsible for your
In the event of cancellation of our event any deposit or payments will be refunded. In the event of weather that negatively affects
attendance, display investment will be replaced with advertising schedule of the same value.
Contact Julie McMinn – (Fax) 336-777 3915 (Phone) 336 777 3900