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Social media trends in 2012

Social media trends in 2012

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Jan 19, 2012
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Social media trends in 2012

The Nation January 18, 2012

McCann Worldgroup Thailand (MW) - through its research tool McCann Pulse, has scanned the globe for the key social media trends influencing consumers' live. The digital 2012 will be shaped up by the significant moves in social media platforms driven by the concept of individualisation of experience and social discovery.

"We will see the growing trends in which consumers expand their social media usage to more and across devices where they embrace the new social media experience as their primary source of content and in-depth community interaction," said Varidda Voraakom, Chief Innovation Officer revealed. "The trends like Interested-based Social Site, Influencer Outreach, Social TV and Social Crowdsource, will be the new frontiers for marketers to engage consumers in a year to come." The following is a sneak preview into the media trends. 1. THE INSPIRATION CLOUD Social media is going beyond giving people the power to share and connect with the world. We are seeing a new social media experience in which consumers chronicle and portray the whole story of their life plus share individual inspiration in ever more creative ways. 2. PASSION CREATED CONTENT Facebook and Twitter have risen to the global digital world and, at the same time, inspired a countertrend: niche social sites - - deep community engagement to learn and share with groups that have the same interests.

This shift towards interest-driven networks has led to a gradual change in the makeup of peer groups. 3. SOCIAL SHOP TILL YOU DROP Social is the new shopping currency. The fashion focused social platform is the trend to watch as it will change the way consumers shop, discover products and decide what to wear. This new type of social network site is now creating the perfect intersection of content, community and commerce. 4. TV, THE NEW SCREEN CULTURE The comeback of TV! The second screen --Tablets, Smartphones -- will soon become an integrated part of the screen experience, making social TV a reality. Smart TV content that allows consumers to interact and share their experiences with other viewers is what consumers will gravitate to. 5. FLASH SALES GOES GEO-LOCO It's no longer what you want to buy, it's all about what they have to offer.' As we are all on the move, the openly accessible social media space will be forced to enhance everyday experiences by integrating location-based services to connect consumers and offer them the best real-time deals in the area straight to their mobile phone. 6. THE COMEBACK OF BROWSER ARCADE Browser gaming is in. Downloading games is out. With the social gaming arena heating up fast, we will see social gaming making a shift to browsers for greater convenience and richer gameplay experience to attract new demographics.

7. FROM SEARCH ENGINE TO DISCOVERY ENGINE With the huge amounts of information being shared socially, social search is certainly the next big thing in search engines, making influencer outreach the new hype. Consumers will find search results getting more personalized with relevant content from personal engagement and networks. 8. SOCIAL OF SOCIAL IS EVEN MORE SOCIAL There are many social media popping up and consumers are now learning to make the most of their social presence online. Social dashboard tools are getting super popular, allowing consumers to curate content, keep track of trending topics and manage their social influence all in one place. 9. LIFE IS SHARING & MORE The internet is no longer anonymous. Social functions will become so commonplace in digital experiences that any action on the web can create a social personality and be automatically shared on a social network profile. The expectation of privacy will be redefined and consumers will begin to accept a new level of public transparency. 10. SOCIAL GOOD RIPPLES Crowdsourcing isn't something new but 2011 has already shown us that letting others create content really works! In years to come, we will see new and meaningful forms of social media crowdsourcing that drives community efforts to make the world a better place to live.

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