New GRE 2011 Data Interpretation Sample Questions

000 copies of Techno magazine were sold C. The total number of Techno magazines printed over the given 6-month period was less than 200. March and April D.000 . 30. 29.000 E.50 to produce. February B. 4/5 E.000 2.000 B. 28. May E. The total advertising revenues (printed version + online version) were highest in which of the following months? A. During the six-month period shown. 2/5 C. June 5. 22. 3/5 D. Between which two of the months shown was there a twenty percent rise in online advertising revenues? A. Which of the following can be correctly deduced from the data? (Select ALL that apply) A. January and February B.000 B. March C. The average (arithmetic mean) monthly number of copies of Techno printed in this period was less than 30. the median number of copies printed per month was most nearly A. May and June 3.1.000 D. April and May E. February and March C. In May approximately 28. 9/10 4. 1/5 B. which of the following is closest to the fraction of the production costs that were covered by the advertising revenues from the print version? A. 25.000 C. April D. If in February each magazine printed cost $1.

50 each. Two fifths would be twice as much i. The printed version gave advertising revenues of approx. This value is close to 0. If we take 1/5 of 45. At $1. But three fifths would be much too large. the total cost to print was $45.000 which is too small.000.000.e.000 as a fraction of 45.Answers: 1)ac 2)c 3)b 4)e 5)a The number of magazines printed in February was approx. .4 which is equivalent to 4/10 or 2/5. The question now requires you to calculate 17.000 which is a bit larger than we need. Another approach is to use the answer choices.000 we get 9.3777. as we are trying to get 17. And the answer to the 5th question is "B".000 for the same month.000. 30. 18. Hence 2/5 is the closest.000. $17. If you use your calculator to divide 17 by 45 you will get 0.

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