NO.724/6/L/L&C/83 Government of Indiar Ministry of Defence\CG DE) West B~ock-4, R.K.Puram, New Delhi-66. July,'91. To The Director,DE(By name) Ministry of Defence, . Northern/SoutheJ:'n/C2ntral/Eastern/WesternCommand, Jammu I Pune /Luclmow/Calcut tal Chandigarh. . Subject: Adver~tisement hoardings on Defence lands.


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Reference this Dte.General letter No.724/6/L/L&C/83, dated 14 Dec., '89. 2. A copy of Ministr~ of Defence Corrigendum No.724/6/L/ L&.C/83/2877/91/D(Lands, dated 20.6.91 is sent herewith for information and immediate necessary action. 3; Please acknowledge receipt.

for Director General Defence Estates . Copy to :1. Directo r,DE,NIlAA, Meerut Cantt. 2. Dy.Director,DE, Shillong


a copy of aforesaid Ministry of Defence Corrigendum ~ for information & immediate ~: All the DEOs. necessary action. Please 4. All Outstation ADEOs ~ acknowledge receipt. ) 5. All CEOs. Internal :J

, alongwith

alongwith a copy of aforesaid ~Mnistryof Defence Coorigendum.

All Sections

- alongwith a copy of Ministry of Defence Corrigendum.

O.G. Yours faithfu~ly. Sd/- GOEL ) Under Secretary to the Govt of India.Dl dt. Read : '10% of the total bid amount '•• 2.A.A." -.No.?O.!rL HQ r s C. 1991. ~AW Delhi.1991.. -. 2.D. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance) vide their U.11.No.M. ( K. D(S&C) .953/W-I/91 dated 18.D • . For : 'Six months licence fee' line 2.§~ Copy to 1• D(R&D) in respect of Department of Defence Research and Development Organisation. the 20th June. D. Ministry of Defence. in respect of Department of Defence Production and Supplies.6. The following amendment is made to this Ministry"s I.724/6/L/L&C/83/2877/91/D(La~ds) Government of India.724/6/L/L&C/S3-Vol.!. No. To DG DE ---- p(AIR-II) D(N-IV) P( R&D) ~r.1989 regarding formulation of policy for licencing of Defenc~ands for setting up adVertisement hoardings :In CLaus e 2 (vt L) occuring page 3.B.

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