How To Use

Copyright 2012 David Abner Bananal

Go to:

Click “See Plans and Pricing.”

Choose “Free Plan.”

Fill out the details.

If done, click “Create my account.”

You now have an account.

You may customize the design of your account.

You may upload your logo…

…or change colors…

…and invite people.

Assuming you already finished design settings...

…let’s now CREATE a PROJECT. How?

Click “Create First Project.”

Enter details of the project.

Click “Create this project.”

You can now start editing your project.

Example, you want to involve a co-worker in your project…

Click “People & Permissions.”

Then click “Add a new person.”

Enter the details of the person you want to add.

When done, click “add this person.”

Your “co-worker” has been added…

He / she will receive an email from Basecamp.

If you have a joint project with another company…

Click “Add another company to this project.”

Enter company name.

Click “create and add company.”

Now, a company has been added.

Let’s start working.

Step 1: Click “Post the first message.”

Enter your message and details.

Click “Post this message.”

The message has been sent to your “team.”

Now click “To-Dos.”

Step 2: Click “Create first to-do list.”

Enter the details.

Click “Create this list.”

Fill-out the tasks to-do.

Click “Add this item” to add tasks.

If done,click “I’m done adding tasks.”

Step 3: Click calendar tab.

Then click “add an event.”

Enter details

Click “add this event.”

You now have the event in your calendar.

Step 4: Upload Files for your “team”.

Click the Files tab.

Then click “Upload the first file.”

Choose the file & specify details.

Finally click “upload.”

Now you’re done!

- End of Presentation -

Copyright 2012 David Abner Bananal

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