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LTPC 0042

Globalization has brought in numerous opportunities for the teeming millions, with more focus on the students¶ overall capability apart from academic competence. Many students, particularly those from non-English medium schools, find that they are not preferred due to their inadequacy of communication skills and soft skills, despite possessing sound knowledge in their subject area along with technical capability. Keeping in view their pre-employment needs and career requirements, this course on Communication Skills Laboratory will prepare students to adapt themselves with ease to the industry environment, thus rendering them as prospective assets to industries. The course will equip the students with the necessary communication skills that would go a long way in helping them in their profession.

OBJECTIVES: y To equip students of engineering and technology with effective speaking and listening skills in English. y To help them develop their soft skills and interpersonal skills, which will make the transition from college to workplace smoother and help them excel in their job. y To enhance the performance of students at Placement Interviews, Group (Weight age 40%) 24 periods

I. PC based session

Discussions and other recruitment exercises. English Language Lab (18 Periods)

1. Listening Comprehension: (6) Listening and typing ± Listening and sequencing of sentences ± Filling in the blanks Listening and answering questions.

2. Reading Comprehension: (6) Filling in the blanks - Close exercises ± Vocabulary building - Reading and answering Questions.

3. Speaking: (6) Phonetics: Intonation ± Ear training - Correct Pronunciation ± Sound recognition Exercises ± Common Errors in English.

Conversations: Face to Face Conversation ± Telephone conversation ± Role play Activities (Students take on roles and engage in conversation)

Presentation tools ± Voice Modulation ± Audience analysis . 2.Video Samples 4.Body language ± Video samples 3. Resume / Report Preparation / Letter writing: Students prepare their (2) own resume and report. 2. Practice Session (Weight age ± 60%) 24 periods 1.Structure of GD ± Moderator ± led and other GDs .Body Language . Interview Skills: Students participate in Mock Interviews (8) .B.Mock GD -Video samples 5. II. Interview Skills: (1) Kinds of interviews ± Required Key Skills ± Corporate culture ± Mock interviews-Video Samples. Resume / Report Preparation / Letter Writing (1) Structuring the resume / report .Stress Management & Poise . Group Discussion: (1) Why is GD part of selection process? .Letter writing / Email Communication .Strategies in GD ± Team work . (6) 4. Presentation skills: (1) Elements of effective presentation ± Structure of presentation . Discussion of audio-visual materials (6 periods) (Samples are available to learn and practice) 1. (8) 3.Samples. Soft Skills: (2) Time management ± Articulateness ± Assertiveness ± Psychometrics ± Innovation and Creativity . Presentation Skills: Students make presentations on given topics. Group Discussion: Students participate in group discussions.

Implementation and study of Goback-N and selective repeat protocols 5. To create scenario and study the performance of network with CSMA / CA protocol and compare with CSMA/CD protocols. Serial communication using RS 232C 4. Implementation of distance vector routing algorithm 6.EC2356 COMPUTER NETWORKS LABORATORY LTPC 0032 1. Implementation and study of stop and wait protocol 4. 3. Implementation of Link state routing algorithm 10.Implementation of Data encryption and decryption 11Transfer of files from PC to PC using Windows / Unix socket processing . Ethernet LAN protocol 5. Parallel Communication using 8 bit parallel cable 3. Wireless LAN protocols 9. To create scenario and study the performance of CSMA/CD protocol through simulation 6. To create scenario and study the performance of token bus and token ring protocols through simulation 8. Token bus and token ring protocols 7. PC to PC Communication 2.

FPGA devices must be configured and hardware tested for the blocks/codes developed as part of Expt. simulation followed by study of synthesis reports. Generation of configuration/fuse files for all the blocks/codes developed as part of Expt. parasitic extraction and simulation. critical path. P&R and Post P&R simulation for all the blocks/codes developed in Expt. Determination of gain. accumulators). These have to be carried out using atleast 0. 1 To 4 can be carried out using Altera (Quartus) / Xilinx (Alliance) / ACTEL (Libero) tools. design gate count. 2. 8. No. Test bench creation. I/O configuration and pin assignment to be taught in this experiment.5u CMOS technology libraries. 5. 1. For expt.EC2357 VLSI DESIGN LABORATORY LTPC 0032 1.7 Note 1. 4 bit multipliers. and concepts of concurrent and sequential execution to be highlighted . Design Entry and simulation of combinational logic circuits (8 bit adders. 5-8 introduce the student to basics of IC design. 6. Schematic Entry and SPICE simulation of MOS differential amplifier. output impedance and CMRR. and Expt. Synthesis. Design Entry and simulation of sequential logic circuits (counters. multiplexers). For Expt. 1 and No. Design of a 10 bit number controlled oscillator using standard cell approach. The correctness of the inputs and outputs for each of the blocks must be demonstrated atleast on oscilloscopes (logic analyzer preferred). 7. . bandwidth. Note 2. functional verification. Automatic layout generation followed by post layout extraction and simulation of the circuit studied in Expt. address decoders. PRBS generators. No. Test bench creation. functional verification. 4. 2. and concepts of concurrent and sequential execution to be highlighted. The S/W tools needed Cadence / MAGMA / Tanner. 3. 2 given above. 2.1. Layout of a simple CMOS inverter. Concepts of FPGA floor plan. and Expt.

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