Piranha 3D

Piranha 3D movie is a horror movie about piranha fish that survive the primeval living below the victoria lake. This film's story begins from the death of a fisherman, he fell into a whirlpool caused by the earthquake, and then he was bitten by hundreds of ancient fish are hungry piranhas. The next story in the city where the lake victoria is such a party was being held bikini, and the rest of the story Jake Forester (Steven R. McQueen) who was told to keep her siblings at home instead go to the bikini party, where he went sailing with Kelly (Jessica Szohr) and a photographer named Derrick Jones (Jerry O'Connell) and some other people to do some shooting. That night Julie and Deputy Fallon (Ving Rhames) out to investigate the loss of Matthew Boyd. They arrived at his fishing spot and found the boat empty and shattered bodies. The next day Julie and Fallon must accompany the team seismologists to investigate the newly opened gap in the lake, which is caused by the earthquake. The team leader Novak (Adam Scott), and diver Sam (Ricardo Chavira) and Paula (Dina Meyer) took Julie to the brink of patrol boats. Sam and Paula swam into the abyss. Paula waited on the surface of the abyss, to maintain radio contact, Sam swam underwater to the big lake. There, Sam found tens of thousands of unhatched eggs piranhas. Sam was suddenly bitten by piranhas, and bleeds into the water. The piranhas come and eat Sam. Novak tries to save Paula, who quickly eaten by piranhas. Paula Novak Takes to the ship, and Julie Novak found Piranha, attached to his body. They catch the fish, and immediately take it to the Pet Shop local owner, Mr. Goodman (Christopher Lloyd). Goodman identified as a piranha, a very hard species of cannibalism that became extinct two million years earlier. They decided to evacuate the Lake Victoria. And the tragedy had occurred, not only in ship Derrick Jones alone but at a bikini party too. The piranhas come and kill a lot of partygoers, forcing the survivors to flee to higher ground. So this film is the story of the massacre committed by ancient piranha fish of all the people who swim in the victoria lake. *The film is for adults because a lot of shirtless scenes in this film was shown*.

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