MATRICES Definition : A matrix is a rectangular array of numbers of functions enclosed in brackets. These numbers of functions are called entries or elements of the matrix. .

GENERAL NOTATION OF A MATRIX A = [ ajk] = A matrix is always denoted by capital letter .

For example A=  RECTANGULAR MATRIX:.TYPES OF MATRICES  SQUARE MATRIX:. ......If the number of rows of a matrix is equal to number of columns then such a matrix is known as a square matrix.If the matrix is not a square matrix then it is called a rectangular matrix..... For example A = Continue.

Any entries above or below the main diagonal must be zero. e.In the diagonal matrix all the elements are equal to unity. . e.g. DIAGONAL MATRIX:.A square matrix in which all the elements on the main diagonal are non-zero. It is denoted by I. I = Continue«««.g. A=  IDENTITY MATRIX:.

 TRANSPOSITION OF MATRIX: In m x n matrix first row of a matrix as its first column. SINGULAR MATRIX:.If the value of the determinant of the matrix is zero then it is called singular matrix. the second row as its second column. and so on. |A| = 0.e. i. It is denoted by A¶ or AT Continue«««. .

A  .If the transpose of a matrix is equal to the minus of given matrix then it is called skew-symmetric matrix.If the transpose of a matrix is equal to the given matrix then it is called symmetric matrix. AT = . i.e. i. AT = A SKEW-SYMMETRIC MATRIX:. SYMMETRIC MATRIX:.e.

General concepts  MATRIX ADDITON:. .s  MATRIX MULTIPLICATION:.The product of any m x n matrix A and any scalar c.  SCALR MULTIPLICTION:.Addition is defined only for matrices A and B of the same size. is the m x n matrix cA obtained by multiplying each element in A by c.The product C = AB of an m x n matrix A and r x p matrix is defined if and only if r = n. that is. Number of columns of A = Number of rows of B. is then obtained by adding the corresponding elements. their sum written A+B. written as cA.

 By finding the rank of matrix we can talk about the existence of the solution of the system  .APPLICATION OF MATRICES We can solve the system of liner equations using matrix method.